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  1. My,you're the modest one.
  2. Doc,you are the Man!
  3. Nice,if true.
  4. You did well and I did okay in my Spee.
  5. Saw Doctor _Ctadel again tonight,we got each other. Had Wowzery in a Hood on my team last night. Won both matches.
  6. Forgot to screenshot it but got Doctor_Citadel in his Algerie,but he got my Benson with a last salvo before my Torp got him. I'll take the Det Flags
  7. I've noticed this too r10-r7 lot's of HE spamming Fusos.
  8. Thanks for the info. My goal is to GET to R5,so if I get there,probably won't continue,unless I'm on a hot streak.
  9. I voted Bacon. My kids are grown,out of the house,and in in 3 of 5 cases married.
  10. Agree with all but #2.
  11. Needs less salt and more pepper.
  12. I what way is the meta different?