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  1. This^^^^^^ I am not a sit-in-the-back-and-snipe BB player either,but I often find myself devoid of support,with no targets because of improper use of smoke,and scared cruisers,leading to dead DDs and BBs on our team.
  2. Agreed. Might have to pull Independence out of mothballs.
  3. Seagal on 'Bama(for now) Dunkirk on Minotaur. I don't play IJN so Yamamoto is in Irons in the Pearl Harbor Brig awaiting trial
  4. Saw @LittleWhiteMouse on the red team in a Kõnig Albert,which I was also driving. My team won with me on top,Mouse was #2 on her team.
  5. Same. I do remember it was in 'Bama. Took one game.
  6. Took me one game in 'Bama
  7. Speak for yourself. I'd love really good Naval Sim.
  8. 12 seconds would be better.
  9. I think she's great. Still play her. RN turret traverse however.....
  10. Mikumas Torps detonating contributed greatly to her loss. Mogami's DC officer dumped the torps prior to the air attack or she would likely have suffered her sister's fate.
  11. Get the MO. Makes cash
  12. Have to add König to that.