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  1. You can add K-P-M to those as well.
  2. Also,look at his stat tag. He says he's no longer playing,but 3 battles last 24 hrs.
  3. Thank You. Should have read the patch notes
  4. Gonna take a while in my one-man Clan. How do you earn it anyhow?
  5. I'm not into Anime,but no big deal.
  6. Sign me up then
  7. I'm nothing special anyhow
  8. Got mine a week before they pulled her from the shop. Fun ship with my 19 point Bis Captain in her
  9. I would join,if asked,same to @IronWolfV
  10. My kind of 'Clan' send me an invite. NVM,created my own Clan on the same basis.
  11. Agreed.
  12. That^^^^ I really punished one in my Fiji a couple of days ago when he kept showing his juicy broadside at 9 km...5 cits and dead
  13. I've seen several people say that 'Bama is their worst. I don't get that,as I love her,way better than NC in my opinion.