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  1. You can't get the win 5 battles in tier X ships in ranked battles reward, because it only takes 4 wins to get to rank 1 on the PTS. As you can see in the screenshots, i have the Edinburgh ice camo, which is only available at R1, but i can't actually get the mission done, because R1 is tier 5.
  2. Love the reload boost on the French ships, has massive burst potential, good stuff. But! you can't actually get the reward for win 5 battles, because it takes only 4 wins in tier 10 ships to get to R1 on the PTS
  3. Do You Use Smoke or Radar on Minotaur?

    Mino is my favorite ship, and i always run radar, div or no div. I played edin, neptune and mino with entirely radar, Win rates speak for themselves i think, 68% on the din 54% on the neptune, 67% with the mino, compared to 49% with the fiji and leander, for me. Also a 46% survival rate with the radar mino, so i don't think its difficult or anything.
  4. How to Republique?

    I really like the republic, have played 2 games in the alsasce since i got her, i use the special french captain on her, this is my build http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000100010100001001000000119 considering trading EM and BoS for AFT, and replacing the secondary module for either AA or accuracy, or maybe i just keep the modules as is, dunno. Though i just suffered 4 straight losses in the republic, so that would skew the stats a bit, but these were my stats before that: As for how to play her, play her like an amagi, except, ive noticed shes really weak at mid range, so i engage long range at the start, then if i get the opportunity, i get close and out brawl the enemy with my superior mobility. Also, just like the amagi, her angles to the rear are slightly better than the angles to the front, so you can use that in conjuction with your speed boost to reverse into the enemy and duke their shots by going forward and back.
  5. 0.6.3 Bug Reporting

    Well, i just had this issue: Unfortunately no replay, but the issue was that the camera got stuck, i didn't press anything, and i did try ctrl+shift+G to bring the camera back, but i could not interact with the ship at all, pressing the various weapon keys did nothing, but i could still control my ship, i pressed Q and the ship turned, just the camera and ship markers and such were stuck in place, and i couldn't control my weapons. and i'm pretty sure i took 5 or so screenshots but only this one was available in the screenshot folder If you look at the screenshot, the Ship markers are all in the wrong place and it says my ship has 14,989 health even though it is already sinking.
  6. 0.6.0 - Commander skills

    I do like the new changes, though BOS being 3 points is a bit sad, should have made it 2 points, but ok. As for RPF it's broken, i had shiratsuyu try to sail around our team to torp them from the back, but because i had this skill, i could detect him in my myoko, and he was forced to smoke up, behind our team. if this skill didn't exist then he would have had perfect torps on our cv and BBs, but because i had this skill, his entire plan was useless, and i simply torped the smoke, he moved, and i could see him moving in the smoke with this skill, and shoot where i predicted he would be, this skill especially at close range, allows you to fire at the DD, because it shows you where the DD is at inside the smoke.
  7. 0.6.0 - General Feedback

    This is a bug you can solve by pressing esc key, it's basically that the ship acquired elite status window doesn't go away.
  8. Thank you very much!
  9. [] Tanz's Shipyard - Closed

    Can you guys point me to how to install skins, and hide camo already in the game? cause i can't find camouflage.xml and the res/content/ stuff.. Do i just copy and paste to res_mods?
  10. Haven't played with mods for some time, but do i still need to edit camouflages.xml? Cause i can't find the file in the entirety of the game folder. PLS HALP?
  11. I am starting from rank 19

    How do you know which rank you are starting from?
  12. PT 0.5.12 - General Feedback

    People who's game is crashing and need to restart PC, put the game in full-screen windowed mode. The settings gears are in the top left corner and they are available in the login screen. This will mean that when the game does crash, you can press the windows key and go to task manager to close the game. Also, the service costs are too high, Here's what i suggest, Tier 10 - 110k Tier 9 - 90k Tier 8 - 62k Tier 7 - 40k
  13. IJN BB line

    Kongo and amagi are bad? also new mexico, north carolina, and iowa are very good!
  14. Rank 10 Club

    Thank you!