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  1. Demon93IT

    Regia Marina Tier VI DD Leone (Dev Blog)

    I derped, my bad. Still I really have to wonder the logic behind this choice, other than $$$. There's nothing remarkable at tier VI relative to the the counterparts, unlike at tier IV where she would be more unique (and do the job she was supposed to do in the first place)
  2. Demon93IT

    Regia Marina Tier VI DD Leone (Dev Blog)

    I kind of leave this game due to a crap load of exams and this happens. I can't see how Leone would work at tier VI, considering all the gimmicks that design has (poor firing arcs, antiquated guns, small number of torpedoes, slow speed and so on). I could have understood a Navigatori up there (being a much better design, having learned from the mistakes made), not this one. Regarding the stats what I don't understand is why they nerfed the muzzle velocity from 850 m/s to 750 m/s, having the former doesn't suddenly make Leone OP up at tier VI.