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  1. The main problem of the US cruiser line is the fact it was the first cruiser line. There has been a lot of power creep since then which would require either of two things: reverse all the power creep(complicated) or adapt the US line to the current power creep trend(more doable). We'll see what WG does when they finally add the US cruiser line in the to-do list
  2. Frist Italian Premium: BB Roma idea

    To be fair we got more Italian vehicles in a single year than WoT and WoWP combined Joking aside I'm sure RN Roma is a pain in the butt to model properly, due to her complicated(possibly overcomplicated) armour scheme. Or, perhaps, they decided to put RN VV
  3. Frist Italian Premium: BB Roma idea

    Of course, plus the ability to fly, sail through rock and the bow cannon as consumable. The other consumable is advanced targeting, able to defeat any WASD hacks employed by the enemy
  4. Frist Italian Premium: BB Roma idea

    Let's spoiler the new ship
  5. There was a KGV design with 3x3 15" guns, as far as I know it was dropped because of the London Treaty
  6. An option would be to have a pre-Mogami Brooklyn design(there are some which could work fine at tier VI). Brooklyn as built would be overkill, just like Cleveland(abeit less so since Cleveland was meant to fire as many 6" rounds down range with a turret less and a much better secondary/AA armament). Regardless I really hope WG finds a way to squeeze the US cruiser split in the future, Cleveland is just silly where she is
  7. Without going full frankenstein they CLs could reach tier VI, tier VII if they really push it with some witchcraft. Considering CAs would start right about there I wouldn't exactly call it a split
  8. Hard to bring CLs up to tier X, unless WG creates ships out of thin air again(coff Roon coff Hindenburg)
  9. All depends on the guns(the 3x3 was meant to have an improved 203 mm if I recall correctly, don't have a clue on how those guns were supposed to perform though). For sure the 3x3 has to be at tier IX, would be just silly otherwise
  10. 65/64, the hand loaded one(originally the gun was automatic but it proved to be too complicated to operate)
  11. It would take a lot longer to travel from A to B for the poor shell, making aiming more complicated(especially if the target is a DD relatively far away from you), even assuming they have the same drag coefficient(which might not be the case, hard to say at this point in time).
  12. True but then it would be pointless to have Italian cruisers since most of them suck in those categories, for a variety of reasons. The fact that BB dominate the MM is the problem, since IRL all Italian cruisers weren't designed to face those threats(except Zara to a certain extent), that's what the Littorio-class was for.
  13. She also has shells she was never meant to have(the M1926 shells with 1000 m/s instead of the 1929 ones with "only" 850 m/s). The consumables also help on that regard but such changes aren't unique to her
  14. Tier VI is silly, especially since there are no purely historical ships. Besides with Duca d'Aosta buffed to stay at tier VI I don't see why WG wouldn't be able to do the same in this particular case if required(especially considering a potential tier VIII premium costs considerably more than a tier VII, giving them a reason to push her up).