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  1. Rest in Peace dseehafer.

    Just read it, so sad to read this news. It was a pleasure to read his posts and have a chat about ships. My most sincere condolecence to his family
  2. I knew about RN Montecuccoli hitting HMS Hebe from downtown, didn't know about the other hit. I guess in both cases the gunners came from Veneto and were blessed by the holy grappa :D
  3. Abruzzi - has Wargaming learned?

    The problem of Duca degli Abruzzi is the overtiering. With Duca d'Aosta at VI (instead of V, where she belongs hard stats wise) she doesn't have room to fit. At tier VII she is quite underwhelming while at VI would be pointless (due to there's already a tier VI premium and you can't downtier Duca d'Aosta, it would cause a massive refund)
  4. The only explanation would be to have the original RN Garibaldi but I doubt WG would added proper armored cruisers into the game, they aren't exactly suited (which is a shame, I would have loved them)
  5. Regarding the USMM yeah, at least they wouldn't have to go to the military attachè in Italy. Then again that's the smallest of concerns when you have to deal with that office, considering all the other limitations put in place
  6. Taking into account how slow the USMM is it shouldn't be surprising
  7. I put that into quirks (with radar as well). She is different but the base is also tier IX material already, as such her placement makes more sense than pushing a tier VIII material BB up to IX (especially when we've already seen the effects of too much overtier, see Duca degli Abruzzi as example).
  8. I agree on the proper implementation of SAP shells, since they have nothing to do with HE shells. On AA range I don't really know how that number is derived (I guess it's 100% arbitrary, like the secondary armament range). Granted she won't improve drastically but could be useful. As far as protection is concerned the main problem is the complexity of her armor scheme. To model her properly you would need decapping mechanics and the whole area between the 70 mm outer belt and the 24 mm bulkhead should have 0 HP (since it was meant to absorb damage, leaving what's behind the 24 mm bulkhead intact). The citadel, as you stated, didn't start from the bulkhead (that space was empty, just in case splinters were able to penetrate the last layer). Since we already have multilayered ships (Duca d'Aosta as example) I can't see why it isn't the case in Roma Regarding VV at IX I don't know, primarily because Missouri is just an Iowa(IX) with quirk while Musashi is a nerfed Yamato(X). Having a tier VIII overtiered at tier IX doesn't seem the right course of action, especially if Italy gets UP.41 there (in the long distant future). I think you should drink grappa every time its holy powers grant you a citadel. Might get expensive though in the long run
  9. The main problem of the US cruiser line is the fact it was the first cruiser line. There has been a lot of power creep since then which would require either of two things: reverse all the power creep(complicated) or adapt the US line to the current power creep trend(more doable). We'll see what WG does when they finally add the US cruiser line in the to-do list
  10. Frist Italian Premium: BB Roma idea

    To be fair we got more Italian vehicles in a single year than WoT and WoWP combined Joking aside I'm sure RN Roma is a pain in the butt to model properly, due to her complicated(possibly overcomplicated) armour scheme. Or, perhaps, they decided to put RN VV
  11. Frist Italian Premium: BB Roma idea

    Of course, plus the ability to fly, sail through rock and the bow cannon as consumable. The other consumable is advanced targeting, able to defeat any WASD hacks employed by the enemy
  12. Frist Italian Premium: BB Roma idea

    Let's spoiler the new ship
  13. There was a KGV design with 3x3 15" guns, as far as I know it was dropped because of the London Treaty
  14. An option would be to have a pre-Mogami Brooklyn design(there are some which could work fine at tier VI). Brooklyn as built would be overkill, just like Cleveland(abeit less so since Cleveland was meant to fire as many 6" rounds down range with a turret less and a much better secondary/AA armament). Regardless I really hope WG finds a way to squeeze the US cruiser split in the future, Cleveland is just silly where she is