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  1. Action_Hero_John_Cusak

    AA Consumable selection

    Yes of course. But in reality, the ships can do everything. How I see it, they need to use the crew for something, but cant do both and can't change in battle. It is extremely frustrating for you to lose a consumable to pure luck. Si por supuesto. Pero, en realidad, los Barcos pueden hacer todo. Como lo veo, necesitan usar los personales para algo, y no puedo hacer los dos. Y no pueda cambiar en la batalla. Es frustrante a perder un consumable a suerte puro.
  2. Action_Hero_John_Cusak

    AA Consumable selection

    It is one thing to be annoyed because you used crew specialization to increase AA effectiveness. It is quite another to have a consumable entirely wasted by the absence of carriers in the game. Consumables should allow you to switch during the battle countdown to something more appropriate to the enemy configuration.
  3. Action_Hero_John_Cusak

    Zao worth the grind?

    Zao sucks. Super vulnerable to all incoming damage. Terrible torpedo arrangement. Guns hit but gun layout means you kill yourself trying to maximize damage. Skillpoints necessary for stealth gimp you . range is terrible, wth. carriers, dds, bad equipment options. Bland and underpowered. Yes if you can maneuver correctly the fast reload etc is killer, but that's true of any cruiser.
  4. Even when they fly directly above. Your code which directs the fighters is broken in most cases. You should fix that instead of trying to sell me more trash clone ships. I'm a terrible player. But how torpedo planes can make two runs without the fighters engaging is absurd. 20210212_094553_PJSC009-Mogami-1935_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay
  5. I love my Gascogne. Once you figure out you can't face HE spam, it's an awesome heavy cruiser/bb hunter.
  6. Action_Hero_John_Cusak

    Fubuki vs Hatsuharo Type 8 mod. 2 Torpedo

    Same principle most likely applies across the game and through most of the torpedos etc going up the line, mulitple lines, crossovers between dd and ca etc. Have fun bro. It's gross. Especially since it's a reversal of a previous policy.
  7. It really didn't hit me until I was going up the two Japanese lines in tandem. At least in word o' tanks, the guns, engines, etc would crossover etc where possible.There is a type 8 mod 2 torpedo you have to research. Researching it for one ship doesn't make it accessible to the other. Just cheap and gross WG. Shame. It's such a beautiful game. God knows they are making money. But little things like this suck.
  8. Action_Hero_John_Cusak

    Yamato December 2020

    Im not the best at this game. I read and Watched as much as I could for research. There waa a lack of patch contemporary advice. Then I got the Yamato and went through 3 different captain builds, and 3 ship builds. 15$ later... Yamato My setup: there is probably a better one Upgrades, main battery mod 1 (protect those turrets from breaking) Damage control 1, mitigate HE and torpedo damage Main battery mod 2, turret traverse. Waiting for guns to turn means lost opportunity Damage control 2, HE and torpedo damage mitigation Concealment mod, because the ship is too slow to dodge torps and increasing consumables means dc takes longer to reset Auxiliary armaments 2, in my experience, slowing turret traverse even more is bad. Increasing range to 30km? I won't hit. So, this is the only one that offers utility. Captain: I made these choices to increase utility and mitigate damage. Preventative maintenance, direction center for fighters, high alert, expert marksman, Adrenaline rush, basic of survivability, fire prevention, radar location. This is my first time working with radar location, and it's awesome. There's something so cool about this ship. Its very name colors the mind to think of unimaginable power. To see this ship under power, to see it firing at you, it's awesome. To finally work my way through the ijn line and get it, it can't help but be disappointing. It's engines are under powered. It turns insanely slow. It's turrets are even worse. It's a real ship, so it has lots of super structure, and an armor design that made real compromises for integrity, maintenance and the engineering ability of the time. ALL(?) other tier 10 bbs are fantasy, this one is real. If wg modeled what that superstructure contributed to combat effectiveness, this would be a really cool game. I tried AA, I tried secondary, then I built to protect from fires. I tried a sniper build. But the ship doesn't snipe. While the izumo is limited to 22ishkm, the yamato is punching out to 26. But if you know where a ship will be in 17 seconds you should play the lotto. Some big damage can be racked up, but I cannot steer the battlefield sniping . At best, I end up having great losses. Mostly i just miss. So let's talk how to play effectively. Every review warns of all the weak points of the armor. But in practice, the armor is highly effective. At speed it is hard to hit its small but vulnerable weak points. Bow-on it's awesome. Like its predecessors, it excels at the 15 - 20k range. Once you are pumping Honda Accord size rounds into the armor of anything, people lose their nerve. Because it is slow, I hurry to a position where I'm not worried about cross shots, point the nose forward and roll back and forth from reverse to half forward. I bully the closest target with those scary guns. Really the 15-20km range is for two reasons: -time to juke torps -make sure you dont have to fight a turning engagement. Besides that, people will be scared of you, and they will focus you. The Izumo was great practice for the Yamato. It taught us that using your third turret makes one vulnerable, and that over 22km, youre rolling dice. When they say it's not a brawler, I get it. The Yamato is not the tip of the spear. It is the center of the line. It needs support on it's flanks, but it punishes flankers and it mitigates AP damage like a champ. I will say people dont expect Yamatos to get running and charge. When they do, they often panic. Those big guns make them struggle to get moving and turn, and dd's, cocky at Yamatos typical caution, play too close. If you can find a moment to get up to speed and pop around a corner, it's awesome. If you do it wrong, yeah, you don't have a lot of options. Gl. Stop babying this boat and get into the crap! Dont make Japan's error and save it for a doomed charge long after the battle is lost.
  9. Action_Hero_John_Cusak

    Improved Prematch- and match map communication

    You are aware that the average age of player is over 40. That this is one of the most lucrative games in the world. You are aware that adults are spending hours thinking about this, playing, trying to get better, not just face rolling their way through with their boom boats. Also, it would be great if you're going to go to the gameplay suggestion part of the forum, that you do something besides some knee jerk shutdown. Seriously, what the hell are you doing here if you believe that?
  10. The signaling system in game is not robust enough to describe an effective strategy or tactic, and communicate it in a timely manner for either clan wars or training. This is compounded by the fact that we do not find out what map we are on until battle is loading, and cannot signal until the countdown timer ends. My extensive experience in world of tanks clan battles on the world map informs me of three things about the current state of clan battles in wows. In world of tanks on the world map, we knew the map we would be fighting on. We could open it in map tactics and discuss strategies and skirmish effectively. In world of warships, we don't know the map, but know a set of maps, and the maps don't match what is on map tactics because they are modified for different events/seasons. Here are a few ideas for a solution to what I assure you is an extremely limiting factor in the competition in clan wars. - Allow players to draw or signal points rather than squares on the map. - Make the grid system higher resolution. Perhaps quadrupling the number of squares. - Make it so people can signal on the minimap during countdown, so we can talk about locations and educate/inform/question - Tell us what the map will be before the battle, so we can use map tactics before clicking battle. - Put the season maps as a sortable or filterable option in the training rooms. - Make islands and directions highlightable. Obviously drawing on the map will result in all kinds of antics. This is why I think it should only be allowed in training rooms and clan battles. And perhaps then limited to the map leader, or maybe people they designate. This could be done in that lovely map screen your art team came up with.
  11. Action_Hero_John_Cusak

    SHIP NAMES in Chat

    thanks for all the work arounds for the problem you agree on?
  12. Action_Hero_John_Cusak

    SHIP NAMES in Chat

    Thanks for the helpful advice. Reinstalling mod's downloaded from websites I don't trust every time they shart out a patch is not a viable solution for me.
  13. Action_Hero_John_Cusak

    SHIP NAMES in Chat

    This is so basic I can't believe I have to say it. I need to see the ship name of the people typing. You see WG, we are playing a MULTIPLAYER combat game. Individuals pilot DIFFERENT types of ships. And Depending on WHICH SHIP they are in it determines the RELEVANCE, LOCATION, and PRIORITY of the MULTIPLAYER combat INFORMATION being exchanged via chat. You see, we don't just swear at each other. Thanks so much for not including the most basic chat functions and options.
  14. Action_Hero_John_Cusak

    Why Ranked Isn't Fun

    Take Away the issues with maps, carrier implementation, all the other stuff that Feels muddled and etc. I do still have fun playing this game. But not being able to bring a friend in to play with you is massively disappointing and makes it a chorerather than something fun we can do together.
  15. Action_Hero_John_Cusak

    Submarine Game Mode Feedback

    playing against it was meaningless.