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  1. I didn't get it at first.. but I think I get it meow.
  2. So are you still fixing your USN section?
  3. Understood, well I'd love to see it someday and good luck and have fun in the "real" world.
  4. Hey VikingRRD, will you be doing a Enterprise skin?
  5. Hey Tanz, will you be doing a skin for the Enterprise?
  6. Ok, yeah i'm at 18 points so long haul tell next skill. Thank you all.
  7. The counter is showing 9999999 tell next skill. Can this be right?
  8. Whats "Cartoonish" about them? WoWS has takin care of the "Cartoonish" already...
  9. Work's in progress.. New Mexico North Carolina Iowa (WIP)
  10. i get a virus warning when i try downloading the Karlsruhe skin, is it my browser?