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  1. Hello forum, I have a mod request. Coming Soon is "F.D. Roosevelt" with TB2D Skypirate planes. Can somebody make a mod that change's the Midway's BTD Destroyer to the TB2D Skypirate? In other words.. I would like to Replace The BTD Destroyer with the new TB2D Skypirate.
  2. This is a "Forum" where people/strangers come to ask people questions or for help, give advice ect... If you Don't want comments from strangers then don't write anything and just go away! problem solved.. genius! OH and actually he does want to hear about problems that people/strangers are having.. and maybe even yours..(well installer problems, not your personal issues with strangers) Einstein!
  3. 2575dave

    Is there an ETA for Russian carriers?

    Dont forget the Sentoku Type I-400 submarine carrier. I guess it doesn't really matter this whole thing is a moot point.. Just like RU carrier's in the tech tree!
  4. 2575dave

    [] Crook's World Modpack.

    Ya it's a big download. You should be good to go.
  5. 2575dave

    [] Crook's World Modpack.

    Just download and unzip, then just drop the "res_mods" folder in the game client.
  6. 2575dave

    [] Crook's World Modpack.

    Daaang man.. It's about time you put this back up.. Here that is Love this pack, It's a staple in my res mods folder. Thank you for your many hours of work its Awesome.
  7. 2575dave

    [Tutorial] Working plane swaps

    Great job with the write up and figuring out how to get this mod to fully work again. I'll give it a try. P.s. I'm glad to see you figured out the problem with the propellers.
  8. Have you checked what "fps limiter" is set at inside aslains mod pack installer? Or you can go to: res_mods/ and open: "engine_config.xml" and check what it's set at under: <renderer><maxframerate>xxx<maxframerate>. This probably isn't your issue but... Did you update your NV drivers? If so.. did you remember to reset your game values/settings in NVidia Profile Inspector?
  9. 2575dave

    Constant game crashes

    Glad to hear that, welcome back to the fray. IMHO it seems like this is mostly a game mods issue that moders run into. I know that with moders it's because of the moded textures/skin's/clan icons that they will get this issue (game freeze) every time. But then again it could also just be a hardware or software issue: like a over heated video card, a full SSD or HD, old/outdated/corrupted: drivers, operating system, game client ect. If this was truly a WOWS issue this would affect everyone not just a few, again that's just my HO.
  10. 2575dave

    Constant game crashes

    For those who can't access task manager after pushing "ctrl -alt- del" try the following: After pushing "ctrl-alt-del" then "task manager" your taken to a black screen that you can't access task manager or other apps on.. Push the "Windows key" and hover your cursor over the system tray on the task bar. "Right click" on the "Task manager icon" and tick on "Always on top" That will force task manager to the top over everything else running. Then you can quit wows and everything "should" go back to "normal". Remember to go back and tick off "always on top". This way is faster and easier, No need to restart/reboot/rinse/repeat..
  11. So a new/reworked "ReShade 4" v4.0.2." was just released on Nov. 22. I was wondering if the new version is still Prohibited? https://reshade.me/forum/releases/4772-4-0
  12. 2575dave

    Just lost my steel rat

    I like the way you think..
  13. 2575dave

    Just lost my steel rat

    Oh so it's your fault! Thanks for being just as greedy as the Wargaming pig! Lol.😉
  14. 2575dave

    Just lost my steel rat

    I haven't played Rat, Varg or Rasp in a couple days so it sucks that they took it from me and not other people who get that 1 time play. Like I said.. make it fair to all WG.
  15. 2575dave

    Just lost my steel rat

    I Was just in a game with two steel rats! Seems not everyone is affected. Not cool wargaming! If your going to take it out then TAKE IT OUT FOR EVERYONE!!!