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  1. An "Automated system" is one thing that sucks about getting a chat ban, but even worse is the "victim player/s" (aka: snitches, squealers, informants, whistle blowers, stoolies, mamas boys, teachers pet's, RATS! ) who reported the "offensive player" to begin with. If your old enough to play then your old enough to read anything said in the games chat window. Hmmm.. Will this get banned? Ha ha ha.. i was just kidding guys and gals.
  2. There is no point to be made, I wrote this to be funny. Its ridiculous that people are upset that I asked "where's the NA flag's?" I didn't think that people would take my comment's serious and react so negatively. I mean some people are so upset that I asked that question that they clicked the Bad emoji. And in America we call the sport soccer, not football. And BTW you use your foot to kick a ball in both sports.
  3. Its because of all the negative comments made by certain people just because I asked that "simple question". A simple question that they twisted into something it was not intended to be.. a political issue.
  4. 1 Who are you to try and tell me what not to do, Ill quote anyone for any reason guy! Strike one! 2 My post is meant to be funny, You are the one trying to spin this in to something its not, Your comments belies rage not mine, get a clue and a sense of humor! Strike 2! 3 Completely irrelevant and bears no meaning! Faul! 4 AGAIN Completely irrelevant and bears no meaning. Faul! 5 You bring up a players death in soccer a month ago but you call football a unforgiving, brutal game blah blah blah.. Who crares! Really? Strike three!
  5. You make no sense what so ever.. first. Where did you get the idea I am upset? The very first thing i said was ROFL= rolling on floor laughing. I was laughing at you because your comment is so screwy and wrong. second.. you said "Any game where participants routinely drop dead on the pitch"(baseball) and "rules prohibit timely substitutions"(football) and then you link a soccer video and call it proof, well witch sport are you talking about.. baseball football or soccer? And why would you even bring up death to begin with weirdo! were talking about the chance to pick are own country in this soccer event! (witch has what to do with WoWS??? NOTHING!)
  6. ROFL are you serious guy??? are you really mixing up two completely different sports.. Baseball and football cant possibly be confused by a sane person, I don't care what country you come from everybody knows baseball and Football are two very different sport's! Oh and what sport are you confusing with baseball that participants routinely drop dead???
  7. And when does Football start? In the summer!
  8. You'll never hear the end of it and like it mister!
  9. I guess you and Many Others missed that this post was meant to be funny/joke. " I don't care if there's a good reason why there not offered"
  10. And who are you?
  11. Wash your mouth out you.. GRRRR
  12. Speaking of being cute, Who called it Soccar? Anyways.. We care about every sport we play, were just not that interested in "soccer" because it just so happens to coincide with another sport we play.. its called FOOTBALL!
  13. Whats with the North American discrimination WarGaming? This is a "North American" Server and you don't even offer our countries! I don't care if there's a good reason why there not offered. I should be able to pick my country.. its a pride thing!
  14. I'm going to stick with my New years Prediction .. "Update 7.7 sounds good to me." Ok it was a total guess.
  15. Right right.. But will US CL's be out yet for Gamescon???