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  1. I like the idea of using a trimaran outer hull as an extra layer of protection against enemy rounds and torpedos. But like you said there's always the "why nots".. so don't forget the Two Biggest reasons why they wouldn't build it.. the Panama and Suez Canal's. But no worries.. I got extra protection.. "SHARKS WITH FRIGGIN LASER BEAMS MOUNTED ON A RAIL GUN THAT FIRES SUPERCAVATATING TORPEDOES!!!" There pretty sweet.
  2. Beat you to here Speed and maneuverability is awesome but I'd want another turret or maybe some torpedo's, then shed be ready for WoWS.
  3. Was she grounded? I heard the Glomar was by crustaceans, do you know if there's any truth to that?
  4. C'mon u know thats not true..
  5. So is the Type 022 FAC also in a parade dressed camo scheme? I know its not digital pattern like there Marine counterparts in parade. It just looks like there preparing to invade Antartica or Santa Claus or sumptin silly.
  6. A while ago some friends spent some time at the old Mothball fleet in the Carquinez Strait before they were all removed, They wanted to try and get on board of the Iowa and explore her but she was to heavily guarded and couldn't get out to the row of ships she was on. But they did actually manage to get inside of a large storage barge that housed the Sea Shadow.
  7. Agreed.. thats basically what that camo pattern is used for, that and many other camo patterns also.
  8. The USS Oriskany was there from 97' to 99' so you only got away with that because it was before 9-11-2001. I remember there were some large ugly looking tractor tires hung as bumpers on the side of the Oriskany and Tugs would tie off to her and use her like a dock. IMHO thats so disrespectful! I already know thats common practice.. but thats still not ok.
  9. I was talking about the vehicle in my last picture, and no it is not amphibious. The vehicle in my third picture is amphibious and is exactly why I picked it and jokingly asked "do these count?"
  10. e bearings Actually she and her sister ship both work, there both going through sea trials still. But besides that, her two 155 mm main guns don't even have advanced warheads that exist and there not even in development yet. So its a good thing she's not deployed yet. Although President Dump Truck is talking about sending her towards N Korea USS Zumwalt DD-1000 top, USS Michael Monsoor DD-1001 Bottom.
  11. Yes its clearly a drawing, but maybe red was the color the dev's went with as most images of that time period are in Black and White? Or maybe not, i dont know.
  12. Odd coincidence.. Guess whats going on at Mare Island Naval Base right now... Was Transformers an "episodic Television Series"? Thought of it as a cartoon personally. Last two pics are of Bumblebee and the star Hailee Steinfeld and the Director Travis Knight with Decepticon car. Movie is set in the 1980's Transformers 6 "Bumble Bee" Movie is shooting at Mare Island.
  13. I couldn't find any info on if it was ever painted red or just green, But I did find a couple post cards that show it painted red. The only difference between Bremertons (first pic) and the games (last pics) is the two viewing area's on either side of the crane. Bremerton's crane doesn't have them anymore, they obviously were removed some time ago.