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  1. 2575dave

    Just lost my steel rat

    I like the way you think..
  2. 2575dave

    Just lost my steel rat

    Oh so it's your fault! Thanks for being just as greedy as the Wargaming pig! Lol.😉
  3. 2575dave

    Just lost my steel rat

    I haven't played Rat, Varg or Rasp in a couple days so it sucks that they took it from me and not other people who get that 1 time play. Like I said.. make it fair to all WG.
  4. 2575dave

    Just lost my steel rat

    I Was just in a game with two steel rats! Seems not everyone is affected. Not cool wargaming! If your going to take it out then TAKE IT OUT FOR EVERYONE!!!
  5. 2575dave

    No boxes from Hall of Fame again?

    For me it's the crate that gives you the lightning personal mission, but theres also crates you earned through the event and HoF that are not being awarded to players.
  6. 2575dave

    No boxes from Hall of Fame again?

    This wouldn't be the first time that would happen to me, I earned the free Bizmark when the German BB's first came out. I earned it through the mission but I never got it. And now its the lightning, Thats two T8 ships that I earned and should have. I agree the XP isn't so bad for the lightning but it is a lot of silver for sure.
  7. 2575dave

    No boxes from Hall of Fame again?

    So are you saying there's still a chance of getting the personal mission for the lightning even after the update? I finished all the missions for the HOF on time/early and got the T 5, 6, 7 ships no problem, but i never got the personal mission for the lightning.
  8. But clearly you do, lol. Yes in a perfect world we all would act like adults and not "complain or report" players, but that's just not the case. Players complaining about the game, team, or other players is just part of the game. You can choose to play the chat game just like you can choose to play the game, It's your call. As far as not understanding why some players would talk trash "in a game online when they wouldn't do it in person" well obviously they cant, but i Guarantee some would if they could. 5 hours ago, Mainerd said: "YesI'm old but I did grow up in a time when sportsmanship was treated just as important as winning. Throwing tantrums about teammates was a great way to be thrown out of a a summer league team." Your age and the time you played has no difference with sportsmanship, it's the exact same today as it was when you played or way back when your grandparents played. There's the right way and the wrong way to be a good sport.. you'll find both everywhere you look, and whenever you look.
  9. An "Automated system" is one thing that sucks about getting a chat ban, but even worse is the "victim player/s" (aka: snitches, squealers, informants, whistle blowers, stoolies, mamas boys, teachers pet's, RATS! ) who reported the "offensive player" to begin with. If your old enough to play then your old enough to read anything said in the games chat window. Hmmm.. Will this get banned? Ha ha ha.. i was just kidding guys and gals.
  10. 2575dave

    Where's the U.S.A. and Canada Soccer Patch's?!

    There is no point to be made, I wrote this to be funny. Its ridiculous that people are upset that I asked "where's the NA flag's?" I didn't think that people would take my comment's serious and react so negatively. I mean some people are so upset that I asked that question that they clicked the Bad emoji. And in America we call the sport soccer, not football. And BTW you use your foot to kick a ball in both sports.
  11. 2575dave

    Where's the U.S.A. and Canada Soccer Patch's?!

    Its because of all the negative comments made by certain people just because I asked that "simple question". A simple question that they twisted into something it was not intended to be.. a political issue.
  12. 2575dave

    Where's the U.S.A. and Canada Soccer Patch's?!

    1 Who are you to try and tell me what not to do, Ill quote anyone for any reason guy! Strike one! 2 My post is meant to be funny, You are the one trying to spin this in to something its not, Your comments belies rage not mine, get a clue and a sense of humor! Strike 2! 3 Completely irrelevant and bears no meaning! Faul! 4 AGAIN Completely irrelevant and bears no meaning. Faul! 5 You bring up a players death in soccer a month ago but you call football a unforgiving, brutal game blah blah blah.. Who crares! Really? Strike three!
  13. "Tanz's shipyard on Facebook"

    Please don't give up on yourself and us who love your work. 

    Sure leave this forum,  i understand.. This forum is no longer fun nor is it a good repository for mods. Ironically This forum seems to be run the same way as those who originaly flew this "flag"!  SHAME! 

    Open a Facebook page for "Tanz's shipyard"

    And open your shipyard to other sites

    Continue what you love doing and we will follow you anywhere you go. 

    1. Tanz


      Hey man..thanks

      People have asked that I use another platform to display them...so I will....as I had many more skins to let out. Plus I enjoy making them.

      So this will keep me clear of the mods on here.

      So i'll be making a Facebook community page where I will be uploading my skins over the weekend to test out.

      Ill let you know 


    2. 2575dave


      Awesome to hear,  see you there. 

  14. 2575dave

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    I have the same issue.