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  1. Update 7.7 sounds good to me. The facts are few from WG..Except for the fact the line/split has been officially announced. No ship specs or images/models released yet. No super tests started yet. No Clear Answers/Facts about the line/split have been announced yet. So what does all that tell us? ***SPOILER ALERT*** There just setting us up for April fools day!
  2. Hey.. that's what I just said.
  3. I know for sure that it definitely might/not start sometime verry soon or late this year.. maybe Well that's what I got from all this
  4. No bat nerfing's.. Lol, but they will be rebalanced for their new tier.
  5. I guess my train of thought is to compensate a "heavy line" ship(even though it is a Cl) with another "heavy line" ship. I mean why would they compensate a CA line ship with a CL line ship? But who knows they might just compensate us with an ARP I-401. Its about time!
  6. No problem, And another thing.. It might just be me again but it also kinda sounds like there not that close or in a big hurry to a release the new line yet. quote: "WG touched on the new cruiser split happening in 2018" I mean cmon.. you don't say the words "touched on" and give a somewhat vague time scale of a YEAR if an update is coming "SOON" ffs! Lol But I hope I'm wrong about that post. I just hope one of our predictions is right. Actually I hope your right.. You know for a free Dallas, man I hated the Pensa.. but a nerfed Pensa.. Forget about it, recycled for silver.
  7. Nah, I think your incorrect. We both said the same thing except we disagree on one thing.. I think the T6 Cleveland's compensation will be the T6 Pensacola. I don't see WG giving an un-researched T6 Dallas as compensation, we will have to research Dallas just like every un-researched ship in a tree. But of course we ALL could be wrong... And I do mean ALL of us... Dev Quote: "I definitely recommend keeping your Cleveland in port. Wargaming states there will be a lot of bonuses for those that have the Baltimore too (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!) I don't like how they worded that. What do they mean by "a lot of Bonuses"? I hope they mean a "Buffalo Bonus". And why did they only say the Cleve and Balt, what about having the Pens and N.O. in our port? Original Quote from: New USN Cruiser Split https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/93714-wgfest-2017-what-has-wg-planned-for-wows-in-2018/
  8. You could've just said... SOONER or LATER!
  9. Or you can copy and paste the "game version" folder (0.6.x.x) to your desktop, and then just delete the contents of 0.6.x.x in your res_mods folder. Unfortunately the WG mod pack installer does not give you the option to "delete your previous mods".
  10. Opps, I reused "CA" by accident. I'll remove it. My bad. "You have to research/grind T6-7-9-10 ships in the new CL line just like the rest of the tree. No one gets a free ship/tier." Wargaming will never give away a free ship/tier on the tree. They never gave a free tank, plane, ship, or anything in their games. You will definitely have to go through Omaha to get to CL T6 Dallas, and the only way you will get the T6 Pensacola is if you OWN T6 Cleveland and T7 Pensacola at the time of the split. If you don't have any of the us cruisers above Omaha at the split well.. Stop reading this it does not affect you. JK. Right, or if the line just isn't in your liking you'll be getting something out of it! Lol
  11. I was just referring to you already having the heavy line done and you'll already be well on your way through the light line when you get the first three light cruisers free. Jus'a lil jealous.
  12. You have no worries.. You'll only have to grind the T8,9,10 light cruisers. Plus your in position to be nicely compensated.
  13. To make sure your Captains stay with the current ship after the split you will want to do this... Before the day of the update/Split: Send the current Captain to Reserve and put a new Captain on the current ship. Then after the update/Split: just restore the old captain to your original ship from the Reserve."