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  1. First.. Dont call me sweet heart. Second... Wheres the "how to" guide? SweetFX/Reshade is broken untell they "FIX" it with an update. Because Porting a modified version with some bugs and errors is not acceptable.
  2. I know there different, I told you already they do not work! I dont need you to tell me that! Also SweetFX AND Reshade dont work for dx11 so no one is using them right now!
  3. I see, thank you for clarifying that. I hope SweetFX/Reshade are working on an update for dx11. That would Truly look epic. Ill leave a request with them and see if maybe theres something in the works.
  4. SweetFX/Reshade is broken, it stopped working a couple updates ago.
  5. I've been using SweetFX/Reshade for a while now (WOT days) and it does make a world of difference. Those of you with Nvidia cards should also read this... Dont use the SweetFX/Reshade link at the end of the link, it does not work anymore.
  6. I believe that Hooterez had one moded but that was a while back.
  7. I didn't get it at first.. but I think I get it meow.
  8. "hacks" are not the same as "forbidden or banned mods" There is currently only one Forbidden mod for WoWS.. "Aim Assist" and it was disabled by the Devs a while ago. And if you were to get caught using it you could have had your account suspended. But If your caught "hacking".. loosing your account is the least of your worries as you might be looking at loosing your freedom! Its against the law and could possiby be a felony.
  9. So are you still fixing your USN section?
  10. Quote's: "everyone going in different directions. everyone just cant work together." "i don't care if we win or lose i just want to sink the DD." Hmm...pretty much what they already said above me ^ And... Quote: "players with special mods can see I'm the weak guy on my team. that tell them I'm stock so its an easy kill." Anyone can tell if your stock just by looking at the game loading screen, No special mods needed. And the Iowa stock or not is not an easy kill.. for any class ship.
  11. Understood, well I'd love to see it someday and good luck and have fun in the "real" world.
  12. Hey VikingRRD, will you be doing a Enterprise skin?
  13. Hey Tanz, will you be doing a skin for the Enterprise?