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  1. novalesk

    Fen Yang HE Pen bug?

    Indeed, doing so now. Guess I expected a bit much :(
  2. I dont know if this is a bug, but Fen Yang is supposed to be basically an Akizuki right, per its own description? it has the same 100mm guns, AWESOME! HE Penetration = 17mm? WTH? sorry but that is unusable (maybe not quite unusable but difficult). If this is a bug, please advise, otherwise refunding.
  3. novalesk

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    I have to say it is surprising that anybody from WG is staying silent on this, especially this specific thread (well, maybe not that surprising). Maybe they are just hoping we will tire ourselves out and lay down... I am not a big fan of this 2 faced approach...
  4. novalesk

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    I also do not mind the split, and in fact think it is a "fun and engaging" idea. I do take issue with one part of it however. That part is the permanent camo for the Moskva. I spent 5,000 doubloons (or approximately $20) on a permanent camo, a real money purchase. They are moving the Moskva to special/premium status and giving this same camo away for free to anybody who does not have it. The issue I take with this is I paid for something, something that now anybody with even only a researched Moskva gets for free. So yeah... I would like some reimbursement. Now, if I do not care if it is a camo swap or the 5k doubloons back. Others may be more picky about how a reimbursement takes place but I am not. In comparison, in my eyes, this is like buying the Tirpitz for $50 USD. Then some time later, everybody gets it for free, but you are still out $50 USD.
  5. novalesk

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    Welp, due to a lack of response from WG, it seems they are, maybe, hoping "If we just ignore them, they will go away or at least we do not have to deal with it"... Well you WG! I am normally pretty patient and understanding, but you cannot even be bothered to respond? You are just going to keep chugging ahead with questionable decisions, begging for forgiveness rather than asking for permission as the saying goes? YOU, I say... just like you are saying to the players. No more... no more money from me, no more patience, no more forgiveness, no more understanding, no more explaining away your actions. BOYCOTT WeeGee! But seriously, WG, you wanna chime in here? I feel the above reaction is legitimate otherwise.
  6. novalesk

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    I agree, and it has been done in the past, both with regards to the perma-camo, the ship itself. They are breaking established precedent with line changes or splits in just about every way with this RU cruiser split. I am unhappy about the ship itself as well but... well I find that easier to accept. Effectively 5k doubloons (the cost of the camo)? I have a huge, HUGE problem with that. I do not know how many other players are unhappy with at least this part of it (I hope many) but I have to imagine it is MANY, at least for the people that these conditions apply to: have Moskva and perma-camo. I do not know why WG is not listening... So much for better communication I guess...
  7. novalesk

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    OH! Do not bother to reach out to support to request a refund or for much assistance with this. I tried this and it was not much help. I am guessing they have been instructed to not do refunds for this particular item, or maybe it is already covered by WG refund policy. I am not sure. Just a heads up on this...
  8. novalesk

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    ^^^^^ THIS! Listen to the player base WeeGee! This is not acceptable by any means. You are effectively, in my dictionary, stealing 5k doubloons (~$20) from any player that has the Moskva's permanent camo. If you would at least give the premium, permanent camo for the new T10; well at least that is acceptable to me... The best option is to give players a choice: Refund the camo for 5k doubloons or swap it for the new T10 perma camo. PLEASE LISTEN TO US WHEN WE SAY NO, STOP; THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! @Hapa_Fodder @Kalvothe @Mademoisail I really suggest you get involved or risk a digital riot! Again, THIS IS NOT COOL. Please pass the feedback on....
  9. novalesk

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    My issue with this whole change is this: My doubloons. I spent 5k doubloons for a permanent camo. I want the doubloons back, or money back, or hell even a voucher of sorts for another perma camo. but nothing it seems, no interest in doing so is the impression I am getting! So yeah, annoyed, pissed and all round distrustful of WG. Surprised?
  10. novalesk

    Unique Upgrades and 9.3/9.5

    Well aren't you the ominous, foreshadowing friend? I seriously think the cost is too high. 3 grinds total for a t10 and its UU... per t10, after you have 5 t10s total. Isn't that a might bit dismissive of players? I suspect people will see this (the ones that are new or dont have t10's) and be turned off. I think the UU should be considered part of the end game content for a ship and it should be powerful as such, but let's be reasonable....
  11. novalesk

    Unique Upgrades and 9.3/9.5

    To your last point, I am working on the Zao's. I have completed the Hindy, DM, and Midway; almost done with the Hak (Yeah it irks me that i cannot use either one of those but have to grind them still). I have a few others that are low priority because they are not very good indeed. However, we are also not taking into consideration future "content" or lines that will be released. They will not get missions, period.
  12. novalesk

    Unique Upgrades and 9.3/9.5

    Ok. May I offer a suggestion/change then? 1 time regrind. You are asking for a 3 time grind of a line for an upgrade, in total. IMO, that is frankly [edited]. Initialy grind + 1 more for UU, still dont like it but at least is more reasonable. Here is another issue I have: I work full time in IT (sometimes more than 40 hours, often 50) and have a family; I play casually. This time sink you are creating, it is not feasible for me. Not everyone, but I am sure many people are in a similar point in their respective life. For those of us in this situation, where is our compromise?
  13. novalesk

    Unique Upgrades and 9.3/9.5

    Oh and with the mount any amount of flags thing, Thank you! I truly appreciate that. Can we however get the possibility of those really good flags in daily crates?
  14. novalesk

    Unique Upgrades and 9.3/9.5

    I am very surprised (lies, no I am not really) that after the NTC fiasco, WG has effectively said "screw it, screw the player, let's do it anyway but this time we will put a shiny new name on it". I remember reading player's response to the initial release of RB. They had said this would happen, but I thought Nah, WG wouldn't do that. Just had to prove me/us wrong huh? We didn't like the NTC idea and I am pretty sure we, the playerbase, don't like this!. Grind to a T10, then regrind 2 more times oh but wait, you have to have 5 t10's to even get access to the RB. wth WG? Are you stupid? You just don't want to listen to the playerbase!
  15. novalesk

    So WG cut half exp from Narai? (PT)?

    This is from @Khafni actually but yeah, no problem This is how you do it. be honest, and speak candidly. I appreciate your candidness. I am still ticked off but I can appreciate it. WG MUST communicate better! This... this right here looks two-faced, the situation with this OP. I personally don't want it to change, I enjoy Narai and its resource gains are a further incitement to play it over Randoms as I get tired of a seemingly crap MM. seriously, every game in my KAGA is uptiered to 9/10... painful mate....