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  1. I actually watched a video about this. The reason they were successful was due to the type of engine they used in their sub. Made it harder to detect using the technology we use today. Carriers are pretty well defended by a task force anyways and rest assured after that experience the US has already found ways for that weakness to not be exploited. That's the reason they hold those exercises after all! I will link the video below it's actually pretty cool! There you go! It's a pretty neat video especially if you are an Engineer and understand the concepts behind it!
  2. Oh make no mistake. I certainly think the current state of CV's in this game is unbalanced and should be trashed. But in regards to the rework they are working on, I think they'll be more manageable. I was just relating the fact that they still haven't fixed the issues they are currently having so why not just scrap carrier altogether? I already heard that the diehard CV mains were upset with where they're taking the rework anyways. But you can't please everyone. The magic of internet is being able to be sarcastic and ridiculous with people ACTUALLY thinking you are being that ridiculous and real.
  3. I know the difference between a torpedo and an AP bomb. Also, do you even have a clue as to how tight of a circle the AP bombs drop in even WITHOUT manual drop? Also Also, if you noticed in my initial comment, I was driving the Kongo. Ya know, tier 5? THERE ARE NO AP BOMBS AT TIER 5. Geez I had to go back and reread your comment to find out that more of your ignorance is showing.
  4. Please reference my reply above to where I explain that: I.T.S. A. J.O.K.E.
  5. I agree with that completely. This wasn't set up as initial whining. It was more as a joke but everyone took it harder than a 2 dollar [edited]. Like ol' dude above. Dude took it way too serious and is calling for a ban just for voicing an opinion on the overall balance of current CV play.
  6. Dude I clearly stated I got detonated. A SINGLE torpedo can do that no matter if it comes from a CV, a cruiser, or DD. Me and another user JUST had a discussion up above about the Det mechanics and the only thing inconsistent was the 90% health (which I agree and understand that mechanic is in existence). I took SOME damage from dives before the torpedo squad hit me. By the way, the fact I only took 1 torp out of the 6 that came at me kinda shows you I WAS evading. Geez you have no comprehension and maybe next time read carefully before you post something that ridiculous again. I was pretty chill with everyone here until you came along and showed your ignorance.
  7. I completely respect that opinion. I agree with the 2D part. It can get dull for players like you for sure. My only pick on it is that I don't care about the historical accuracy of how dominant they were/are when balance is on the line.
  8. That has nothing to do with what I'm saying. It's not about minority of players. It's about balance. Those hard-to-deal-with ships are way easier to deal with than carriers.
  9. Geez I sat this down for a few days but there's plenty of butthurt CV mains in this thread. First off, did any of you REALLY think I was serious about trying to get a petition signed? This was clearly just me grieving and having fun with it. Glad some of you at least have decency to understand my opinion. Glad to see a few people agreeing with how unbalanced it is though. Even though I'm serious and do believe that CV is and always has been super unbalanced, I wash just having some fun and seeing how many people shared my sentiments. BTW to those of you elitist that like to say, "Hur dur hur dur you need to spec your ship out for AA you noob. Git gud." Yeah no. I shouldn't HAVE to be forced to spec all of my ships out to accommodate the FEW CV players that actually play. I should be able to enjoy this game however I want to spec my ships to be. For ships known for their AA, I spec AA and when I play those ships I play support roles and help out the CV on my team while doing my other jobs. When I don't have an awesome AA platform, I play it other ways. Regardless I play different ships to MY preference not other's. You can argue that "then CV mains shouldn't HAVE to sacrifice playing CV to accommodate the rest of the player base." But the other gentleman above had a very decent comment on that.
  10. I was at 90% before I took a dive bomber squad and torps. There was plenty of damage to be done from the dive squad so when that single torp dinged me, BAM. Doesn't change the fact that I was 90% health when CV decided to focus me. I will admit the wording was misleading though.
  11. Yes, it can happen wth DD or cruisers I may have never spotted. But at the same time, if that were to happen it certainly wouldn't be THAT early in the match when it does. Other fair point is that if I expect a DD, I can load HE to counter him, if I expect a cruiser, I can load AP and try to damage him as much as possible. But yet when a CV decides to throw every torp squad he has it's "well that ship isn't known for its AA". The point is that in the case of a DD or cruiser, I have a CHANCE. Kongo doesn't turn on a dime either. But it's balance. Most cruisers most likely will takea broadside shot from me if they try to move in and torp especially at tier 5
  12. I don't watch videos on this. I experience it. I have always had disdain for carriers even before the rework. But my though process is that if they are having so much trouble with the current rework then why not just scrap the ship type altogether? Wouldn't affect me any and I ground all the way to the Essex. Didn't bother reading the rest of your stuff though since you jumped to conclusions so bad.
  13. That's assuming that the CA's will actually not bail out on the BB. I've seen that happen far too often. You put too much faith it random battle players.
  14. Everyone seems quite happy when carriers are not involved in matches. I'm sure both of the Yamato's would approve as well. Judging by your picture and your response it's clear you are probably one of those gods at being a CV. The skill ceiling is so high at this point that the only luck any regular ships have against an amazing CV player is to be pitted against another amazing CV player. That doesn't always happen and the team with the worst player gets shafted very often. It's like someone pointed out, they had a decked out Bismarck spec'd for secondary build (as any wise Bismarck captain would) and they get utterly obliterated by an "all squad" rush for him. In what land is that even fair let alone balanced?
  15. THIS. There are plenty of counters and balance to all other ship types in the game. Wargaming does screw up from time to time. Anyone remember the ranked season when they released the Belfast at the start of the ranked season? That ship caused so much grief.