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  1. Ratt35

    Saipan is Useless

    This is why I told you to re-read my post. You claim I'm wrong but look at the pictures. You have NO kills, but high damage. Which is exactly what I said originally. It has decent damage output. While it's not always about damage, where is the proof of your battle where you were decisive or had to be decisive? Because it looks to me that the enemy team had a potato CV and you still were down by an extra ship. I'd like to see how close that match turned out to be.
  2. Ratt35

    Saipan is Useless

    Appreciate those who actually know what they're talking about to comment and acknowledge the skill ceiling of playing the Saipan and actually reading the post. It's HILARIOUS to me someone linked a Flambass video to try and debunk my original post. To those of you with educated responses, you are all correct. I have had NO issues dealing damage with her at all. The issue lies with me trying to be a decisive CV in times of need and ending up not being able to due to attrition. Trust me, I am not one of those players that just sails in the middle of an enemy fleet and tries to bomb in. I also try to recall planes as fast as possible but AA still eats some of them away as it happens. I truly think that the real cause for my grief is that I am being patient but not THAT patient. It's just surprising to me the planes are so squishy given that they are tier 10 planes. Also, before I forge: Nail. On. The. Head. Also, yes. This was a troll post so thanks to those of you who didn't take this too seriously. I am enjoying those who are making an effort to discuss this for sure.
  3. Ratt35

    Saipan is Useless

    I appreciate your comment. Sadly, I have been doing that. Unfortunately by the end of the battle, I had 2 enemy BB's chasing me and had to use up planes just getting them to go away. Managed to kill one of them though. The tier 10 planes she has do not actually play and feel like they are tier 10's even against tier 8 ships. I have an easier time with any other carrier except the Saipan.
  4. Ratt35

    Saipan is Useless

    Wasn't outclassing anyone wither her in the first place. I was never a CV main before the rework and I'm not a main now. But her planes are actually worse off after the rework than they were before. Despite being tier 10, they are actually squishier and die faster. The entire point is that if she's going to have long cooldown times, keep her planes the way they were in terms of toughness. I shouldn't HAVE to be Flambass or a Unicum player to be able to support my team and help determine the tide of a close battle. The entire CV rework was done keeping in mind to avoid attrition with the addition of the unlimited planes feature and with the Siapan you STILL get beat by sheer attrition.
  5. Ratt35

    Saipan is Useless

    LOVE how you use Flambass as evidence to prove otherwise. It's almost as if Unicum players are actually..... Good?
  6. Ratt35

    Saipan is Useless

    You should go back and re-read the post more carefully and slowly.
  7. Just get rid of it. Planes are paper even against tier 8 ships despite being tier 10, average plane reload is 2 minutes. Ship has decent damage output but that's about it. You can't come in clutch with it because no planes left to defend itself. Was in a match that would have be a win but got decided for us because I couldn't produce planes quick enough. Useless ship after rework. Terrible Terrible. Such despair, much depression.
  8. Please refer to previous posts in this topic where I explicitly stated this was never intended as serious. BTW, this is the OP here.
  9. Players like you, and I mean specifically just like you, are going to be the main reason people just leave the game. People are allowed to have opinions and allowed to enjoy or not enjoy aspects of a game. If you REALLY feel like his opinion is endangering you playing a CV maybe you can appeal to Wargaming and ask them what they plan to do with them? Otherwise, get off your toxic high-horse and realize this is a game-as-a-service which means regardless of how toxic you want to be in trying to run players off, if the game has no players, then there is no game. So if eventually the majority of the players decide the game isn't worth playing anymore because of something they all collectively don't like (usually it's micro-transactions but let's use CV's hypothetically), then WG is gonna have a problem. But maybe that's really what you want. Maybe you want to have nothing but teams of toxic players JUST like you so that you can all watch yourselves kill each other off until this game is just another dead online game. Of course maybe you won't mind that too much, I'm sure you can absolutely crapon some of the NPC's in co-op battles.
  10. You need to look back at the entire thread friend. Then you'd realize somewhere down the line I mentioned this wasn't a serious post. Also, your argument has already been discussed. DD's you can counter way easier with Hydro and Radar consumables. AT THE TIME OF REWORK LAUNCH, AA was broken AF and they had to release several patches to get it to where it's at now. With that said, before the rework, there was NO defense against CV's if they decided to focus you entirely with every plane squadron. The "Ye Ole' turn yer ship and dodge" tactic didn't work for craplike that. Now, it's much more tolerable but torpedo attacks from CV's still happen way too frequent to realistically dodge in a BB but the AA balance is also better now. But DD's have the short stick. They get countered by cruisers HARD in later tiers, and also in later tiers, the enemy CV's just float around and drop fighter squads for perma spotting. It forces DD's to drop their smoke just to get relief and it completely invalidates the actual use of the smoke consumable for team play. Basically DD's have to play the majority of the matches spotted which removes them from being able to use their one strength which is stealth. Despite it being your sarcasm, DD's have pretty fair reload times for torpedoes vs. CV's who, if they are smart and preserve their squads, they can spam torpedoes WAY more often. They can spam fire and flood chances way more often than a DD can. If you're going to be sarcastic, at least try and come up with a better sarcastic argument.
  11. Of course you do. They completely removed the challenge of targeting and hitting a DD with the inclusion of rocket planes and the new reworked gameplay. Honestly I am SHOCKED that WG decided to release an entire line of DD's that can't even smoke up to defend themselves after seeing how terrible the survival rate dropped for DD's that have no strong AA defense. Then you pair that up with the new Research Bureau crap they launched and the fact they put the Colbert in the game to begin with? It's like they are asking players to leave.
  12. Honestly, now that the rework has been implemented, if you guys want to petition then that's fine. I think limiting games to 1 CV per match MAY help. But that's the only suggestion I have other than maybe mixing the old and new way (so that a Midway can't just spam every bomber squad it has at a single BB and delete it)
  13. I find this hilarious. I wasn't serious when I made it but holy cow this picked back up. Must have somehow become relevant all of the sudden.
  14. Fair point. Maybe do like they did with the canceled lines and either refund doubloons or credits and free xp?
  15. Because you had COUNTERS to them. You see a sniping BB? Other sniping BB's could hit him back. I'm not even going to comment on the CA's because I have no idea what you mean by "extensive electronics suites". Needless to say, BB is the hard counter to CA's. DD's have infinite torps but they have limits to concealment, and extensive torpedo reloads especially in later tiers. You can't sit there and compare that to the state of CV's when a single CV can still go the entire match without getting spotted (especially now that they took the micro-management out of playing it) and instantly ready up squad after squad. Can't believe you used an infinite torpedo argument when carriers now have infinite planes. Are you kidding me with that biased crap right now? Everyone is entitled to opinions on this post but those arguments you made are such crap.