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  1. Der_Eigenvektor

    Why do people hate the DD so much

    I hate DDs because a good DD on the enemy team almost always means your team loses. I hate DDs because a good DD on the enemy team makes your team's IQ fall to potato. I hate DDs because a bad DD on your team means a near guaranteed win for the other team. I also like DDs because when you play them really well, you can control the course of a lot of ships in the game. I fear unicum DDs more than I fear unicum cruisers or BB captains.
  2. I used to play both CVs and BBs up to the recent patch though admittedly I haven't played much lately for IRL reasons. Back in the pre-rework days when AA was much more brutal than it was now, where your bombers could be entirely obliterated for flying to close to the wrong ship for just a few seconds, you might think there isn't much you can do, but that thinking is wrong. Helping keep the enemy team spotted and knowing their positions at all times benefits your team greatly. I've had many times where I was thankful for CV spotting ships behind islands who thought their broadsides were safe. You can still cause DDs to be hesitant to push where you have bombers up because they are weakest to CVs. CV playstyle is supposed to be more strategic. If you flying up to random ships and losing planes just to bomb them then you need to play better.
  3. Der_Eigenvektor

    PSA: Ranked Flags have bonuses!!

    Not me. I presumed that it was unique to only that patch. Often something minor breaks every patch. I just accept it as something that happens in software.
  4. Der_Eigenvektor

    PSA: Ranked Flags have bonuses!!

    Even better was the bug that WG never fixed during last season of ranked where you somehow could mount TWO ranked flags.
  5. Der_Eigenvektor

    Chat Bans during ranked

    When you have the same guy 3 games in a row spouting toxicity and berating his own teammates at the start of the match in all-chat that even the red team reports him despite finding it amusing and beneficial for themselves, wouldn't you want to chat ban this person too? Sure some of his teammates don't live up to expectations, but why tilt further and reeeee about it like a salty sailor, just move on or get the chat ban you deserve.
  6. Der_Eigenvektor

    Honest question, Tier 10 separated in MM?

    I'm sure people playing T10 wouldn't care too much in T10 only MM, but it then it would be just like ranked. Personally, I like being uptiered in my T8s. It gives me a challenge and strokes my ego when my T8 cruiser tops the XP ladder board. Playing as T8 in T10 games gives a massive XP bonus which for me is worth it.
  7. Der_Eigenvektor

    Kreml? Kremlin? Was the name a typo?

    What if the Kremlin was named after a generic Kremlin which was the central fortress citadel for a medieval Russian town? Then in translation, the ship is the VMF Citadel 🤔
  8. Der_Eigenvektor

    Kreml? Kremlin? Was the name a typo?

    We have Republique instead of Republic, Henri instead of Henry, Moskva instead of Moscow, etc. I don't see why anglicizing Kreml was necessary and I'm slightly annoyed by it on principle, but tbf, Kremlin is more familiar for our native English tongues to enunciate.
  9. I had a game where there were 2 rental BBs and a non-rental Yamato on the enemy team. The non-rental Yamato beached himself broadside to my team and got hopped in under a minute. Just because you don't have a rental ship on your team doesn't mean your team will be immune to making dumb mistakes.
  10. Der_Eigenvektor

    Ranked unplayable.

    Ranked hasn't become a nightmare for me yet. I'm mostly running Montana. So far, I only see CVs 1 out of ever 2 or 3 matches. I see a lot more Kremlins but I'm not convinced that they are the end-all, be-all of BBs. They have strong guns and strong armor and are tanky af, but most of the time I see them forced to island hug to protect their big fat citadel. I think this forces them to lose their effectiveness. It sucks to be a cruiser going up against them, but cruisers like Zao, Worcester, Henri IV can deal with them at range or out of sight. They seem to work best in a group of 2 Kremlins pushing together.
  11. Der_Eigenvektor

    Rental's in ranked are beyond frustrating

    The rank 10 and up bracket right now is fairly rental free, though I expect that to change in a few days. I'm seeing an average of 1 rental every 2 games. So far I can't tell the difference between a rental captain and a regular one. I've seen some non rental captains so some really some things, and I've seen some rental captains do some really smart things. Regardless, when potatoes potate, put those carry pants on. 😉
  12. Der_Eigenvektor

    Playing T10 = Losing Credits

    I don't have the 5k camo on half my T10 ships, I don't use premium time, and I use all the premium consumables because T10 is a very competitive evnironment but I still manage to break even most of the time. It takes about two dozen games to bled a million credits. I managed to snag myself the T9 super-premiums with FXP so I can print credits when I need to, but I haven't really touched them. I mostly only play at T10. I guess this isn't really a solution, and probably not what you want to hear, but the way to not bleed credits and even make a profit playing T10 without any camo, premium time, or flags, is to play well.
  13. Der_Eigenvektor

    Public test is a complete joke

    This is normal for the PTS. Perhaps you can try logging on during European primetime hours? Sure half the people you meet will be typing in Russian but at least they is people.
  14. Der_Eigenvektor

    Saw a Haragumo get nerf batted.

    Justice rains from above? Sorry, I just had to.
  15. Der_Eigenvektor


    It's like telling a dog to stop chasing a squirrel. Many players either have a visceral hatred of CVs and tunnel vision to kill it, or they think hey it's an easy, lightly armored kill for XP and credits. However, this is an opportunity for a good or decent CV captain. When they know they're about to die, they can pull a distraction run that gives their team enough time to whittle down the red team. I've seen a few games where a team thinks they are winning so they decide to focus on the CV, but forget there are enemies shooting at them which leads to them losing.