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  1. I think this happens in high tier more often than low tiers. There is a looming treat of DDs and torpedoes in the water that makes BBs apprehensive to push. In low tiers, this fear hasn't been ingrained yet so you see BBs going in a straight line at the other team, only to be quickly sunk by a DD.
  2. Der_Eigenvektor

    The most entertaining thing in WOWS

    This one is niche. When playing Des Moines, sneak up to cruisers' broadsides at under 8km range and letting your fast reload and guns do the rest. It makes for a dead ship very quickly.
  3. Der_Eigenvektor

    Positive Karma is a point of pride

    If you play CVs, you can get negative karma for being too good, and negative karma for being bad, and negative karma from a salty sunk ship despite being average. You can carry your team to victory, do the most damage, have the most kills, get the most plane kills and STILL get hit by negative karma because the other team really doesn't like you. You can save half your team from being attacked by the other CV, but the other half of your team will report you for not providing air cover. Such is CV life.
  4. Der_Eigenvektor

    Henry Captain doesn't put the X over IFHE

    IFHE on the Henri allows it to pen 50mm plate. It's an important armor threshold as it's the bow armor of Stalingrad and Moskva. This is why you see people bring Henri IVs to clan battles and the KoTS tournament.
  5. Der_Eigenvektor

    When can I respec captains for free?

    You have to play a clan battle first. After that you get a free respec.
  6. Der_Eigenvektor

    How do you fight the British BB's?

    British BBs are vulnerable to HE spam from other ships, especially cruisers. In a German BBs, I've heard that the secondaries are pretty deadly in this regard. Focus fire with your team when you see a British BB.
  7. Der_Eigenvektor

    WOWS' Red-Headed Step-Child

    Cruisers may arguable be the most fragile ships in the game thus challenging to play, but the nature of the cruiser role makes them the most rewarding ships to play in my opinion. The multitude of support consumables at your disposal and high ROF make you very valuable to your team and very dangerous to the red team. The longer you stay alive but not too far away from the fighting, the more certain your team will win. Although it's true for every ship, you can't be too aggressive with cruisers because everyone wants to delete you but for a good reason. What you want to do is exert your influence everywhere you can but still retreat back into the shadows to not die. Cruisers work best when you support and are supported by your team. You need your BBs to draw enemy fire before you can fire back. That way you can go dark after doing damage if the enemy team decides to focus you. You needs DDs to help spot other DDs so your team and kill them fast. You abuse your radar/hydro/MBRB to ruin the day of the opposing DDs (sorry DD mains), DFAA to deter CVs, and you use your high rof HE spam to keep the opposing BBs on fire (sorry BB mains). If they show broadside to you, spamming AP can quickly shave off a lot of HP, especially if the BB ignores you. (Did it to an Iowa once with DM, he was very salty.) This is why everyone wants you dead in a cruiser. It's not just because you have a big easy to get to citadel region, but because of the your utility. All the while keeping track of where shells are coming from, like you said. Knowing this, if you see an opposing cruiser, punish their broadsides. While I am definitely far from unicum level, I do find cruisers the most fun to play. I like to make this mental comparison to Total War when I play. BBs are the line infantry meant to take and give damage, DDs are the irregulars meant to skirmish and raid, which makes cruisers the cavalry meant to hit the flanks. Skirmish too with ranged cavalry. (Of course a cruiser main would compare cruisers to the most prestigious unit type on the pre-modern battlefield, too much cruiser-main bias!) The T10 cruisers of every line are definitely very worth the grind.
  8. Der_Eigenvektor

    how you can accomplish 200,000 xp ?

    It helps to play during the ranked season. When I got my NC it was the beginning of the T8 ranked season. By the end, I had enough XP to unlock Iowa. I didn't notice the grind at all. However, since that is not an option, using the 100% camos that frequently drop from supercontainers with the +50% xp flags helps speed things up a lot. You should be able to unlock Iowa in <100 battles. If you can average above 1200 xp/battle, it can take you maybe <70 battles since with all the bonuses applied, you get 3000xp/battle. You don't have to spend a single dragon flag since those are rare. Do-able in a week.
  9. Der_Eigenvektor

    So...Who Got a 2nd Coupon???

    What is everyone doing that gets them a coupon? I'm willing to bet it's a randomized lottery. I managed to get a coupon from a Twitch-con code, but it didn't seem to work on anything. I wonder if that disqualified me from getting a 30% coupon now.
  10. Der_Eigenvektor

    I am so totally awesome in my awesomeness

    Well, at least you can say it is perfectly balanced, as all things should be!
  11. Der_Eigenvektor

    Cheats AKA "Codes"

    The only cheat codes I know are "power overwhelming" "black sheep wall" "show me the money". There are a few others but these are the only imporant ones.
  12. Der_Eigenvektor

    Saw that the Conq is getting a citadel.

    You can already citadel Conqueror, though it's not a common occurrence. I don't think anyone who knows what they're doing is afraid of the Conq anymore. Everyone focus fires on it when they see it, fearing its zombie heal. It eats HE pens, and takes a lot of AP pen damage. If anything, give the poor Conq a buff like make her AP more viable
  13. Der_Eigenvektor

    On CCs and Their Fanbases

    After watching iChase's video, I suppose there is a small, small vocal minority of fans who have taken upon themselves to enforce their vision upon others, but that's just human nature splitting themselves into tribes for you. That said, I try to follow as many CCs as I can and I like them all. I and many others use the content that they put out for the community to improve ourselves. The CCs, in all their facets, are entertaining too. That keeps at least me engaged.
  14. Der_Eigenvektor

    Lets Talk Ranked and its Bias to DDs

    Partnering up with a good CV player at T5 can do a lot to impact the game. He/she can keep DDs spotted so your team can focus fire when possible. Spotting incoming torpedoes and the enemy BBs is a bonus. CVs at this tier need not be super aggressive to impact the outcome of the game, but sinking that odd BB that strayed too far away from the battle line well also help immensely.
  15. Der_Eigenvektor

    Karma may be useless, but it's still pretty funny

    As a rule, I always give karma to players who do really well as you have, DDs that smoke up teammates and spot even if they don't end up doing well, and people who say a really humorous joke in chat. I always run out of karma to give by the end of the day. I even give karma to the enemy if they make really impressive plays. If it makes people happy after the battle, it might make them play better in their next battle. I only give negative karma to excessively salty players, people who are intentionally offensive in chat, and people who play worse than bots.