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  1. If your teammates aren't cooperating, which isn't a surprise since normally randoms don't, find people to division with. Join an active clan and form a DD+anything else div for randoms. There, your problem is solved.
  2. Der_Eigenvektor

    Out of control unlimted CV planes have got to stop!

    It's like an earworm that gets buried deep in the collective consciousness once someone said it and others repeat it. Realistically speaking, CVs do not have unlimited planes, even with the ability to regenerate them albeit slowly. WG decided to say, probably thinking that the limited hangers of the pre-rework CVs was a barrier to entry. However, the majority of the player base, most of whom have probably never touched CVs, kept spreading the myth that CVs have unlimited planes. The key for any aspiring CV player is to not use them like you have unlimited planes.
  3. Der_Eigenvektor

    2 CV's per team is killing the game slowly

    I've been grinding Neptune to get to Minotaur and I'm having a decent time managing all the CVs. I usually try to keep a friendly DD within my AA bubble and act is DD support up until the DD decides to suicide charge radar cruisers. Planes coming our way get shot down entirely by the time it makes its first drop. I even broke my personal new plane kill record today in a 2v2 T8 CV game.
  4. Der_Eigenvektor

    Help Picking a Legendary Mod

    Personally, I can't play my DM without the Unique Upgrade anymore. It just gives it so much of an advantage in repositioning and maneuvering. I don't have a Yamato, but people say the upgrade is a must have. The only other ships I use the UU for is Zao and Henri. For Zao, I'm fine without it. For Henri, the quicker reload is great for long range team support.
  5. Der_Eigenvektor

    What has happened to tiers 8-10?

    I bet everyone has gone to play space battles. If you already have a T10, there's no need to grind T8-10 anymore, or maybe you don't have your legendary yet and this is a quick way to get it. Also, Space Battle offers something unique and different for a limited time, with 19 point captains to grind commander XP. That Ironium missions require a dedicated grind so people are going to be there for a while
  6. Der_Eigenvektor

    100K XP in Space Mode? Really?

    It's not that bad. I used my left over florins to buy a day of premium and grinded 50k XP today without really trying too hard. A more dedicated person than I can definitely finish this in one day, but for someone with less time on their hands I can see that it will take several days. I find this base assault mode kind of fun with the amount of coordination it requires to win and the amount of damage farming one can do.
  7. Der_Eigenvektor

    Playing against CV's just feels awful.

    I'm sure this has been repeated to no end, but buddy up. Even 2 ships with overlapping AA is strong enough to deny most strikes. Yesterday when I was playing Ranger, there was a Fuso and an Implaccible sailing 2km next to each other that were hunting me in the end game. I could only land 1/3 of my strikes.
  8. Der_Eigenvektor

    USS Georgia Preview - 18” Guns on an Iowa Body

    My first every experience going up against a Georgia was when I solo capped in a Neptune and decided to charge around an island because no ships have been spotted yet. Then I spot 3 BBs, with a Georgia 7km from me. It was at that moment I knew donked up.
  9. Right now, there aren't too many set guides for the average potato like there are for every other surface ship. Once the unicums sort themselves out from the rest of the crowd, we will start seeing more guides on how to play CVs and that will help things more. Players will get better but that depends on if the person wants to seek out guides and puts in the practice. CVs still require a lot more strategic thinking to use than most of the surface ships.
  10. Der_Eigenvektor

    They changed the Port Screen because ???????

    While I am one for clutter, and miss all the visual information of the old UI, the new UI is more streamlined and it's less CPU/GPU heavy. Personally for me, less clutter means less information but I'm happy for less UI lag.
  11. Der_Eigenvektor

    Radar changes, what's the verdict?

    That makes sense. Giving oneself 1km of escape room let's you get out with less scratches now that only one ship can shoot you in that time and it makes them burn a radar.
  12. Der_Eigenvektor

    Radar changes, what's the verdict?

    It's a buff disguised as a nerd. As a cruiser main, I love the extra duration and range. As a good team player, I hate that I have to wait 6 seconds to shoot a DD hiding in smoke that my friendly lights up. As a DD alt, I hardly notice a difference but I play at the edges of radar anyway.
  13. Am I the only person who actually enjoys playing at T9-10? I must have some incredibly good luck because I almost never experience completely static teammates that you all describe. Except for BBs but that's tolerable. My stats are meddling, but they do show I do best in T9-10 games. In my experience if you make your own push and don't die, you end up making the other team retreat far behind the cap. T7 is alright, but I despise low tier games. Teammates yolo and die faster than you can say potato and by the time you swing around you are too outnumbered to carry your team. I've see people say that this play style is more fun than static T10 but I say it's easier to lose that way.
  14. Unless you are a Hatsuharu and the CVs are T6. It's AA is surprisingly good but since they aren't too common most CV captains keep trying to bomb you even after you wiped out a few squadrons. My best so far is 29 plane kills, and all I had was the AA upgrade, no captain skills. It's pretty fun to play.
  15. Der_Eigenvektor

    Are the DD Mains' Whining Days Now Over?

    Meanwhile, you never see cruiser mains complain when there is something new that puts extra distress on the ship type. Cruiser mains have already accept that the meta will always be harsh on them and are super chill about it and thrive regardless