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  1. Troublemaker66

    Over-pens are ridiculous.

    I usually play BB`s from tiers 1-9 (no tens yet). Lately, it seems like after the last patch, all I do is over-pen ALL types of ships. I`m a long time player, since BETA, and know how to aim at targets. But when I lay an entire broadside into a cruiser, at point blank range, and do 2k damage to him, with 7 over pens is just ridiculous! I`m OP`ing BB`s way more than in the past. Has something changed? I`m an "old man", I served on the Harold J Ellison, DD 864, a Gearing class destroyer, and I can tell you for sure, if 1-16" shell hit the water NEXT to the hull, it would`ve done severe damage, possibly could have sunk her. I`ve loosed broadsides in the game against all types and tiers of DD`s and had the same thing happen, only to be torp`d or burned down by said DD. It`s frustrating to say the least. So an over-pen is usually an AP shell passing through a ship without detonating....if I`m poking a great big hole in a ship, why isn`t there flooding? I understand it`s a game but my actual knowledge of how things work in the real world gets the better of me sometimes. Anyone else agree?
  2. Troublemaker66

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    I`m no lawyer, what do you call it when you are sold one thing, then it gets changed to something else? I call it bull$*#t. Now give troublemaker a cracker...lol.
  3. Troublemaker66

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    Well said, agree totally!
  4. Troublemaker66

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    Yeah, well WG`s word cannot be trusted then. Bait and switch is not a good business model to follow.
  5. Troublemaker66

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    Why not at all...WG sell a T-5 ship, then decide it`s too OP and change it?? It`s a premium, it shouldn`t be altered, at T-6, it`s not what I purchased, and many others feel the same. What`s next? I have MANY premium ships, once you do it to one, why not any that seem too OP? I kinda remember WG saying they`d never nerf premiums...guess I was hearing things. Once a premium is released for sale, it should never be altered, or a complete refund should be offered...because we know they`re never gonna buff a premium...lol.
  6. Troublemaker66

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    That`s not even the point. WG said that they would never alter premium ships, now here we go, they do it to one, they`ll start doing it to more, it`s complete [edited]. Yes, the GC`s guns are pretty good, but it`s armor and AA are not, glass cannon for the most part, but my favorite T-5. It pisses me off that they`re touching it, and anyone that owns a premium that can dominate a tier should be concerned about this, because it could be next.
  7. Troublemaker66

    Amazon Pay? Update/Complain

    Exactly! I have the same issue and was using Amazon Pay as a way around it. You can contact your bank and have the block removed, not sure if they`ll cover any theft if you do it though.
  8. Troublemaker66

    Give GC her original guns and leave her at T5

    I agree, well said! I hope WG reads your post and acts on some of your ideas!
  9. Troublemaker66

    Give GC her original guns and leave her at T5

    I have the GC and it is powerful in it`s own tier, but it comes up against tier 7 BB`s a lot and gets chunked from any angle, so not so OP as to be moved up a tier. I also get pissed when I buy a premium and WG decides to nerf it. Once the ship is released , it shouldn`t be touched IMO. Ranari has a good idea, come out with a T-6 BB of the same class and leave the GC at t-5.
  10. I am also, only way I can pay for stuff without a hassle and it`s "Temporarily Disabled", I also use a Subway card these days, no spontaneous purchases...lol.