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  1. bleeckert

    Is Midway's Legendary Module worth it?

    Definatly yes. You'll notice the most effective part of it in bombers surviving and bombs really hitting hard. Good luck!
  2. https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wgc/article/10301/
  3. bleeckert

    More ranked, no steel!

    Really sucks its tier V when everyone asked for 7 or 8.
  4. bleeckert

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Yup, DD'S are ruining the game. They can stealth anywhere they want, shoot you with 12, 16, 18, 50 torpedoes, rinse/repeat. Radar is the only thing remotely balancing that.
  5. bleeckert

    Here a DD, there a DD, everywhere a DD

    Agreed. The power creep with new tier X DD's is very real, besides guns you also have multiple walls of skill that you have to run Hydro for all the time now if your leading a push in, especially any torpedo over 60 knots.
  6. bleeckert


    Just no, no to subs.
  7. bleeckert

    Supertester Invite

    ah yes the apology emails are in your in box, anyone feel like that just doesn't cut it, how about a special mission for a coupon with lets say 25% off one of those test ships when they come out
  8. bleeckert

    Manual Secondary Battery Monday

    it's not just the Atlanta to look at for range consideration of the secondaries of US BBs. you can also look to the US DDs these are the same guns and on the DDs you will also notice the range hovers around 10Km unbuffed. so what we have is an intentional nerf of the US BB line to go along with not having access to the -7% dispersion module till tier 9 when so many others get this module by tier 5
  9. bleeckert

    Mission Completed Monday - Defeating the Pirate Threat

    Fun event lol, good kill on the Ram Albacore!
  10. bleeckert

    Your DD torp problem...

    Interesting write up.
  11. bleeckert

    Pensacola needs a buff

    Turrent rotation speed increase is where it's needed most.
  12. bleeckert

    Ship Comrade Shutting Down!?

    I have a rich buddy who'd probably fund it if he knew about it, but the way it's set up right now I can't even see what the site does.
  13. bleeckert

    sell Coal now for a ship, or wait?

    All depends on what you want. Current coal ships are not going anywhere, and the community cry for the Alaska, plus it being tier 9, leads most to believe it will be the next FXP ship.
  14. bleeckert

    The Problem With Pirates

    Being chased and trying to live is half the fun for the pirate/team. These events are short lived, but really get the community to participate and have a good laugh.
  15. bleeckert

    A Camo suggestion

    Lol @ cars up on blocks.Like the design though!