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  1. Alright guys, it seems like everything is working fine since no one has reported anything yet. I'll be away until Monday, so any other fixes will have to wait until then. Have fun! EDIT: Also, for those interested, I will add the French version of mods on Monday. I didn't have time to work on it tonight.
  2. Alright, I found the cause of the result screen problem and fixed it. I re-uploaded the UI mods. Let me know if anything else is broken. (Independence silhouette picture was fixed for the UI mods, it will be fixed for Preview mods next update.)
  3. Can you two tell me which mods you are using? It works fine on my end, but maybe I packed the wrong one. EDIT: never mind... I'm pretty sure you guys are using one of the UI mods... I forgot to include the new text file... I'll update later today when I fix other stuff.
  4. Stop finding problems!
  5. I'll try to fix those problems tonight.
  6. I reuploaded the UI mods. I had forgotten to included the new flags to them. The flag mods themselves should work fine.
  7. Just to be sure, are you using the UI mods or one of the flag mods?
  8. Updated for! I'm sorry that I forgot to update this thread the last few updates... If I forget again, you can post here, send me a PM, or even check out my main collection thread where I also have this mod!
  9. Hello every-nyan~! I have updated everything for! A few last minute addition were made, such as Monarch and Jack Dunkirk (which I had totally did not forgot about...). I also just want to mention that I have not made pictures for the Dunkirk event ships (can't remember the names off the top of my head) or the commanders for those ships. If the ships ever become permanent ones, I will make sure they have nice girls for them! I did make a special commander for Jack Dunkirk, but I'm not sure I like her so far, so she could change. I also don't have a special name yet... Anyway, if you have a good idea for those special captains, let me know! What's new: Added Monarch Added Jack Dunkirk commander Added Graf Zeppelin Added Riposte loading screen to UI As always, let me know if you find anything that's broken. Oh, and lastly, I heard that King George V was being moved to tier 7, but I haven't made the change to the icons yet. I'm waiting to be sure they don't move her around again. Have fun~! -garfield001
  10. I haven't updated anything yet. o.o I barely just got home!
  11. I'm sneaky like that~!
  12. She's actually a Montana fanart from ushimado. I picked her for Texas because of the hat... *stereotypes*
  13. WG should give me a cut then!
  14. I actually really like the girl for Sims and I was a little reluctant of using her for a Premium ship, because not as many people would see her... >.>
  15. Glad you like them! Sims is a fanart of DD-919 (ROKS Taejon) made by Kuro. He's done a few other ship girls, and I think I've even used a few more (Fletcher for example). As for Hinderburg, I believe that's actually a Scharnhorst fanart from tom-neko (?). Since the artist had done a few piece in the same style, I used some of them (Roon and Minotaur for example). I'm actually not sure where I found the pictures. However, with these information, you should be able to find out more about them!