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  1. Hey there Sakuya! Like Yvonne mentioned, I will get to it when I have time. I recently started a new job, so I don't have as much time as I used to. But, I make to make it clear that I heard all of you! Some Azur Lane stuff is coming, just not now. It won't be ready for and I don't want to make any promises for In the meantime, you can use this Make your own pack to add fome AL girls. You can also make your own preview pictures with the templates and the font packs!
  2. WG Modpack (Maybe @SuperNikoPower can update thread this time? It's still at
  3. Try this one: WG Modpack
  4. WG ModPack
  5. What do you mean? EDIT: Can message me directly if this is unrelated to this thread. :)
  6. I participated in many contests and even won a few in the past. I stopped entering them a few months ago for a few reasons. First, there were indeed too many of them. I entered mostly the creative contests and when I did, I actually aimed to win something. By that, I'm saying that I spend a lot of time researching a good subject and work many hours making something I would be proud of and that I thought would have a chance of winning. When I'm working on a contest, I am not playing the game or doing anything else for a few days. So this can really burn me out when there are contests every 2-3 weeks. Or art contests anyway, as I'm not really entering the other ones. This bring me to my second point. Since I put many hours working on my submissions, I must say that a few times I was disappointed with the judging. To a point where I didn't know what constituted a good entry. Was it just having a good idea? Was it the art quality? I have no idea. I am still a little disappointed with some contests that I think I had a quality entry and some lower quality ones won, but I didn't. This is also true for some other entries that I thought were very good and didn't end up winning either. I know full well that not all my entries should win and what I think may be good, may actually not be that good. However, several weird judging in a row made me not want to "waste" hours making something that will not win to a 5 minutes mspaint art piece. I also am still a little salty about one contest in particular where the judging was a little sketchy. I don't want to go into detail about that specific contest, but I didn't like the judging process in two phase. All this said however, I do think the variety of contest is nice. There are many types of contests: drawing, building, ingame performance, ship design, creative stuff like the chinese shadow one, etc. I think there's something for anyone that feels like spending the time to enter. I also think the prizes are fairly good. There's usually a very good first prize that gives a good incentive to enter.
  7. No individual stat mean much on its own. That said, Win rate is a much better comparison stat than damage and survivability. Win rate is affected by both damage and survivablity (you do damage and survive long enough to do more damage, more chance of you winning), but it also includes other things such as the ability to eliminate targets of opportunity and any other intangible not tracked by stats. Damage on its own only reflects that: damage. It doesn't care if you do 50k fire dmg to one BB, reducing him to 50% which will be healed right away or 50k dmg to 2 DDs, deleting them on the spot. It is the most easily stat to pad and is very hard to compare when ships don't have the same role and playstyle. For example, how can you compare a Yamato dealing unrepairable AP dmg to a Conqueror dealing 100% repairable fire damage to a cruiser or a DD? The Conqueror will surely have higher damage because it kills stuff at a slower rate, allowing them to repair, so more HP to "farm". Survivability is similar. You have ships that are meant to stay further from the fight and others that are meant to go in the thick of it. I'm pretty sure the ones meant for brawling are more likely to be focused and sunk than the one 20km from the fight. That doesn't mean that either are stronger than the other. Being on the front line allows to have much more impact on the battle. The stat on its own doesn't tell much more than a ship survived more battles than another. Win rate deniers are usually people that don't understand how stats work. Will you get 100% win rate because you,re the better player? No. There are many intangibles that can happen during a battle and one player cannot control everything. So win rate doesn't mean anything for 1 or two battles, or even over 10, or even sometimes over 100. However, over 500-1000 or even 10 000 and more battles, there is a trend that will be influenced by your own play (or in this case over the ship played). If a ship has "carry" potential, it will be reflected in its win rate. A ship with a high win rate over a large amount of battles means it has more potential to affect the battle than one with a lower one. Can a ship with a lower win rate do better in one battle than the high win rate one? Sure. That's not what the stat means. All this said, let's do a quick comparison of Conqueror's stats on the NA server over the last 2 weeks. It sits at 51.04% win rate for 13k battles. That's 10k fewer battles than the next lowest played Tier 10 BB, which would probably mean that more experienced players are playing her right now, which in turn probably mean that her stats are high because she's played by better players. Let's also realize that she's only 0.40% higher in win rate than the next one. This is not a whole lot, and it will go down as more people play her. Next is her damage. She sits comfortably on top with over 15k more average damage per battle. But as I mentioned before, this is because she does HE damage that can all be repaired, so more damage is to be expected. Lastly, survivability. This is the one stat she really is above the others, with over 50% survival rate, compared to 37-40% for the other ones. But in the end, this extra survivability doesn't seem to affect her winning potential, because even with an extra 10% survival rate, she has barely 0.4% extra wins. Stats are entertwined and no one stat on its own is enough to see the big picture. I'm also sure WG has even more stats than what we have on Warships Today and WoWs Numbers and they sure have better statistican than me that can analyze them way better than you or me. They can make justified decision based on that (and on other factor as Sub_Octavian has mentioned in the past).
  8. Part of the goal of these missions is to get you to try to play different kind of ships. Some missions are more easily achievable with certain type of ships. For example, to shoot down planes, you should try playing either a cruiser or a CV. Not only will you get to finish the mission more easily, but you will get to try new ships and different playstayle. If the Minsk is the only ship you want to play, it is not WG's fault that you limit yourself to her. There are like 200 ships in the game, you should try more than one!
  9. Didn't see them when I started writing this. Mods can delete the thread if needed, I'm just trying to relay information.
  10. Saw this just now, a few French BBs from the tech tree were just revealed: Bretagne (tier 4 or 5), Normandie (tier not mentioned) and Richelieu (tier8). Everything seen is work in progress and they mention how they will not be released in 2017. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/178642171
  11. The problem is that one torpedo hitting a CA hurts them a lot more than when it hits a BB. To be honest, I was hoping for these torps to be able to hit BBs only, or maybe have different damage based on the ship type.
  12. If the MM is faulty, you fix the MM, not the ships. They could improve MM by forcing battles where you are the highest tier, they could do something like WoT and have fewer highest tier per battle, etc. Buffing tier 5 ships to be equals to tier 7 only makes tier 4 suffer more. It also forces more buff to tier 6, because now they're not as strong as the tier 5, and then more buff to the tier 7, because they're suddenly not as strong as the tier 6... This is what you call power creep... Also, don't forget that Premium ship won't be balanced after release (only won't be nerfed, buffs are fine apparently). This means that if the global game environment changes (stuff like the addition of IFHE, the stealth shooting removal, etc), you cannot change the ship to account for it. I'd much rather have a weaker ship released and they buff it a little after release, than an OP ship that will need to be removed from sale after a few days (see Nikolai).
  13. Good job there!
  14. I stopped watching after a few because the pacing of the video is not very good. Why do I have to watch 5 minutes of the command wheel when you could have mentioned the issue and moved on. Also, from those items I saw, this is not a top 20 gameplay mechanics video, but a top 20 bugs video. The command wheel thing is a bug, it's not a feature. The Random battle when you choose Co-op is a bug, not a feature. The icon appearing in the top of the map is, once again, a bug, not a feature. Etc. A bug is something that happens but should not. A feature is a design choice made for the game. It is how the developers think the game should be played. For example, them having a set list of task for the campaigns is a feature. It was planned. If you come across a bug, do report them to WG so they may fix them!
  15. My experience in cruisers is quite the opposite. I laugh at BBs shooting HE at me because I now have a chance of surviving, compared to being deleted by AP. Is it annoying to be set on fire as a BB? Sure. But then again, what's the alternative to shooting a bow on BB anyway? Shoot AP and watch 90% of your shots bounce? BBs should switch shell types anyway.