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  1. Small heads up about Viribus Unitis. Both the Previews and the Icons are broken for her because her file ID changed when they moved her to the Pan-Europe nation. This went unnoticed until now... It will be fixed next patch.
  2. @Winterpwner Did I say next release? I meant right away....
  3. Will be fixed in next release!
  4. Hello every-nyan~! With the upcoming Beta for the subs, I thought I'd share a preview of what's coming for them since I've already made Preview pictures for all the announced subs. Let me know what you think of them, if you like them, hate them, if you have better ideas or ideas for other subs, etc. Of course, please note that this is still work in progress, as I could be changing pictures or moving them around based on feedback and such... Also, WG could change/add subs, so I may have to change pictures then. Have fun and I hope you guys got sweet ships from the Anniversary event! -garfield001
  5. Thank you for report. I cut the corner on that one file and see what it does... I fixed it and re-uploaded the UI mod. Cheers~!
  6. I re-uploaded the version 2.5 of the icons because Bayard was somehow missing in them... Thank to Blorgh for noticing it!
  7. Hello every-nyan~! I updated everything to Actually, most of the mods would have worked fine without an update, but here it is anyway! Not a whole lot new this time, only new ships and a few image change (KC Duca degli Abruzzi, AL, Giulio Cesare, AL Trento and AL Zara). What's new: Image change for all mods for AL Giulio Cesare, AL Trento and KC Duca degli Abruzzi Image change for the Azur Lane mods for Zara Added California, Marceau, Poltava and Puerto Rico As always, do let me know if anything seems borken or if you'd like us to change anything. Have fun! -garfield001
  8. garfield001

    We Need a "Demount All" Option For Signals

    I know you want official support and that WG actually adds it to the game, but we've been waiting since launch for that feature, so who knows when that will come. Until then, MegaDommagam made a quick demount mod that adds a button to demount all signal flags. Hope that helps you until WG decide to add that much needed quality of life improvement!
  9. The thing with Essex is that she's not playable anymore. So in all honesty, I'd rather work on new useful stuff rather than updating an unused picture. I'll get to it eventually, but it's not a priority.
  10. Hello every-nyan! I updated the UI mods with Blorgh's new commanders and commander names. Otherwise, everthing seemed to be working fine, so nothing has changed. Do let me know if anything is broken. Have fun~! -garfield001
  11. I updated the V2 (Romanized) of the Preview pictures, for both Kancolle and Azur Lane, to fix a small issue with Izumo and Ibuki not being romanized.
  12. Hello every-nyan! Everything was updated to! Blorgh added new commanders and changed a few of the commander names (See this post for explanation of name changes). On my end, quite a bit of new/updated stuff this time. As promised, I finally made the Greek and Crash Zone Alpha loading screens. The Italian Cruiser line was added, as well as Ohio, Genova and Paolo Emilio. There's also a few girls that were changed: Duca d'Aosta, Duca degli Abruzzi, Alabama, Richelieu (AL only), Baltimore (AL only). Also, as I often do, the game loading screens were changed, this time, they were kindly provided by RougeSky. A big thank to him (her?)! And I think that's it... What's new: New Greek and Crash Zone Alpha loading screens Added Italian Cruiser line Added Ohio, Genova and Paolo Emilio New picture for Duca d'Aosta, Duca degli Abruzzi and Alabama AL only: New picture for Richelieu and Baltimore As for other promised changed, they have not been forgotten. I will get to it in due time! As always, if something is borken or missing, do let me know. Do not hesitate to et me know if you'd like something modified and I'll look into it! Have fun~! -garfield001 EDIT: I added template files in misc section for anyone who want to make their own icons/previews pictures. Do share your work if you make some!
  13. Blorgh sums it up very well. Managing links is quite time-consuming when you add up everything and, quite frankly, it's not really the fun part of making mods lol. Making separate pack for everything would be a huge time sink every patch, which I'm actively trying to avoid. However, may I recommend trying to download the mod with either hakabase's or Aslain's installer? I believe they do not install the actual whole pack, but only a few parts (I think the port screen stuff?). You'd have to test it out, but it could be an easier way to get only the part you want!
  14. You're talking about two ships that were given during Beta to a limited number of players. I cannot call this a wide spread incentive to play lower tier. Other similarly strong ships that were sold at some point have since been removed from sale. Tier 9-10 Premium ships were not even a thing until much later in WoWs life. Early WoWs, WG pretty much followed WoT footsteps in Tier 8 being the maximum for Premiums and giving out pretty weak Tier 2 ships for events (Albany for example). They've since changed their events to give out higher tier ships and stearing you clear of lower tier content. The early access to new lines even skips the lower tiers (Look at French DDs early access, you can get tier V, but not the lower ones). And on your last point, there is litterally nothing stopping you from seal clubbing with a 19 points captain. You are very much welcomed to do it and there's actually many people that do it. However, you have no actual incentive to do it other than the clubbing part. You cannot complete missions/events and you get miserable XP/credit. Anyway, at this point, if people don't see all the different incentives to play higher tier, let alone the ones to play tier 10 only, and if they ignore even what the devs said about how they don't want to give incentive to play lower tier, there's not much I can add. I'm sure there are exceptions to their policy, as there is always, but nonetheless, they don't want you and half the server clubbing new players. That's bad for player retention.
  15. I agree with you and Perma-camo would probably have little actual impact of people playing lower tier, but I quoted WG about low tier camo and it is not really my own opinion (couldn't find the actual quote because it's so old and I don't really want to look for it). However, if you buy a Perma-camo, however cheap it is, I'm going to assume that you're going to want to use it, meaning that you are more likely to play the ship you bought it for. If that ship is tier 4 or lower, that means that new players may see you more often. Now apply this to the whole playerbase and it means low tier suddenly have maybe 10-15% more veterans hanging out there. Like I said, WG has proven many times that they do not want that. None of those ways actually stops you from playing low tier, but there really is no incentive to do so. Low credit/xp yield, no mission, OP ships cannot be bought anymore, etc. So you can play those tiers, but the game design pushes you to hang out at higher tiers. And I'd say it succeeds fairly well (too well?) considering some people can stay at T10 at all time and many do.