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  1. Yeah.... I realized that a bit late (after uploading everything) and decided to let it slide for now. It's a mistake on my part and will be fixed next time I have to upload the UI mods.
  2. WG modpack is pinned to the mod page (here). It still has not been updated to Of the three major modpacks, they are the most unreliable one. It sometimes can take more than a week to get the updated version. Apparently, it's possible to get it from the Russian forums faster, but someone else will have to provide you with a link.
  3. Are you sure you downloaded the right mod? I have one that only romanizes the ship names (i.e. Kongō instead of Kongo) and one that does the same PLUS changes the name of the commanders. Try installing this one!
  4. You're not the first to ask, so maybe I will. I can't garantee when or if I'll do it, but I'll keep it in mind. (To be very honest, I try to avoid having new mods because it already takes so much time to update them all...)
  5. I double checked and it should be working fine. I would recommend redownloading the mod. Also, could you post a screenshot? Maybe my script missed a few names.
  6. Are you using only the name mod or the whole UI mod?
  7. The three "big" modpacks are Aslain's, hakabase's and WG's modpacks. If they are not to your liking, I would recommend finding the creator's page of those mods you want and you should be able to get them as soon as they get updated.
  8. Updated for!
  9. Hello every-nyan! Everything was updated for I fixed a few issues this time around: non-kancolle silhouettes were removed from Kancolle Only UI, Kaiser picture was fixed in Icons V2, changed a few flags for the Pan-Asian icons and fixed the Pan-Asian preview pictures not showing in the tech tree. I also added Huang He and Giulio Cesare. I haven't had time to check anything for the clan stuff, so don't expect any mods for it for now. Maybe I will be able to do something about it for a future patch. Lastly, as a request, I changed ARP Takao's picture in the Risqué Commanders mod. All other commanders mods have not changed. What's new: Added Huang He Added Giulio Cesare Fixed problems that were reported As always, let me know if anythign is not working properly. Have fun~! -garfield001
  10. You don't need to report bugs on patch day before I update the mods. I'm well aware that everything might be bugged and I will do my best to fix everything. I barely just got home and I just started to work on the mods. Please be patient and I will have them up in no time (in a few hours). On the other hand, be sure to report any bugs after I update the mods. I will try to get them fixed as soon as possible.
  11. Good job there!
  12. I checked and to be honest, I'm not sure how to fix this. It should work fine... lol. I'll keep an eye to get it fixed, but I can't garantee when it will happen. Sorry.
  13. I stopped watching after a few because the pacing of the video is not very good. Why do I have to watch 5 minutes of the command wheel when you could have mentioned the issue and moved on. Also, from those items I saw, this is not a top 20 gameplay mechanics video, but a top 20 bugs video. The command wheel thing is a bug, it's not a feature. The Random battle when you choose Co-op is a bug, not a feature. The icon appearing in the top of the map is, once again, a bug, not a feature. Etc. A bug is something that happens but should not. A feature is a design choice made for the game. It is how the developers think the game should be played. For example, them having a set list of task for the campaigns is a feature. It was planned. If you come across a bug, do report them to WG so they may fix them!
  14. I'll take a look at it, but I have no idea how to add those back. Also sounds like the kind of mods that would break very easily.
  15. The problem is only with the version 2 of the icons. Making it even weirder...