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  1. garfield001

    World of Warships Gear at Teespring

    No Torpillow and that shipping cost... Gonna pass for now. That's too bad, I kind of liked the Kraken t-shirt.
  2. garfield001

    Patch 0.9.6 and side battle panels

    In the Settings, go in the Controls tab. Check the Display Team Lineups box. Also, make sure you're not using outdated mods. They could mess up stuff.
  3. garfield001

    [Tutorial] UI Mod

    Apparently you need to type .\ before ffdec.bat. Try this:
  4. garfield001

    [Tutorial] UI Mod

    In the SWF file, the plane ribbon is actually called "84". So you need to type: 84 is the name of the file inside the swf file. ribbon_splane.png is the name of your png file. This last one can be named anything.
  5. Meaning that you get the equivalent in XP of what you would get if you had done 15% to that ship. Meaning that if you did 100% damage and got the killing blow, you get 115% xp. If you did 1dmg and got the killing blow, you get XP from that 1 dmg then an extra of the equivalent of what you would have gotten if you had done 15% to that ship. The sentence says "equivalent to dealing some damage", not "equivalent to the damage done".
  6. garfield001

    We Need a "Demount All" Option For Signals

    I know you want official support and that WG actually adds it to the game, but we've been waiting since launch for that feature, so who knows when that will come. Until then, MegaDommagam made a quick demount mod that adds a button to demount all signal flags. Hope that helps you until WG decide to add that much needed quality of life improvement!
  7. You're talking about two ships that were given during Beta to a limited number of players. I cannot call this a wide spread incentive to play lower tier. Other similarly strong ships that were sold at some point have since been removed from sale. Tier 9-10 Premium ships were not even a thing until much later in WoWs life. Early WoWs, WG pretty much followed WoT footsteps in Tier 8 being the maximum for Premiums and giving out pretty weak Tier 2 ships for events (Albany for example). They've since changed their events to give out higher tier ships and stearing you clear of lower tier content. The early access to new lines even skips the lower tiers (Look at French DDs early access, you can get tier V, but not the lower ones). And on your last point, there is litterally nothing stopping you from seal clubbing with a 19 points captain. You are very much welcomed to do it and there's actually many people that do it. However, you have no actual incentive to do it other than the clubbing part. You cannot complete missions/events and you get miserable XP/credit. Anyway, at this point, if people don't see all the different incentives to play higher tier, let alone the ones to play tier 10 only, and if they ignore even what the devs said about how they don't want to give incentive to play lower tier, there's not much I can add. I'm sure there are exceptions to their policy, as there is always, but nonetheless, they don't want you and half the server clubbing new players. That's bad for player retention.
  8. I agree with you and Perma-camo would probably have little actual impact of people playing lower tier, but I quoted WG about low tier camo and it is not really my own opinion (couldn't find the actual quote because it's so old and I don't really want to look for it). However, if you buy a Perma-camo, however cheap it is, I'm going to assume that you're going to want to use it, meaning that you are more likely to play the ship you bought it for. If that ship is tier 4 or lower, that means that new players may see you more often. Now apply this to the whole playerbase and it means low tier suddenly have maybe 10-15% more veterans hanging out there. Like I said, WG has proven many times that they do not want that. None of those ways actually stops you from playing low tier, but there really is no incentive to do so. Low credit/xp yield, no mission, OP ships cannot be bought anymore, etc. So you can play those tiers, but the game design pushes you to hang out at higher tiers. And I'd say it succeeds fairly well (too well?) considering some people can stay at T10 at all time and many do.
  9. I don't think it's so much related to money rather than being a design decision. WG has mentioned in the past that they do not want to give more reasons to veteran players to hang out in lower tiers where new players are. They have always been fairly protective of new players (low tier MM, the first OP Premiums pulled from sale were all low tier ones, can't do mission in low tier, etc). They've also been pushing players toward the higher tiers (mostly toward Tier 10 now), so Tier 5 is the lowest where you'll find some Perma-camo. Would love to have a Perma-camo for Kuma, but I long gave up on that... So yeah, while it would be nice, I don't think WG wants you in tier 4 and lower and they will give you no reason to hang out in there.
  10. You have not played enough games... There are plenty of Korean games meeting your criteria lol And I'm not saying WG's plan is not P2W, although I am personnally more worried about the amount of grind required to get these mandatory upgrades. Getting to Tier 10 is a lot of work already. Not everyone has the time or the willpower to get there several times on the same line. And seeing the kind of upgrades they want to offer for those levels, getting them will be mandatory! We're not talking about a few extra HP, but several commanders skills worth in increase. And let's not forget that the power gap this will create between experienced players and new ones. Level 3 ship + 19 points captains versus a fresh Tier 10 player? Or even against a Tier 8 one? I mean come on...
  11. garfield001

    [Tutorial] UI Mod

    Are you sure you even looked?
  12. garfield001

    When will Slingshot Drop Exploit be fixed?

    It gives the same advantages that someone good at aiming in his BB would provides to his team, compared to someone who is bad at aiming. Unlike the old system, it doesn't allow one player to completely shut down another and allow him to spot the whole map unhindered. The new system did lower the skill difference between great and bad players, but great players will always be better than bad ones. It is the same thing as great BB players are better than bad ones... That said, I don't think this exploit is good. However, it's bad not because it gives an unfair advantage if you can use it, but rather because it is an exploit. It circumvents a game mechanic, which is AA. Anything in the game that you can game to avoid a part of the mechanics should be considered an exploit and fixed or changed. The fact that WG thinks it is fine is disturbing. And I say this as someone who usually agrees with their decisions. This, I do not approve.
  13. garfield001

    Jean Bart or Salem?

    One is a BB, the other is a Cruiser. You should be able to know which of the two you like most. Pick that one. ;)
  14. garfield001

    Not Seeing That Many Azumas

    I don't think it was mentioned a lot, but IMO there are a few reasons why Alaska was more popular: On NA server, everything American gets blown out of proportion. Because of this, Alaska was much awaited on this server and whatever the shape they would have released her, she would have sold well. Compare this to a non-American ship that was never built and no one talked about? I mean, come on... Before Alaska release, it had been a while since they had added a new Free XP ship, so people had lots of it ready to go. Not many people have the Free XP to buy both Alaska and Azuma back to back. So, if you bought Alaska first, chances are you are pretty low on Free XP right now. A new line of ships (RN CVs) came out at same time as Azuma. Some people will spend their Free XP on the new line rather than a single ship and then you're back to point 3. To this, I'd add that all the pre-release discussions about Azuma seemed to talk about how weak she was compared to other similar ships. No idea how true it is or how it turned out, and honestly I don't really care about it, but when everybody say a ship is bad, chances are that people won't rush to buy her.
  15. garfield001

    Carrier role redefined by players in-game

    From what I understand, OP played selfishly and wanted to get a higher damage count farming on BBs, while some sneaky DD he could have spotted for the team destroyed them all. Of course, OP rushed to the forums to cry about how it's everybody else's fault that he lost. Reality is much more gray than that though. It's not the CV's job to sink the Kamikaze more than it is the BB's. This is a team game, therefore everybody has roles to play. If a DD manages to sneak up and wreck havoc on your team, CVs can use their faster units to spot for the team. Kamikaze in this example has 0 AA. There is no reason not so park a plane above it to either help your teammates sink it, or to force it to retreat, nullifying the threat. No, you may not get the kill or even do damage, like you would attacking that BB in A line... but you played a role within the team and allowed your team to deal with the threat. Of course, you will have these battles with people oblivious to anything dangerous that's spotted around them, or those battles where your whole teams seem to not be able to aim at all. But at least, you did your job, you played for the team, instead of your e-peen. In the end, I find it funny that a CV is complaining that a DD managed to avoid his spotting and destroyed his team, when most DDs would agree that their biggest weakness is CV spotting...