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  1. @NervyWord5570 @Blorgh2017 First, I want to mention that I usually don't do this because we do not support other people's mods. If two mods use the same file, they don't fuse together on their own, so it's impossible to make sure our mods are compatible with other mods. That said, I was curious and did look into your case. Turns out the culprit is the Score Timer mod. However, it's fairly easy to mod it to be able to use it with the UI mod. [For this part, I recommend having Notepad++ installed on your computer. It's a Notepad that's better for code stuff. It's free and makes working with these kind of files much easier. However, using basic Notepad will work too.] Here's how to do it: Install the Modstation mods. Copy the Markup.xml file somewhere. We'll need a copy Install UI mod, overwrite the Markup.xml file Copy the Score Timer part from the Modstation file to the UI one (see picture below) Save To copy the relevant part, open the Modstation Markup.xml file. You'll notice that the mod creator added comment lines to tell you the part about his mod (<!-- ScoreTimer --> and <!-- end of CoreTimer -->). You'll want to copy everything between those comment lines to the UI mod Markup.xml file. In this case, this means line 2 to line 139. Once you're done, the UI mod file should now look pretty much the same as the Modstation one. Save and you're done. You can test it by doing a training battle. That way, if there's a problem, you won't get flagged for being afk. It's a short process, but you will have to do this every patch. The Markup.xml file changes every single patch, so it's important to keep that one up-to-date, otherwise you'll get crashes and freezes. Let me know if you get it working. My explanations might not be the best...
  2. Hello NervyWord! To be sure what's causing the issue, I'd need to know if you're using any other mods or just the UI one. If you are using other mods, they may interfere and cause this issue. If you're only using the UI mod, I would recommend clearing what's in the folder and reinstall the mod. I downloaded the link from my post to see if it was working properly, and everything seems fine. Let me know if that works! EDIT: Also, it has happened in the past that it would bug for a bit and come back fine when you reload the game... Not sure what would be the cause for that though...
  3. I re-uploaded the UI mod. I realized that it was missing the new map loading screen... It's now fixed!
  4. Hello every-nyan~! All the mods were updated for! Yashima, Orkan, Arashi and Ägir were added. I also change the picture for Huang He. I found a fanart of her and I thought she looked much better than what it was before. Let me know if you like the new one or if you'd rather I bring back the old one. Also, a few small fixes here and there. What's new: Added Yashima, Orkan, Arashi and Ägir Changed Huang He As always, let us know if anything is broken or not working properly! Have fun~! -garfield001
  5. Glad to hear it's working properly now!
  6. I actually downloaded and installed the UI to test it and it works fine. So I have more questions to try and find the problem. Are you sure you are using the latest version? And by that, I mean, did you download and install the mods from this thread, or did you install it from a modpack? I am asking this because it really looks like you're using an old version (the lack of picture for Albemarle for example). While getting the mods from a modpack is fine, I take no part in them. This mean that I'm actually not sure what version they are sharing and if they install properly. Modpacks are great, but I can't offer support for them. You'll have to see with the modpack owner if something is not working properly on their end. Also, if you're using other mods that I did not make, there may be compatibility issue. From the list you mentioned, it shouldn't be a problem (commanders and flags don't really affect other mods), but for the sake of being sure, it would be better to test mods on their own to pinpoint what is broken exactly. Anyway, all this said, I would recommend reinstalling the mods from the start (delete what's in the folder) and redownload the latest version from this thread and install it normally. Try playing with only the UI mod, and if it's still not working, then I can look into it again. EDIT: Also, to add on this, there were changes in the file in that folder for There should now be only one file in it called markup.xml Older versions may have other files that actually do nothing anymore. Make sure this is how it looks like in that folder!
  7. Can you specify which mod you are using exactly? It's working fine on my side, so I may have forgotten to change the file in one of the packs. EDIT: Another question. Did you transfer the mods from the folder to the new one, then overwrote what was in it with the new version? If you did that, I'd recommend a clean install because some files may interfere with each other.
  8. I'll add it to the list of things to fix!
  9. You will have to go into the mod files (/WoWs/res_mods/ and locate the ship_dead_icons, ship_icons and ship_own_icons folder. In those three folders, you will want to change the name of the Cossack picture from PBSD507 to PBSD517. It's important to do it in all three folders, otherwise it will work in port, but in battles you may not see it properly. For Siroco, since there's no picture in the zip folder, this won't work. For now, I'd recommend just to download one of the other packs and simply copy the files for that ship (PFSD504) in the proper folders (again, you will need the picture in each folders). Hope that helps!
  10. There is indeed a problem with those ships in the 2.5 version of the icons! I didn't know about it, but now that I do, I'll fix them! Cossack is missing because the file name is wrong (should be PBSD517) and Siroco is missing because... well... she's missing... I'll try to have them fixed this weekend! This is because no one reported the bug. Can't fix what I don't know is broken! ;) Don't hesitate to let us know if anything doesn't seem to be working properly. Either Blorgh or me will do our best to have it fixed!
  11. Like Blorgh said, you have to extract the files into the mods folder at /WoWs/res_mods/ I'm not sure why it says it's damaged. I tried the link and it worked fine for me. Maybe your computer is having a hard time with .rar files? Anyway, I packed a zip file for you. Let me know if it works better! AL Icons V2.5 Zipped
  12. Hello every-nyan~! I updated the mods to! EU DD line was added and I fixed Izumo icons. That's it! What's new: Added EU DD line For those that missed the mid-patch update, I also added a bunch of premiums and missing ships. Lastly, there's been a few behind the scene changes in how some files work, so let me know if things don't seem to work properly! Have fun~! -garfield001
  13. Hello every-nyan~! This is a quick optional update! I added all the missing ships and changed Atlanta to Kancolle Atlanta, but that is all. Nothing else was added and you may not even notice it, because they're all ships in testing, so they're kind of rare to see. What's new: Changed Atlanta picture in Kancolle mods Added Odin, Cheshire, Borodino, Bajie, Wukong and London Added Hawkins, Devonshire, Surrey, Albemarle, Drake and Goliath As always, do let us know if anything is broken, something is missing or if you have some kind of request! For all my mods users, I want to wish you guys a Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) and a Happy New Year! Hopefully we get many more cute shipgirls next year! -garfield001
  14. Hello every-nyan~! I updated everything to! Aagain, not a whole lot new this time. I fixed a few things that were reported to me, I added the new Black ships which I had forgotten the last patch and changed Perth's picture to Kancolle Perth. I am a bit behind on new ships, such as the new British cruisers and the lot of new Premiums coming... I have been a bit busy and honestly, not a whole lot motivated, so I'm a bit behind, but they will be done soon, probably during the holidays. What's new: Added Sims B, Scharnhorst B, Alaska B and Graf Zeppelin B Changed Perth New German commander (thanks to Blorgh) Known issue: Missing login screen: WG changed how it works and it cannot be modded the usual way. If I find a fix, I will mod it again. KC Atlanta: will be added next update UK CAs: will be added next update Missing Premium pictures: will be added next update As always, do let us know if anything seems to be broken or not working properly. Have fun! -garfield001
  15. Hello every-nyan~! I updated the mods to There's nothing new this time because I've been busy with other non-warships related stuff this month, but I wanted to make sure everything was working properly. I want to take a minute to thank @hakabase who has helped me a lot with the mods throughout the years and I have learned that he has retired his modpack. hakabase has always been around to help with modding and give tips on how to improve stuff. He kept, with Blorgh, my mods running while I was taking a break and he's been providing me with updated files pretty much every updates. He's been very helpful to me so I wanted to share this with you guys. If you used his pack, make sure to thank him for his hard work and I wish him luck in his next endeavours. With this, have fun all! -garfield001