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  1. I'm No Team Killer, Am I?

    My tip would be to get out of the binocular mode between shots. You say you press the right mouse button between shots, but you fail to see ships around you. Battleships have 30 seconds between shots to look around and plan their next attack. You have no reason not to know what's around you. Situational awareness is everything in this game. Take the time to look around, look at the minimap and plan your actions in consequence. Hell, that may even allow you to see that DD that was spotted right before your reload was up and you could change target to him instead! You said yourself: You, and you alone, are responsible for your ordinance. That includes your guns. All that said though, I understand that things get a bit messy when brawling and that you start getting tunnel vision. It's still your responsibility to not hit your allies though. But I have also been guilty of launching very dangerous torps while brawling...
  2. In the case of a close quarter/brawl fight, you have to consider that the DD has really only one chance to kill the BB. If the torpedoes do not hit or if they do not kill the BB in one hit, the DD will have to wait one minute to try again. One minute in a brawl fight is a life time. There will be no second launch. By the way, this is why you will see these charging DDs: so that they have a better chance at landing those torpedoes. But to give himself the better chance at killing the BB, the DD will charge toward the target at full speed, making himself vulnerable and unable to launch torps right away. Meanwhile, the BB can start shooting the DD much sooner, because even if he misses, he will be able to shoot again. If he hits, chances are that he will strip the DD from half his health. For comparison, that's often the equivalent to 2-3 and sometimes even more torpedo hits, which I repeat take a minute and more to reload. While the BB waits for his guns to reload, its secondary battery will enter the fight and strip away the remaining HP of the DD. They may start fire, break modules and with some luck, even maybe break a torpedo tube. By the time the BB is reloaded, there should not be much left of the DD. He may not even have launched his torps yet! And if he manages to launch them, they are usually somewhat easy to dodge by a BB with some experience (which seems to be your case, from your description). As for higher tier with longer range torpedoes and how easy they are to dodge, I have a similar opinion than pewpewpew42's post, in that Destroyers were deadly for the first year of release or so because of the lack of experience from the playerbase in general. The gain in experience and the different balance changes that occured since have limited the success of torpedo launches. In my opinion, torpedoes are tools that are very hard to use properly to be effective in killing a specific enemy, unless the target is a newer player with low situational awareness or if the target is distracted for a somewhat long time (tunnel vision for example). I think torpedoes have a too long reload time, each missed launch hurting the Destroyer much more than anything shot from guns. There are also several mechanics helping in the detection of torpedoes (friendly spotting, CV planes, spotter planes, fighter planes, sonar, etc), making long range strikes harder to be achieved, even more when considering the time it takes for the torpedoes to get to their target. Let's not forget that a quick turn or a little slowing down will dodge 100% of the torpedoes, sometimes even undetected ones. Lastly, I feel like the damage done to the natural target of destroyers, the BBs, is too low. One torpedo hit, considering the amount of effort required to hit the target, does very little to most of the big ships. I have even seen BBs eating every single torpedoes from a DD launch and survive, only to kill them in one salvo, then repair the whole damage taken. Granted, good Destroyer players can do devastating damage by properly anticipating BB movement, but the random player will have a harder time playing at that level. Because of the skill difference in players, torpedoes are probably very hard to properly balance. Making the torpedo easier to use or do more damage would make the great Destroyer players completely unstoppable. On the other hand, limiting their potential to avoid torpedo soups makes them very hard to use, which is the current situation.
  3. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    It won't. You can read this post for explanations. That said, some people have been keeping it up to date. You can find the download links in previous messages (I'm not entirely sure when it was posted). hakabase is also keeping it up to date in his modpack that you can find here, if using a modpack is fine with you. EDIT: Fixed link.
  4. French nerf

    I hate when people use binary answer to these changes. Everything has to be a buff or a nerf... This, to me, is a typical balance change that is neither a buff nor a nerf, because it is obvious WG is trying to change the role of those ships. Yes, part of the change is a nerf (the reload is longer than before), but there's also a part of it that's a buff (new consumable). From the OP's very short post, I'm going to assume that he thinks the buff doesn't counterweight the nerf. But it really is not important because the balance change is aiming at changing the role or the uniqueness of those ships, probably because they were too similar to other lines and they brought nothing new or interesting in terms of gameplay (you can agree or disagree with this analysis, but to me, that's WG's point of view and why they want to do this change). That said, I'm not saying the current change is balanced or not. I honestly have no idea and this is why WG tests things out before release. This is why it's going to be on the PTS. It's also why, if it ends up being underwhelming, they will actually buff the ships to appropriate level. But my point is to look at those changes for what they are: actual gameplay changes and not a buff or a nerf. The ships will now handle differently and be able to perform new duties (burst damage) that they were not able to do before. They may not be able to perform the same way they did before however, but that's not necessarily a bad thing as new ways to use the ships were introduced.
  5. How dare you not change the number on the thread the second the patch goes live! Unrelated to this, when I first saw the thread, I was sure this mod was going to be this:
  6. Oh, joy. Copper.

    There are a few issues with all those currency. Doubloons are obviously bought with real money, making them unusable as a "gameplay" currency. Ship XP is tied to their own ship, making them hard to use for anything general purpose. Captain XP requires a 19 point captain, which I consider a long time goal in itself. Not everybody has one, so you cannot base your economy around it. Credits and Free XP would be the usual currency use for these type of things, but they both have several problems. First, some people have tons of them already. While I know many people struggle to remain above 1 million credit or to save up enough Free XP to buy the next upgrade on their ship, some people have millions banked in and ready to use. Second, they are tied to doubloons and therefore to real money. This means that people can have an almost unlimited amount of them, as long as they are ready to pay for them. (Which in turn make it similar to the first problem of people having tons of them ready to use). You may think having millions of Credits and Free XP is not a problem, but it is. If there are too many people with big reserve of a currency, they can buy anything that comes out using those currency the moment they come out. This, in turn, means that there are no more long term goals for these people, because they can acquire any new reward instantly. People with no more goals are people who will quit the game faster. That is why WG is trying to give new long term goals with the new currency: have everybody start new and have to work toward new goals. Even if you have 1 billion Credits, you still have 0 coal/steel/copper and you have to work your way there. This means new rewards that you cannot get instantly. This also means that you cannot buy your way to those new rewards with real money. This means that you will play for longer, maybe spend more money on the game on Premium time or Doubloons while getting that new currency. You can use new lines as a comparison. Some people get the new tier 10s the moment they are available, skipping through all the tier with the Free XP they won or payed for. So instead of having a new ship/goal to work for, they get it instantly, play it for a while, then are looking for the next new ship to come out because they got to the goal too fast. The same thing would happen if they made the Arsenal compatible with the current currencies. To finish, the real problem with all these new currency is that there are so many of them. They are obviously trying to separate Random play rewards with Competitive, which I think is a debatable decision. I'm also not too sure what Copper is for.. And this is a problem by the way. I am probably not the only one that is or will be lost with all these new currency. And while I hate that they added so many of them, with Credits and Free XP having lost all their value, they didn't really have a choice to add at least one new currency at some point.
  7. Report on me due not good at aims.

    As other have mentioned, you do not have to worry about these reports. The karma system is not used for anything, so your karma score has no effect on anything. You seem to be aware of your shortcomings in aiming, so I will say that you are on the right path. Practice will make you better. That video that was posted earlier can also help you. But in the end, it's really all about practice. Do not listen to these people complaining... People get very competitive in thise game and like to find a culprit for their own shortcomings. Try your best and keep a positive attitude and you'll get there. As a side note, I recommend playing some cruisers. While the flight time of their shells is not the same, their higher rate of fire allows you to correct your aim more quickly and get used to aiming faster. Then, when you go back to BB, you will know more easily how to correct your aim. Anyway, good luck out there!
  8. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    Did you activate the team lineups?
  9. Warship songs!

    @alexbuildit Not strictly only navy songs, but you may be interested in this Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0pMaTmLXjKMOLGqfXgospA
  10. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    If you're using my UI mod, it contains a flags mod. It is outdated and you either need to deleted the file (located in wows/res_mods/[version]/content/gameplay/common/flags/) or get an updated flag mod (or update it yourself).
  11. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    I alwayd had the same issue. The conversion seems to break all the special characters. Like you said, I think it's OS language (mine being French) and how the conversion somehow breaks the encoding (UTF-8?). I had actually made a list of all the special characters and their corresponding garbled text and would replace them. I think I have finally found a way around it last patch, but I have yet to try it again and see if it works... I'll let you know. Two possible reasons: 1. You are using an old flag file and the flags position are all messed up. Solution: Use an updated flags mod. 2. You updated the flags file but did not change the alpha. This will sometimes create weird situation where the flag will not appear properly (or at all if you do not have any alpha set up). Or I misunderstood your problem and I'm saying useless info! To be honest, I'm not sure what you mean by "put a ship name", but I'll try to help. First, you can get this small pack of templates. It should include all the files needed to make your own icons (and previews). If you have Photoshop, I included a PSD file for you to use (this is really the easiest way to do it, but I also included other files to help to it outside of Photoshop). Use the Class icons you need (the color thing on the left) and the Flag needed. Then add your picture and resize it to whatever seems to fit nicely, not too big that you only see the eyes and not too small that you cant recognize the character. For the tier and ship name, use the text tool in your image editing software to add it. The tier uses the Arial Rounded font. The ship names use special font that I have included in the template pack, read the readme file to know which nation uses which font. Lastly, you add some effects to the text: a black outline, a light gradient over the text and an smal dark outer glow/shadow behind it. Done! Let me know if that helps any or if you need more!
  12. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    Hey there, Jordan! Seeing how I am now retired from mod making, I will have to decline your request. However, on the main page of this thread, you can find Azur Lane Previews and Icons mods that can, with a little update, be used in the current version of the game. Also, I have noticed this other mod that is AL centric. I don't know how good it is, but you can check it out!
  13. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    These are actually the commanders used in the Dunkerque event we had a while back.
  14. T8 French DD Le Terrible

    It's against English convention, but perfectly normal and proper in French. In French, ships "gender" is related to the gender of the word used for its name. For example, one would say "Le Richelieu", because Richelieu is a masculine word in French. However, one would say "La Normandie", because it is a feminine word. It is also possible to use the gender of the implied word "cuirassé" (battleship) or "navire" (ship), so one could say "Le cuirassé Normandie". In the case of Le Terrible, it is a "contre-torpilleur", which is a masculine word, so one has to say "Le" Terrible. Not really related, but it's interesting to note that some "conventions" are not really ones if you look at other non-English countries, such as how France do not use prefixes on their ships, like the US (USS) and the UK (HMS) do. They only use the plain name of the ship. For French speaker, here's some interesting links about ship gender: Genre des noms de bateaux L'usage de l'article devant les noms des navires
  15. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    Oh yeah, I noticed that too. They used some weird IDs and did not use their usual rules like I had planned.