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  1. garfield001

    [Tutorial] UI Mod

    Bert Dunkirk : UKCAP in the United Kingdom folder Ovechkin, there seem to be 4 pictures: Russia -> USSROVECHKIN USA -> USAOVECHKIN USA -> USAOVECHKINPREM USA -> USAOVECHKINKINPREMHELL (this one is an Alexander Ovechkin in a king type of armor with his hockey stick turned into some kind of weapon O.o) You can easily find all those picture by extracting files from the newest version of the game!
  2. garfield001

    [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    You made a typo in West Virginia! (in the preview picture anyway)
  3. garfield001

    [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    I agree, although the Varyag one kind of look like a BB girl more than a cruiser one! I like the Molotov one too, she has a good cruiser vibe, but maybe more for a tier 5-6? The Okhotnik one looks more like a high-tier DD girl (in my opinion). I'm not too much a fan of her though. Good job!
  4. garfield001

    What the proper way to report a player

    Unfortunately, if you're worried about only a bit of cussing, even a proper report won't do much. Recent event allowed us to have some insight of the reporting process and it was mentioned how some "bad behavior" is tolerated (as being rude to other gamers is part of the gaming culture I suppose... but this is another debate). WG will take action if the person reported has a history of bad behavior over some time, but not over just one event. This means that if you get cussed at but not really harassed or if nothing horrible is mentioned, the report will probably be "wasted" and nothing will happen. That said, there are two ways you can "report" someone: 1. Right-click their name in the team listing and select "Report for bad behaviour in chat" (or something like that). It's important to know that this is not an actual report to WG. It will decrease their karma, which is a useless stat, and if some of your peers in the battle also do it, they will get chat banned. Like I said however, this is not a proper report and the person won't get investigated and they won't get banned. It's only just a way to shut them up for a little bit. 2. The actual way to report someone is through Customer Support. You will need a screenshot or a replay of the battle to back your claim. If you do not capture replays of your battle, try to take as many screenshot as possible to back your claim. Explain the situation to Customer Support and they will investigate. At that point, you are done with your reporting. You will not hear if WG took action or not on the player, unless the player comes complain about it on the forums (which is also not allowed, but it happens from time to time). Not knowing if your report was useful kind of sucks, but I still encourage you to report those people. People are asses because there is no consequence to their crappy behavior in online games...
  5. garfield001

    [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    M5A1 Stuart from Metal Waltz Where's my cookie~?
  6. garfield001

    CV Rework Feedback

    Why does this suggestion comes around so often? If CVs had their own queue, they would only face ships with good AA. Why would you bring a ship with poor AA knowing you will face CVs? That queue would also be much longer than the no-CV one because most people would queue for the "safe" no-CV queue. And then what next? No DD queue? No BB queue? If CVs are broken, fix them instead of putting them in a quarantine game mode were they get destroyed by ships designed to counter them...
  7. garfield001

    Do DOTs need a rework?

    I believe people are refering to the CV rework that was shown yesterday and how CV players seemed to be able to launch torps every few seconds with good accuracy (therefore good chance to hit and flood). This is what people are worried about, not the low torpedo hit rate from DDs.
  8. garfield001

    CV Rework Feedback

    I mean, if you're into it just for the XP, fine, but as a team player, I see these actions as being very important and having a big impact on the game. Also, if spotting without destroying the target was so useless, why would DDs complain about being spotted by CVs all the time. Spotting is a great tool for your team and can completely stop a push from the enemy team and hinder the capabilities of DDs to operate. These were just examples I thought from the video that was shown. I'm sure great players will find other ways to be even more effective with the new gameplay. But if you want to just fly in a straight line like you mentioned, be my guest!
  9. garfield001

    CV Rework Feedback

    I'm not sure why you think that the new gameplay will not allow for any sort of skill or strategy. Sure, it will be drastically different from what it is now, with a different role and gameplay, but I'm sure there will be depth in it that will differentiate good players from bad ones, like with any other ships we have right now. The gap between those good and bad players will only be much closer, again, like any other ships in the game. To me, it looks like planes will still be able to play a role in spotting (just not the whole map) and in dealing damage. The new directional AA will allow CV players to "force" ships to maneuver, maybe sometimes showing more of their side to the enemy fleet than they'd rather want to. A good CV player will also try to avoid this directional AA to attack the weaker side. Is it different than the clicky attack we have right now? Sure. Is it braindead easy? I highly doubt it.
  10. garfield001

    CV Rework Feedback

    It wasnt mentioned, but in the stream, Sub_Octavian did mention that many things have yet to be finalized. They wanted to show the core gameplay: planes vs ships. Details like catapult fighters interaction will be shown at a later date. To be honest, the video and the stream left many questions unanswered. We'll have to see I guess.
  11. garfield001

    CV Rework Feedback

    The main problem with allowing people to choose whether they want CVs or not in their battle is that CVs would only face AA ships. Why would you bring a ship with poor AA in a mode you know will have planes to shoot down? It also doesn't fix the skill disparity problem or the popularity problem of the class. Really, it wouldn't fix anything and would bring more problems...
  12. garfield001

    CV Rework Feedback

    I'm curious what you think are the real problems of CVs because like I mentioned earlier, I think that WG really hit the nail on what the problems are and the new gameplay seem to really answer to those problems mentioned.
  13. garfield001

    CV Rework Feedback

    Oh? I'm of the opposite opinion. I think that WG really nailed the reasons why a change was needed. The low playerbase meant that it was not fun for the majority of players. The new gameplay will throw the player into the action, much more related to the rest of the game. It also limits spotting and alpha strike capabilities of planes, which was much needed since it made a world of difference between good and bad players. And lastly, it completely removes the 1v1 aspect of CV gameplay that really screwed the worst player of that duel. From the look of it, CVs will now be a part of the battle instead of being on their own.
  14. garfield001

    CV Rework Feedback

    1. Sub_Octavian mentioned they would look into it. I personnally don't have much of an opinion on this considering I don't play CVs, therefore I can't really judge the necessity of it. 2. They reduced it to one squadron to reduce the spotting power and the alpha strike capapilities of CVs. It also makes it much more approachable for the average player if you don't have to switch between many squadrons all over the map. But I think the main point in what you said is "with the current way it is". It is hard to know how the game will play out once it becomes an action shooter. Trying it will be the way to judge properly, but I will say it got me excited about it. We will have to wait and see!
  15. garfield001

    CV Rework Feedback

    I would wait before calling damage crappy and such. What we saw was barely a "proof of concept". I doubt there was much balancing done in that build and everything shown was just there to show what is coming up, how the new CVs will play and what to expect. Damage numbers and tweaking can be done when the concept is fleshed out. At that point, I'm sure they will work on balancing so nothing feels crappy.