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  1. ACEpickles

    Gibralter Reviews?

    Guess it is not very popular.... I shall not get it...
  2. ACEpickles

    Gibralter Reviews?

    Anybody get this ship? Ther are plenty of First Impression reviews, but I can't any In-game reviews. Can I get some thoughts or reviews?...
  3. ACEpickles

    Tone Concel Nerf?

    thanks, found the problem...
  4. ACEpickles

    Tone Concel Nerf?

    Did anybody notice this nerf. Used to be 8.9 now its 10.1. Was this necessary?
  5. ACEpickles

    [ALL] ModStation

    Same Modstation problems, can't click right side of screen.
  6. ACEpickles

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Thank you.
  7. Thank you so much for helping me with my game issue. Warship player support is the best. ACEpickles
  8. ACEpickles

    Happy Birthday - United States Marine Corps

    Semper Fidelis. 1977-2005. Too many to list.
  9. ACEpickles

    CV rework Incorrect email/password

    It worked when I uninstalled and then reinstalled. It won't update.
  10. ACEpickles

    PSA: KoTS pretty damn cool on now US vs Euro

    07 WINS!!!!!!!!!
  11. ACEpickles

    Grand finals

    O7 WINS!!!!!!!
  12. ACEpickles

    PSA Salem

    Just a heads up, read all the reviews and weight your decision to use a lot of steel and or coal carefully. Think twice before you pull the trigger. I am a DM main and I am very disappointed with Salem. Do not think this will perform like the DM. IMO it is more of a T9 than a T10. To those that disagree with me, fine, so be it. JMO P.S The superheal does not offset the other drawbacks.