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  1. Hall of fame points

    Click on the rules. 1600 points is not much.
  2. I get one more full health Lion....

    Nothing wrong with burning down the British, you just need to commit.
  3. New T10 French BB WIP

    Yea, but they get 2 gimmicks. Why didnt they save the main battery reload booster for the Italians. EDIT: Well, perhaps the Italians get something different ;D
  4. New T10 French BB WIP

    Besides the historical thingy, they already have the speed gimmick... I don't understand as well.
  5. Thanks for picking me MM

    Despite the CV rework I think it still would have been a good idea to remove this 5 minute rule for Carrier class. Can be removed after the rework.
  6. Lightning

    The smoke upgrade module gives you 1s of more smoke? Or wait, an extra puff, so might be more than a second.
  7. Bought 5 and got the tier 5 and 6. Not a fan of T6, but gets me close enough to tier 7 that I like to play. On EU though.
  8. I dislike low tiers, so I bought some.
  9. "Lock on" bug?

    Thanks, I was not aware of this, hence I tagged some folks.
  10. Battleships actually do a lot of damage to destroyers. May I suggest using the Montana instead of the GK.
  11. Rank's Rant

    I assume you kept your star, or did the conqkek beat you before getting sunk :P Pretty much the way to go, star saving..
  12. I disagree, OP. I liked the way they talked about it on Twitch yesterday, that a sub goes up when she runs out of air. You need to plan your attack, instead of just moving into the middle of an enemy fleet that doesn't have hydro ships to torp all of them. Also sounds boring. Having to go up again makes it more exciting. Ugh yea, had a Charles Martel yesterday running away for the last 5 minutes while he would have lost anyway :3
  13. 20% win rate in 1st 25 games-Helena

    Bad MM happens. Believe my Dallas winrate will be at 10% tomorrow with 10 battles played :/
  14. Why Aren't Yamamoto and Halsey 19 Points??

    15-points is sufficient for almost all ships. Be gratefull it is 15 points and not 1. Yes, those 4 points is not going to make you a better player. Actually everone is happy with the 15 point commanders it seems, except you 2...