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  1. Torpedo Acceleration Calculations and Asashio

    Dam, its IJN, I thought it was a PA destroyer. Well, I already use TA on my Shima (2nd set of torps) so I am good to go. I don’t understand your formula...
  2. CVs who do not spot are the worse players.

    Not really, sometimes the enemy is even worse. I honestly don’t care lol.
  3. CVs who do not spot are the worse players.

    I am not sorry for this. I bring wins to people in my other ships.
  4. Graf Z Needs to be Balanced

    Seen the same thing by a Midway 2 battles in a row. Guy was just really good.
  5. "R"NG

    I feel you, OP. Torpedo spread makes me cringe... Making a beautiful (narrow spread) torpedo wall, with a giant hole in it. Just perfect. Guess where the sleepy enemy fits through... EDIT: So that is why I mostly play cruisers. Pretty reliable spread that makes me think I am gut when I hit something. The other classes just make me cry..., except Monty.
  6. Damned filthy sealclubbing advice wanted.

    Good luck with the German cruiser line :)
  7. Kami R was free though. Best free ship evaahhh
  8. Port Queen = Defective product

    A port queen is not a defective product. A few of my port queens are for example the Alabama and Kutuzov.
  9. Alabama or Prinz Eugen

    With more carriers in the game PE is a great ship for supporting your BBs vs carriers, cruisers and BBs. Besides it is fun to rush 15 inch BBs, bounce their AP and torp them to death :) Hence I’d rather seen them giving it DF together with hydro, instead of the heal. She’s real sturdy. I do have the Alabama, but I found BB play boring, so Ill save my opinion on that one.
  10. Win Rate Keep Increasing But No Idea Why

    Perhaps you started doing damage to the right players? More damage doesnt equal a win :)
  11. Infinite fire meta has to stop

    OP, get a cruiser and burn down BBs. You will see that it is less easy as you think. You will also see how others deal with it, something you can learn from :)
  12. Cool! Repair party for Prinz Eugen?? Diff Buff?

    Me too, but the PE happens to be the only one who doesn't. For me at least.
  13. Cool! Repair party for Prinz Eugen! *Checks own survival rate* 42% Meh... Am I the only who thinks that the PE needs a different kind of buff, instead of a repair party? I think she is a very sturdy ship. She just lacks DPM I think. If WG wants to make her more unique give her hydro + DF or something. Let me know!
  14. At 2 seconds left we make the winning goal!

    Cool! If you don't mind can you give me some tips I can do to improve? :D
  15. At 2 seconds left we make the winning goal!

    Added a replay of our team winning the game in the last 2 seconds :) PS: Adler camo needs a credit buff & PE needs a different buff instead of the repair party. 20180417_170626_PGSC508-Prinz-Eugen_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay