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  1. LemonadeWarrior

    Firing bloom after exiting smoke?!

    Please post a replay than, because I either don't understand you or your internet connection is super slow.
  2. LemonadeWarrior

    Firing bloom after exiting smoke?!

    You can tell for sure by looking at your minimap or hold "H". In smoke firing guns and detected will result in the normal bloom penalty; 20 seconds. In smoke firing guns and not getting detected will result in immediate reset of the gun bloom penalty, all though in reality you want to keep a second in between due internet. EDIT: So what update 0.8.9 brings is a change to what happens when you get spotted. If you get spotted firing your guns you will have the penalty from 2 to 20 seconds, depending whether you break line of sight during that time. This also seems to work with normal spotting now. Firing undetected will still reset your gun bloom immediately. No changes here.
  3. LemonadeWarrior

    Firing bloom after exiting smoke?!

    You get a firing bloom when exiting smoke or concealment after you fired your guns in there when you get detected during firing your guns. Firing completely undetected is not new and not outrage worthy. And no, the bug where concealment bloom after firing guns collapsed when breaking sight was a welcomed change making the game less passive. Not hated...The only hate there was was in fixing this "bug", so I am glad they are bringing it back as a mechanic now.
  4. LemonadeWarrior

    Not a single fighter was seen...

    Fighter is most useful late game to protect your own cv so that you can carry the game.
  5. LemonadeWarrior

    Is Gearing still viable in current T10 random meta?

    YY is still a fine ship. Pretty fun to play with her short smoke reload. Sadly the radar buff was rendered useless by the cv rework. Khaba on the other hand has nothing special, besides the AP damage she receives.
  6. LemonadeWarrior

    Not Stat shaming

    A similar question was raised not too long ago on EU forums as well. In my opinion it is the way WG designs this game. It feels like they are aiming for players who enjoy the cinematic effects, not who care about in-depth gameplay. See: CV rework, sub gameplay. It would be a lot easier to help others if WG introduced some kind of coaching system :) I am always available to help other players where I can though, both on NA as on EU server; same ID on both.
  7. LemonadeWarrior

    Birthday of the U.S. ... Army?

    You can receive patches in containers. Patch was probably released on that day, but is now available in the lootbox rotation.
  8. LemonadeWarrior

    Is Gearing still viable in current T10 random meta?

    You should try playing the Khabarovsk. That ship is the worst destroyer at tier 10 atm. Gearing still looks like a very capable ship. I will play her today again for a few games :) As someone who loves playing the YueYang on EU it would come as a surprise if the Gearing feels so much less.
  9. LemonadeWarrior

    Battleship New York consumables question...

    Player: "WarGaming, why doesn't spotter plane work correctly?" WarGaming: "This is a historical limitation for the ship" Player: "WarGaming, why does radar go through land?" WarGaming: "This game is an arcade game, not a simulator" Bethesda, is this you?
  10. It is meant to make picking skills easier for the average player who lack knowledge about the skill system. So they get help from WG into a basic battleship, cruiser or destroyer build. The better you understand the game mechanics the better you become at selecting skills. Thus you will find out that IFHE can be a useful ship for, for example, the Massachusetts or Hindenburg. It isn't that difficult at all, just read and apply it to your ship...
  11. LemonadeWarrior

    Best destroyer?

    Kinda depends, but for farming in Randoms I’d say the British DD line. Easy smoke-hydro combination to farm ships and avoid planes.
  12. LemonadeWarrior

    Should a DD fear a CV

    Can you imagine how much effect you have on a DD player by just wasting 1 minute of flight time on him/her? Trading HP for nothing is an extremely bad trade. Sure, an enemy DD can also deal damage, but in ship to ship combat you trade HP. Try to think about the skilled options you have as a DD player to manage your HP against other ships. Now think about the skilled options you have against a CV. Very limited, he? So yes, a DD can try to minimize damage by dodging, using smoke or hugging a friendly RN cruiser / SN battleship, but in the end the DD player will always trade badly with a CV. Either wasting HP for nothing, wasting consumables to delay an airstrike or being prevented from being in an optimal position. Should a DD fear a CV? I think DD's should fear CV's. DDs in general always trade badly with carriers as explained above. In the end it is not just DDs who should fear carriers, because battleships and cruisers lack counters as well. Carriers have a 5 second fire duration and an automatic fighter plane JUST to make sniping less likely to happen. Sounds pretty extreme compared to the other ship classes and yet carriers can still sink other carriers...
  13. LemonadeWarrior

    Should a DD fear a CV

    What do you want me to say? I have played some rework carriers on EU and I honestly can't say I found it difficult to use rockets, not even when drunk. And no, it is not only 40% DDs that took full rocket damage, also better DD players. Besides, 2k damage to a DD is a lot of damage for a good DD player. It can completely change the strategy of the game within 2 minutes into the game. CVs have such a low skill floor of doing damage, even if it is just a little. This is exactly what it makes it so frustrating. Not to mention when the enemy carrier is a pleb and focusses you for the entire game.
  14. LemonadeWarrior

    Should a DD fear a CV

    Ah, you prove your point. I guess we can dodge the rockets of a 30% win rate CV player. Try again with a 50% CV player. Perhaps you will learn to understand, if not we will unleash a good CV player on you, though that will make you uninstall the game.
  15. LemonadeWarrior

    Should a DD fear a CV

    I guess he never met a good CV player... But not only DDs should fear a CV, since CV crap on any class. Even if you manage to dodge a CV you are still spotted and now you also have to dodge the incoming shells. Good luck with that. Sure, good players can minimize it, but they cannot counter it. Unless you play a RN/PA DD that can puff a smoke cloud every 10 seconds.