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  1. If there are multiple DDs don't go all to the same spot. When you have the cover don't sit still and block the enemy cap, but spot the enemy DD. Don't smoke up immediately when you see a shell coming towards you. Try to stay in front of your BBs to spot torpedoes. Most importantly of all, play BBs and cruisers yourself :)
  2. Why don't you take the British DDs into account? Also Q4 is a weird quarter anyway. Seems to me a pretty far stretch to connect this to radar. The only cruiser I am afraid for when I play DD is Zao.
  3. LemonadeWarrior

    What did WG do to USN CA AP?

    You were either too close or you didn't hit the Aoba at the waterline (mid section).
  4. LemonadeWarrior

    Side Effect of +2/-2 MM

    I once rushed a cap in my NM from the start of the game. After 10 minutes I could fire my first salvo that did 15k damage and ended the game. I free exp'd to the NC after that game.
  5. LemonadeWarrior

    A question on damage mechanics

    Did you get detonated? Devasting Strike: "Destroy an enemy ship with a single artillery salvo, torpedo salvo, or aircraft by causing damage over 50% of the destroyed ship's normal HP. Can be obtained multiple times per battle." There are no achievements in Coop though. That is why you didn't see the devastating strike message. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Achievements
  6. LemonadeWarrior

    WG should review some 3rd party mods

    Number two is pretty nice to have for competitive players. This one should be part of the ui indeed. I can calculate it, but I can also make a move to win in CBs instead of wasting my time figuring out the end score.
  7. LemonadeWarrior

    WoWS Dev Blog: Design B-65 AKA "Azuma"

    Wanted to buy Stalingrad, but I gotta hold on to my steel for this bae.
  8. LemonadeWarrior

    58% DD only player only manages 51%

    If you sell it you can get it back in a sc, so you better keep it if you hate her that much...
  9. LemonadeWarrior

    T10 DD Lines Grinding Priority

    Mmm... maybe. Smoke hydro trick is kinda old.
  10. LemonadeWarrior

    T10 DD Lines Grinding Priority

    If you enjoy deciding the match early than YY is your go to ship. Press radar, delete DDs, torp the big ships, while taking the cap. Is on the Devblog for a nerf, so it might become not as easy as it is right now.
  11. LemonadeWarrior

    Dev Blog: Massive Yueyang Nerf

    Feels right, though Chung Mu should also be nerfed. They are too strong against the other DDs in randoms when playing radar.
  12. LemonadeWarrior

    KotS o7 and Omni team comps

    That is why you could pick it for the lower leagues I guess. Good players don’t make that mistake and Stalin burns better and sets less fires.
  13. LemonadeWarrior

    KotS o7 and Omni team comps

    O7; 3:2
  14. LemonadeWarrior

    KotS o7 and Omni team comps

    As someone who plays on EU nowadays it looks like the Hindenburg is being exchanged for the HIV. The reload booster made it a really solid ship, because you can quickly spam HE shells at ships that used their dcp. Also lets not forget about the speed it has. On Sleeping Giant for example you can get a HIV in the A cap before a DD reaches it or at a similar time. Regarding the Stalingrad being used I don't understand, because I am not a fan of the ship. In my eyes it is a great anti potato ship for the lower leagues and in Randoms, but when playing competitive I would have picked Moskva. Moskva is better against HE spam and has a better ROF with dispersion.
  15. LemonadeWarrior

    KotS o7 and Omni team comps

    That was the fifth battle on Tears of the Desert. Multiple compositions were used per map.