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  1. LemonadeWarrior

    Rockets on CVs

    I wouldn't mind getting killed by a DD when I play my CV, because it would be my fault for being in that position in the first place. The counter you have as a carrier is to keep that DD spotted and prevent him from arriving at your door steps. Yes, you will have to rely on your team mates, just as other classes have to rely on support or spotting.
  2. LemonadeWarrior

    Rockets on CVs

    I have been playing a couple of CV games, I have an IJN CV line on EU server, and I think IJN rockets are lame. As far as I can tell the only right solution for rockets is complete removal. When you look at it from a CV point of view you can tell you don't need rockets in the game either. I have been playing on test server and back then I already mentioned the game doesn't need rockets. But apparently someone at WarGaming headquarters loves rockets, so here we are...
  3. LemonadeWarrior

    How's the Exeter? Is it a solid cruiser?

    I personally wish WG would have given us the option to switch out the Repair Party with a Smoke Generator. Would this make her OP? I don't know, you lose quite some HP when you leave the Repair Party at home.
  4. LemonadeWarrior

    How's the Exeter? Is it a solid cruiser?

    As standard: http://shipcomrade.com/?p=2698 IMO: She is not overpowered, but a gudbote. Any AP shell of a battleship that strikes your hull will hit her citadel and 203+mm HE shells will cause a black out. She can be really strong against other cruisers, especially those you can overmatch through the bow, e.g.: Omaha, but she struggles against battleships. Your lack of DPM and only 6 barrels make it really difficult to set frequent fires for damage. I don't know exactly how it is on NA server nowadays, but on EU there are plenty carriers in that tier, so it is difficult to make the good concealment work out. It kinda feels like a naked Furataka. It dropped that bit of armour for the British maneuverability, which is great.
  5. I suggested very recently on the EU forums to have manual secondaries and AA. Should not have suggested both at the same time... I still think the biggest flaw is having software dealing with the ship-air combat. Where ship ship combat requires interaction, ship air requires barely any interaction. You do some stuff in port and wiggle your ship, but some ships are better at it than others. So to gain more interaction I suggested have manual AA, next to automatic AA. That way you can take control over your own AA guns when you have the time for it. That way it will feel like you have a chance against planes in any ship. Perhaps a skilled DD player will be able to shoot more planes down from a potato than the automatic AA will ever do, but does this matter? The only weapon we currently can control is switching sectors and our only defense is just some WASD hacks.We don't have any skilled attack mechanism against planes currently. It makes CVs pretty unique to play since they lack human interaction in PVP games, compared to the surface ships. I still see the current CVs as the old Bastogne game mode, only now the forts are being controlled by players.
  6. LemonadeWarrior

    The exeter new cruiser is she a leander? or?

    Furutaka with the armour layout of an Emerald? Slightly weaker guns by the feels of it.
  7. LemonadeWarrior

    HMS Exeter - First Impression

    I'd prefer having smoke instead of the repair party. I took 2 citadels previous game that took me out... When she gets hit by HE of a Yorck...:
  8. LemonadeWarrior

    All spotting should follow the radar rules

    This game is already extremely slow, why make it even worse?
  9. LemonadeWarrior

    PSA: Azuma downtiered to T9

    Today is a sad day.
  10. LemonadeWarrior

    Why playing a cruiser sucks right now:

    Sorry, here you go: 15 battleships.
  11. LemonadeWarrior

    Why playing a cruiser sucks right now:

    Atago is a battleship?
  12. LemonadeWarrior

    Moskva AP vs HE

    Same as Kron, or any ship in that matter, if you can't pen it with AP you use HE. HE when angled and AP when broadside.
  13. LemonadeWarrior

    Okay, how much does everyone hate planes?

    I will keep it simple and join the dark side. :-)
  14. LemonadeWarrior

    Negative Karma

    Have you tried setting up a constructive topic yet? Most MM, radar, Stalingrad, etc topics are non constructive and are thus being locked. This one is a good example of how not to do it.
  15. LemonadeWarrior

    Any Battleship Line News?

    Looking forward to the SN Battleships. I loved the looks of them :D Guessing we will see a premium SN BB in 8.1?