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  1. WG should look into a solution of making this more clear. It is a problem when you see this still back at tier 10. Blaming the playerbase is pointless, because this is what we are...
  2. Very nice! I run the same, though I use DE. Good job on that battle !
  3. The reason I play mostly premium ships is that I am too lazy to train a new captain.
  4. 20k+ volley on a cruiser feels so good.
  5. Looks like a submarine with a big super structure? Subs confirmed?
  6. Mongool! FIA= Ferrari International Affairs
  7. The difference between 8&9 to 10 is just awfully big. Cruiser nuker Montana which can sail broadside nowadays. Machine gun DM Battleship Hindenburg Fortress GK British Atlanta
  8. I am aware of that, but that means it should show : 02:00 - 05:00, not 01:00 - 04:00. Time in the right bottom is correct for me, the shown schedule is just off by 1 hour.
  9. Hello, Are the times off or am I being tired? See screenshot in the spoiler Greetz Joris
  10. Only once, but if you want to add Friday as a weekend day make it three.
  11. Thanks! WG is also setting up currently I found from that topic. I will wait a bit longer and otherwise Ill do some research on it myself :)
  12. Do they have some kind of website where you can see how much they need to restore her and how much they currently have?
  13. Would have loved to help you Mouse, sadly I have to leave anytime soon for a couple of months.
  14. Nice :)