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  1. You can also move closer so that they can’t lob their shells over the island anymore.
  2. I LOVE THEM! :) Especially now you have special consumables. Though as you said the upgrades should be for free, also retraining of the captains not to forget!
  3. We live in an age where in a few countries it is allowed to think differently. I find it interesting with some of the theories people come up while using facts, or using half the fact. It is upon ourselves what we do with it. I think you are oblivious when you think that people only make stuff up for no reason. Misinformation is a big thing in elections nowadays.
  4. Aha, well I didn´t know exactly which one it was. Someone told me to watch something like that :)
  5. I believe National Geographic made a serie about finding Hitler, let me google.
  6. You would almost think a tier X CV would know that ships can kill planes too.
  7. Some people can be a real ... without saying anything. Or did I miss a replay? edit: Just OPs point of view we got here... not much to judge right?
  8. Not only dumb targets :) Yamato with an even better spread...
  9. Not really. It makes it too easy to oneshot cruisers and BBs with an easy citadel. I am already against anything that favours long range.
  10. Best is to show your broadside, to make it even better would be to stop your engines and shoot at a mountain. Much appreciated.
  11. I know, Lert. I was a bit short in my reply. Just wanted to be ahead of the people blaming the player base :)
  12. Opinions

    The biggest joke is on WG by trying to teach BB players to angle, which is an unneeded skill at tier 10.