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  1. cronics

    The aircraft carrier must be deleted.

    That's because most CVs have a hard time trying to do anything to BB's due to....AA is OP ... so that just leaves you Destroyers
  2. My head hurts... how the hell did you people survive before the rework when CV's were much more powerful..
  3. Saipan and the other premium ships of aircraft carriers of other nations. Wargame brings back the interest into playing aircraft carriers and yet not bring back the premium aircraft carriers
  4. Flack needs to be reduced some and some ships have way to strong AA. Not All Ships needed AA Nerf just there are some problematic ships that needs to be tweaked T8-10
  5. cronics

    CV rework hot fix #2 and the Saipan

    any word if thy are going to bring Saipan back to the US ?
  6. My grabs are tier 8 is severely underpowered t10 is still slightly under power.. should be able to make a single pass over an enemy ship without losing more than half your squadron if not the whole entire Squadron. Tr10 could use a slight buff so we can at least make a single pass without losing all its planes on ships that are AA spec now if I try to make another past then yes I should suffer the consequences and ships that are not AA spic should suffer the consequences two or three passes.... when the tier 10 Russian Destroyer can wipe out a whole entire Midway Squadron in the single-pass yes something is severely broken when that Destroyer is sitting out by himself
  7. T8 CVs is hell and not fun...……..can not do nothing half the time
  8. cronics

    The Hotfix helped a lot...but

    T8 CVs can not do nothing in a T10 game..... all plans get shot down in one pass...… with one ship by his self
  9. cronics

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    Trust me I'm all in favor of capping carriers to just one carrier per team per game and not two or three because as a CV it's annoying going up against three other carriers on the opposing team it's not fun for the carrier's either... I have been sunk far too many times within 5 minutes of the game due to a destroyers sneaking through and that is the reason why I go printing for Destroyers first thing... try playing carriers for a while you will quickly learn to go after destroyers first and foremost.... when you finally get tired of going back to Port within the first 5 minutes of the game.. because of incompetent team leaves a gaping hole for said destroy Destroyer sneaks through
  10. cronics

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    Well CVs most feared ship type is Destroyers because if left unchecked they always sneak through and go straight after the carriers. Just because of that is reason why you are targeted I would rather shoot battleships instead for more damage... but can't because when you sneak through my game is done
  11. buff the restoration time on the planes to make up for the over buffed AA ? so that losing a whole squadrons do not hurt as bad
  12. cronics

    Gameplay with Ryzen what to expect?

    Tell me about it LOL I'm just glad I bought my Ram before the price of shot way up and prices now is highway robbery. When I bought my Ram it's right around the same time Skylake i7 6700k came out when I upgraded my computer to that. The ram I got is Trident Z from G skill 32 gigabytes 3200 megahertz 14cas at about a hundred and fifty bucks and when I look at the prices now my eyes fall out. I've already heard that Ram manufacturers are getting in deep hot water right now from China I hope they really do get Crackdown on
  13. cronics

    Gameplay with Ryzen what to expect?

    I wouldn't expect a whole lot because this game does not care about how many cores you have rather than how fast individual cores are because this game only uses one or two cores you can have 50 cores the game will not care it will only use 1 and 2 out of the 50 think of like construction workers one guy doing all the work but everybody stands around talking and watching that one guy doing all the work the developers will have to reprogram the game to use more threads