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  1. cronics

    Steamroll Hypothesis

    This right here 100% the only way to fix this is to tone everything down. Ships are dying way too fast that a team cannot recover from as before a team was able to recover from..... now it's just like dominoes falling over once it starts there's no stopping it
  2. cronics

    Incentive to balance CVs

    try playing a carrier and attacking other carriers it will not take you long to find out why carriers do not attack each other. it becomes extremely tedious and annoying and takes forever to fly your plane to the other side of the map carriers attacking each other because annoying to both parties involved and a quick way to lose your airplane. And all the while you're not helping your team
  3. cronics

    IFHE and fire chance changes

    All of USN high tier battleships will be hit hard they all have 38 mm armor even the Montana.......... usn battleships will be trash after this they literally will be all penetrated by every single HE- shell.... who needs fire LOL
  4. cronics

    CV tier Balance

    You're the one who sounds like a flat earther that believe talent does not exist. Let me guess you been indoctrinated in this political correctness haha. You know Talent something that you are just naturally gifted it at without putting much effort into it. You know when things just come easy to you as to where others struggle with https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/is-innate-talent-a-myth/
  5. cronics

    CV tier Balance

    what ever Super Unicum good on you bro
  6. cronics

    CV tier Balance

  7. cronics

    CV tier Balance

    not by every one no.. there is this thing called talents not every one have the same talents... you are talented in this game where most is not.... some are talented is sports some have a Charisma others can only dream of having.. music some have the talents others well never have
  8. cronics

    CV tier Balance

    and you think ever one should play at your lvl Super Unicum
  9. cronics

    CV tier Balance

    everyone I know that plays this game. That played carriers as their main generally avoid t10 because of anti-air. Even way before I took my break. Most people avoided tr10 playing carriers. So no my assumptions ain't pulled out of my butt. And it still relevant now. I'm pretty sure that the buff to t4 carriers has Something to do with the mass population At the lower tiers, but it's not the only reason. To assume that you're completely denying the facts that most people play lower tiers because of tr10.
  10. cronics

    CV tier Balance

    Only t4
  11. cronics

    CV tier Balance

    putting words in my mouth..... There's a word for people like you it's called an elitist. Not everyone can play at your level. Just because you are talented making something work is to wear the average player. Struggles with does not mean there is not something wrong.
  12. cronics

    CV tier Balance

    so you are a Super Unicum and just because you as a Super Unicum can make it work means that every one else should play at your lvl and make it work...........................
  13. cronics

    CV tier Balance

    That's pretty impressive with only sixteen battles under your belt with this profile
  14. cronics

    CV tier Balance

    Haha The dumbest thing I have read all day.. Your post history makes it loud and clear you hate CVs. You can't stand CVs and you wished them completely be removed from this game. So all of your posts are totally and completely biased against anything CV you wish to keep them down and you do not want them in your high tier matches. You only care about balancing carriers if it negatively affects them.
  15. cronics

    CV tier Balance

    Wow, are you really that dense? Or are you just trolling? Is not impossible for a tr5 Battleship to sink a Yamato, so why not allowed t5 in a tier 10 match?