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  1. ...Was there more than the one?
  2. Uphill through the snow both ways, obviously.
  3. Last I had heard on the 2x4 and 1x2 layout, it was supposedly listed as 14" guns in port, but internally was counted as 15" guns. Also, still a possibility that the change over to this new "Monarch" for testing hadn't happened yet, given how new the information is (and I'd expect it would require an update to the client, which I don't think has happened). "Monarch" is a T8 KGV with blueprint 3x3 15" guns. It's assumed that we'll get some member of the KGV class with the historical 14" loadout as a T7 premium.
  4. This info on 3x3 15" Monarch is from this morning from WoWS Japan. It was posted on Twitter not even half an hour before I posted it here. Perhaps the KGV you saw two nights ago was from before the switch to Monarch, and what you saw was the old T8 KGV for the tech tree that's now presumably being moved to a premium.
  5. How so? People were worried about KGV being a good fit for T8 with the 14" guns. There were also complaints about the info (from GM3D, I believe?) that it would actually have the 2x4 and 1x2 setup, but with guns that were counted as 15", as there were plans for a 15" KGV but it was with a 3x3 setup. Now we have info about a 3x3 15" KGV for the T8 line ship, with the KGV name still open for a premium with the historical 2x4 + 1x2 14" setup at T7 in the vein of Scharnhorst. What's the issue now?
  6. If you look at the stat card, it says "Monarch," "Tier: VIII" and "3x3 381mm," so I think it's a safe bet that "Monarch" will be the name assigned to the line ship
  7. Nice things about cruisers: A) The guns hit where I aim them. B) Whatever gets hit feels it. C) I am capable of moving and maneuvering faster than a brick. D) Torpedoes! E) Theoretically a less appealing target for a carrier Less nice things about cruisers: Z) oh dear god there's a battleship on the enemy team i regret everything Y) where is the destroyer it was here somewhere why can't i find it X) why didn't i take defensive fire aaaaaaaaaa
  8. No, that would be a detonation, but you don't get medals in Co-op (thus, no "Detonation" medal...or, for that matter, no "Devastating Strike" medal). You can still tell by looking at the icon above the minimap when a ship is sunk that says who killed whom; detonations have their own icon. There is absolutely nothing in the game capable of taking 58,000 health off of anything with only two hits short of a detonation, unless you count torpedo hits causing flooding, which I don't think was the case here.
  9. Source: Doesn't look like it's anything particularly groundbreaking (KGV with 3x3 15", I guess), but I don't think it's been posted here yet, so...now you know.
  10. German battleships needed buffed secondaries...why? I mean, Kurfurst's secondaries will now reach, what, 11.6km or something? Why? In a similar vein...ah yes, a Fiji secondary nerf. Because, as we all know, Fiji relies heavily on its secondaries. Also hey, Shimakaze's guns are marginally less terrible. I'm sure that will help it a lot against Kurfurst's new secondary range.
  11. If there's only one person carrying the banner, then I'd say that's fairly good grounds for questioning whether or not that cause is valid. Kind of like how nobody with any sense really took that one thread complaining about German secondaries being nerfed and specifically that it also affected Tirpitz seriously. Off the top of my head, there's been about...three people making "RADAR NEEDS TO GO" threads. Lensar, obviously. JackBinary. I think Kiyoshimo's made one, and VGLance's post was more of a neutral "does Radar need a counter? discuss," so between the uncertainty and the lack of a definite stance I'll count those together as one. There are a couple more people who tend to pop up in those threads against Radar but I don't think have made any threads themselves (e.g. you), a number equaled or outweighed by the other people who pop up in those threads defending Radar who also identify as "DD mains," let alone those who defend Radar but don't consider themselves DD mains. The number of Radar detractors decreases even further if you take out those who just think Radar needs to be blocked by islands, which pretty much all the Radar supporters agree with.
  12. Even if we assume those numbers are reasonably accurate, 2/3 of the player base feeling like they benefit from radar may not necessarily mean that it's a good mechanic for the game, but 1/3 feeling like they don't is also not the same thing as it not being a good mechanic. And how many of these radar threads are made by different people instead of the same few over and over again?
  13. The difference is the number of people complaining. A few people complaining is more likely them failing to adapt. Many people complaining is more likely poor design.
  14. [citation needed] "Ok guys we're having issues with smoke. Do you think that the ships that have smoke as one of their defining features might be part of the problem?" "Pfft, nah." Also, seriously? "Rather than give non-smokescreen ships a counter to smoke, let's give ships that use smokescreens the counter to smoke so that they're even more self-sufficient and everybody else is forced to rely on them even more. Brilliant!" Is that not what you said? Because that sounds a lot like what you said.
  15. The difference is the shadow effect tells you there's a DD trying to be sneaky even if they make no other indication of their presence. And part of the suggestion is also for the active radar to potentially have increased duration. And also it would be carried by everybody, not just a very limited selection of ships. With Kiyoshimo's suggestion, a DD that gets within 9km of anything without being behind hard cover might as well already be spotted.