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  1. My personal issue with the "but the WR" argument is that, from what I'm hearing, Conqueror doesn't have a "balanced" win rate by virtue of any lack of capability on the ship's part so much as its HE being so powerful that people end up overusing it even when AP would be better. If the power of its HE is supposed to be balanced out by it dealing more-recoverable damage against the wrong targets compared to other BBs, then it should be backed up by an actual inability to deal less-recoverable damage against the right targets - but it's not cruisers that Conqueror's AP struggles against, and I don't think it has any issue with landing standard penetrations against other BBs either. Citadels on other BBs, maybe, but half the BBs in its tier are functionally immune to citadels anyways. I don't think I've seen any actual decent arguments yet for why Conqueror isn't OP based on the actual capabilities of the ship relative to its contemporaries, and even arguments from statistics generally rely on the caveat "in solo play" as if Conqueror is the only ship ever played in divisions.
  2. Step 1: Drop it to T5. Step 2: Test. Step 3: Make further adjustments as necessary.
  3. I wouldn't mind lack of variety in maps so much if we had a greater proportion of good maps. I don't generally mind seeing, say, Fault Line, even if I've just played several games on it. Tears of the Desert, however, is not improved in the slightest by having just played five games on Shatter. ...still wondering what happened to that one Rendezvous map from the Public Test a while back, which I never remember to bother asking about when Q&As come around.
  4. Yamato would be nice. If you were to limit it to ships that survived and could realistically have been preserved, Yukikaze or Yoizuki (because Akizuki is cooler than Kagerou).
  5. Completed anniversary collection. Got like 20k EXP on Ognevoi with a couple games taking advantage of the x3 first win bonus, ~75k away from Udaloi.
  6. I don't remember any bonus damage modifiers (e.g. catapults could take off lots of health from the DD, but only because it has no armor - I also vaguely recall taking hits from the catapults in the DD without taking damage because it got ate by a module, which was hilarious), but the Igor had an absurd fire chance, something like 33%. Also, there were no enemy DDs, just the Zikasas, the catapults, and Rasputin. Other things to remember is that the Zikasas only ever used their secondaries, so they were only a threat within something like 4km. There were two possible routes, selected at random, and you had to stay near the Transylvania to keep it moving. This was important, because additional Zikasas would spawn behind you that didn't actually matter on account of being too slow to catch up...as long as you kept moving. DD was called "Blade," and was a Wakatake; CL was called "Igor," and was a St. Louis; BB was called "Jackal," and was a Nassau. You only won the operation by successfully getting the Transylvania to the portal, but you could get other rewards by completing secondary objectives regardless of whether or not you won the mission as a whole.
  7. It's an AP shell. It does, in fact, have to hit the magazine to detonate you, compared to HE where there's a chance as long as the magazine is within the blast radius. Not just overpen the magazine, either, but actually explode inside the magazine. See LWM's thread:
  8. From the looks of it, it's expanded with a T8 version (Kagero, Chapayev, Bismarck, and Lexington being the playable ones).
  9. By that logic, we shouldn't have an "HP bar" at all. But we do. What's the HP bar for, I wonder? Is it maybe a sort of abstract representation of your ship's ability to keep fighting, where things that detract from said ability to keep fighting are represented as damage to your HP bar? Hm, I wonder, how might we represent your ship being reduced to a nonfunctioning wreck that is technically not sunk? Maybe by taking lots of health off the HP bar that is included for that very purpose? And again: You're not hitting "empty space." You're putting an explosive into the middle of lots of vital machinery. The shell itself may not go through a boiler or the like, but the shrapnel from it will, and that's just as bad.
  10. Er...the "citadel" is historical. There's a reason it's the most heavily armored portion of a ship: that's where vital components like boilers and engines and such are. If you take hits to that machinery, you're not gonna have a good time. Unless you enjoy being dead in the water with no power and no ability to fight back, I guess.
  11. Wasn't able to find it, but I remember a thread by dseehafer that iirc was about a book on the Admiral Hipper class and how it included, amongst other things, suggested angles of approach to various Allied ship classes. As in, angling to protect against the enemy's shells. It also included things like not even bothering with an angle when it came to, say, enemy battleships, because it wouldn't matter. Now, why does all of that sound familiar...? Also, If I'm not mistaken, the point of "crossing the T" was that it allowed one's own ship/fleet to fire the maximum possible guns at the target, while minimizing the number of guns the enemy could fire back at you. Given that this originated in the age of sail, I don't think I've ever seen a proper argument for whether or not it was still, in fact, a thing by the time of WWII (and, if so, why it was still a thing), so I'm gonna have to ask for a citation on whether or not actual WWII-era naval engagements would have cared about such a thing. After all, with the development of these wonderful things called "turrets," it's not like going full broadside was necessary in order to fire all guns at a target. Similarly, WWII-era ships also tended to have rather more firepower capable of pointing straight ahead compared to ships from the age of sail, along with not having the same restrictions on their ability to maneuver while still moving, what with not being dependent on the wind and all, so "crossing the T" would A) not protect you from many of the enemy's guns, and B) not be likely to last very long in any case if it were indeed particularly disadvantageous to the opponent.
  12. So...did anybody else actually sing this? (Also, curse you, Lert. That 50k free exp seems like you want it to be the five golden rings, but it's not in the right spot for that!) Well, I don't know how to work in "fifty anniversary camos" ("fifty birthday camos" works, in the sense of it being WoWS' birthday), but "a hydroacoustic search mod" fits well for "a partridge in a pear tree."
  13. Saw Doomlock on the enemy team in my Atlanta, he was in Scharnhorst. He actually recognized me before I realized he was there...but I got the last laugh.
  14. Here's my evidence for Tashkent having 8% fire chance: It's listed as having 8% fire chance in port. You'll have to excuse me if I don't think it's reasonable to require people to perform rigorous testing to be able to say that they believe that maybe, just maybe, there is not in fact some grand Russian bias conspiracy and that the numbers the game tells us are, in fact, accurate.
  15. Got premium time from one of the anniversary missions, which then let me get the 400k and 500k credits achievements. Huzzah! Even got the 500k on a loss, between premium time, Gamescom camo, and credit-boosting flags.