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  1. Well having so many bans I'm assuming you should stop sinking your team, And maybe try not having such a crapy attitude.
  2. Rez_216

    Submarines Gone ....... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    I don't know I rather enjoyed subs, And once you got the hang of them you could do pretty well. Sorry about the poor picks i had to screen shot them off of discordant
  3. Rez_216

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    So who was the half wit that came up with the Free Sub token idea?
  4. Rez_216

    Submarines: How to Play

    You want to put a date and time on when the PTS will be up!
  5. Rez_216

    So are tier 10 CVs designed to not miss?

    If you are a bad DD player and not playing vary smart, then yes you will die right off the bat. A smart DD player will do just fine with CV's in game.
  6. Rez_216

    Update 0.8.2 - Feedback and Performance

    Can you tell me why after this update AA feel's way stronger? In my midway and I go after a lone Jean Bart and before I can even make one drop all my planes are yellow, and as I try to get out of his AA so I can F key I lose all of my plane's. Before this last update I would not have taken losses like that from one ship.
  7. So your DD's are AA DD's and yet you are still whining like a five-year-old about CV's, and at no point did I say I was Superior at DD's I did say if you're having a hard time with the rework maybe you should stop playing like an a$$ hat. That's not claiming to be so Superior or trying to give pointers once again not sure where you got that, all that's I stating is that you're being an a$$ which you have proven time and time again throughout the post. So take a break from the game quit the game or just learn to deal with the game, because right now you seem to have a lot of issues with coping with changes to the game. But what I find funny is your new argument is you are a unicom DD player and I'm not and I don't have a problem with AA for DD's now, and you do have an issue with the AA for DD's now so we need to increase the power of AA to what help people like you? That doesn't make any sense at all. Shouldn't I be the one crying about stronger AA?
  8. You are aware you are the keyboard warrior in all of this right? Based on your hatred at someone being a beta tester still not really sure where that plays in the anyting. And as for my assumption I figured from the way you were whining you weren't having good games.
  9. I still play my z52 all the time I don't have a problem at all with CV's I run it the concealment build and torpedo build, unlike you I don't play it like an [edited]hat apparently cuz I'm still having good games in it. My suggestion to you is if the game has become too hard for you to play then stop. Because you seem to be getting yourself awfully worked up, I myself play this game chill out and relax not to get stressed out, it seems to be stressing you out way too much.
  10. Can you coming to training room with me and show me how to do one of these magical drops where I knock off 3/4 DD health with my Midway, because I have yet to come close to doing that at all. So either you're being very stupid in your DD to have that happened to you or the Midway you're playing against have one hell of a hack.
  11. Any chance they can maybe give out some better rewards? I mean let's be honest the current rewards are not that motivating.
  12. Rez_216

    What are the odds...

    Oh my God OP is it possible for you to have a thought and not make a thread?
  13. Rez_216

    Midway costs too much to to play!!

    Bit of advice f*** your team 85% of your team doesn't even want you there, wargaming wants CV to do one thing dot damage. You're not getting credits for dropping support fighters or spotting you get credits for damage so pick a lonely battleship and fram that fat f***** for all he's worth and when you're done with that one move on to the next. That is how you will make credits in your Midway not by spotting.