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  1. !!@#$%!@& BB Rant

    What in the is going on in this game!! BB play is to the point of [edited] not pushing up, hiding behind islands running to the back of the map! I start every game I'm in by saying " Oh No we have DD's in the game I guess BB's won't be pushing" and I get back "well if DD's and CA's do their job I'll push" really! BB's have a large HP pool for a reason To Tank Damage that will give the DD's and CA's the time they need to do their jobs! Hiding in back and not moving up is really not helping to support at all. The funny thing is a battleship is called a BATTLESHIP reason and DD's and CA's are meant to be___ Wait for it!________ SUPPORT SHIP'S I know right? K... think I'm good now 8 games in a row with BB's running to the back of the map I had to Rant. P.s. they need to give us more points to use for Plays poorly
  2. Impossible DoY missions

    Sorry I don't have a screenshot of my 1st one of the day this is my 2nd 90k torp damage of the day.
  3. Impossible DoY missions

    Thanks good to know
  4. Impossible DoY missions

    Ok one the mission are not all that bad, the issue I'm having is the Task 3 of mission 5 is not work. At lest for me it is not working.
  5. Looking for clan!

    So So player Looking for clan!