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  1. Straffing

    Strafing is a mechanic that should have been removed a long time ago.
  2. You have 7 battles in co-op(battle against bots), and 46 battles I random battles ( battles against real players). So you seem to found it 46 times not sure why you are asking.
  3. “It is not big armies that win battles, it is the good ones!”– Marshal Maurice de Saxe (“Mes Reveries”)
  4. April fool's stuff

    Watch out the forum gestapo will be out to criticize the fact that you accidentally did a double post.
  5. Dolphin Aircraft Carriers

    I don't even know how to react to this. 🤔
  6. “All right, they’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us…they can’t get away this time”– Lewis B. Chesty Puller, USMC
  7. Graf Zeppelin Original

    I would have to agree with your post, I've been involved in a test phase since the beginning. And while some aspects of the Graf Zeppelin have gotten better other aspects seem to keep falling on deaf ears. Mainly the number of Reserve aircrafts is pathetically low whatever developer believes this is a good idea needs to have their head examined, as for the fighters durability and health that as well is a major issue. I think a large problem with this testing is that the developers don't seem to be listening to the average players who struggle when facing the shukaku or the Enterprise. And they're spending too much time listening to Unicom players who are claiming at the Graf Zeppelin is now to Op. But it is very disheartening when you lose over half of your Fighters to the AA of a DD, and have no fighters in reserved replacing with.
  8. “Fools say that they learn by experience. I prefer to profit by others experience”– Otto Von Bismarck
  9. I like playing DD's as much as the next guy so how about not nerfing torp range, but putting a 3 DD limit per game and nerfing BB's gun range. Maybe that would help the stay at Max gun range meta that is infested this game.
  10. Sorry but I kind of agree with what someone else said about strafing being more of an issue then the Midway having tier 10 Fighters. And the fact that the Japanese carrier can have 4 fighter squadrons in the air vs. the Midways two fighter squadrons I'm sure it's a Japanese captain plays his "cards right"the Hakuryuu would be able to handle a Midway if scrafing wasn't involved. As for other ships dealing with the strike capability of the Midway and Hakuryuu I'm sure if ships stick together and combine their AA bubbles that alone would the detour most carrier captains causing them do search out ships that are isolated from the group.
  11. Dear WG, Why do you hate US CV's so much?
  12. !!@#$%!@& BB Rant

    What in the is going on in this game!! BB play is to the point of [edited] not pushing up, hiding behind islands running to the back of the map! I start every game I'm in by saying " Oh No we have DD's in the game I guess BB's won't be pushing" and I get back "well if DD's and CA's do their job I'll push" really! BB's have a large HP pool for a reason To Tank Damage that will give the DD's and CA's the time they need to do their jobs! Hiding in back and not moving up is really not helping to support at all. The funny thing is a battleship is called a BATTLESHIP reason and DD's and CA's are meant to be___ Wait for it!________ SUPPORT SHIP'S I know right? K... think I'm good now 8 games in a row with BB's running to the back of the map I had to Rant. P.s. they need to give us more points to use for Plays poorly
  13. Good thing U.S. CV's got balanced.