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  1. That's great! Thank you very much! o7
  2. That's the Campaign. Working on Tasks 1 and 3; finished the others. But I was asking about the Yamamoto Collection.
  3. Glad I never gave a toss about stats. Just keep trying to complete all the achievements, challenges, missions, tasks, campaigns, collections, etc., that WG keeps throwing in my face. If there was an icon for diving on a grenade, I'd probably be doing that, too.
  4. What's this 'taking +1'?
  5. So, exactly how much of a base XP bonus do premium ships earn?
  6. Okay, thanks, Major! I got the files, moved them out, and I'm finally hearing English again on my ARPs! And they no longer have the silly sci-fi appearance; they actually look like WWII warships. LOL! I think that part came from one of the last upgrades. Again, thanks for giving me my fleet back! o7
  7. I can't seem to open the game folder. It just keeps going to the 'PLAY' screen.
  8. LOL! Exactly!
  9. Reckon I'm missing something about Seagal. Has he been reissued with superpowers or something? Earned him with the Erie last year and left him there. Always sounds like he's on 'ludes.
  10. And thank you to whoever gave me this last karma point. Apparently my comments here aren't nearly as popular as my Facebook posts. LOL!
  11. Aslain's modpack has the option for Seagal to speak standard English. They used to have the option to do the same with the ARP voices, but it hasn't been on the list the last few times. Seldom if ever play the ARPs anymore. I need to hear warnings, etc. in English, not excited schoolgirl Japanese. I can't believe WG doesn't just change that in one of their many updates.
  12. When does the Yam Collection start?
  13. Don't recall ever hearing Seagal gave you any kind of extra edge.
  14. I just want to complete the collection. Missed out on the beginning.