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  1. It's bad enough we don't get separate containers for the collections like we used to. I tried to point out to WG that many of us were able to use these to catch up a little bit for the days when we weren't able to get that third container. Yes, I dare say there are still quite a few of us that are still trying to get the 1,000 container achievement. So making this crap about, "Aw, gee, you might get a collection item; you might get doodly-squat" absolutely sucks. But then on top of that, to knowingly throw duplicates at us, seriously calls into question the ancestry of the game developers. Yes, knowingly! The game 'knows' what collection items we already have; that's how it's able to display all the correct items every time we go to the 'Collections' screen. The game 'knows' it's giving you a duplicate the same instant it gives it to you, ready-stamped with "DUPLICATE" superimposed. We're told, "Yeah, it's random that way." Bull. Five of the exact same duplicate in a row? Please. That's what I got a couple of collection-events ago. Tell me that wasn't deliberate. Then, take your bankroll to Vegas and let it all ride on the same roulette number five times. Those odds make the toughest lottery out there look like a slam-dunk. Any programmer with both a brain AND a sense of Ethics could just as easily make it a random selection from all of our as-yet-unattained items. That's what it should be. What the hell is this, "Let's Make A Deal" with Monty Hall throwing ZONK after ZONK at us? Don't we PAYING CUSTOMERS deserve better than this?
  2. Does this replace all voices, or just the ARP Japanese ones? I just want the ARPs to speak English. Everything else is fine as is, for me. Thought I had this sorted out, but then my ARPs reverted back to Japanese. Maybe after the last big update. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, Niko et al! Found the KII in my port when I logged on today! o7 to all entrants! This was a real hoot! Just doing upgrades on her now. Thanks again!
  4. Hmmm...that's odd. Maybe it was Merv....
  5. I know it's too late and I kept having lighting troubles, but this shot, I believe, at least showed a better angle on the shadow itself. Full-hull Bismarck, including rudder.
  6. Believe Ol' Mel lives in Quill Lake (well, in the town, not in the lake...) these days. Don't know if he's ever been in a moose jaw. I learned back in 1975 that moose bites can be very nasty...
  7. Do we know this? Also: Saskatchewan? Do you know my Cousin Mel? :)
  8. Thank you! Still couldn't figure out how to put all five pics under a single spoiler. Hope this is acceptable. Or if I could get further tips on how to edit them into one.
  9. This turned out to be a lot trickier than I had bargained for, LOL! DKM Bismarck.
  10. How do I post pics under a 'spoiler'?
  11. Wait. We can only get the anniversary achievements through tonight or through 9/28? I've seen where it says both. So which is it? Shouldn't the tie go to the customer?
  12. Anyone know how long the server's down?
  13. Everything appears to be in one battle.
  14. Click on the previous post for list.
  15. How do we earn these new achievements? Apparently people are already getting them.