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  1. 0.6.14 Bug Reporting

    Having a helluva ongoing problem with 'Support.' The past few weeks I've been focused on earning the operation-specific achievements. The "Ravager" key/aux ship kill counter isn't working properly for me. At first I thought I was miscounting or something, so I started keeping a written before-and-after-battle log of the number of these ships I was sinking. As soon as I confirmed I wasn't being given credit for my kills I put in a ticket with 'Support.' They asked for replays and screenshots to prove my 'claims.' I did so. In fact I've sent them replays and screenshots documenting each and every key/aux kill from every battle I've gotten these kills without credit, which is over 90 percent of them. Once in a great while if I get say four kills in one battle, the game might give me credit for one or even two, but usually not even one. 'Support' asked me to run a 'WG-Check' and send them the file. I did, and they told me to uninstall the Aslain Modpack I had. I did. This didn't solve the program; the bug is still not giving me credit for these kills. 'Support' has been dodging the issue by trying to insinuate the trouble must be on my end, but the facts don't support this. I have asked that until they get this bug fixed, an adjustment be made to my account to award me these exhaustively well-documented kills. 'Support's' responses have made it abundantly clear that they feel I am wearing a foil-wrapped boot on my head while smearing peanut butter in my armpits. I don't feel my requests to 'Support' have been at all unreasonable. I'm not asking for cash or doubloons for all this work I've done on WG's behalf to help fix bugs and glitches such as this; only credit for what I have proven I've earned. I've spent uncounted hours providing all this requested documentation to the point I completely ran myself out of premium time I could have/should have been spending actually playing the game. It's just not right that something like this has to drag on for months, especially when the Premium Shop still takes approximately one nanosecond to charge my credit card. -An (Obvious) Addict.
  2. New Achievement - "I'll Be Back"

    Another odd and apparently unimportant thing I just noticed; the in-battle screenshot shows 95,573 HP damage while the after-battle reports show 95,572. Only an unbalanced old ex-accountant would worry about a one-hit-point difference. :D
  3. New Achievement - "I'll Be Back"

    LOL! After wondering about other secret achievements, just got another one: "Crash Tester." Believe it popped up after I killed my 6th ship. But I've killed as many as 9 in scenarios without getting this. So not sure exactly what I did. Hmmm...Just noticed that kill #6 was with secondaries...
  4. New Achievement - "I'll Be Back"

    Just saw this for the second time today. Don't recall seeing it in Dynamo or any of the other operations.
  5. New Achievement - "I'll Be Back"

    Is that it? Just die between "Operation Complete" and official game-end? Nothing to do with killing the last enemy ship or any other conditions?
  6. New Achievement - "I'll Be Back"

    Yes, I got this one in Dynamo months ago. A one-time achievement.
  7. New Achievement - "I'll Be Back"

    Although I'm sure I'll be told it's secret, are there other secret achievements besides "I'll Be Back" and "Save Commander Jenkins"?
  8. New Achievement - "I'll Be Back"

    So far, this sounds the closest. A teammate just earned "I'll Be Back" in "The Ultimate Frontier" operation. Vaguely recalled this achievement from Dynamo. Several minutes ago, we won with three stars, so you don't have to get all five. Two players, Myoko and apparently Scharnhorst, were still alive when the "Operation Complete" message appeared. Moments later, about one second before the game officially ended, I noticed one of the ship icons at the top of the screen disappeared. Seemed a bummer to lose a player at that point, but figured that meant a "Will to Win" achievement to the sole survivor. Surprised to see that was not the case, but noticed the Scharnhorst had earned "I'll Be Back." So, became interested in what conditions must exist to earn this one. Additional thoughts?
  9. Support

    Okay, here's a topic/survey question: Why is WG's Support/Customer Service section such utter freaking, frigging, #*%$ing, effing..... Ever try pointing out a glitch to these "people"? "We don't believe you! You're a LIAR! Send us a replay!" So you jump through their hoops, find the replay file they're demanding (file size set by WG), try to attach it to the ticket message, and get the freaking error message that the file size (again, set by WG) exceeds their file size limits (ALSO set by WG)! Why have they deliberately made this so USER-UNFRIENDLY?????????? More than just a little user-unfriendly, IT'S BLOODY FRIGGING IMPOSSIBLE!!! Tried to compress the file; more error messages. wth does their CS Department do all day? Laugh about how many of our issues they blocked from getting anywhere? SHEEEEEEESH!
  10. Hangout by the Sea

    When/where did/do you fly?
  11. Hangout by the Sea

    Were you ever at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge?
  12. So, don't leave clan battles early?
  13. Do we still get credit for a win if we exit to port early, after getting sunk?
  14. "Message from Beyond" solution

    HOW DID YOU GET THIS TO APPEAR? Do you have to first fly the new flag in a Halloween scenario?
  15. "Message from Beyond" solution

    LOL! OK, at least I made a lot of friends on the way. Um...didn't I?