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  1. Thoughts on Raptor Rescue

    Just now. :)
  2. I remember her from college. Everyone knew her as "Windy."
  3. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Mar. 5th, 2018

    Can't find anywhere else to post this. Where do we find the 'simple survey/form' Dasha tells us to fill out in the 'All But Patches - 2' video?
  4. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    Based on all this, if Baltimore is fully upgraded, Buffalo will be also, right?
  5. I'm not even interested in any of the economics. Just the achievement.
  6. TWO (!) "Major Contributions"??? Dang, I'll PAY you to help me get that just once! That's the only listed Scenario/Operation achievement I don't have! Still don't have the hidden "I'll Be Back" achievement. Not sure if there's more than three 'hidden.' Anyway, would really like to get the MC. Can gift you something in-game! :)
  7. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    Along with keeping the Baltimore's XP?
  8. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    Thanks, guys! Hope that's right about getting the Buffalo. Does WG actually have that in print anywhere?
  9. U.S. Cruiser line split.

    What's the latest estimated date for the US cruiser line split? Do I understand my Baltimore is going to be thrown back to Tier 8, forcing me to grind Tier 9 twice to get to Des Moines?
  10. Missions are not working properly

    Just damaged two more mains. Would have a complete Task now if WG hadn't CHEATED by changing the rules AFTER the Campaign was in full swing! Happy F'G New Year!
  11. Missions are not working properly

    "What they meant?" Seriously? Since when do rules, etc., apply to "what they meant" vs. what is clearly in print?? So, to cover their sorry asses, the bastards go back in AFTER I point out THEIR error and add "...in a single battle." CHEATING RULE-CHANGING MF-ING LYING PUTIN-PATSY POSs!
  12. Missions are not working properly

    And no, I DIDN'T type in "wth." I typed WT (then something between E and G). Censoring acronyms now? Instead of dubugging your damn game? Great priorities! You guys are pathetic.
  13. Missions are not working properly

    Nope. Getting screwed by their damn glitches as usual. Just restarted. Didn't do JACK. As soon as Mission 4 unlocked this morning, I selected Tasks 1, 2 and 3. Have been playing all day without damaging a single enemy main gun. Not usually a problem getting these, except for when I need it for a task. Then finally I get the 'main incap'd' symbol and figure the curse is broken. The battle ends, and there's NO F'G CREDIT for the incap! Pissed? you effing bet! Because now comes the worst part of dealing with WG: Their nonexistent "Support." Ever try to put in a ticket to these guys? You might as well go write your issue in the snow for all the good it does. They're too busy ignoring issues to have time to do anything that might actually resemble WORK! So, I'll jack-off again by putting in another F'G ticket on their buggy F'G game, but I'm going to [edited] long and loud in Forum until some intelligent human gets the F'G message! I mean JFC! wth?