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  1. Wingslinger

    Naval History in Photos: Navy Mascots

    These are some great photos and stories! One overthought comment on a typo though. The caption describes the "...bluejacket going around with a kangaroo..." This would be correct grammar if they were cruising together for babes, but as they appear to be sparring, it should read "...going a round..." o7
  2. Are the "arrows" at the bottom of the news item graphic telling us that those who win T-shirts also win a Supercontainer and 10 days of Premium? Thanks! o7
  3. Wingslinger

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Just tried my luck with daily crate #3 and got the Mainz. Ship #373
  4. Wingslinger

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    I agree whole-heartedly. This bar should be set at 1 XP. I really, really don't like paying to have a game punish me.
  5. Wingslinger

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Congrats! o7
  6. Wingslinger

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    The old designs were GRAND. The new ones are...bland.
  7. Wingslinger

    Twitch Drops in 0.9.12

    The Twitch Challenge says mission 1 was to drop over an hour ago ("Wed 12/23") but also says these missions drop on Thursday. Just an observation.
  8. Wingslinger

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Just added #350 to port.
  9. Wingslinger

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Another example of WG making changes without embracing the concept of "Improvements."
  10. Wingslinger

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    WG's staff rationalize their jobs by making changes. Too bad they don't understand the word "improvements."
  11. Wingslinger

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    All I see out of this is more deep cuts to how much Steel we can earn playing Ranked Battles. This on top of the recent deep cuts to earnable Steel in Clan Battles. Is WG trying to ween us off wanting to play this game? Going on five years of playing, and all I see are constant cutbacks to rewards. Remember when PTS used to have the Season Missions, giving us the chance to win a T6 Premium every three months? These are just a few of the cutbacks. I feel like a rat in a maze trying to chase down smaller and smaller crumbs of cheese.
  12. Wingslinger

    It’s Time for Pumpkin Smash!

    Sure, we all have lives, but anyone who's too busy to do these events shouldn't volunteer for them. That's just dumb.
  13. Wingslinger

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    309 today with the Neustrashimy.
  14. Wingslinger

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    I'd give you 10 thumbs-up on this if I could. Feeling no rush for the 350 ships.
  15. Wingslinger

    It’s Time for Pumpkin Smash!

    Hapa: "35 Average Battles Of Pumpkins: 50x Type 3 Halloween Camos, 1x Free USBB Collection free Lootboxes and Previous Tier Rewards " From the Pumpkin article: 25 battles: 500 doubloons 35 battles: 50x Type 3 — Halloween camos, 1x Always Courageous container, and the previous tier of rewards (not USBB container. Either way, haven't received any of this yet, as I've been watching for it every day. Plus, I earned a second Always Courageous container for the ram-kill/death during the specified hour. Not trying to be a jerk about it, just trying to complete the Always Courageous Collection the hard way (without using duplicates) and to at least get a fraction of what I earned. Also, I would say at the very least that none of the commanders who played fewer than 45 battles should ever be considered for any future such event, as they really screwed the rest of us out of extra containers and a healthy windfall of Coal. That just really sucks. Thanks.