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  1. HeavyT

    Your MOST played Premium ship?

    Belfast - 106 battles Tirpitz - 104 Giulio Cesare - 88 Musashi - 85 Scharnorst - 81 Graf Spee - 66 Sims - 50 Haida - 41 Degrasse - 39 Atago B - 37 Nelson - 32 Arkansas B - 24 Atlanta - 22 Jean Bart - 4 (Just got her with coal. like it so far)
  2. HeavyT

    Got to give props

    Agreed OP, Beautiful port. Serene, good music with a great holiday feel to it. I'm liking it!
  3. HeavyT

    80 Mega Gift results (Santa was good to me)

    I bit the proverbial bullet and bought a 20 pack of mega gifts. I ended up with: 12,500 coal 120 Hydra 30 Red Dragon 30 Ouroboros 30 Dragon 30 Scylla 30 Basilisk 6000 gold doubloons 120 New Years Streamer camo U.S.S. Monaghan Plus some other crap, free xp, flags and such. These were the highlights. I feel like I got my money's worth but not a lot more than that. The 120 hydras and 120 New Years Streamer camo are nice additions as I recently got the Iowa and need to train it up.
  4. I hope when you citadel a cruiser sailing broadside to your BB, he says "that's a paddlin'"....
  5. This is the greatest idea I've heard in a while. gawd it would be fun! Premium ships like Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge, Pirate voices, so much history.This is a cash cow WG!
  6. HeavyT

    HMS Nelson, worth it?

    Cool, great feedback guys and gals. Much appreciated. I think I'll give her a try.
  7. I may be a little late to the party by asking, but is the Nelson worth the 350k xp? Or should I just keep saving my xp for the next 750k ship? I have the Musashi and I am very satisfied with it but I just want to know from other BB captains if the Nelson is what they expected, better, or worse. I quite enjoyed playing the Colorado at tier 7, how does it compare? Thanks in advance for the input:)
  8. This was a very greasy move by WG and it appears nobody is very impressed with it. I think the those who bought the "Black" ships should be compensated the 2500 gold. It was intentionally misleading. I realize it's only about $10 real money but it's the principle of it. Why piss off your customer base? I, like many others, have given WG a lot of money over the years and if this is not taken care of, it may well be the last money I spend. Do the right thing WG.