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  1. Maybe im the only one whose noticed this but why have battleship been power creeped over the improve armor angles and sigma jsut screwed battleships over, There been a lot of time where I'll be shooting at a cruiser along the long axis at sub 10k and still just get over pens. Or just shooting at cruisers and even battlehship broadsides and nothing but over beens, Maybe its the desync issue but im shooting through the beefy part of the ship under the super, Sure Citadels would be better but over pens? Come on, Theres plenty of meet in the middle section of a ship to arm and detonate the AP Shells. Can wargaming seriously look into this, It seems like everything geared to Cruiser play, from fire spamming smols, to DMs shooting AP @ max range to get plunging shells into my citadel. Everyone complains about BBs not pushing and sitting back and Yeeting shells at 20+km, and this is because theres no incentive or perk for BBs to push and be close cause Cruisers can out damage BBs and we cant truely punish cruisers.