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    I'm quite into anything WWII really, oh and music I do love me a fair bit of tunes like :)
  1. "Rudimental - Rumour Mill" is such a good song and you can bet if I had emojis I'd be using them right now

  2. That feel when you're trying to spot out where you got neg repped

  3. Trying not to curse because you're on a forum is hard

  4. Damn you Japanese metal music, why u have to be so good

  5. Iwaki Alpha is bae

  6. Long time no see on the NA forum

  7. Why?????????

    1. Lennon82


      why what ?


    2. Anto64w


      Don't know 'twas a bit of a derp moment

    3. Lennon82


      lol well on that note i approve this message :P

  8. Alpha emails being sent out and I'm here nearly having a heart attack

  9. That feel when you get a +1 and you don't know where you got it

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    2. Anto64w


      it sucks :(

    3. Lennon82


      nah im just happy to be recognized even if i dont know why now i just need that email saying WG has recognized me


    4. Anto64w
  10. Who you callin pinhead?

  11. Been registered on the forum for 2 years now it's time to get involved