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  1. Major_Reeves

    Technical Issue Found, disconnected from server

    Friends and I still get the error message. Last check was about 10 minutes ago.
  2. Oh yes, checked shop quick and saw the sale. Jumped on it real quick! Since I play WoWs way more than Tanks it was a present to me this year.
  3. Major_Reeves

    checkout basket for the premium shop

    Banks don't like multiple charges to the same place either. I have had a card locked due to suspicious activity by the bank doing that single item charge deal in WoT before.
  4. Major_Reeves

    Freezing Crashing and Pulling Hair Out

    Timo, follow FireHorse's suggestion to shred the main folder instead of uninstalling it. Run a register cleaner when done and then reinstall the game. This worked for me. I ran the game last night for 6 hrs with no issues. You can find free shredders to download. I got mine from the Cnet site.
  5. My guess is this is a video issue. The flashing seems to involve the frame rate also. I have only seen this kind of thing in RUSE and old PC game which played good, then went to crap and now plays good once more. The only thing that changed on my system was the video card and a different driver to match. I went from a Geforce 660 to a Geforce 1050 which corrected the problem in RUSE.
  6. Major_Reeves

    I need help with an ongoing Issue!

    UPDATE: I followed your suggestion sir having run out of ideas and no help from support on the issue. I still had the occasional crash during battle so I downloaded a military file shredder and destroyed the WoWs main folder and all other folders and contents instead of uninstalling it. Once done I ran the disk defragger and disk cleanup utilities and reinstalled WoWs. I also ran Winzip register cleaner prior to the reinstall. Last night I had the time to spend testing the new install with a friend. We ran the game for about 6 hours and I had no crashes, none. Not a single glitch even. I was amazed as was my friend. We discussed why this would work and he suggested just as I believe you did in another post that the installer sees prior WoWs files and folders and simply restores the old folders with the files thus keeping the same corrupted files. To be clear, I ran the game with no mods for 3 hrs followed by the other time with my custom music folder loaded. This has not been tested with Aslain's mod pack yet which is all I use. I also launched the game through the game center. I will install the mod pack later today and run another session for stability. I suspect it will run just fine now but we shall see. UPDATE MOD Testing: Tested the game with my usual mods installed from Aslain's mod pack. On the first game out it crashed within 30 seconds of battle. I uninstalled the mod pack, ran the register cleaner and ran the game once more for 3 games without issues. Something in the Aslain's mod pack is causing the game to crash. Which mod I do not know. I reinstalled just the few mods I like and ran the game for another hour without further issues so what I do have installed works. I am going to leave the matter there. The game works just fine besides the missing names of ships and players when in battle.
  7. Major_Reeves

    I need help with an ongoing Issue!

    Ok, but answer me this then. I ran out of space on my C drive so I got a 4TB drive to add to the system. I uninstalled all of my games from C and reinstalled them on the new drive starting with Tanks and WoWs. Even after installing on a clean new drive and defraging C the game still crashed. My friend suggested I update my video card as it was a Geforce 660. Now I have a Geforce 1050 but nothing has changed, it still crashes.
  8. Well, this did not solve the crash bug issue for me. Played in Division last night, game crashed 3 times. Today I closed all unnecessary programs except for the AV software. Ran game with and without mods, crashed. Started game from exe file but game center loaded, crashed. Ran game through game center, crashed in battle and went to a black screen as well as in port after choosing another ship. Closed game center and ran client through exe file needing to relog in, crashed with that. Even rebooted PC to clear memory of any running but closed programs and it still crashed. I'm out of ideas and so is my friend who is a PC tech by trade and job.
  9. Thank you for your service Sir.
  10. Since 7.9 I have had constant crashes while in battle including in the operations area. Support had no idea and 4 uninstalls/installs proved no better. The game crashed with or without mods at random times. The mini patch did not fix the issue either as play yesterday proved just as frustrating. However, I spotted a post where a person suggested a direct shortcut to the Warships.exe file may fix this. Out of ideas and options I gave it a shot. I played numerous games today and even ran Operation Dynamo all without a crash or glitch of any kind. The game ran perfectly normal. For what it is worth, give it a try. It fixed my problem. This points to the game center launcher as the issue. Something is not right.
  11. Major_Reeves

    Plethora of problems today, it's me, right ?

    I have had the binocular issue as well. Usually locks the game up while zooming in or out.
  12. Major_Reeves

    Game crash - critical error

    I am not in a clan so that isn't the issue for me but points to something else going on that's common to all of us. UPDATE: WoWs support had no solution to the in game battle crashes I am experiencing. I ran Dynamo last night with a friend and it crashed yet again during the battle and by the time I reentered I was already dead. My friend told me last night that he too is now experiencing these as well. Happens with or without mods, even with a clean install which I did 4 times now. Very frustrating. On top of that, I have no ship or player names above the ships.
  13. Major_Reeves

    Game crash - critical error

    Since the last patch I cannot play Warships. EVERY single game crashes once I enter into a battle without fail! I even have a fresh install since I moved the game to a larger drive. The game freezes and windows says it stopped working with a critical unhandled exception. Does it with or without Aslains mod pack. I did 3 reinstalls so far. Yes, I filed a bug report this morning with the incident log attached too. The game is dead for me.