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  1. I began playing WoTs a long time ago. We were 3 in team and not bad really. Some 5 years ago we left Wots for Wows, no one was satisfied with Wots. Clearly World of tanks had become World of Race Cars. Armored Warfare easily surpassed Wot when it came on the scene. It's been a very long time since I played WoT so tonight I decided to test it once more. I played two Tier V and a Tier VI battle in my best tank with my very best crew. They lasted less than a minute in combat. Clearly WoT had changed and not for the best. When a KV-1 is one shot killed it's clear they used gold ammo. This has been discussed at length on YouTube so it won't be beat to death here. So, disgusted with Wots I recalled how friends of mine berated the Ark Royal in WoWs as worthless crap. I owned 3 German CV's so I thought why not test the Ark Royal against WoT. I bought her and retrained a 7 point commander I used in the Belfast for CVs. Off to battle I went and although I wasn't impressed with my results two things were clear to me. First WoT is clearly on the wrong track. Second WoWs is clearly on the RIGHT track. I spent $25 to buy the Ark Royal tonight. If I had spent the same $25 on a T3 or T4 tank in Wots I wound have been PISSED! What WoWs did in doing away with the premium consumables was the right choice. Wot needs to do away with gold ammo for any hope of saving it. Some have wondered if WoWs has reached it's peak and was headed down hill after 5 years. Compared to what I experienced tonight that is NOT the case. If anything was learned tonight for me it was to believe in me, not the critics. I have bought a lot of premium ships and most of German premium ships. Lately they are all crap but one and by now everyone should know the name of that ship. I play mainly Germans but the Ark Royal was worth her price to me and performed as expected. From what I can see from experience, WoWs is bumpy but at least on the right track. I've been here since the Beta so I've seen a lot.
  2. Major_Reeves

    Update 0.9.6 - Bug Reports

    I had the same issue. I was looking at the resmod folder issue when I spotted a new res folder in the same bin folder area. Moved my userMusic folder to the new res folder, restarted the game and it plays now.
  3. Major_Reeves

    Can We All Calm Down a Second?

    Here's my 2 cents. From what I have seen on YouTube by several CC's, the event cannot be done period. The cost of the ship has been listed at over $200 US dollars and it's crap the Alaska is far better. You really need to watch Jingles explain the 7 Directives properly Burnsy. I may get the new Spagetti machine around Xmas, PR.... like in real life she'll never be completed. Cooler heads need to prevail and realize it's an animated picture not worth what's being asked. Walk away boys.
  4. Major_Reeves

    Update 0.8.7 - Bugs Report

    Patch has caused a port issue. After selecting 2 ships the game locks up. Nothing works, not even the main menu settings to exit the game. I have to Alt-Ctl-Del to task manager to close the game. There are no error messages either.
  5. Friends and I still get the error message. Last check was about 10 minutes ago.
  6. Oh yes, checked shop quick and saw the sale. Jumped on it real quick! Since I play WoWs way more than Tanks it was a present to me this year.
  7. Major_Reeves

    checkout basket for the premium shop

    Banks don't like multiple charges to the same place either. I have had a card locked due to suspicious activity by the bank doing that single item charge deal in WoT before.