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  1. Jamesalot_ET

    Everything thats wrong with WOWS in 1 picture:

    People seem to think t11 is op. The only one so far that feels way to strong is the conde. Mostly because 12x 240mm with rapid fire that gives a strong accuracy buff. But to help some of you make sense of it. Think about buffalo. 12x 203mm with top of my head 13 sec reload. Then you go to a des moines. 9x 203mm guns but fires twice as fast. Go to the Annapolis it's a des moines with an extra turret. Aka buffalo with des moines reload. Shiki vs Satsuma. Shiki has better reload and dispersion. Satsuma just gets a bit more hp and extra turret. With the change to the timer cd for the special ability you only get that 3 to 4 times in a match. Going from the old t9 cv to a t10 cv is about the same as a t10cv to t11 cv the only real difference is instead of hitting harder with planes the special squad let's you attack in less time. Instead of 60 to 90 sec for a squad to get to target its 30 to 60 seconds. I find it worse being a t7 bb vs t19 bb then being a t8bb vs t10 bbs
  2. Jamesalot_ET

    Wargaming UI talk

    When I said it took 2 to 3 minutes to start working, that was clicking to open wait 30 seconds. Close reopen wait 30 sec. Over and over.
  3. Jamesalot_ET

    Wargaming UI talk

    I always find it funny. wargaming ui work okish. Then they say they found a way to fix the ui. every dang time this happens the ui gets worse. since last patch armory doesnt open. or tech tree doesnt open. searching for a player to invite to a party, you can type the persons name perfectly and it doesn't show up. Why cant they upgrade from thier 1990 MMORPG server to a new one. they make enough money off us. pictures first one is what wargaming think they did. and what actually happens when you click armory. took me about a good 2 to 3 minutes before armory finally started to work today.
  4. Here is your fix. to ensure players are improving as they go up the tiers. at certain tiers you have to do a, lets say skill test course. it will be vs AI and you have to do certain things with the ship in a certain amount of time before you can research the next ship tier. these are just an idea not what they should be but an example. T3 Cruiser kill 2 ai destroyers and 1 ai cruiser that is moving at 1/2 speed before they reach a check point. bots wont fire super accurately and will head in the direction of the check point. T5 Cruiser Dont allow enemy destroyer to capture a point while staying alive. 1 enemy dd no using guns will attempt to capture a point while not using torps or guns. it will be spotted for 15 sec every 30 seconds if you are not hard spotting it yourself. at the same time there will be 2 bot cruisers not moving but firing at you when you are spotted. T7 Cruiser stay alive for x amount of time while an enemy dd, ca and bb try to hunt you down. bonus awarded if you kill enemy ships. T9 Cruiser you have an AI dd bot who will attempt to capture a point, only uses torps. vs 2 smart AI cruisers. your mission is to capture the point and kill both cruisers. bonus if you win while being above 50% health.
  5. Jamesalot_ET

    Port Message Abuse - Isn't this a crime?

    Starting off i [edited] whether alive or dead. but i have helped alot of people being dead. great example a sub cant see enemy ships when so deep. i was informing a sub of the enemy ships above. nearby them, i was doing it when i was alive but it became easier when dead.
  6. Jamesalot_ET

    Radio Location Question

    after analyzing lazy _joe's video a couple of times i do see what your talking about. 360 degree around your ship 22.5 degree sectors. I think i got it now. and why i was thinking in the battle it was about 10 sec(ship furhter away ) and in training room 6 sec(ship closer). thx for those of you that put up with me during this discussion.
  7. Jamesalot_ET

    Radio Location Question

    it happens a couple times. very noticable one at 55 sec mark. go to the 1:13 mark and watch it from there.
  8. Jamesalot_ET

    Radio Location Question

    pls do because you can look at the 2 pictures i posted above. how it change direction dramaticallyi within 1 sec
  9. Jamesalot_ET

    Radio Location Question

    if this was the case. would it not point to the center of the wedge? if that is your logic, then it doesnt work. and its still every 6 sec. i think the 20 degrees i was saying was more based on the enemy ship to my ship position after the 6 sec
  10. Jamesalot_ET

    Radio Location Question

    and yet its not continuously moving its updated position every so many seconds
  11. Jamesalot_ET

    Radio Location Question

    your still not understanding. but its ok. the close quarters thing is because it makes what it is doing more obvious. good news i found a video from a while ago. if you pay attention rpf does have an update time. but in this video its about 3 seconds. where as when i was testing it in training room it was happening about every 6 to 7 seconds. https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkxm37zMAMrLhMarMdWogSipZc2VMyziSgG. pay close attention to radio location. about every 3 sec its quickly moves to point directly at the enemy ship.
  12. Jamesalot_ET

    Radio Location Question

    i dont think you are understanding what is being said. go into training room. grab a fast dd and have rpf. make the bot ship, just 1 enemy bot ship, inactive and not moving. get about 3 km in front of the nose of the ship to its side by about 2 km. then at full speed sail past it. and pay attention to radio location. i cant explain it much more then i already had. i dont have a program to record a clip.
  13. Jamesalot_ET

    Radio Location Question

    it only moves(corrects it self) every 6 sec. i feel im pretty sure it use to constantly update as in not dramatically shift every 6 sec
  14. Jamesalot_ET

    Radio Location Question

    keep in mind im moving at 41 knots. and i wasnt trying to take a million pictures to catch the perfect timing of when it switched. and the 2nd picture was taking first. ill see if i can swap those. Edit: the pictures are not in correct order. top was before the rpf update and the bottom is after the update
  15. Jamesalot_ET

    Radio Location Question

    here is showing the rpf updating. look at the timer on the top right you can see only 1 sec apart from picture. also you see there is only 1 enemy ship. and its close. so there is no other ship on the map for the people that dont read and keep saying there is a second ship its pointing at