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  1. Jamesalot_ET

    Clan Battles: "Greece" Season

    I feel you on the seigfried. I bought 2 research ships and afterwards they got nerfed due to the game. Colbert and seigfried. So I stopped doing the research points. The messed up thing is now agir which has more secondaries now has the same range and hindi has more range then both.
  2. Jamesalot_ET

    Clan Battles: "Greece" Season

    I was really hoping they do the whole season 1 of each ship name including variants of the same ship. The ban 4 ships from each class. Rotating every week. Example week 1, black, Jutland, tashk and z44 for dds. Alaska, brindis, Seattle, room for ca. Georgia, Iowa, lion, Musashi for bb. Then week 2 would be 12 different ships.
  3. Jamesalot_ET

    Clan Battles: "Greece" Season

    Rental ship
  4. Jamesalot_ET

    ZF-2 AND Z-31 Designs

    I would love to see these destroyers with hard penetrating guns on the AP. as the ability to cit a des moines, zao, and so on from 12km or closer. Kind of like how the new Russian 180mm can pen really well. This way your more of an anti cruiser destroyer. You get on the flank of a cruiser and fire 1 or 2 salvos then go dark. Before they hopefully can turn their guns to you. Strong enough guns to be a threat but weak enough defense so that you can't constantly fire your guns like a khab(speed/armor/heal) or kleber(speed/reduce damage taken)
  5. Higher tier ships gain a higher base xp. so potentially yes. higher the tier premium the higher potential xp gained. Though its usually best to just use a ship that you enjoy playing near the high tiers then it is just to grab the highest tier ship.
  6. This is a common wargaming problem. some times after a patch or update things wont work properly in the game. some times i can run WGcheck and it fixes it. some times its a total reinstall to fix it. some times i have to deal with it until wargaming finally realizes its something on their end and they might fix it before the next patch. but like hapa said, try uninstalling your mods. then see if it is fixed. Then use the WGcheck, then reinstall. sadly enough finally reinstall. This should never be the case but, ill leave it at that before my mouth starts going off. P.S. The last dock yard i had this problem and couldnt get into it until i reinstalled the game. WGcheck didnt fix the problem.
  7. Jamesalot_ET

    Santa gifts

    With the change that happened a while back. If you own a premium ship and get another of the same ship, you will get credits instead of dabloons. Is that going to be the same for Santa gifts. I know if you get a ship from a gift it will be one you currently do not have. But what if you have them all.
  8. Jamesalot_ET

    Which One Would You Choose?

    thats the thing. since the armor nerf its only fun for co op. for randoms you might as well bring a smolenks. colbert has practically the same armor. but smolenks has smoke and torps.
  9. watch the replay. and i had 900k potential damage.
  10. so is everything else during a battle.
  11. The problem is everyone needs to practice to play vs carriers. they really are not that big of a factor. yes i can agree the spotting system should be changed a bit. my idea i have put out there before, carriers spotting a ship works like a cy clone. the tier of the cv depends on the spotting range. but for a T10 cv spots a ship, allies ships within X range are able to target and shot the ship. everyone else can only see the ship on the mini map. DD 12km, CA, 14km, super CA, 16km, BB 18km. that would fix alot of problems besides that cvs do less average damage then an equally skilled cruiser player. thier spotting is limited. they can either spot or deal damage not both if they want to keep targets spotted for a long time. This last season proved that you dont have to bring a CV to win the match. we won using both CV and double BB, as well as got our butts handed to by teams using CV and double BB. I wouldnt mind knowing the stats for how many battles won for the server using a CV/BB and a double BB.
  12. have you never seen a BB dev strike a cruiser at the start of a battle. i would call that strongly influencing the outcome of a battle by alot
  13. I really dont find carriers that op. when played vs them correctly. this is clan battles. i did not have an ally near me when i started getting focused by the FDR, and he barely did any thing do me. where as i was reking his planes. 100k plane damage. yes more ships around you to share AA does make it stronger. but the way everyone talks. they think 1-2 ships should be able to 100% shut down another ship from doing anything. 20201114_194152_PBSC210-Goliath_51_Greece (2).wowsreplay
  14. Jamesalot_ET

    Special Ships Halloween 2020 Q&A

    during battle, when you get the options to upgrade your ship. What are all the upgrades and % buffs of those upgrades?
  15. Jamesalot_ET

    U.S. Battleship 1 missions