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  1. USS_BlindAdmiral

    Last Chance to Obtain Pommern and Erich Loewenhardt

    These kind of deals whether it be in the Armory, in game or w/e, are for the elite players, not the common players unless, you have money. The chances of getting one in game are a rare occasion. It's all about the money. Unless you dedicate 24/7 out of your life to play their game or, just purchase it only to complete the mission of which, it was required to do so in game, it's not worth it. When they start requiring you to purchase premium ships to do missions with, that are offered for free for completing missions, the missions become worthless to me.
  2. USS_BlindAdmiral

    YouTube Shipments: Memorial Marathon

    OK, what's gong on here today? After watching 3 videos today, I'm not able to activate them at all. I only see a blank window on the activation page. https://imgur.com/rOBKqGf
  3. USS_BlindAdmiral

    WGC & 1 Day of Premium Account! What Could Be Better?

    I think I've been using it for a long time. This is what I've been using when not on Steam. It also just had a 54MB update. It describes itself as Wargaming.net Gaming Center. It's never caused me any problems.
  4. USS_BlindAdmiral

    Public Test: Get a Premium Tier VI Ship for Free

    I would like to be a part of this test project at times. I've not gave much thought for higher tiers due to, not having any tiers above 1 tier VIII. I generally play tier V & VI. I'm always seeing these test but never figured out how to join them? I'm always seeing new ships in game and can't find them for myself and after 5 years in this game, I want something to show for it, even if, it's another punked Yubari. I had to pay for that, 5 years ago just to be able to join CBT.
  5. USS_BlindAdmiral

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    Idk how to fix it for you or, what to tell ya. I'm not good with this stuff. You're signed in here, from the looks of it, as a 'Guest.' Did you register here with your WG ID?
  6. USS_BlindAdmiral

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    I'm having the opposite issue, I can't see any smoke from my stacks most of the time. Instead, I get graphical glitches. Some other players told me they get them too. I don't have this issue with other games, only this one. It's not affecting my fps though. Odd to me. Hope you get it fixed.
  7. USS_BlindAdmiral

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    @ Scots_Ronin, Nice sig, like it.