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  1. Mine is that I am allowed to fire guns that are trained on a sector or direction (Shift+X or Ctrl+X). Gives away my position and the enemy can now see me and my shells hit the water right next to me. Pointless.
  2. I know season 1 is long over, and season is about to close. Can anyone tell me when season 3 starts?
  3. A Haku CV managed to take 80% of Tirpitz' HP with two clicks. Two clicks. CV's are kiddified gaming and ruins this game. Totally love to have CV's in this game, but this implementation is just so screwed up.
  4. I fail to see how I can be anything but target practice for a Tier 10 CV with unlimited planes when taking a Tier 8 BB out. Just took my Monarch out and landed a massive 8k damage to other ships while a tier 10 CV was playing with me like a cat plays with a mouse. I am not even sure it was fun for the CV. I mean how hard is it to click on a defense-less ship while you have unlimite planes??? Why are WG not addressing this? It makes little sense to me.
  5. Just want to grind through those two before getting to the two wonderful Jap T10's. Just got Ibuki and have read bad things about her. The Izumo is confirmed junk. But what's worst?
  6. Toxygene


    My biggest issue with CV's is their ability to be awacs, hovering above you effortlessly while the rest of his team demolishes you. Just too easy.
  7. DD's used to be relevant, but with CV's, Radar, and god knows what else, there seems little point in taking a DD out. Are there any plans to make them more relevant?
  8. How's is it done? What does it feel like if you (theoretically), one day, perhaps in a future parallel universe, after much hardship and heroics, and after having taken a couple of days off of work...win a game. Let me hear from you. And no fakers. I only want to hear from you if you have in fact won a game.
  9. If WG just let CV's see the whole map w/o fog of war. Then they don't have fly around to find DD's. It's only 80% kiddyfied today and might as well go all the way.
  10. Toxygene

    Best Cruiser?

    ...to shoot down carrier planes? I have the Neptune which seems good at it. Any other T8/T9/T10 cruisers that does it well?
  11. Makes no sense. Can someone provide a serious explanation for the low win rates each Sunday? Depressing to sit in top 3 game after game and collect a 32% win rate. I have to play more than 3 games per win. Wasting flags, camos etc in the process.
  12. Toxygene

    Send more CV's

    A DD almost made it through to (one of) the opposing team's CV''s. Almost. This is un-acceptable. So please send more CV's so we can avoid this kind of embarrassment in the future.
  13. Toxygene

    Why only 2CV's?

    Brilliant. I didn't think of that. You're right. No risk of getting shot at - even in end-game. Fully kiddy-fied. Love it.
  14. Toxygene

    Why only 2CV's?

    And now that' we are improving the "game" (using very lose definition here), we should make the planes insta-spawn, so if someone shoots down a plane, it's insta-spawned back on the carrier. This way all CV's can always field unlimited planes. How cool would that be.
  15. Toxygene

    Why only 2CV's?

    There's room for way more CV's in this game. Out of 12 ships per team I see no reason why we can't have 6 or 8 CV's per team. Or 12.