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  1. CallingElvis

    So what about your Karma?

    0 (proud of it)
  2. There are too many of them coming out. I felt that way back when all the German ones came out (Siegfried, Odin, Agir) at once. It dilutes the individual ship. And there are only so many parameters you can tweak to keep ships unique and interesting. I'd prefer new maps, ops, and improved features (Cmdr skills, radar, controls, consumables) to getting all these filler ships.
  3. CallingElvis

    Feedback for Wargaming

    I love the game. The only major issue is the number of blowout games.
  4. It's probably been answered before, but I couldn't find a clear answer. If I buy Missouri today, is it still able to print credits like the original one, or is it"just" a normal T9 premium?
  5. $45 does not equate to 9k gold. for $45 you'd get just under 12k gold. So they charged you an exchange fee of sorts. Is it cheapish? Yes. You should have received the same 12k. Am I surprised: No. This is not like calling Amazon! Did I know that you could even transfer gold between the games? No. News to me.
  6. CallingElvis

    Why do people announce they are quitting?

    Difficult thread as you're seeking answers from people, who are no longer here.... If I was to guess, I think for the committed player who has spent a lot of cash on the game, and then burn out due to losing streaks, poor direction of the game, predatorial business model, or whatever sinks the boat - then it's something you just have to vent about. When you win a close game and play really well you feel really great about it. And lose a close one may bring the worst out in you. Lots of emotions in a hectic game like warships. idk. just guesses.
  7. CallingElvis

    never ending story

    There was a time when this was true. But it's been years since USSR ships we're OP as a general rule. Sure individual ships maybe, but there're OP ships in each country lineup.
  8. CallingElvis

    Best Nautical-Themed Songs to Kill Ships To...

    Dave, Not Dave - Cold Blood
  9. CallingElvis

    Why do you spend real money on premiums ships?

    Your question suggests that one should not spend "real money" on an online game. Not sure what drives that belief. I do not mind supporting WG with cash in return for a ship or other online goods. I get a lot of enjoyment out of the game in return. The idea that the game is free fosters the idea that ships are worthless and I do not agree with that idea. I tend to like things I buy way more than the things I get for free anyways. Are the ship prices reasonable? No they are way too high and I would buy more if prices were more reasonable. But free is not attractive to me - online or otherwise.
  10. CallingElvis

    Is the dutch tech tree already dead?

    Being a completionist I have no choice in the matter. But running into a Harugumo and GK in my brand new De 7 Proviencien was not a nice experience. Overall the Dutch ships are bland and feel weak. The air raid gimmick does the line no favors - an attempt to be different for the sake of being different. I hope they get better with future patches.
  11. I am a lot concerned with the subs, CV's and loot crates than I am with the number of blowout games these days. It's every other game it seems that just goes sideways from the get-go. I am no fun when losing those and slightly more when winning one (very little).
  12. CallingElvis

    The Ultimate Kill Steal

    Too small. Can't read.
  13. CallingElvis

    Smooth Supply - What did you get in your SC?

    50 camos giving me 100% ship xp each. So instead of 2,500 camos I now have about 2,550. I feel a different man. Transformative experience.
  14. CallingElvis

    When the salt comes from the CV side.....

    Reading you loud and clear. It's satisfying when, for once, the bully suddenly can't bully and starts complaining. He uses the word "wall" which is interesting. He's used to just spank whoever he wants and here's a target that is out of this reach. Priceless. Thanks for sharing.