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  1. Thank you for the update. I am well-aware of these methods. Good for finding a specific ship. But not solving the issue of cycling to the next or previous ship. So if you want to, say traverse all Japanese destroyers to check the mods installed, you have to filter on JP, and DD, and from there use the mouse to cycle to the next ship (and that's how I get wrist issues!)
  2. It's hard to administrate close to 400 ships (checking flags, bonuses, mods etc.) without a way to cycle to the next ship. It would have to cycle based on filters. Today I cycle with the mouse and always emd up with a sore wrist. A hotkey would make my life a lot easier.
  3. Has anyone run tests on this signal? I am curious to learn if it matters at all.
  4. CallingElvis

    USS Black

    SMOKE+RADAR™- Accept no substitutes.
  5. CallingElvis

    Love the DD brawls

    This is an awesome mode. Really enjoy it. Except for the 3+ minutes wait time before loading in. How cool it would be if we had this mode permanently, but with fewer ships per side to keep loading time reasonable.
  6. CallingElvis

    Fighter Consumable

    I use it on exactly 0 ships as it does nothing to protect me. Any known plans or rumors to make it relevant?
  7. CallingElvis

    Why Admiral Schroder is Doomed to Fail as a Secondary Brawler

    Excellent post. I learned something from it (esp. Napoli!). Where does Siegfried sit in the dispersion table today? German BB?
  8. You're 100% right about the unlikely outcome that any DD can threaten any BB irl. I have often felt the same way. The problem is that it's a game and a DD isn't a DD. And BB isn't BB. It's balanced entities that have to be able to interact on somewhat equal terms. That leads to these silly situations where DDs can own BB. What nation would bother investing in BB's when you can instead build DD's for a fraction of the cost and get a more potent weapon? And what's up with x-ray vision that can see through islands? Ah well
  9. CallingElvis

    Italian BB plans

    Are there any known plans to revive these (i.e no one like to play a BB w/poor accuracy and 30+s reload)?
  10. CallingElvis

    The Username Awards

    I nominate OhYouTouchMyTralala
  11. Randoms are a blowout-fest. Game after game is one-sided blowouts. Please invest more of your resources into creating a more balanced gaming experience. Or get rid of the win rate and make it irrelevant who wins (same XP). Do something.
  12. CallingElvis

    Game's dead

    Each Random game is essentially over 3 minutes into the game. My team is either up 5-0 or down 0-5. What happened to the game? It used to be fun.
  13. In other news...the Pope admits he's Catholic.
  14. CallingElvis

    Firing guns and torpedoes

    For some reason, I can no longer fire my guns or torpedoes when I want to. As I click the left mouse button nothing happens. Then if I continue to click it eventually fires, but by then my aim is off. This is a new thing, and I have never had this issue before (playing since 2015). Am I the only one with this issue?
  15. CallingElvis

    Brawls are brawls

    The BB brawls are the first time I have felt it was a proper brawl. All these German BB's specked for, well brawling is just hilarious. It was fun for 3-4 games. But then it started to repeat itself there's only one ship type, and each game felt like the previous one. But at least it was fun for a short while.