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  1. NO I hated it starting so late.
  2. my current tally... 1. 5,000 fxp 2. 5,000 fxp 3. 5,000 fxp 4. 5,000 fxp 5. 5,000 fxp 6. 1 day Premium 7. 5,000 fxp
  3. must I show more screen shots?
  4. it seems good to me?
  5. Your double double strike is a lot better than mine was. Played a venson and shot torps into smoke... and killed 4 ships doing that. but hey welcome to the club!!!
  6. I thought I was clear, but I guess I wasn't. We all know that Team Battles use to be a thing... right? Well now that Rank 15 no longer gives you access to "Team Battles" but now "Clan Battles", I think and they are now finally taking away all the "Teams" that were created. What happened when I logged in today was: - all 3 of my Teams were no longer named... but numbered now... but also the image of the team (as seen above) was cycling with different icons (when I took a screenshot it happened to be on the image of a friend chat box) - I started the day with all 3 of my Teams doing this. I figured it was some glitch that would resolve itself. - After each game I played. 1 "Team" would disappear. - Now I have no more teams that I'm apart of. Also if you look at your profile... remember that there use to be a tab for Teams. Well now there is none. WGing has officially killed Teams and did not repay the owners of their "Teams" there doubloons back. I hope that is a better explanation of what happened.
  7. so the picture... sorry I don't know how to make gifs... but the team is cycling the images of icons from: friend, random, co-op, ranked, WoWs.... really wth!!!!! not its gone completely!!!! wth WarGaming really OMFG!!! I know it would happen if I played my third game but I gave it a shot. (I just lost my last team now) So now I cant make a gif even if I know how to.
  8. ok so I know that its been said that teams are gone. but I still had them. I never left them I never disbanded them I never played with them (because you cant ever since the first and only season) Now we have this update that happened today... and guess what.... the teams are all freaking out and I had 3 clans upon logging in... then after 1 game I now had 2 clans..... then after the 3rd game I'm down to 1 clan... So I decided to relog into the game to see if its a glitch.. nope I own just 1 team now. well since your trying to get rid of them because you want them gone... fine do it doesn't matter if they're gone... but pay me back my doubloons that I paid to get them. don't just take them away and give me nothing.
  9. I know I missed the event... but is it going to happen again later?
  10. It mentioned the hunt for Bismarck collection... does that mean I can finally get the collection??? (And thus the camp???)
  11. I would like invite you to Jolly Rogers 2. It looks like we can both benefit from you join us. We like to grow from within our clan. We use teamspeak and are growing at a fairly good rate (about 2 a week) as I like to add people that I feel can grow and get better. We do not look at stats and throw you to the side, but instead we look at stats and as a starting point. give us a chance and play a game or two with us to see if you like us. We play usually every week from 5pm - X est and weekends noon - X est.
  12. Now there is no difference between them... right?
  13. So I was playing a game and saw a kamikaze and a kamikaze R on the same team. I know about both, but I was wondering... when did the kamikaze go for sale or whatnot?
  14. last I checked... they do provide to the team... they scout early in the game for you, they force some ships to turn broadside to you so they can dodge torps, they even can kill ships that are running and hide from you. Stop your complaining because you had a game with a bad CV player. It it is hard to play CV anyways. So give them a break.
  15. Hey goaliedestroyer, I'm the recruiter for Jolly Rogers. We have 2 clans and I think that if we can get you in our second clan that we can help improve your overall record. I currently can not recruit for the other clan but if you visit our teamspeak I'm sure you will be able to team up and see if you like us. If you feel like we are a good fit just ask to join and we will gladly let you.