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  1. Improving Player

    Hey if your looking for a clan that is well in clan battles, check out Jolly Rogers. we use discord and have a good amount of active players.
  2. If you wish, you can visit us at Jolly Rogers. I think we can meet all your expectations. Also if you desire... we do clan wars and are active in it.
  3. Visit us at Jolly Rogers. We have been active every night and we are a kid back group too. Not too serious but yet not too relaxed. We still want to better ourselves.
  4. Looking for semi-serious clan

    Look into Jolly Rogers. We are having a inter clan battle tonight. We play CW every day it's played. Also we are looking for very competent players and you seem to be one with over 1500 games and a positive win rate. If interested message me in game or forum and I'll let you give us a chance to win you over.
  5. Looking for clan for CW

    If you haven't joined a clan yet... come visit us [JR] on discord and see if you like playing with us. If you do we will gladly let you join.
  6. Looking for active clan

    If your willing to... five us [JR] a shot and see if you like us. We play on discord usually 5-11 pm est.
  7. Don't let others make you feel like you can't join clans because you don't have a tier X. If you want... joi JR2 if your looking to get better. We have players in that clan that will gladly help teach.
  8. I hope we are still on your list of clans to join.
  9. Established casual player LFC

    Hey give Jolly Rogers a shot. We are a casual clan that always desires more players. We mostly play from 5-11pm est. a check us out on teamspeak and see if you like us. Jollyrogers.teamspeak3.com
  10. you seem pretty decent to me. I like how honest you are and laying it out up front. I think that is a great quality to have. if your interested visit us on teamspeak and see if you like us before joining. our channel is: jollyrogers.teamspeak3.com
  11. Casual looking for mature clan

    If your looking for a clan that is able to do all that you want... then give jolly rogers a shot. no commitments except having teamspeak. our channel is jollyrogers.teamspeak3.com. Also we are very active during the evening and since most of us live on the east coast...
  12. <Witty LF Clan Title Here>

    I like how open you are and right to the point. I think that would do great in Jolly Rogers. If you want... play a couple of games with us to see if you like us. then if you do just ask to join nad we will make it happen. We play on teamspeak and our channel is : jollyrogers.teamspeak3.com. Ill be on after 5 pm est and so will most of our clan but that doesn't mean that we wont have some people on at any given time.
  13. Active guy looking for new Clan

    Hi, i hope you haven't chosen a clan just yet. We like having high tier CV players. Our clan is just getting into clan wars. We missed yesterday due to other life things but tonight we will have a game. Give our clan a shot and visit us on teamspeak: jollyrogers.teamspeak3.com. And if you like us you can join.