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  1. Wait... is this the new stalingrad for future clan wars?
  2. The groz mod... I haven't really noticed its effect as I'm not a torp boat so the -% to it is meh. Its +6% rof I dont notice either but I use it still because now I shoot faster.
  3. Is Aigile a good boat?

    Whoa man...! Frenchies are a thing. They were all the time. Ready for some memes today?
  4. Question .. is the Eugen better than the Atago? I mean both now have heal and that is what made the Atago worth getting.
  5. Idc for the special camo bonus. The ship does the job that the Atago does for free. Why on earth would you spend money for a ship if you got a clone for free. Side note I have over ~50 premium ships and before I got the ARP it never crossed my mind to buy it.
  6. Glad I got my ARP for free
  7. I let my wife play and she likes to die by showing broadside too often. When you get killed very early... avg dog goes way down. Yes my survival rate is down too. I say it's the fact that I would rather die instead of losing and living. #dontwasteotherstime
  8. I agree that it's a tough ship. But this is my average game with it.
  9. LF Clan

    Wait... your going to ditch me?
  10. Can't Que up any mission tasks

    Sorry its Campaigns
  11. As the subject says... this goes for any of the active missions... anybody having the same issue? additionally i tried the workaround where you select it and hit enter and logging out and trying over again.
  12. Looking for a group to play with

    Visit the guys at JR. There discord is in my signature. I'll be on in 3 hours but it's a great group of guys that enjoy playing with everyone. Adding a new face is better for everyone. Hope to see you.
  13. Higher desmones damage ?

    Just looked it up and her name is not showing up. Dastert is the current NA leader with Jarleo leading globally at 440k. Side note it takes ~24 hrs to update.
  14. Higher desmones damage ?

    That is a very impressive result. As for records... look at shipcomrade.com. they had a leaderboard. I am the leader in NA with my Smith in damage. I'm sure She will be too.
  15. Respect for Emerald Drivers

    I'm fine with it and all the RN CLs being squishy. It made me a better CA driver. But on that topic .. yeah I do feel for them.