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  1. What clan were you in? You don't have a clan tag currently.
  2. So how bad were real American warships?

    if you want this to be a real life game then don't play. you want to have a powerful ship. so how do the people feel if they went against your all powerful ship... the game will die if its a real life sim,
  3. Its the point of having it that matters
  4. well since you currently have free demount... just switch them around and buy them for all your ships then remount the preferred module
  5. come on our discord and see if you like it here. https://discord.gg/YEbKNjp i may not be in the clan anymore but i sure do like playing with them. i was the clan leader for JR and i still help them recruit. again no strings attached. try them out and see.
  6. Free code in Humble Bundle

    Your internet is extremely slow
  7. but didn't Japan have more DD TYPES then Germany?
  8. I'm sorry but what is special about the t61?
  9. Looking for semi-casual friendly clan

    try Jolly Roger. i fully support that clan even though I'm in different clan. there discord is my signature
  10. When do the details come?

    so how do i maximize the Cleveland when it becomes a tier 8? will it keep all the XP it has when it shifts??? or will it shift and start at 0?
  11. That's actually impressive that you did it with just 9 people.
  12. So yesterday went fine. unfortunately we only had enough for 2 teams. we did fairly well and did 3 games in total. Apparently IJN did the best due to there stealth and range. next was KM due to there ability to get in close and brawl. We ended up having "a" winner vice a team due to the number of participants. the winner was @VlamJames40. the overall group of players that played voted him as the MVP. also special thanks to @Skaman__1978 for streaming and @outwardpanicjoe for helping organize the event. I hope to run this again next month... and as for the date... that i will figure out again. I will be sure to give the community a week notice before i host it again.
  13. 7v7 Prince of the Seas

    here you go. https://discord.gg/6HU7T
  14. 7v7 Prince of the Seas

    Beat me to it. Also the more that show up the better. I already have 1 commentator so it's going to be broadcasted.
  15. 7v7 Prince of the Seas

    currently its looking really good for having people attend. its possible we have 4 teams. having more would be even better. visit the facebook page to see how many are interested. https://www.facebook.com/events/2088137678131939/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/WorldofWarshipsBetaTestersGroup/permalink/1967774453533603/?comment_id=1968652316779150&notif_id=1523569635506692&notif_t=group_comment_follow&ref=notif