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  1. _Bunyan_

    how much xpee to research teh lightning?

    Look at the tech tree. 112k.
  2. _Bunyan_

    T5 Ranked Recommendations

    Guys... just treat this like a normal ranked season. There will be salt at this level as people will blame others for each loss. What I plan on doing is ranking out early just like I do in normal ranked and let the newer players/crappier players continue to play. The first ___ days will not fun for them, but give it time and it will be newbie ranked as it's intended.
  3. I know this commander is suppose to have the sme perks that Jack Dunkirk does but it doesn't when I look at him. is it a bug? is it a visual bug? I don't know? thoughts?
  4. _Bunyan_

    New York

    Are you kidding me? Look at your ship and tell me what you see.
  5. I ranked out playing the Montana. I also used the legendary upgrade the entire time. I stayed about 11-15km away if possible so I could use the turning increase. Overall I like the upgrade and will continue to have it on for next season and clan wars.
  6. _Bunyan_

    Khaba or Groz

    Groz is a far superior bote in every way. Khan is a shelfish bote.
  7. _Bunyan_

    Commitment to Legendary Modules

    It took me ~75 games for my groz upgrade.
  8. Sure I'll jump on. What voice comes do you use
  9. _Bunyan_

    Dev Blog - ST Tier 10 French BB Bourgogne

    Wait... is this the new stalingrad for future clan wars?
  10. _Bunyan_

    Anyone seen the legendary mods in use yet?

    The groz mod... I haven't really noticed its effect as I'm not a torp boat so the -% to it is meh. Its +6% rof I dont notice either but I use it still because now I shoot faster.
  11. _Bunyan_

    Is Aigile a good boat?

    Whoa man...! Frenchies are a thing. They were all the time. Ready for some memes today?
  12. _Bunyan_

    Atago Ship of the Day, 30% off, 7/22

    Question .. is the Eugen better than the Atago? I mean both now have heal and that is what made the Atago worth getting.
  13. _Bunyan_

    Atago Ship of the Day, 30% off, 7/22

    Idc for the special camo bonus. The ship does the job that the Atago does for free. Why on earth would you spend money for a ship if you got a clone for free. Side note I have over ~50 premium ships and before I got the ARP it never crossed my mind to buy it.
  14. _Bunyan_

    Atago Ship of the Day, 30% off, 7/22

    Glad I got my ARP for free