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  1. Clan

    I would recommend JR. they are a good clan with good people.
  2. Sorry but i wasn't playing last time they did space battles... so here is my thoughts on space battles I'm not pleased with the quality of the game. - Its played in space... why is there water wake as the ship moves? - flooding in space??? - i guess fire could happen but idk - will the skins be allowed in random?
  3. Update 0.7.2 - Bug Reporting

    so i got stuck on an island... couldn't do anything about it. you'll see in the replay. i think i took it pretty calm too. 20180316_212038_PISB505-Giulio-Cesare_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  4. yeah.... congrats on getting him.
  5. I would like to have you on our team. come over to sail under JR's flag. we currently are in Storm and should be on our way to hurricane by the end of this week. our channel is in my signature also if you want you can play a few games with our clan to see if you like us before making the call.
  6. So where do we submit it and how long is preferred... I could do a very long one but what does WG prefer (750)?
  7. Issues with Discord

    never mind... i figured out i had to switch server locations.... US East apparently is having issues???
  8. Issues with Discord

    is anyone else having issues with discord. everyone sounds like robots when they talk and its very garbled.
  9. First off... Just like the other Nations (Pan Asia). This will not be a complete tree (DD, CA, BB) and only goes to Tier VI. Battleship Cruiser Destroyer Tier II -------------- Elli Thyella Tier III Kilkis Dalmacija (Yugoslavia) Aetos Tier IV Vasilefs Konstantino Georgios Averof Kountouriotis Tier V Salamis ----------------- Vasilissa Olga Tier VI ------------- ------------------ Vasilefs Georgios
  10. Why not Greece? Yes they won't have much ships to fill out a tech tree but you will have some nice premiums. you could even go and make them in a group of nations... "Pan Med"?
  11. Looking for a clan, and friends

    you sound like a great candidate for JR/JR2. if you want... visit us on our discord (my signature) and see if you like us before making the decision to join us. We do Clan Wars every day and I'm sure you can find a way to work yourself into our rotation.
  12. Looking for a Clan

    Well your always to visit us in JR/JR2. If you like us then we let you. However, you must play on discord.
  13. LF clan just got back

    come on over to JR2. we need players to do clan wars. and they play clan wars on the weekends too. one catch however... you need to play on discord.
  14. Hoping for clan suggestions

    well I would say that playing in JR2 would be a great fit for you as its a causal group. no commitment needed. only need to have a mic and discord.
  15. We have taken a lot of newer players in JR. This is good and I am very proud of this. Unfortunately, if you are not able to complete in Clan Wars (own a Tier X) then you will have to join JR2 or JR3. WE do not view the other clans as lesser, but an extension to JR. Once you have a tier X ship you can then switch back to JR.