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  1. Plunging fire. Ok next topic.
  2. _Bunyan_

    Special emblems?

    Yeah I was sunk by a person with that emblem last week and thought the same thing
  3. _Bunyan_

    Best ships for ranked t6

    well I made it up to rank 4 using the WV then I switch to Indy.
  4. as the title states... I don't know how to.
  5. _Bunyan_

    HMS Exeter!!! Dev Blog Post

    Oh snap! Thanks @Ace_04 I didnt realize it was a Heavy Cruiser. I will actually get it now. I was thinking it was a clone of emerald
  6. _Bunyan_

    Buff montana pls

    Why you trying to troll us?
  7. _Bunyan_

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    @db4100 also, let's say you are on a team that us all sub .500 WR and the enemy us all above .600 WR would it be fun? I hope your answer is no. Now lets say this happens over and over and over. Would it still be fun? Again I hope your answer is no. Now think of the guy that is actually trying to win. Doesn't he deserve a fair chance vice "someone" having fun and yoloing? If you are saying well MMing wouldn't allow games like this. Your completely missing the point. Yes shaming is wrong but stop being a snowflake and getting upset about it. Your old enough to know that this game has no impact on your life and nor should the people in games.
  8. _Bunyan_

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    Hey man, calm down. Please think of it from the other persons perspective. Do you like playing a game... let's say axis and allies and your ally is just playing for fun decides to yolo 1 hour into the game... not fun for you... right? Well people dont like to play a 20 min (or less) game and gave it ruined by a player that is just having fun. You k owen the have this format for people that want to have fun... it's called CO-OP. Dont get defensive when all I was saying is just get better. Be a duck and let it roll off you.
  9. _Bunyan_

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    another way to fix this... is get better at the game. I have 11k games in random and it wasn't till about 8k when the light finally turned on and I got good. 48% -> 56%
  10. I finally got my first camo for the event. Mogomi. I actually would have preferred NC.
  11. _Bunyan_

    Is Clan Wars working yet?

    well we just got into a clan wars game... so I guess its working.
  12. WE have done 2 games and each one has kicked us after the game. last game we played was about 20 mins ago.... just wondering if people are able to get games going?
  13. same as above. got kicked after our clan wars battle
  14. Well I say that since they dont have a contact with ARP. I say they give everyone who has the commander gets it 😀only vet players will get it.