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  1. - Fair, manual drops should be taught as early on as possible. - No, 2/1/3 loadouts for Essex and Midway will be ridiculously overpowered, as will be 1/1/3 on the Ranger/Lex (2/1/1 on the Essex is already really good if played well). I personally would leave everything the same but give the Lex 2/1/1 and Ranger 2/1/0, with the Lex 2/1/1 only having access to 500 lbs bombs (0/1/3 and 2/0/2 get to keep 1000 lbs bombs). Reasoning: 2/1/0 on Ranger has extreme shutdown capability vs any of the other CVs, while retaining reduced but decent strike capability (also the lack of DBs will mean that there will be a lot of reserve fighters and torpedo bombers to compensate). 2/1/1 on Lex will feel like a nice step up from the Ranger as it will introduce DoT as a powerful damage mechanic, but won't be overpowered with the 1000 lbs bomb alpha strike damage. - Fair, 1 hit is to be expected with such long rearm times. - Tentatively ok. - Hell no, the spread is already tight enough already. V shape means 100% torp hits which is too powerful. - Weird addition - 4 knots doesn't compensate for a loss of 2k in damage (20% damage reduction). - Nononoonoononononononoononononono, we don't need 2 USN TBs in T7-T8. - If this is to be added, those AP DBs shouldn't be able to do significant damage to BBs (i.e. they should mostly shatter/bounce). Being able to have full pen bombs on DDs and lightly armoured cruisers is too broken considering the strategic importance of DDs. Honestly, the biggest problem at the moment which can be largely solved is the fact that Ranger 1/1/1 is the only somewhat viable loadout, which gets absolutely crushed by Hiryu 2/2/2, simply because 2 squadrons can always screw over one through strafe abuse. Same problem with the Lex. There are of course deeper underlying issues which need to be solved, but I think changing the Ranger and Lex in the way I mentioned will make them fun and have a place in the CV meta.
  2. With the future APDB option, USN AS loadouts will actually start doing respectable damage - it's easy to forget that although they don't guaranteed insta-nuke non-KM BBs, they still do very high damage (and still have a chance to nuke as well). USN AS CVs are going to be really strong when the APDBs come out (the combination of their insane anti-air capability and decent/significant damaging APDBs will make them quite competitive) That's somewhat true in the current state because of the current USN AS inability to do damage, but USN AS already shreds through IJN reserves quickly currently - combined with the possible implementation of APDBs, it would actually be pretty decent.
  3. Moskva ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. 11 pages + 'anime' + 'hate' =
  5. Funny how this thread itself reflects why chat strikes should be in game.
  6. Oh, if you mean it in that way then yes it is a better analogy. Lul. :'>
  7. That's not really a better analogy - I'd personally think that a bad driver should stay away from driving with even more vehemence than a bad violinist from the violin. At least the violinist doesn't kill people - hopefully.
  8. Yes, that is indeed very true. The Saipan however can do what the Kaga can do and more if played smartly though.
  9. Trust me, you will love it. Quality really is better than quantity (esp when you can actually get strikes in against T8 BBs without getting guaranteed wiped).
  10. ... and the best counter to an OP premium carrier is ... another OP premium carrier .
  11. Seeing Saipans in your Kaga is like karma for taking such an unbalanced ship out in the first place. Same story for T9 AA.
  12. Introduce a monitoring system which detects when battleships push with a minimum amount of ships supporting in a certain radius (to distinguish them from suicidal rushers) and reward those players.
  13. Small reserves? That thing has about the same amount of planes in reserve as the Hiryu.
  14. It's usually the battleships that fail to realise that cruisers behind them are ready to support them at a moment's notice, so they turn tail and lure a giant steel wall of enemy battleships into the cruisers, which in turn leads to the cruisers actually starting to run away. Repeat and you get you get that bunching up in the corner phenomenon.
  15. That Imperator Nikolai I offer seems awfully suspicious .