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    Easter Egg containers?

    @Radar_X 50 to 1000 doubloons.

    19 point captains

    Any good player can do as well or as poorly than any other good player at any tier whether they are using a 0 point or 19 point captain. One's playing skills has nothing to do with the pixel captain's skill points other than to make earning the skill points easier.

    When was "The Golden Age" of WoWS?

    @Pytheas from release until WG began to make changes based on Whiners opinions about OP this that and whatever. The total collapse of the Golden Age is the CV rework.

    Telling bots from people?

    @RumpledSteelskins that is a given for co op reds and AI team mates. What @Col_Nasty is speaking of is human players using preprogrammed scripts, a rules violation and those who just maliciously play stupid.

    ship not received

    @bassdeer they need to check the premium shop there will be a notice and directions to claim the gift.

    Best CV complaint ever!!!

    @jags_domain I have made many such reports and have never been told to shut up. One has to be persistent.
  7. @JonnyFreedom That is easily remedied by not playing to get sunk early and not leaving the battle early for whatever reason. Get over it and go battle with another ship.

    Best CV complaint ever!!!

    @jags_domain if you aren't reporting such with a replay in a support ticket then you and all others who also do not bother are as bad or worse than your offender. They brush off the battle chat bans other than to gripe about them in the forum then go right back to harassing others when the ban is lifted. But WG will use account suspensions/revocations against habitual offenders when support tickets with evidence reveal them. Don't believe those who say WG does nothing because WG does punish such behavior. WG NA just does not inform the player base about how many actions are taken and what offences they were for even though they should.

    Best CV complaint ever!!!

    @jags_domain I trust you put in a support ticket with replay so the jerk gets a suspension to adjust his attitude!
  10. Better yet put in a support ticket with the replay so he gets more than a few pink status battles. Since the replay will show it to be deliberate and malicious he may get a suspension.

    pentalties for being not on site!

    Run check and repair. If that does not work to your satisfaction submit a support ticket, provide them with the info they ask for. Then follow their instructions, download and run the diagnostics they provide and they will likely be able to correct the problem or tell you where the fault might be on your end and suggest fixes for you to try. They have helped me with such problems several times. Most recently the fix was to reset my preferences to default. Haven't had an problem since. So there @Noone_You_Know !

    pay to win

    @Ossiuum The crates, holiday or otherwise are in no way an example of Pay to Win. They are merely a means of allowing everyone the chance to get an expensive ship(s) for much less than they sell or were sold for. The Secret Santa event in particular where one can gift crates to another who may not be able to afford the regular price of the items or even the $1.00 crates. Also the Premium Ammo in WoT does not insure a 100% Win Rate. One shot kills vs difficult targets perhaps but not 100% win rate.

    pay to win

    @EL_MIG @Ossiuum Please provide us with each and every premium item available from WG that guarantees any player that they will win 100% of the battles they enter. I have been searching for one since Beta Testing and have yet to find one among all the premium ships or items I have purchased or won. The several premium ships that have been removed from sale that I have in my port certainly have not nor will they ever produce a 100% win rate for me! I will not be holding my breath! However if you wish to use a blatant falsehood as your reason to quit playing So Be It! You will not be missed.

    Are disturbing playernames allowed?

    @Reymu Whenever I see a game name that is blatantly offensive or clearly a play on words or phrases to mask profanity, sexual function, perversions etc, I submit a ticket immediately upon the battles end. I include the replay and a reasonable explanation of how the name is a play on words that would not be allowed if plainly typed. ie Yuck followed by Foo or F00 or Phoo, Phuu is clearly a play on a prohibited phrase. I have also reported a few that I have seen right here as posters or commenters.

    Commander XP

    It becomes Elite Commander XP that can be used to upgrade any commander.