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    Please Add..

    Sure why not! Everyone would love to wait an hour while a map is built for a 20 minute battle!
  2. @TheStarSlayer They gave us the Mikasa! Its main battery is next to useless but the secondaries are killer!

    Team quality

    @XxX_7_1 I suspect it is not that most players do not know how to play the maps, but rather most players do not play the maps to your satisfaction! Also, by the way, there is no set in stone way to play any of the maps!

    PSA Bonus codes

    I wonder if they work on a steam account

    DD Suicides Creating Game In-balance

    Demand demand demand! I can only hardy har har since all my laugh emojis are used up

    BONUS CODE: 15 Dec 2018

    a lot of hoops to jump through but got it entered it now to see what happened 950 doubloons a 3 pt captain port slot and 5 New Year camo nice haul for few minutes effort
  7. @NaviNavi2742 @Spud_butt Yea I feel real bad when such things happen that is why I play my torp ships primarily in co op! Perhaps the battle Spud mentioned was mine but likely not! It was early this morning in my Midway and my 1st kill was the friendly bot DD! I did get my target DD a BB, CA and the CV for the win but it was close since others on the team played stupid!
  8. All I can do is laugh at this! If you feel that he intentionally intercepted your torpedoes to grief you then report him in a support ticket with the match replay. Now I will go finish working off my penalty for sinking our bot DD that intercepted my torps used to sink a reds bot DD! Boo Hoo for me!
  9. How could one determine that sub atomic particles behave differently when observed than when no observed? That does not make any sense! Unless of course one could observe them while they were not being observed! Also the only reason to behave differently while being observed would be to be aware that one was being observed.

    Nicknames you have given to your ships

    Hashadate Hash Pipe Ichizuki Itchy Sushi Langley and Bogue Construction Dumpsters with a flight deck welded on top
  11. that offer is available on steam WoWs accounts whether one has a coupon or not.

    What ship is this? (Solved)

    I brought up the movie on YT no credits!