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  1. Well you have OP as original poster as in you are the OP in this case. OP as far as a ship goes can be as others stated that players using said ship show an improved win rate. Early on in the game though a few ships may have been added after perhaps a bit of slack during testing and had a bit more hitting power and/or survival strength than they should have. WG made adjustments on these and balanced then out. The super tester now appear to have a better handle on this so that when a new ship enter the game it is balanced rather well!
  2. Disconnects happen from time to time just a fact of life in the online world.
  3. How Do I Defend My Teammates?

    Do what you feel works best for Practice practice practice. If other CV players offer constructive advice give it a try
  4. Your observation is nothing new. I have seen this since I started in open beta and I see now nothing has changed. I saw the same thing in WoT so there was no surprise. People want an omelet but don't want to crack egg shells.
  5. Not that I have been under a rock just not able to get hands on compu for a year. Sorry to hear this. I enjoyed his posting very much and they will certainly be missed.
  6. What is your Karma score right now

    Karma does not go below zero and there is no punishments involved at all. It is just a number and if yours is high then you are likely being a good team player and you don't do stupid stuff in battle nor are you rude to others in chat. So you garner compliments from those conscious enough to take the effort
  7. How many battles is average

    9140 here so far and climbing
  8. The coming meta change

    The sky is falling the sky is falling
  9. In the 40s there were certainly no yards capable of building a ship as large as would be required. In fact I doubt there is a yard large enough today to do so.
  10. Well it seems that this is a suggestion not a bug report or feedback
  11. Was it co op ? If so ships and tier for red team mirrors green team Nothing changed there.
  12. Limited-time idea

    I have over 500 million credits I earned every one of them and any other player needs to do the same thing. If you want to be charitable then gift someone from the shop.
  13. Don't like CVs then don't us them. As for subs NO!