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  1. Gimmicks gimmicks Gimmicks

    @tm63au if you don't like the new consumables that were tested in PT 7.8 then don't use them! I tried the gun and the torp reload booster and was not at all impressed by either.
  2. When was it ever in the game ? and why?
  3. "Human" Bots?

    @J30_Reinhardt I use auto pilot way points often but that never works as precisely as described for more than 2 o3 way points and certainly not a transit all the way around the map.
  4. @legoboy0401 Just get one and play it!
  5. Will the nelson get an armor buff?

    If it is a premium ship you can forget any buffs but don't count out nerfs! If they see enough complaints they will just wreck it just like they are going to wreck CVs
  6. Rewards for PT 0.7.8

    the rewards have not been issued yet
  7. Rewards for PT 0.7.8

    The rewards will be issued to your WoWs account within a few days of update 7.8 release! Read the PT 7.8 round 2 news on the web site
  8. @iDuckman the rewards will be posted to our live accounts within a few days of 7.8 updates release! 7.8 has not been released yet so if got rewards they are for something else!
  9. Rewards for PT 0.7.8

    I did all but ranked and the clan battle since they were impossible to get into
  10. "Human" Bots?

    @Seaneroo that's botting note the names and put in a support ticket!
  11. @Kanly yes a report in a support ticket will help even if it is boring!
  12. The Anti-Pirate Coalition

    @Admiral_Thrawn_1 I signed on when it first came up on the news!
  13. The Anti-Pirate Coalition

    Still hoping to be chosen!
  14. Pin-Up: Trailer

    Outstanding! Looking forward to seeing the finished video! And yes the nay sayers and wet blankets will be out in abundance complaining just because they need to complain!
  15. @Kanly note the name and put in a support ticket the offender will be dealt with