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    Former Battleship Sailor, ESWS and proud of it. Served on USS MISSOURI BB63 Gulf War.

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  1. fallanger

    Mighty Jingles on You Tube

    I have to admit I agree with all of you chaps, his rhetoric is very good, I noticed over the years he would start ripping into folks on countless WOT vids and lately he mocks himself. I enjoy them more now. I stopped watching for a bit because he embraced WARPLANES during the game's complete makeover and I hate WORLD OF WARPLANES now. He keeps it interesting. For me the game(s) were becoming a bit redundant, but he makes them interesting again. CHEERS
  2. fallanger

    Illegal Mods

    Sorry, had an Admiral Jingles moment, bit daft in my old age.
  3. fallanger

    Mighty Jingles on You Tube

    I just subscribed to the Mighty Jingles channel and found it to be very informative and entertaining. Narration is a bit snarky with references to surprise butt sex popping into the content now and then and historical accuracy and stats usually accurate too. I enjoy it. Anyone else enjoy it?
  4. fallanger

    Illegal Mods

    Just curious, Are there or is there illegal modifications on WOW as I am told that they persist on WOT?
  5. fallanger

    not sure where or who I can ask but.....

    Dang it bobby....if you weren't my son I 'd hug ya.
  6. it is of course with sadness and some joy that I have decided to combine the premium coins from WOT and World of Warplanes to my World Warships account, albeit when I can ever get it fixed. How would or can one go about doing that. I absolutely dislike the current versions of WOT and World Warships and seek to transfer it all to the WORLD of WARSHIPS . Thankyou anyone for a salient response. Cheers.
  7. fallanger

    Tech support is *******

    Did see your blog mate, it mirrors the advice I received from tech support so I am familiar with all if it. Thank you for the link.
  8. fallanger

    Tech support is *******

    My comments specifically address installation and use of the game center and I have provided feedback and reports to tech support deemed useful in the past, but its been over 2 weeks and I cannot use WOW. However other games work fine and I have not experienced any serious issues with them, however WOT and Warplanes game play is almost rubbish anymore. The sensible thing to do is move on, uninstall and find better games online. I follow the Mighty Jingles and thats more than enough entertainment for me. The complexity with this sort of game the more frustrating it can be IMO. Its beginning to look like WAR THUNDER all over. I did get the old installer and performed my own registry edits, but honestly even after uninstalling the lastest 64 bit win 10 update I am basically where I started two weeks. Because of long standing with frustration with tech support in the past I beginning to understand the limitations placed on them to actually do anything useful for the average user EXCEPT a few tort replies to my inquiries. I have lost all confidence that any solution short of a wipe and reinstall of everything on my lapping is warranted. For those that cling to WIN 7 and 8 I take a long bow and wish them well. Cheers.
  9. I am and have for two weeks created tickets and attempted to find workable solutions to what I am told are typical problems with the game center and world of warships, which IMO is the only game worth playing anymore that can be remotely called fun. My issue is that the tech support bots simply send FAQs and a list of fixes that indicate to me that all the effort to put information into the ticket was simply ignored. Is there another alternative group or individual that actually knows the guts of the game center and games that can provide meaningful suggestions to find solutions to my questions? I am absolutely disgusted with tech support. I want my money back ( so to speak) or is this the Soviet way of doing business ROFL. Beginning to really hate the product just on my experience with War-gaming .net. Any help from any other source would be greatly appreciated.
  10. cant seem to post in the forums anyone got an idea?