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  1. Dadaan

    I want to BUY STEEL

    It was last years event, instead of getting a SC, or flag box for wins, it was 200 steel for a win on a Tier 10, and 100 steel for a win in a tier 9. COOP is always busy around this time of year.
  2. It has been a year since he won the contest, wth, over.
  3. Dadaan

    Poll on 8.0 patch

    I've played about 10 games with all the classes and won 7 of them. Overall I was frustrated all night and did not enjoy the game. This patch is crushing my morale at the moment.
  4. Dadaan

    This is a Freaking Disaster

    How did you get the opinion the OP thinks CVs are Over powered? Did we read different post?
  5. Dadaan

    Worst Tier 10 Cruiser

  6. Dadaan

    Wide spread torpedoes

    Depending on the situation I will use 1 wide spread drop with a narrow drop, especially if 2 tgts are next to each other. I'm basically hedging my bets.
  7. Dadaan

    Karma.... kind of [edited]

    I consider myself nice in chat 95% of the time and try to do well and my karma is over 200. I get reported for no reason all the time, but generally trend upward, different experiences i guess.
  8. Dadaan

    Khabarovsk max HP?

    Yea i did a double take the 1st time i saw it.
  9. Dadaan

    Khabarovsk max HP?

    Special Captain that gives +400 per tier instead of the normal 350.
  10. Dadaan

    WoWS needs an end game

    Something like the weekly tournaments in World of Tanks i take it?
  11. Dadaan

    Selling hulls

    Nope, sell away
  12. Dadaan

    Win rate

    Truth in this thread, I always Div with sub 40% players because win rate doesn't mean anything and RNG and luck just carry me some how.