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  1. Finally Broke 300k

    Show off!! Very nice damage.
  2. Blacklist ?

    Nope, they just can't talk to you.
  3. You can see it in game. Monday.
  4. The Swag!

    Your SC loot is OP
  5. Huzzah..... Got one last week as well.
  6. The stats on the loading screen don't represent what the captain skills are, so as a rule of thumb add 5 to other dds concealment.
  7. Thanks for putting this together, much appreciated. +1
  8. If it makes you feel better, it was from the Yamato Campaign and the other 3 i've gotten from it have been modules
  9. It depends on what type of SC you get. I recently got 100 Dragon Flags. You can also get 25, or 50.
  10. Hopefully this super container I got last night is foreshadowing the birthday!!
  11. Very true, just got my first 19 pt Captain and the elite xp is really helping out.