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  1. I consistently finish in the top 3 and have no issues with karma dropping.
  2. That is a WoT coupon, I got one as well, you can only use in for a WoT purchase
  3. Twitch not linking

    Mine went to the russian portal the first time i tried. Then I saw this post and gave it another try and it worked perfectly fine. I have no idea wth is going on, sorry.
  4. Like Exciton said, never sell a premium.
  5. A Question about my coupon.

    Nice doubloon discount there!
  6. Currency Unification

    This is the answer. Back before WoWs came out, clannies were stockpiling gold from tourney wins to buy everything they would ever need in WOWs. They were burnt out on tanks and would never spend the 100k plus gold they had saved on Tanks. They were super butt hurt, understandably, when they went back on their word and now currently play zero WG titles.
  7. Finally Broke 300k

    Show off!! Very nice damage.
  8. Blacklist ?

    Nope, they just can't talk to you.
  9. You can see it in game. Monday.
  10. Des Moines class autoloaders

    Great vids, thanks!
  11. The Swag!

    Your SC loot is OP
  12. Huzzah..... Got one last week as well.
  13. The stats on the loading screen don't represent what the captain skills are, so as a rule of thumb add 5 to other dds concealment.
  14. Thanks for putting this together, much appreciated. +1