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  1. Yea, I hope the chat issues in WoT persist.
  2. With you on this. Think I played one game in the first one i earned. I would gladly give these to people who would play them.
  3. They pop up randomly in game after battle. Have had 2 discount offers pop up in almost 3k games. Don't hold your breath waiting for one.
  4. I thought of getting the Belfast when it was 30% off a little while back, but i have too much self respect Serious though, have fun with, a pretty good choice i think.
  5. Looks and sounds great, going to be good!
  6. Shame too, I have it and will never put it on a ship. Wish you could have mine.
  7. Yep, just like it says, limit 9 per day.
  8. Very nice guys. I received AA special upgrade and a speed boost special upgrade.
  9. And of the Dets people do sustain, i would venture to say less then half of them occur when you are full health.
  10. Great game, +1
  11. Don't play for stats, that's fine, but please, PLEASE, play to WIN, try to WIN! thanks
  12. Had to play about 10 times to five star it, very annoying starting a game with 3 OP Dynamo DDs on your team almost everytime. As usual, you have to carry hard if you really want it.
  13. Congrats! Also, weird seeing this thread surface to the top again.
  14. RNG is with you, I only have 6 and am now sitting on 13 duplicates