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  1. Three ship divisioning

    I think the ratio is worse than 1:1.
  2. This one is taking a break. Playing other games and enjoying the summer (as much as possible given the TX heat) when I have time off. WoWS is getting a little stale for me. I hope something new and different will be introduced. Who knows... For now, I got other distractions.
  3. Maybe the Amazon approval didn't get to them yet. I have had this happen with purchases over Amazon at other vendors (not here). I doubt the the support person knew there was a broader issue yet when they interacted with you...
  4. I think for many it does and I would not support this. As others have said, some of these ships might be available through other means anyway.
  5. And capitalism doesn't? It's just that classes are defines/enforced through different mechanisms. But to the OP, I am 100% with @Ducky_shot. I am an above average player but I will never get most of these ships despite being in a clan where ppl will. I simply do not play enough. And, since I am a collector, I really want them. Heck, I'd even pay for many of them... but I understand that there need to be rewards for the most dedicated players. It is not only the best that rank out, or take part in CB, as Ducky explained. So many have a shot at it. Don't like how they will be warned? Yeah, join the club, but this is the direction WG has chosen... and many do like it. And when my clan mates, or anyone else will sail these ships - that I may want - I'll congratulate them instead of berate WG on the formus. But that's just me... I can still have plenty of fun even if I don't have the shiny I want.
  6. They don't force you to spend any money. Or does someone from WG show up at your door? Plenty of ppl are f2p. If there is nothing wrong with this practice then why make this post? What are you complaining about then? You want them to give you free stuff just for playing? Well, they do. There are constantly missions where you earn rewards just for playing the game... they don't have to do that but choose to do it to reward you for your activity. And yes, cable companies do not do that but airlines do. Fly with them often and get miles and free upgrades. Not sure what either has to do with WG, but there you go...
  7. They do no such thing. I know plenty of ppl play WoWS (and in the past WoT) without spending money... and they have plenty of T10s. As already stated: this is a common strategy and it is common because it works often enough to be worth it. I spend plenty of money on WG games and have no problem with them doing this. From all the easy missions and events I benefit plenty more from playing this game than taking a long break.
  8. You are in the RUST clan. All we will get is rust.
  9. Usually a custom playlist although on occasion we use a music bot on discord.
  10. You are right, there is op and there is OP. But the point stands: WG said they will never sell the ship again, yet they did. And they said they would not sell it because it is OP. But I do agree that it is unlikely that we will see some ships in the store again... but we cannot rule it out as WG has demonstrated that "never" seems to have a somewhat flexible definition.
  11. Radar mod request

    Yes, but ducky used it colloquially. ;)
  12. Interesting SC occurrence

    I was just happy to see a SC from a random crate collection. :) But it was cool, coincidence or programmed. And I got better loot cuz I made @Ducky_shotopen his first. *adjusts his tin foil spork* Better.
  13. Congrats to all players!

    Ok. That explains a lot. Yup. It's a joke. :)
  14. Pretty much my take on this, too. The comment is somewhat vague and could refer to lots of things...