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  1. ERROR404_Logic_Not_Found

    Why does Colbert have 127mm guns?

    what was I going to say.................... WHAT? time to question my own life
  2. ERROR404_Logic_Not_Found

    Clan Special Test: General Information + FAQ

    @Watatsuki_no_Yorihime I hope there is some logic here.
  3. ERROR404_Logic_Not_Found

    Premium Proposal: HSMS Tre Kronor, T7 CL

    I have to say, invent-a-shell is a very fun game
  4. ERROR404_Logic_Not_Found

    USN DD's needs BUFFS

    Just going to say one of my pet pevs about the WoWS community: Arguing for buffs using Wows numbers, warships.today... literally anything that isn't maplesyrup. All those other stats include stats from day 1, when the meta was different, you can really only trust data from the last 2-3 months for average stats, therefore it [maplesyrup] is the only stat site to use when arguing for buffs/nerfs. For Gearing, this means stats from the Torpedo Soup Days of One Shooting 5 tirpitz's from the enemy team by a single Shimakaze, obviously stats would be messed up from that. Even at that, NA/SEA doesn't have enough players, have to check EU stats preferably for me UPDATE: did the research, EU, Time Frame: 15 September 2018 to 10 November 2018. Lowest WR is listed first, not listing all the DDs, too much text Overall: only at 2 Tiers do USN DDs fall significantly behind to warrant a buff, Tier 2 and Tier 7... Tier 4 could still use a nerf though.
  5. Have any YELLOW ZEBRA (いえろ~ぜぶら) songs there?