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    Im a big fan of WG PC titles(WoT,WoWp,WoWs) mainly but i have played WoT Blitz. I play many different games on 2-3 different platforms (PC,PS3,PS4) mainly PC/PS4. I'm usually on WoWs everyday most days if you want to div up let me know.

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  1. Saving Transylvania Game Mode Tips & Tricks Some of this information may be completely wrong this is just what i've noticed during the time that i've played and i thought i should pass it on & help you guys get more chances to get this awesome camo If you know about one of the tricks im describing below and you notice im wrong about something please post & i will fix when i can. Tricks IF nobody goes inside the circle right away you can move up with the 3 dd's in the game and take out some of the catapults in the beginning of the game (now if you take out a certain amount/ or pass a certain part of the map(somewhere after the island right in the middle of the map it will spawn all of the ships, yes even the 3 in the back not sure about Rasputin as i died quickly in the dd as soon as the ships spawned) All of the dd's can group up go down south around the island then pass the 2nd island, and make your way through the channel between the 2nd and 3rd island, you can bypass all the ships (i think some will still spawn where you are & catapults will spawn on the way there i think) and by doing this you can spawn in Rasputin early and kill it with the pack of dd's making it slightly easier for your team to successfully get Transylvania on the other side of the map. Tips ​Use AP on the catapults even in DD's then switch back to HE if you're in a cruiser Try to stay in the front of the Zika's because less secondaries there. I heard you could citadel the front of the Zika's if you shoot the mouth in the front(confirmed ty Wulfgarn) Apparently BB's are very popular and a lot of people are playing them so you will wait a little while longer to get into a game so i would suggest playing another class if you dont want to wait try out the dd you'll love it! Shoot Catapults first because they have a lot more range then Zikasa's and also do more damage. Zikasa's only use their secondaries to cause damage at a range of 4km stay farther away from that & they'll useless! Try to let only the battleships and cruisers be inside the circle(too many inside and the battleships will have trouble catching up. Completely forget about the 3 Zikasa's that spawn in the very back where you first started they will never catch up to you end-game unless Trans. Is moving slower then normal. When you are shooting the Catapults it may look like you're aiming too short but your shells will hit if you're in gun range. Current missions that are going on right now that can get you (3) camo's EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU PLAY A SCENARIO BATTLE. just think about all the camo's you can rack up during this event!! (this camo would cost around 50 Gold EVERY game that you play) Description Reward Cause 100,000 damage to ships in a single battle 100,000 credits & (1) 2016 Halloween Camo. Cause 100,000 damage to ships in a single battle(Again) 30,000 Credits & (1) 2016 Halloween Camo. Sink 2 Zikasa's in 1 game 70,000 Credits & (1) 2016 Halloween Camo Camo Bonus: -3% to detectability range by sea, +4 to maximum dispersion of shells fired by enemy, +100% EXP earned in battle
  2. I Love Farming In My Saipan