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  1. The Motley Gamer

    LOL, good one gave me a chuckle. Keep trying you will get them all.

    Just bought her, looking forward to getting home in time to play her:-)
  3. Just bought her myself. Couldn't make myself buy the bear can camo though. Nice bonus but just ick. Lookimg forward to playing her tonite.
  4. So you think you got problems?

    WE deal with Blistering cold and heavy snow but nothing like this. Very best of luck to you and everyone down there.
  5. Thanks for the Santa crates

    Yup, they have been hell on my credit card but fun to open. Got every premium ship I was looking for, lots of flags, camos and Dubloons
  6. AHLA: Richelieu. (Image heavy)

    Hi there, this history post is awesome. Was a ton of work I am sure but please do more as you do these well. Thank you for your efforts.
  7. Queen Air Strikes Again

    Nice, I do like the AA on the Queen.
  8. Happy Holidays everyone!!!

    Thank you to all the Admins for the work they do for us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  9. le wild baguette spotted

    Oooooo me wants one!
  10. Duke of York health

    Nerf the KGV? What for? Plays just fine, don't mess with it.
  11. Don't play = get rewarded

    Wondering about this as well, play a lot, spend regularly. Must be missing something if this is the new WG trend.
  12. Christmas Gift Boxes Available in WoT

    Been looking forward to this time of year for months, bring on the flags and ships:-)
  13. Dispersion is messed up

    LOL, like the Ham Sandwich. Yes, sometimes you get 3 citadels...... sometimes you get the Sandwich:-)