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  1. Is fire prevention any good?

    Tried it on my Montana but didn't see much value in it and got rid of it. Don't run it on any of my BB's and don't have any more problems with fires than others do. Rare to see 3 fires let alone 4. CE and AFT have much more value.
  2. Dear Missouri Drivers

    This man gets it, well done. Wish there were more like you.
  3. Dear Missouri Drivers

    Funny, I have a Misssouri. Am I allowed to criticize them or is that sacralege? Oh, and I'm a cruiser main not a DD main and this observation was made while playing my BB's today in DD heavy games. Whine on BB mains.
  4. Dear Missouri Drivers

    Your radar has a range, it is not 22km. Sitting up the back denies your team a valuable asset that is needed near the caps. Don't make excuses, support your DD's and they will support you and give you cookies. This also applies to Russian cruisers but not US cruisers, US cruisers seem to understand this.
  5. Yay! Another T8 premium BB, just what this game needs...
  6. Now you've ruined it..bringing in facts...
  7. Prinz Eugen viable for Ranked?

    367 battles in Atago for me, average dam 52k. Atago works :) And it works good in T8 ranked.
  8. You realize he/she is not allowed to say anything about the ship other than it floats and shoots because it's being tested right?
  9. Asashio Final Version

    Think I'll get one to piss off all the BB's and wont give a crap about facing one in my cruisers
  10. Aigle Captains Skills

    Aigle Captain skills...put him in another boat and make him happy.
  11. Please... Then we could get the USS Canberra, the only USN ship named after a foreign city, a Baltimore class CA!
  12. Badges...

    Hopefully feedback gets us an option to turn them off. Badges are not one of WG's better moves
  13. Badges...

    Any word if there is going to be an option to turn them off? Just annoying now