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  1. hexeris

    What's the best paint job in the game?

    and for some real trivia, the British flag is called the Union flag but when it is flown on the jack staff it is then called the Union Jack!
  2. I usually play randoms and do OK but over the past, say 2 months or so randoms are just utter trash. Don't know why, don't know how to change it, don't really care. Think I'll spend my time in co-op for awhile hammering bots, playing aggressively as I like to. Will still do randoms occasionally, particularly when the RN CA's are released. Been playing MW5 alternatively as something different, what's not to like about stompy big robots? Anyone else feeling this way?
  3. hexeris

    Best Seal Clubber?

    It says a lot about a person who feels the need to seal club in the lower tiers and drive new players away. How small is your.... If you have more then say 500 games you should not be allowed to play below T5 unless in a new ship with a new captain.
  4. hexeris

    meaningful Kremlin nerfs

    I thought they nerfed the anchor so that there is a very, very small chance in port it might turn slightly to starboard...
  5. hexeris

    Atago Buyers Remorse

    I put off getting the Atago for a long while. Now she's one of my most played ships. Granted I'm a cruiser main but she has stood the test of time and keeps on kicking butt. I like getting in T10 games with her, lots of credits and XP to farm there.
  6. Don't know about inserting Russian CV's into the game but they can be inserted where all the rest of the Russian ships belong...somewhere solar radiation will not be a problem
  7. hexeris

    Tactics-->No Support for DDs

    With the tactical information given there is no reason for the entire green team not to charge as the red team only consists of 4 dd's and outnumber them 3 to one.
  8. hexeris

    When was the map, "Ocean" released?

    No they didn't I Iwas there). When the game released the island huggers cried rivers and it got removed from normal rotation. Now it's a rarity which is a pity since it is the best map and you have to know how to play to do well on it. I really like it in all my ships.
  9. hexeris

    Cruiser armor? What armor?

    CA's dont need an armour buff, learn to WASD. If anything a slight manouverability buff would be nice. I'm a cruiser main, give open water anytime where I can manouver rather than these islands choked maps.
  10. The dev strike was on their Implacable..feels good
  11. hexeris

    Italian cruiser line questions

    the t7, Zara is OK but nothing really special. T8 up they get really good, I liked them all from there.
  12. hexeris

    Free XP Bote

    Should have said, I mainly play Cruisers.
  13. hexeris

    Free XP Bote

    Looking to expand my fleet (like I need to :P) and was wondering what free XP ships people would recommend. I have the Yoshino. Leaning towards the Alaska atm.