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  1. Apart from playing in a DD, I just find the Khab annoying now, shoot at it when it's around but not over other more important targets ,ie DD's that can actually do what DD's are supposed to do. It seems to have little affect on a games outcome lately. Just my 2 cents...
  2. No problem with special rewards for those doing CW BUT the reward ship should only be useable in CW.
  3. get the premium camo..make money. I run it on all my T10 ships.
  4. I agree the Khab is totally OP but I have noticed recently it doesn't have much affect on the overall game result. Sure it's dangerous but it doesn't help the team much. Bit like the Henry, big damage, little effect.
  5. That guy who immediately calls 'Plan?' when the game starts. Please use your brain and work it out.
  6. High Alert, Basics of Survivability and Adrenaline Rush will serve you better. Never used FP, never saw the need on any of my BB's.
  7. Don't like the Yamato, doesn't work for me. Hate the guns. But I love my GK, not really interested in a T10 NC, working on the conq atm.
  8. I thought there were going to be changes to smoke firing in 6.11? No mention in the patch notes. Still testing? Disappointed
  9. Scharn is a good ship, I like it. I don't have the Tirpitz but that may be a good option for you too since you have the Bismarck. Depending on the tier you lie to play, Scharn will probably get better MM than the Tirp, you won't see T10's in it.
  10. Gratz man, nice feeling to crack 200k! Though it usually seems to be on a loss...
  11. 9 at the moment, a little way off the Shima still
  12. lol, didn't even notice that
  13. The reduced repair cost alone is worth it. I run it on all my T10's, 8 at the moment.