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  1. Please... Then we could get the USS Canberra, the only USN ship named after a foreign city, a Baltimore class CA!
  2. Badges...

    Hopefully feedback gets us an option to turn them off. Badges are not one of WG's better moves
  3. Badges...

    Any word if there is going to be an option to turn them off? Just annoying now
  4. Use Napalm, then you can burn them below the waterline as well!
  5. Interesting Boat. Since I mainly play cruisers and it is zero threat to them it's a DD I can safely ignore. Might pick it up to annoy BB's. Nice review as always Mouse +1
  6. Richelieu vs Alsace

    OK, so the Alsace is a shot gun, get in close and hope for the best. Not interested in the Republique so will grab the Alsace at some point and stop.
  7. Richelieu vs Alsace

    Do the guns get better on the Alsace 'cause the Richilieu's are terrible?
  8. Potato after potato after potato and it's not even the weekend! Is it holidays in the US?
  9. RN Heavy Cruisers, sick of BB's and DD's
  10. best bote for operation hermes

    Fiji, Defensive Fire... Fighter... ???
  11. Top tier/Bottom tier in a DD makes no difference you are still effective.
  12. 5 CV's attack, one freighter sunk, one torpedo hit on the Katori, need better CV drivers I think...back to co-op for them!
  13. The mighty Hindenburg is mine.

    Enjoy the beast, great ship and IMO the BEST ship outright in the game.
  14. 12 at the moment, no Russians, no CV's
  15. Hindenburg vs Moskva

    When specced for it Hindy is at 8.3 reload, makes a BIG difference.