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  1. hexeris

    Load Screen

    On the load screen did they forget to add the camo to the bow of the right hand ship, Yamagiri I assume?
  2. hexeris

    Which to use? HE or AP shells?

    What LWM said, times 100.
  3. hexeris

    Rental Ships

    Dear WG, can you not give me a rental ship of one that I already have? Stop cluttering up my port. Thanks.
  4. hexeris

    I've seen it ALL now.

    Completely balanced class. I had 8 penetration hits on a sub from my Fiji for a total of 2.5k damage...
  5. hexeris

    Tips for Drake?

    If you cant make the Drake work you will not like the Goliath. Same play style with more guns. HE everything unless your close and the enemy is broadside. I use the Heavy HE skill as well.
  6. hexeris

    Not Happy With Ragnar

    Not all ships suit all people. I find that with the Yamato, doesn't work for me.
  7. hexeris

    Quickest way to earn 34k RB points?

    Think I'll wait to just before the next season starts, reset a line, research the ships then reset the line again and play one game in each after the reset. I can wait :)
  8. hexeris

    Quickest way to earn 34k RB points?

    Cheers guys. When does the season reset? Got 3mil FXP just debating whether to use it or not.
  9. Hi, just wondering what the best way to earn 34k RB points is? I'm after the Vampire II and currently have 21K RB points. Is it 20k for a branch reset? Cheers
  10. hexeris

    Buff areas

    The buffs are for in the game your in, for example you may get a reload buff to all your team or a HP buff to your team. It is not a buff as in a crate, silver, etc to your account. I forget the name of the mode.
  11. hexeris

    PSA: Code (Flag)

    Thank you kind sir!
  12. The old saying 'You can't polish a turd' comes to mind. The line is straight up bad and should be left to rot. Why waste time trying to change these ships when there are other, older ships in the game that need some help due to the inevitable power creep?
  13. hexeris

    Milk anyone?

    Well, they would never hit their faces if they fell forward...
  14. hexeris

    PSA: Bonus Code (OMEN Gaming Hub HP)

    Still works, thank you OP!
  15. Clearly you have not played these ships... I don't have the Vampire II (yet) but the others are quite good. Double post, please remove!