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  1. Agree, thanks WG, great little ship. Now...where's my Canberra or Australia? hint, hint..
  2. New Gimicks - New Abilities

    Lock On - Reduce dispersion by 30-40% but unable to manoeuvre for the duration, lasts 1 min, consumable, 2 charges.
  3. BBabie crying too many DD's in a match yet it's ok to have 6.8.10 BB's per side in a match. Try playing a cruiser in those matches. It's fun mind you, all those BBQ's. What is that saying? Git gud? I do agree however that 5 DD's per side is a bit much.
  4. I'm done...

    That was quick! Gratz. Looking forward to the Perth having a mate
  5. Christopher is not amused... Also, a ship that has some relation to Perth. Hec Waller, Captain of the Perth when she sunk, captained the Stuart, sister ship to the Vampire.
  6. Gadjah Mada

    British N class DD, more British DD's please if they are anything like this.
  7. You realize DWT hit everything EXCEPT DD"s right?
  8. If any? I'm only interested in the N Class British Destroyer, the Gadjah Mada. No interest in the others, probably just skip to it.
  9. WG...'there are too many BB's now, let's make a BB that is best suited to sinking cruisers, that'll fix the problem'...
  10. Great ship. Took me awhile before I bought her but now my most played ship. You will enjoy
  11. I usually go for HE >15km, sub 15km definitely AP.
  12. I can't help but think the Cleveland at T8 will get torn to shreds, especially in T10 games even when restored to CB status. On topic Hindy is great at hunting DD's, 15 gun Mogami is fun too...and Fiji.
  13. Most embarassing win?

    Mine is winning in my Mino on Hot Spot, getting solo warrior and doing no, NO, damage...pity I don't have a screenshot :(