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  1. hexeris

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    I only play solo, I have days where I can't buy a win. Take a break, smash around in co-op for a while.
  2. hexeris

    Thank you, War Gaming

    The entitledness is strong with the OP. "I got a free ship and it's not super OP so WG hates everyone" Would you like a little cheese with that whine?
  3. hexeris

    RN BB skill suggestions?

    I run this on my Conq (using Jack Dunkirk). I don't use FP on any of my BB's and don't have a problem with fires. Waste of 4 points for me. T1 PT T2 High Alert, EM, JoaT, AR T3 BoS and SI T4 CE
  4. hexeris

    What is the best level 10 battleship?

    Love my Conq, next is either the GK or Republique. Montana I find rather bland, like most of the US ships. Loathe the Yamato, wont sell it but regret getting it.
  5. hexeris

    CV rework 8.0

    FYI https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squadron_(aviation) Squadron is correct
  6. hexeris

    Can we talk about AP please?

    And getting that effing Druid helm dropped again and no Druid in the raid, for the umpteenth time!
  7. hexeris

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    Take your XVM crap back to WoT where it belongs and has done no end of good for the community there.
  8. hexeris

    PSA regarding Santa's Gift Boxes

    bit off topic but what does a santa climbing off a loot box mean? Is it just a random graphic animation?
  9. 34 so far but not very highly prized, after all it is theoretically possible to get Kraken with only 5 HP of damage done. On the other hand have 146 confederates and 93 High Calibres.
  10. hexeris

    Thank you WG for the CV rework

    Nah, subs are OK, boring but OK. Wait till the Helicarriers come in!
  11. You have provided much needed entertainment on the forums with this rework without having anything enter the game as yet. Look forward to your next ship rework with much anticipation.
  12. hexeris

    Stress relief

    Harugumo in co-op is insanely fun and a great way to just chill after randoms go to hell. If you don't have it, get it. (P.S. also lots of fun in randoms too)
  13. hexeris

    My First

    cheers guys, yeah I usually find big damage games are losses.
  14. hexeris

    My First

    Felt good, thought we had lost the game for awhile.
  15. hexeris

    Extra Doubloons

    Was thinking it might be that, I did opt in to the santa's gift thing.