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  1. hexeris


    Was in a battle yesterday with 2 of them on my team in a div. Those things just kicked butt. Only 6 guns but seem very effective at this stage. Anyone else seen them in battle?
  2. hexeris

    WG surveys

    Just had an in-game invite to a survey, had them before nothing unusual. This one was about travel, whether you like sport, where you listen to music and watch movies. Very odd. Only thought is that it's for some upcoming ad campaign. Anyone else had one of these?
  3. Wish it was on higher rotation, sick of all the island humpers
  4. Not wanting to start a new debate on it but any info out there on the reactions from the other servers? Just curious.
  5. Kinda feeling the same way actually. To me it smacks of gold ammo in WoT in a way. Left there because of it (among other reasons)
  6. I like my Conq and raising it's citadel will have no great affect on my play style since I don't sail broadside. Having my old quick CD repair? Yes please!
  7. This just smacks of gold ammo in WoT. If you don't sell off your ships and regrind again and again and again you will be at a disadvantage. Bad idea is bad.
  8. MM changes are good. Premium consumables for free, good. Naval training centre just seems a straight up bad idea. Along the lines of gold ammo in WoT. Please don't do this.
  9. hexeris

    ST: Priority Air Defense Sector

    Why not the old ctrl-click on a squadron to increase the AA for a specific duration? So much simpler
  10. hexeris

    Thanks for making Khab a useless ship

    If you play the Khab thinking you are in a destroyer you are sadly mistaken. The Khab is one of the worst destoyers in the game but one of the better light cruisers. I dislike seeing them on my team as they take up a valuable destroyer spot. And no, it hasn't been changed in 8.5
  11. hexeris

    I missed the Fiji so much.

    When all seems dark and hopeless in T10 there is ALWAYS the Fiji to bring back the smile. My most played ship and, like others, I much prefer it over my Belfast.
  12. hexeris

    Another BB?

    I realise that BB's are the most played ship and that's the problem. WG have stated that they want to encourage players to move away from the BB's yet they still release more BB's which just feeds the BB fixation. I know they have released and announced more DD's and CL's but honestly how many of these new ships do you see in battle compared to new BB's? Very depressing when you queue for battle and see on average around 30-40 BB's and only 10 (if you're lucky, usually less) Cruisers and maybe 10 DD's with the odd CV. I know a new BB line has been released and that accounts for some of the BB numbers but this has been going on for a while now and lots of BB's leads to very stale game play. Just getting frustrated with the game lately.
  13. hexeris

    Another BB?

    ST Ohio, that's what this game needs, another BB. Where are the Italian ships? Where are the RN heavy Cruisers? BB after BB after BB. No wonder I have stopped playing for a while, BB = Bloody Boring.
  14. hexeris


    One thing that makes a big difference is the mini-map. Be aware of it constantly, see where your team is and where you need to be. It will help a lot! Best of luck to you
  15. If Houston sails with the Perth she can only have the 2 forward turrets working. She went into battle with the rear turret still out of action!