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  1. My interest in this game is slowly dwindling and I usually try for rank 10 but not this season, the teams, just wow. My interest is now fading even faster. What happened? Used to be ALOT better than this.
  2. hexeris

    Reached my Stopping Point

    I usually stop at rank 10 as well but after my start last night might take a while, 2 wins from 7 games, just bleh matches.
  3. hexeris

    Warhammer collab coming to WoWs?

    Unless there's 'nids forget it. Want me some bugs...
  4. hexeris

    A painful reminder that WGC's to come ...

    I have zero problems with WGC since I installed it, a while ago now. Runs fine.
  5. I'll play to rank 10 and stop as usual.
  6. hexeris

    Wargamming Needs to Fix BB Over Pens

    lol, a BB player complaining he can't just delete whatever his guns are pointed at? Who would have thought...
  7. hexeris

    Destroyers are bad for the game

    Hopefully not serious buuuuttttt, maybe if the counter to DD's, namely Cruisers, weren't deleted from 20km away by said crying BB players then the DD's could be countered?
  8. hexeris

    STATE OF THE GAME: CB influence

    Why would you balance ships around a game mode that only a small percentage of the population play? I don't play clan battles (not in a clan) but I would assume it is just a min/max type of thing and will always be that way regardless.
  9. hexeris

    Ok! Even I am getting unmotivated now.

    Don't care about the event, problem solved. You will get the ships for free anyway, well the tech tree ones. And these early access events need to stop, really. Try giving us some more campaigns or new operations.
  10. hexeris

    Make battleships Great Again

    BB's are the easiest, no brain class to play and you want to make them easier? Isn't the game dumbed down enough already?
  11. hexeris


    More Ocean please. Great map. Could have maps like it with sandbars instead of islands too. Ocean with random whirlpools?....
  12. hexeris

    LOL, I Can Barely Believe it Myself

    That Fiji player should be made to walk the plank!
  13. hexeris

    T7 Ranked recommendations

    Fiji...say no more...
  14. Nothing, not interested in it. If I get some free stuff well and good otherwise I'm over all these early access events.
  15. hexeris

    opinons on atago cruiser

    Atago is a great ship. Solid performer even at T10, I prefer T10 games in it actually. My advice would be to not get it for a while yet. Get more games under your belt first, you will see T10 a lot in it and it will turn you off it.