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  1. Ok so I was pleasantly surprised how much better this version is compared to the last however I do have some changes I would like to see. I would like to be able to operate the deck guns on them but not so powerful they can sink a BB like DD does. I also would like to have the ability to hit my O button to take on aircraft and I would like for all ships to have depth charges because I was a little miffed that most of my favorite ships like the Pommern, Yoshino and Seigfred doesnt have them on them. Since we hare having subs now, I would like to see more bot players since most of these battles are only 8 minutes long especially when you have 3 subs and 4 DDs because when you play BBs, you will be lucky to get 3 to 4 salvos off... Thanks
  2. Seabee_USN

    Teamkill damage change

    I for one would like to get the same detection range these enemy bots have that they get when I shoot torps.
  3. Just saw a clip on YouTube about the SNS Emden and it was pre interesting to watch. I think that this would be a pretty neat ship to turn into a coal ship, XP or even a doubloon tier 3 or 4 crusier. Torps, decent sized guns, and smoke to take the place of the fake funnel... How about it WG?
  4. Seabee_USN

    Clan size limit

    Im sorry for having to ask this question and Im too lazy to look for the answer on here but why is it that Wargaming has 100 member clans for Planes and Tanks but 50 for ships? Can yall please open this up for us?
  5. Seabee_USN

    Doubloon Skins

    I just got that Paris skin for my republic which looks really cool but can you please do something to the sound affects with this skin. Its like, horn is a joke and the gun sounds like someone shooting spit wads from a straw. I would have expected something better for the price I had to pay for that. Maybe like a sound of a bolt of lightning from Zeus or a cannon like you hear from a German railway gun... Something with, DRUMS!!! Thanks
  6. You will effectively kill the last gaming services with me and a lot of others as well if y'all decide to put this garbage into this game. I like sub games from the past but the way you people are trying to set up its current game play is nothing more than pure garbage and I will delete this last game like I did with Tanks and War Planes. Its bad enough that I keep getting the one sided games where it feels like the winner of the battle was already picked before the game started but to have yet another game mode to get creamed by super bots? Ive played this mode for the past two days and its nothing more than complete garbage. Who thinks up the idea of pinging the enemy target front and back especially with the other player is moving, BBs cant do a thing to Subs, subs don't have the same lead indicators as other ships for torps when on the surface... I mean, this is a really a stupid concept. I was already thinking about just cutting my funding for this game because of the stupid OVER PENs with hardly any damage but this now? I like many others in here have spent a ton of money over the years with you guys and its coming to a close to an end. I got rid of tanks because of the RNG and the match making, I got rid of planes 3 months ago because that game play is completely stupid, (shoot down 18 planes and your wingmans 17 kills and STILL loose the battle to someone who had 47 battles to there name that was blessed with super bots) and now this, it's almost out the door. Y'all just need to kill this little project of yours before y'all start taking peoples money or you will see large numbers of people like me leave WG altogether or in the lest bit, have its current game mode where its isolated. I can assure you this, once this goes to randoms and coop, I'm out and WG will never get anymore of my money. I'll make sure that I will take as many of my friends with me who just as tired of this non-since as I am.