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  1. Sabene

    #4 Clan on NA: Recruiting 5 New Players

    This. This is why unicum clans come and go. OPG, NGAGE, 5D (the original), ZR, et al Yes, people want to be a part of a winning team. But when you make it seem like work...people get tired, frustrated and start looking for a way out.
  2. And.... Damage is not an indicator of skill either. You can have very skilled CV and DD players who might not do a great deal of damage but they consistently help their team win. Also, there are a TON of BB players with high damage numbers...who flat stink. Their whole skill set involves charging in, brawling and dying. Damage numbers are super. Their teams' win rates? Pfffft. And, yes, folks who play in a division most of the time always have inflated numbers so it is hard to tell their skill level.
  3. Fire breathing, plane shooting Nurnberg FTW !
  4. @TheArc Your WR in the Tashkent may not be where you would like but your personal rating is very respectable. Given the few battles you have had in the ship an educated observer might suggest that you just had some poor teams for your Tash ... Would be a shame to see you give up on the ol' gal.
  5. Ahh, I see where we differ. You throw money at this game. Clearly you paid the 8k gold to get the head start on the Odin so you could have it two weeks before most people. Me, I spend little beyond buying premium time. And even then I earn time and gold in game through Clan Battles, Ranked Battles, special missions, etc. Sitting on 480 days of premium, just a tad under 10k gold, 740M credits, 55k steel and little interest in spending . 200 ships in my port -- way more than I can play so the attraction of the latest and greatest is, umm, muted.
  6. "Archived". Archived means still in existence. Still available. Maybe harder to access...but still available and retrievable. But then this conversation takes a different turn.... "Necro" What, pray tell, does "necro" mean here? Were the posts/data deleted?
  7. Odds are, should you sell any of those ships...you will want it/them back later. And buying back a ship is a huge detriment to your credits stockpile. Tiers 1-4....unless you love them sell them Tiers 5-10...best to keep them as they pop up on missions or have needed battle characteristics or are good to have for birthday/snowflake times. Just sayin'. You do as you wish.
  8. Nope. There is no 'work' to this game because if there were....why would any sane person play? What DOES happen is people put pressure on themselves. They want to get to the end. They want the OP ships they have heard about. They want to be 'at the top'. Well, cutting corners may get you to the end ships but that doesn't mean you are all that good in them. We have all seen people with tier ten ships play poorly. They raced to top tier but didn't really learn the ships along the way. Don't confuse work with being proficient. Race to the end. Have at it. Berate ships you can't master quickly. Have at it. Feel pressure to 'win'. Have at it. Get frustrated because you don't want to spend the time. Have at it. Makes no difference to me. :-)
  9. What SHOULD you do? You should keep all three. You should also get back your Tashkent. You should learn how to play each of them as they each are dangerous in capable hands. People, it is not the ships. There are darn few 'bad' ships out there and none of the four mentioned here are in that category. The problem is people do not learn the ships and try to play them how they play other ships. Each bloody ship is different and each takes a bit of 'tuning in' by the captain driving her. The ship is fine. The captain is the one that is lacking 95%+ of the time. Time in the ship, boys, time in the ship.
  10. You got credits and a camo, while clearly missing their entry into your port/inventory. You got a lesson on how not to spend your doubloons. You got embarrassed that you did not actually know what you were doing (i.e., read the news item) and complaining about a result that was clearly communicated by WG. Congratulations! You hit the trifecta!
  11. Sabene

    Where do I go to search for a clan?

    He posted one hour ago....and he is already in a clan. Way to pounce V1 peeps!
  12. Sabene

    What is your goal?

    Here is my current grind target...
  13. Sabene

    newish player, bit frustrated

    This is excellent advice. 1000 battles and you think you know the game? Umm...nope. Buy a premium and think you will have better results? Umm...nope. Play a tier 8 against stiff competition and think the game is at fault and not you? Umm...nope. OP, this game of ours is a chess match. Take it slow, don’t over-extend, watch for gaps/opportunities in your opponents play. If you don’t have your mini map at the largest setting or next to largest setting....then make that change. If you aren’t watching that mini map at least 60% of the time...then do so. If you don’t think you have the time to watch that mini map...then you are playing too fast and too carelessly. And PLEASE...you joined a clan. Division up with your clan mates and learn from them. Your game will improve and your win rate will improve.
  14. Sabene

    V-E Day Fleet of the Winners Event

    The page link says tiers 5 to 10
  15. Sabene

    V-E Day Fleet of the Winners Event

    Cool beans! Looks like fun. Here's a good reason to finally learn the Haida.... She's been in my port nearly a year. Heh.