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  1. The Sky is -faller-ing ! The Sky is -faller-ing !
  2. Clearing Up Steel

    Oh my *belch*
  3. I agree with others here: don't use Free XP on captain training. Use xp flags and grind the ship/captain.
  4. The Economy...

    Credits Doubloons Free Experience Ship Experience Captain Experience Convertible Elite Ship Experience Elite Captain Experience Oil Coal Steel Karma (?) If new players get confused at times as to how the WoWs economy works....is anyone surprised? Sheesh. So many currencies.
  5. Well, WoWs continues to be a work in progress. The devs are charged with bringing in new features/ships to keep the game fresh and attractive. They are also charged with maintaining some semblance of balance. Stuff gets adjusted. Ships, maps, economic system, experience system, whatever. Everything has changed since first launch, let alone since Alpha. I have to admit that some things don't strike me well (Flint and Black for steel? Sheesh) but overall the game is held together rather well, I think. ~Sab
  6. The Stalingrad is just a reward ship. it is a symbol of achievement like other reward ships but it is certainly not the pinnacle of WoWs. Don't stress over it. The ship sinks just fine as I have had the opportunity to do so twice this weekend. :-) ~Sab
  7. Love the Black. Torps are slow, yes, but the reload is quick (80 seconds), range is good (13k) and they hit harder than any other USN torps. It is surprising how many hits one gets.
  8. Broken Flag

    I think he missed the memo on that flag.
  9. I look at the ranks on the after battle report. It is no surprise to me to find that the team with the higher ranking players is often the team that wins. Not every game, mind you, but 60% would be conservative. Is this a game flaw? No. Is this a function of better players helping their team win? Oh heck yes. MM does not sort/sift/allocate based on game experience/ability, by my understanding. So a team having more or higher ranked players is just the luck of the draw. Why, for the experience, my good man. The game rewards are perhaps a bit lite. But the game and battle experience gained from Ranked is hard to beat. There is no other format where you can play so many competitive games in such a short time. So by playing Ranked you are boosting your team and battle experience mightily. Clan Wars may be better for team play but Ranked offers a much larger sample of games in which to grow your skills. And here is another thing: people who rank out persevere. They get the bad teams, the losing streaks, etc, that everyone else gets. Yet these guys persevere and achieve their goal. By and large they are ALL good teammates and an asset to have on your team. You just can't say that about the average player. See a guy on your team with three little stars by his name and be happy he's there. He knows what he is doing and he knows how to win. ~Sab
  10. I find myself gravitating toward the 4-7 range. It seems like 75% of my games in tiers 8 to 10 are loaded with radar. Had 5 radar and the Z-52 hydro in my last match. That's a bit much. Radar is one thing but when combined with all the islands that radar ships can hide behind it creates a harsh environment for us DD players. WG, how about making Ocean the map standard for tiers 9 and 10? :-) Sab
  11. The Ognevoi Experience

    I have her and enjoy her. 19 point captain with DFAA makes quite the impression at times on enemy planes. Just so unexpected. :-)
  12. Darn it, Spartias, you should have gone ahead and ranked out for the first time. You were sooo close. And you were on quite the roll in the Hindy, too.
  13. Ranked out for the fifth time so the Black should be coming my way. I love the format. Teams, yes, but not the pre-set teams you see in Clan Battles. Every bloody game is different. Yes, it took me a HUGE number of games to rank out this season but I enjoy the roller coaster ride and never doubted my eventual destination. I do not like tier 10 for Ranked, however. Not friendly at all to the DD drivers such as myself. Clearly a capital ship meta at tier 10. After so many ranked games going back to randoms is just....dull. heh Sab
  14. Ahh, the Collector is strong in OP. Go ahead, OP, be One with the wallet.
  15. 258 It was 20 points higher before this season of Ranked Battles. heh