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  1. Me, I am having two issues. First, the game has been locking up in battle and I have to exit the client and log back in, usually to a dead ship. This is not an unknown issue with WoWs, I know, but the frequency I am experiencing has gone up significantly since the last patch. About one game in ten in the last week as compared to maybe one game in 50 the previous month. Second issue, and more troubling, is the severe load in time. Most games see my computer sit and spin then flash by the ship line-up screen and load straight into the start of the battle. No time to look at battle line-up or mission prior to battle starting. Aggravating. Sab

    Why would you want to train against bots? Holy cow, only real people as opponents give you real experience. Bots are a waste of time/effort for large team exercises. Fire up your clan mates and get them in there to give you a decent "look" and a viable opponent strategy. And if you don't have the numbers for such then reach out to another clan to be your OPFOR. My clan has a history of scrimmages against others. We welcome the challenge and we welcome the experience. Reach out to us at NGA if you can't find another. Sabene
  3. 27Million Elite Ship XP

    Then you are doing all you can do. Unless you just want to throw $$..... :-)
  4. This is why I hate the Nurnberg

    Fun ship. Great guns. Stay at range and change course/speed like your life depends upon it. It does.
  5. 27Million Elite Ship XP

    You don't do anything with it. It is worthless without your throwing real $$ at it. WG wants you to throw real $$ at it. You want a suggestion? Just ignore the elite ship xp. Focus on getting elite captain xp which is an actual useful in-game resource. Sabene
  6. So... flags.

    I have 46 flags in my flag locker. Forty-six. For most of my ships I can fly but one flag at a time. For IJN ships, thanks to the Yamamoto campaign, two flags are possible. Flags, in general, are hard to spot on a ship that is not your own. Oh, you can zoom in and see but that takes time you may not have. So, flags are largely just for me to see on my own ship. Okay. Well, here is what I know: - I know that WG puts great effort into producing these flags. Some are historical, some are just for fun, some are rewards, but all took effort to produce. - I know that all of us wish we could fly more flags on our ships. - I know that we also wish other folks could see the flags we are flying. - I know WG uses flags as an incentive to players to pursue/complete tasks - I know that of the 46 flags in my flag locker only one (military month) offers bonuses of any kind. Not even the three Jolly Roger flags I have from ranking out have any bonuses. Soo... Here's my reality: - new flags being offered, should they continue to have no in-game bonus/effect, are largely just a waste of WG's time. Pretty as they may be...if I can't fly them and have them provide some benefit of some sort then they just sit and gather dust in my flag locker - I WANT to fly more flags on my ships. WG made this possible in a limited manner for IJN ships. I am hopeful it will be the case for other ships. - I want to sell/delete at least half of the flags I have now. Here's an idea: We recently had emblems introduced to the game. These emblems get flashed at any opponent we happen to sink. I think that is kind of fun. If 'flashing' is possible for an emblem then why could it not be possible for a flag? Could we not have the flag we fly flashed as well? Or, if desired, instead of the emblem? I have obtained the destroyer elite emblem....but I would much rather have my Jolly Roger III flag flash at my victims. Much more effort and value attached to that JR3 and am proud to fly it in battle. Summary: - flags are cute, yes, but largely unseen and unused - would like the use of flags to expand in number and benefits - would like to flash my flag at victims instead of, or in addition to, an emblem. Thank you for your consideration, Sabene
  7. DD Stat quirk?

  8. here's a crazy idea

    Crates that are saved and not opened are just that: crates that are saved. When they ARE opened they will NOT have any items from a current event if the crates were not issued DURING said event.
  9. Exactly! Play for the fun, play for the challenges and it becomes far less stressful.
  10. Ranked out after 234 battles. Had a great time. There was a dearth of carriers so the season moved along pretty well. Took me less battles than the previous two seasons. 56% win rate. I'll take that. ~Sab
  11. It is not the format of Ranked that is bad. The format is largely the same as it has been since Season Two. If you are having issues then it is either you or your teammates, and neither WG nor the format of Ranked can be held accountable for that. If it is your teammates then know that you are not special. Nobody graced with all the bad or inexperienced players. Such players are equally spread among all teams. Adapt and overcome. You may rant on but nobody will listen as the playing field of Ranked is equal and fair to all. :-) Sabene
  12. Too many credits!!

    I'm with OP here. Need something to do with the credits. Something! Anything! Heck, start up an in-game casino for our sailors in port. "Place your bets! Spin the wheel for your chance to win a coveted Dragon Flag!" I can see it. I just can't make it happen. Or, I would love to loan/give credits to a clan "bank" so others could access and use. Sitting on 342M credits presently....and it's GROWING ! /sigh Sabene
  13. Why, Pelican, I might have to get in your way some and make you work a little harder. Can't have you live up to your 4 day boast of ranking out, you know? Might even upset your missus for you. ;-) Sabene
  14. man, for a moment there it looked like you got 2.5k free xp crates. As in 2500 crates. lol
  15. Glad to know we (NA) as toxic as others make us out to be. :-) PM sent, x3. Sab