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  1. One of my favorite moments in WoWs was actually a private clan event. My clan had V25 torpedo jousting competition. Two groups of V25s, going in opposite directions around the same large island, torping the opposing group as they came around. What a bloody scream! So much fun. My birthday wish? That plastic was never invented and our planet wasn't dying. Oh, that's not possible. Okay, I wish for the Haida with full maple leaf camo...
  2. Sabene

    PSA: Your Personal Battle Count

    I am not sure I have enough battles. How many do you think I'll need? ~Sabene Vulf-Tak Commander [-VT-]
  3. Sabene

    -VT- is recruiting

    What did one hungry plant say to the other? I need a light snack.
  4. Players within your range 8/14 Clearly the 8 are players in the queue. But what is the 14 number? Who/what/where are they?
  5. Not my best work. Heh
  6. Sabene

    I miss pirate flags

    Earned the Flint. Earned the Black. Earned ALL the Jolly Roger flags. Yes, I am proud of those achievements. Yes, I wish WG had not done away with those achievements as they were a mighty incentive to play Ranked and play it well. There are many who could use such incentive to play well.
  7. I bought the Neu the first day it came out. I heard good things, I am a DD main and I had the steel. So far...I have been pleased with that purchase. The Somers? I likely will get that as soon as it drops as well. Again, I am a DD main. Fem is right. Different ships appeal to different folks. Most people orgasm over the Stalingrad but I can't be bothered with her. Nor the Bourg. Just no reason to spend heavy on ships I won't play in competitive formats. Love my DDs, though. :-) ~Sab
  8. Sabene

    KOTS Commander LF New Clan

    Sky, VT is sitting at 49/50. One seat available at the table. Care to explore taking it? Could use another for CB. We are stable and no drama. Sabene Vulf Tak [-VT] Commander
  9. Not my proudest moment....but it is exactly 8 ribbons.
  10. Sabene

    NeuroTrashshimy, crazy in ranked

    Gun it down. A Kit has 8 guns and can take out the 4 gun Neuro easily enough 1v1. Z-46 can as well (6 guns).
  11. Sabene

    NeuroTrashshimy, crazy in ranked

    This. Good ship but not a 1v1 boat so needs a friend nearby
  12. My WoWs memory is Ranked Battles, Season Two. Season One was almost immediately after WoWs started and few knew about it. Was more test than competition, I think. But Season Two was full on, in your face team battle with coveted rewards (100 Ranked camos! Jolly Roger flag!). The tiers were 7s and 8s and I was in a Hatsuharu (tier 7 at that time). So here I was on a team and going up against other teams. We were all new to the game simply because the game was new. There were no streamers, no bloggers, no videos to watch to learn how to play. We all brought only our own experience to the fight. I was in a bottom tier DD and the vast majority of folks were tier 8s. Needless to say some were skeptical a tier 7 could make an impact. But I did. I learned how to play in that season. I learned that a DD doesn't have to do a lot of damage to be effective. I learned that surviving is critically important. I learned that this old boy could play this game with the young fellas and do well. I ranked out. I claimed my Jolly Roger and I flew it proudly. There were darn few of us who had that flag and those that did garnered instant respect in randoms. I have since ranked out numerous times, earning the Flint and Black and the Jolly Roger III. But Season Two was special. I proved to myself I could compete at a high level in this game and I had the flag to prove it. Hard to believe it has been three and a half years... My birthday wish? Why, the HMS Belfast is the only ship I covet. Seems she might not be available, though. Should I be chosen the Haida with full maple leaf camo would be appreciated. Sabene Vulf-Tak (-VT-) Commander