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  1. I ran into a similar situation yesterday. Two Taiho. One a side. From the same clan. One of them never even launched planes.
  2. OP has 16 games in the Sims and a total of 31 games in DDs. 31 games and he's an expert. He has only played two premium DDs and has done no grinding along the DD lines. So he must be an expert. Man, it is just amazing how quickly people learn things these days. Entitlement? Check! Knows everything with very little time invested? Check! OP is OP? Double check! Damn, and I keep doing it the hard way. ~Sabene, Captain of NGA
  3. Captain Yamamoto can be enabled to fire colored shells. Are the shell tracers visible to all or just the player doing the shooting? That is, if I am firing at you can you see the red tracers coming at you and know it is Captain Yamamoto? ~Sabene
  4. I can offer this tidbit: the WoWs website does not, in a player's profile, calculate all the Ranked battles that player has played. Only the most recent season. Your in-game profile summary, however, will show your total battles played in Ranked.
  5. The Sims. What a joy.
  6. I'll bite. BB: North Carolina with 64 games. I am not a fan of the BB play style. Too slowwwww CV: Independence with 76 games. My fingers are too fat, slow and clumsy to be good at carriers. CA: Atlanta with 789 games. Bought the day she was first available and have loved her ever since. Mobile mortar platform! DD: Benson with 697 games. Followed closely by the Fletcher with 649 games. And if Ranked were counted you could probably add another 400 games with the Benson. Yeah, I am one of those nutty destroyer players. Sabene
  7. Same. However.... I am betting the flags are traveling by carrier pigeon ...and not by lightning bolt. Give it time.
  8. How does it indeed? Time is spent with each person that comes into the clan. Resources expended, if you will. Given that, good people are preferred. I look for Givers, not Takers. Givers want to learn, grow and improve the fleet. Takers just want, want, want. And when they hit a ceiling in being spoon fed they hop to the next pasture where the grass is seemingly greener. Seen it too many times. If someone chooses a clan on stats alone, as OP and these stat sites suggest, then my bet is that person will most likely fall into the Takers category. Not competitive? Me? My beloved Flint would suggest otherwise. Sure, if you just want to win then pick your top tier clan by stats only. Then hope you make the cut for the team. But if you want a community and people you enjoy spending the time with...then you should look at much more than just stats. Unlike a job, nobody is paying a person to be here so they had best find a place they enjoy. Sab
  9. Play what you love to play. You do not have to master any ship or ship line. Just play what you enjoy and you will find yourself getting pretty good at whatever ship/line/tier that may be. For myself, I prefer DDs and have twice as many games in DDs as all other ship types combined. And, umm, that is a lot. ?
  10. What idiocy. Ranking clans based on stats only? Do you choose your friends based on their bank accounts? If your mindset is such then kindly stay away from my clan/fleet. ~Sabene proudly serving NGA these past 14 months
  11. Welcome to the community, Frog. Yep, Co-Op is playpen time. There is a lot more meat on the game in Randoms. And, later on, Ranked. Sail forth and have fun! ~Sab
  12. Yay! Anniversary time! Last year...what was it...50 Dragon flags for every 1000 random battles? I thought I was rich then. This year...still get 50 special flags per 1000 battles...but it looks like they are including Ranked battles as well. And possibly Co-Op. Woot! Going to fill my flag locker! Sab
  13. Still no email. :-( Nikko, please look at your PM from me and advise. ~Sab
  14. Did. Have been. No email :-( Sent you a PM, Nikko. Sab
  15. Corgi 126 here. I have yet to receive the email. Have all the emails gone out?