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  1. Ognevoi: How to Play Advice

    The Og is no Kagero. Faster torpedo reload and better torpedo identification distance. Also, her AA is good enough to beef up if you have the captain points.
  2. Ognevoi: How to Play Advice

    Torp boat all the way. You won't win any fights with your guns. Focus on torps and smoke. Spot, torp, smoke and fire away. Not the traditional soviet gunboat. Think IJN... Sab
  3. Most played ship recently?

    T-22. Tour of Duty event made me buy and play her. Found her to be a super ship. I have a buddy who plays tiers 4 to 8 only so the T-22 has fit in nicely when divisioned with him. Sab
  4. Holy Batman, son! You lost 9 in a row playing Co-op? Well, one thing is for sure: it is not the game. You are beating yourself. Seriously, you are. And since you have less than 1k battles I can see that happening. Suggestions: 1. Slow it down. Don't charge ahead. 2. Let your teammates scout for you. 3. Don't engage in an even fight. Work with another player to get better odds. 4. Division. Better yet, get a Clan if one will have you. 5. Stop the whining. You have a 52% win rate overall in randoms and that is good. Learn the game and you will improve upon that greatly. Sab
  5. The clan tags that worry me most are the ones I have never heard of. If I have not seen your clan tag in ranked and clan battles then I really do not know your capability and you give me pause...especially if you are on my team. ;-) Players? Ehh, lots of good players. Lots of very good players who care little for stats and just enjoy the game, not trying to pump their stats. My own clan is full of guys who are a pain to go against though there stats may not designate them as such. Sab
  6. WG, I loved this event. LOVED it. Me, being the greedy little ship captain I am did my best to get as many tickets in to the upcoming raffle. To that end, I played every ship on the Tour. Some of these ships I had played before in younger days and played poorly. Others I had mostly skipped (hello Free XP) to get to following ships in their lines. Your event caused me to go back and play ships I pretty much had not played before or played with any understanding. The Emerald? I was 1 for 8 before the event. Have gone 5 of 6 with her in recent days. Have come to enjoy the ship. Thank you! The Podvoisky? Free Xp'd right past her in earlier days. Went 4 of 5 during the Tour. Wow, fun ship! Quirky, sure, but she has strengths that were hidden to me previously. Now I know and enjoy. Thank you! The Friant? Another Free XP fly by. Went 4 of 5 with her on the Tour. She now holds a permanent spot in my port and is available when I need a tier 3. Thank you! The Hsienyang? Yeah, I Free Xp'd her as well in order to get to the YY for Clan Battles. The Tour made me play her. Enjoyed it and didn't lose a game! Sadly, I forgot to finish the full 5 games (stopped at 3 straight wins. /bonkself) but found another fun ship to keep around. Thank you! So, for me, this event was a rousing success. You got me to play and enjoy ships I had passed over. I know, that was the general idea, but still...it worked! Thank you WG, Sabene
  7. Have a replay you might share? I am not one for yolo normally so I am wondering what the game situation truly was.
  8. Signal crates all the way. Super containers and event crates get opened right away. Standard containers I sit on until I need them. Presently sitting on 461 containers... Kind of silly, perhaps, but it's kind of fun to stockpile and have them at the ready. heh Sab
  9. You mean the game where more than half my team was dead and the reds had a 3 ship lead? Yep, had to do something other than sit there. Wasn't a yolo but it was being aggressive in the face of a pending loss. Don't die so early next time and I won't have to take chances. Also, 6 battles? SIX? Quit hiding behind an inactive account name, Pink.
  10. Having myself played over 3000 battles in the Ranked format... I approve this message! Sabene
  11. Randoms are a different animal entirely. Can't play them the same. Some people play Ranked with excellence and then struggle in randoms, or vice versa. it happens. Just another challenge for you. ;-) Sab
  12. Having played every season of Ranked.... And, having ranked out a handful of times (hello Black!)... I find nothing truly wrong with the current manner in which Ranked Battles are conducted. You play, you do well, and you move up the ladder. Pretty simple. I will say that the rewards some seasons ago were more attractive to me than the current rewards (more camo, flags and doubloons). I will also say that I am no fan of tier 10 for Ranked. Not that it is bad, per se, it is just limiting. DDs have a hard time at this tier (hello radar and legendary mods). BBs can shoot across the maps. Also, since Clan Battles is also tier 10 AND people are pushing tier 10 ships for the Legendary Upgrades.... it is just too much of tier 10. Finally, there are some folks who do not have a tier 10 ship, or are not skillful in the one they have, so their participation in Ranked is nil or limited. Bring back lower tiers for Ranked! Shoot, let's go in territory we have never seen before and actually have Ranked for a sub-5 tier! Hi St. Louis! Hi Phoenix! Would be good fun. My two cents, Sabene
  13. 1 000 000 Credits CLUB

    Been there, done that. Numerous times. I know, not showing a screenshot so not in your club. Awww. Well, with 600M credits in the bank now I don't really try to earn credits or care.