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  1. Not sure I’d use it. I do open containers when I have need. I just don’t have need too often. So I continue to bank them. Rumor has it there is a hard limit to how many you can bank. Maybe I’ll hit that. At that point I may take the ‘open all’ option.
  2. There are no participation trophies. This bit of saving a star is only recent and came about because folks got too easily discouraged and screamed for a bone to be thrown their way. Not a good system and panders to the weak.
  3. OP, your teams are nothing special or unusual. Everyone gets poor teams at times. And everyone gets good teams. It is what you DO with those teams that matters. YOU CAN affect the game’s outcome. Not every game, perhaps, but enough. You are nothing special. Get in there and fight to win. Whining on these forums or in game will garner little sympathy. Me, I have ranked out multiple times ( enough to EARN th Black). Seen it all in Ranked. Ranked is not for those wanting an easy time of it. Competition can be fierce. Teams can be disappointing. Roll your sleeves up. Screw your courage to the sticking post. Do the best you can...and PERSEVERE!
  4. I choose the box for signal flags. No need for credits or coal. ’Try Your Luck’ has not been a good bet, in my experience. But don’t do what I do. My friends would argue I don’t know much about the containers since I rarely have need to open them. Current unopened containers: 767
  5. The hot fix fixed it for me. Port is accessible and responsive.
  6. Damage in your primary sector is increased. Damage in your off sector is decreased. That is about it. Yes, you can switch back and forth as need. I can see that being useful for all ships...but...in a DD that is a bit hard to do as there is so much else going on. My ADD has enough to manage without pimping ship AA every 3 seconds or so.
  7. That article tells the benefit of focusing on a sector. it does NOT tell the benefit of the captain skill Manual AA Fire Control. So, I just had a battle in my Kidd and the captain had Manual AA. When I chose a sector the AA allotment for that sector went to 180%. The off sector was just 20%. My current understanding, and correct me if I am wrong, is that if I did NOT have manual AA then the sectors would have been 160% and 40% respectively. WITH manual AA they are 180% and 20%. My conclusion is that manual AA does NOT add to total AA output of the ship, just the amount of AA applied to the chosen sector. Am I wrong? Please note that prior to 8.0 manual AA was a big bonus skill for an AA spec'd ship. Now, it just swings more of your AA to a sector while weakening the other sector. Frankly, what I am seeing in game play is planes are flying all over. They seem to WANT to get in close to avoid more dangerous at-range AA fire. This means they are going around and over my ship repeatedly. Given this observation, having an AA sector woefully undernourished (only 20%) is not a good plan at all. Next question: once you choose a sector and reinforce that sector....how to do you get back to 'standard' 100/100 AA? There are times I want to get OUT of sector reinforcement. ~Sab
  8. "AA Sector Reinforcement Efficiency" What does this mean? Seriously, I do not know and am looking at manual AA control and this "reinforcement efficiency" is the primary element of that captain skill. Frankly, I am finding Manual Fire control for AA something of a cruel joke now. As a DD main I loved manual AA as it allowed me to focus on the most dangerous plane squad in the area. And now? It just helps swing the guns around and adds to "sector efficiency". Huh? What is that? 4 captain skill points for increased sector efficiency and I have no clue as to what, exactly, that means. Who can enlighten me?
  9. Sabene

    Complete silence on 100% CPU issue

    hotfix in the morning (Feb 7) *fingers crossed* *toes crossed* *gonads...* wait, let's not go there.
  10. Zip with .exe working for me as well. A couple of oddities but am not crashing like I was.
  11. Sabene

    Complete silence on 100% CPU issue

    Port loading issues? Welcome to our little community. 😔
  12. Possible improvement? You tell me. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.... The Good: game is reaching the port when logging in initially. Woohoo! The Bad: when exiting a battle and returning to port the game now locks up and crashes EVERY time The Ugly: loading into a battle is a crapshoot. At least half the time it crashes on loading. Silver lining? Exit game, load game and it goes right to the battle, bypassing the port. Is this improvement? I really don't know. Is it happy? No, not in the least.
  13. Yes. Have tried multiple times to run WoWs without going through the WGC. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I had the same thought: get in game and load up a less intensive port and see if that helps. Well, it did seem to help for about two games and then crashes came back. The port screen, whatever port you use, seems to be hogging resources and requesting even more. You can try to put it on a diet but eventually it will catch up and lock you down.
  14. Sabene

    Haven't Seen One of These in a While

    Awww, Turbo, say it isn't so.
  15. Finally got a response to my ticket. Why did it take so long? Did you know that if you add to your ticket BEFORE WG responds then that resets the timer on your ticket and you get sent to the back of the queue? Who knew. I kept adding thoughts and data to my ticket...and kept getting sent to the end of the queue. Sheesh. Okay, so I was asked to do a clean reboot of Windows and play the game. Did so. Seemed to be able to initially get into port okay...but was still crashing going in to battle and crashing when exiting battle and going back to port. Still miserable.