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  1. Hope it is in English. Having captains for USN ships on the NA sever that do not speak English just stinks. Looking at you, Dasha...
  2. Understandable. My reality is that I have too many ships in my port now that I rarely play. Steel ships. Coal ships. FXP ships. Oh, they all looked fun at time of purchase but they didn’t stand the test of time for me. Thunderer, Plymouth. Austin, Druid, Paolo, Musashi, Missouri, etc. Good ships, sure, but are largely taken into battle only twice a year for the birthday and Xmas events. I don’t need more port queens. But my Halland? It goes into battle multiple times weekly. Clan Battles, Ranked and randoms. It needs a perma camo.
  3. Sabene

    What is Your “Go To” Ship?

    Likely a ship I don't play particularly well as getting 250 or 500 base xp is easy so I use that time to get better in an unfamiliar ship.
  4. Paying in gold would require buying gold. Actual money spent that way. Paying in steel requires no cash outlay at all. It's a game resource in plentiful supply in my port. Will I want/need steel at some later date? Likely. But when? Unknown. Could be 6 months...could be two years...
  5. Sabene

    Unlinked Permanent Camo's

    True that. Have the ones offered before. But those did not include one for the Nicholas...my favorite tier five. :-(
  6. Sabene

    Unlinked Permanent Camo's

    Exactly. Which is why I am wishing for there to be some...
  7. Because I have ships I play ALOT (Halland, Daring, Z-52, YY) that do not have perma camos presently. Could I spend the 5k dubs for each ship? Well...could. But I have 54k steel sitting there with nothing in the Armory I want to buy with it. No ships, at least. So why not use the steel for camos?
  8. I am doing this. Having a perma-camo post-economic change seems to make good sense to me. The bonuses are 'baked in" to the ship and then new bonus temp tiles can be applied on top.
  9. Sabene

    Unlinked Permanent Camo's

    Okay, HOW do I go about getting a perma-camo for my Nicholas? Can't buy one anywhere I have found. @AhskanceHow about suggesting to WG brass that camos for tier 5 ships might be a seller....
  10. Sabene

    Unlinked Permanent Camo's

    Boo. Hiss. Grrrrrrr. lol
  11. Sabene

    Unlinked Permanent Camo's

    Ooo. If the unlinked perma camo presently has a tier restriction now....will it still have said tier restriction after the upcoming changes? I would LOVE to put a Silver camo (tier X now) on my Nicholas....
  12. Sabene

    Entire team outplayed by Co-Op bots

    You bet they are static. And predictable. Which is why you have a 97% WR in them. There is no challenge there for you and you know it.
  13. Sabene

    Entire team outplayed by Co-Op bots

    Perhaps. But Co-op is not where you learn to get better at the game and better at beating other players. It is, by definition, PVE so is static and predictable.
  14. Sabene

    Entire team outplayed by Co-Op bots

    Not "in the PVE area". New posts pop up automatically in the summary area. This was one of those....
  15. Sabene

    A one question survey

    Been here since the beginning. Have seen all the changes. Most have been for the good. CVs and Subs are not an issue for me as I have learned to deal with both. Biggest issue I have is with self-centered players who get upset the game doesn't treat them better for their poor play. And that is not WG's fault. Would I recommend WoWs? Yes, have many, many times. 8.5 -9.0