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  1. Yes, I play with a English client, but I'm from Germany. But I do it with every game, tanslations are usually bad.
  2. K1ra_Yoshikage

    Main Guns not firing

    Was reported after last update that if you use reload booster, guns can screw up. Also: there are some ships, that have problems with their torps. You launch them, and they went another way, happend on my T10 French DD.
  3. K1ra_Yoshikage

    Premium Time.

    You have to wait till next weeks update. Usually sold at Christmas.
  4. Ranked battle as competetiv, that's gone long ago. It's just randoms with more rewards. Jumping tiers will upset palyers who may bought a T8 to join ranked. From the time thingy, I work most of the time at night in EU, so there will not be a lot of time for me to play, even if I wanted.
  5. K1ra_Yoshikage

    Still suffering, Alaska or Smaland? Help >.<

    The best replacements for the Alaska are at T10, the Puerto Rico and the Stalingrad. But the first didn't come back by now and the second is gated behind steel. I would ask him, what he like to play and how good he is. If someone depends on smoke on his DD, the Smaland isn't the ship I would recommend.
  6. K1ra_Yoshikage


    Yeah, it's harder to fix the planes in that old operations then coming up with another Soviet napkin drawings ship line.
  7. Consider the amount of money WG could make, if player could use the camo, they think looks best, on the ships they want. Like a 5000 doubloons T10 camo voucher, that let you choose the way your ship looks from the camos you have.
  8. K1ra_Yoshikage

    Missouri Nerfed?

    Didn't someone made a post on reddit 2 days ago about it? He had the same idea, but later came to the result that he was wrong.
  9. K1ra_Yoshikage

    Still suffering, Alaska or Smaland? Help >.<

    I have both and the Smaland is another boat then the Halland. I feel more comfortable with the first, you are the predator and not the one who hopes for hitting some BB. Smaland is a very vicious ship, but you are out to sink the small boats. For OP, the Alaska is the easier boat. Stat wise, only the Kronsthad and the Siegfried do better, but the later has a small number of battles compared to the others. And for being a such popular boat, the numbers are good AKA even a noob can do well with her. EZ to play, lots you can do with enough skill. A small warning: they remove the fire prevention skill with the rework, she will burn for as long as a BB. The Smaland is a niche ship and you need to either be good with DD or very dedicated to the Smaland. No smoke to hide, torpedos are within range of some cruisers, not the best stealth. Still, she does much better then the Halland server stat wise. She has a 3.5% higher average WR, but less games played with her. Which rather means, players who have her, know how to use her, then it's a noob friendly boat. Hard to master, but the sky is the limit.
  10. K1ra_Yoshikage


    If there is a restriction or not, they were great to do the daily container, earn elite and free XP plus credits. A reason to take out some boats, that I usually don't use.
  11. K1ra_Yoshikage

    Christmas Snowflakes

    That's why I only play my T8+ ships. The problem with the new system is, 300 base XP can be a pain in co op. If the bots all turn the wrong way, you have a unlucky spawn or lot's of DD that will yolo in and get their torps off, you may need multiple tries.
  12. K1ra_Yoshikage

    Comments on W.Voss - Stealth skip bombers?

    Not really, many players have worse notebooks and play WOWs without any problem. Since the CV is new, this could be a bug. I run WoWs on a 2k screen with 60Hz and have not the slightest problem.
  13. K1ra_Yoshikage


    Not going to happen. They already scrapped some of the better ones because of "CV rework". Players ask since years to bring the old ones back and add some new. Everytime there was a Q&A, this topic comes up. And always is the answer "Njet"
  14. K1ra_Yoshikage

    They lie AGAIN

    He talk about the gifts for twitch prime users. You get a mission with 12 kills in any gamemode. When you finish this, you get one of each boxes. I may spend a few matches in Narai to get this done.
  15. K1ra_Yoshikage

    Did anyone keep a record...

    I think with the first two times the short lists didn't hurt the players too much. The number of premium ships was small, so you had a good chance to get some of the boats you wanted. Also the ship droprate for the cheapest containers was better then now. I finished 2016 and 2017 my collection with the christmas crates. After that, it turned a bit sour. Too many possible ships and they didn't puplished the shortlist anymore. So for the newer player, that read all about those fabulous ships, tried to get them too, but the chances were much lower. I mean, we had a time, when a new premium ships was something real special and not like three every month. Yes, you can get a good number of stuff from the boxes, just don't hope for ships. Or for a certain ship. Using a shortlist and sysing "We did this every year, we thought people know this" isn't good business.