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  1. Yep. 7.3 is too soon. They start adding the final hull stats for testers but even then they say there may be changes. Since 7.2 already brought the French BB my guess is in about 2-3 months. Time enough to grind the DM without wasting free XP.
  2. Yes it exist. Every blue moon...
  3. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Mar. 13th, 2018

    HMS Norfolk. It would be nice to see some RN CA in the game. She took part in in the Battle of the Denmark Strait and Battle of the North Cape.
  4. Kidd in Premium Shop

    Kidd is a bit to passive for my gameplay. Yes, she is good in gunfights and you can heal yourself but with only one torpedo launcher your capabilities against some of the other DD are limited. She is an real excellent scout and AA ship but not so in bringing down BB or cruiser. I think LWM said the right things in her review. I‘m not saying she is bad but she have her own playstyle.
  5. Premium Ship PREVIEW: Kronshtadt

    Heya LWM, was suprised to see this preview here that early. Thx for the info.
  6. Galactica please. I would also take the new Pegasus....
  7. Add IJN Maya as a T7 premium

    Whoa, what a awesome model. My 2 cents: I agree with the healing and the unlimitede AA like the Atlanta. But if the Maya get the unlimited AA, why not radar? She was refited with the Type 22 surface radar at the same time she was turned into a AA cruiser.
  8. Space Port

    Doesn't beat Hamburg so IDC.
  9. What was your Pie Day ride?

    Mhhh... Pie Day. Could we have every day pie day?
  10. Sure he will. Because all the best things comes in threes.
  11. Thanks for your deep inside critic based on all the hours you invest into this game. Well choosen words to express your dislike. And now hush hush out of the door. The backdoor please, front is only for paying customers. 0/10 on the trolling scale. Would not recommend or read again.
  12. When your whole team sucks eggs

    He farmed the Richi, he yolo'ed into the cap in front of the DM. He not only got the XP for the damage and the fires, he also got the cap reset. Oh and yes our Enterprise tried to attack him with his planes.
  13. Scharnhorst. Very sleek design for a BB.
  14. Possible rewards from the "Space" container.
  15. Lo Yang or Harekaze?

    Nope, the best hydro comes with the Z-52.