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  1. Erebthoron

    Hidden Missions - Push Forward?

    RN missions week 5. Klick on the Royal Navy banner left near the top.
  2. Erebthoron

    Not enough memory for update

    And in what way you think the next update will be smaller?
  3. Erebthoron

    New Mission And Reward Ship Nobilium

    They just want to make sure you play a CV before they give you the ship for the second Halloween scenario.
  4. Erebthoron

    Four Goal Haul Award

    If it would be a true ice hockey event we would have Wayne Gretzky
  5. Erebthoron

    update ??

    Nope, if you have followed the DevBlog you would have seen that they remove her from the finalized status.
  6. Erebthoron

    Four Goal Haul Award

    You should have gotten 4 new camos
  7. Erebthoron

    update ??

    We still could ask @RadarX or @Gneisenau013
  8. Erebthoron

    update ??

    Seems they found a bug in the final build and fix it tomorrow. Possible reasons: captains for the RN DD were not retrained after the patch, no new directives today
  9. Erebthoron

    No boxes from Hall of Fame again?

    Got mine about 1 hour before the servers went down.
  10. Erebthoron

    Ok, I got the Acasta, now what?

    The only advantage you have from today on: You don't need to start grinding at T2 with the new RN DD techtree.
  11. Erebthoron

    When will the Giulio Cesare be available?

    Since she isn't removed my guess will be a special ranked sprint package this week. Chances are also that they put her to the techtree around New Year for 50% off in gold.
  12. Erebthoron

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    Thinking of Stalin, this one always comes to my mind
  13. Up to the tier you build your captain for. Since I will get the Daring the moment the client comes online, I choose SE and SI. SE: since they are more or less gunboats a larger healthpool is always good. Also: your healing skill will benefit SI: mostly for the extra heal
  14. Erebthoron

    I got called into Service - CVs

    You find everything in the mail. There is a link to the tester page.