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  1. Bring OP ships with 19 point captains and if they complain tell them "Git Gud you noob" Ofc we could do such things like telling them how to angle ships, when use HE or AP, role of the ships they play... seeing how many noobs with 5k+ battles are online I wouldn't waste my time with this...
  2. Patchnotes Test Pan-Asian destroyers, balance changes to U.S. aircraft carriers, upgrade interface improvements, and the new Operation "The Ultimate Frontier" today! These items are still being tested, so this information is tentative, and subject to change or removal from each round of testing through the release of the next update may be stripped or implemented in a different way by the time the final version of this update goes live. Screenshots, specific values, and in-game mechanics listed here will not necessarily be relevant after the release of the next update. Pan-Asian Destroyers Update 0.6.14 brings a new line of Pan-Asian ships, with one tier I cruiser and nine destroyers. The new line also carries a new type of weapon: Deepwater Torpedoes. These explosive fish are hard to spot with a small detection radius and have increased chances of flooding an enemy ship – perfect for facing off against enemy cruisers and battleships. However, this advantage comes at a price—the new torpedoes cannot hit other destroyers. You’ll also be able to deploy a unique "Smoke Generator" consumable with unconventional stats, which should come in handy when facing enemy destroyers. It provides efficient cover with a short cooldown time, extended deployment time, and a shorter smoke duration, perfect for retreating after an unfortunate encounter or when laying down a massive barrage on enemy ships. The 0.6.14 Public Test won’t feature the entire new tech tree, but you’ll be able to complete a dedicated chain of missions to access the tier IX destroyer Chung Mu, equipped with: 10.5km-range torpedo launchers Top speed of 66 knots 5 turrets with 127mm guns to counter destroyers at up to 11km! Concealment of 5.7km in full stealth build If you’re not a fan of “smoke-firing” and you prefer to get aggressive, you can mount a Surveillance Radar in place of the Smoke Generator. New Operation Go boldly and put your skills to the test the new "The Ultimate Frontier" Operation. As the battlefront closes in, closer, a research project on the Rouen Atoll falls under threat of persistent air strikes. A group of transport aircraft speed to Rouen with a mission to evacuate all personnel and documentation to avoid a catastrophe. Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it… A two-phase operation in which you escort the transport aircraft to the airfield while destroying enemy ships posing any danger to them. Once that task is complete, you will have to hold the airfield, preventing its destruction, until the evacuation is over. Restrictions: Tier VII ships only First Phase Safely escort the transport aircraft to the airfield. Second Phase Provide support for a safe evacuation while defending the airfield. Game Balance Changes General Changes to Aircraft Carriers We increased action time for the "Damage Control Party" consumable from 5 to 30 seconds, with the probability of catching fire from HE shells brought in line with that applied to the stock hulls of tier VI carriers for all aircraft carriers in the game. By introducing this change, we aim to reduce the priority of a distracting hunt for other carriers. In addition, the extended action time of the "Damage Control Party" will allow several squadrons to take off even under a shower of high-explosive shells, though the fire chance when the consumable is on a cooldown increases. US Aircraft Carriers: Changes to Flight Control Update 0.6.14 brings balance changes to US carriers – now each ship has only one Flight Control module available. Each carrier retains their unique six-aircraft squadrons and carries at least one of each of the following strike groups: fighters, dive-bombers and torpedo bombers. With these changes, we want to increase the versatility of U.S. carriers while preserving their specific gameplay features. High-tier carriers Lexington, Essex and Midway (tiers VIII-X) will be able to equip their squadrons with AP bombs. Now you’ll be able will be able to try out a type of weapon that was once only available to specific Premium carriers. When the Update releases all researched and purchased modules on your US carriers will be accounted for. We’re guided by the underlying principle that you won’t lose anything, and more details will be available with the release of the full list of changes for the Update. Follow-Up Tweaks to Upgrade Slots We changed the arrangement of upgrades in the corresponding slots. Now, each slot houses an upgrade more expensive than the one placed in the immediately preceding slot. Slot-based prices will be distributed as follows: Slot 1: 125,000 Credits Slot 2: 250,000 Credits Slot 3: 500,000 Credits Slot 4: 1,000,000 Credits Slot 5: 2,000,000 Credits Slot 6: 3,000,000 Credits We believe this change will increase the logic of upgrade arrangement while making the ship researching process more consistent. All upgrades already mounted will remain on their relevant ships, only their location slots will change. As with the above carrier modules, some upgrades will be moved, and more details will be available with the release of the full list of changes for the Update. Source
  3. ...even I took a look around before I launched my torpedos against a BB that stood still. One of our DD turned around and wanted that kill. I warned him. He sailed on and killed the BB, but my torpedos killed him. His response: he said that it was his fault...I gave him a "good manners".
  4. Smoke on a RN CL is a invitation to noob BB to either push you out of the smoke so they can "use" it or start firing so that you can take the salvos for them.
  5. If you have the Baltimore you will end up with the new T9 CA which inherited the XP and captain from the Baltimore. If you still have the other ships you get the downtiered version, the Dallas, the Helena and the Cleveland plus 3 port slots and some 6-8 points captains. The Cleveland will be stock.
  6. OP premiums: Gremyashchy, Imperator Nikolai, König Albert, Belfast, Mikhail Kutuzov... all gone from the store.
  7. SEA group already priced it with 375k free xp.
  8. 2 weeks off after tomorrow’s nightshift. Time to get the good old ArkBeta (plus the ImpNiko and Gremlin) out to salute the new players. She was a very good ship before the patch. This turns her in ridiculous.
  9. You are right. You needed a game in the Tirpitz to get the camo. That’s why people were pissed about it.
  10. Depends. The Tirpitz is the Bismarck with less AA but torpedos. She is more or less the techtree ship. She has a good credit multiplier so you earn more Reichsmark then with the Scharnhorst. Since there is a trent that people play more T10 battles you find yourself uptiered often. Because of the smaller caliber of the Scharnhorst her playstyle differs from the Gneisenau in the techtree. She is a good allrounder. The higher RoF makes her forgivingif your aim is a bit off. She has enough AP firepower to hunt cruisers or damage BB when you are brawling. Her HE is okish and good at long range against BB. With the 20 sec reload and the secondaries you also can hold yourself against DD if you are not ambushed. Wit the current MM you have good chances to be on top of the foodchain more often then on the bottom. If you want to earn good credits you may want to have the Tirpitz but for the fun I would recommend the Scharnhorst. She is a kind of very heavy cruiser.
  11. 6.14 is about 3 weeks away. Since they announce the Pan Asian DD for this month it will be end of November.
  12. I think the Tachibana is to fast for a DE.
  13. Besides the hitpoints she gives you the closest experience what it would be to play a DE ingame. Ok, her guns are better but then she is also a T3. Advantage DE: no citadel.
  14. It’s hard to get into the range to radar a DD when you sit behind an island. First thing I do when I get spotted in a Atlanta and see no ship is hitting the radar button. Her radar is situational. If you can afford to sail close with your DD‘s you can murder the opfor sitting in smoke.
  15. Get the Katori. Bring her to randoms. Then you understand why.