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  1. Erebthoron


    Ok, we are all friends here. Tell us, where does the destroyer touched your battleship? Try to play something else then BB and you will know why these mechanics are here. Also: get some knowledge about firing of artillery and balistics. And don't forget: there are some clips (also from WG) that explain how does spotting works. BTW, it isn't as bad as it used to be. There was a time when ships like the Gremyashchy or Mogami could sit it the middle of the ocean and punish BB without being spotted.
  2. Erebthoron

    PSA code

    We had this already last year. The fouth week will be 1600/1700/1800/1900/2000.
  3. Erebthoron

    30% off coupon...

    Up to your skill. The JB is good if you understand to play to her strength. But she is very unforgiving. Still, excellent trainer for French BB. The biggest reason: she will be removed with the next patch. I cannot speak for the Georgia, I prefer the Ohio. Many say she has potential yadayadayada, most of the time I find Georgia players terrible overextended, since they hit the speedboost and get tunnel vision. Alabama and Mass have only small differences. The biggest is the range of the Mass secondaries. Still, to get the best out of her, you may use another build then for a standart USN BB captain. I'm in fav for the Mass. Vanguard is a upgraded Warspite and uptiers not very good. May one of the weakest T8 BB premiums. I don't own the Lenin, but from what I read, she is a good trainer for VMF captains. VMF BB are the line I play least, not much of fun in my opinion. For a average player, the Kaga is prob the best of the 3 CV that are avaible now. Go to the top of the first page and click on the LWM post. She have very good revies of all the ships.
  4. WGC has come a long way. I didn't had any issues with it since about 1 1/2 years. Like said, you can disable most of the thing people don't like. And having patches preload is a nice feature.
  5. Not really, did the word homeoffice tells you something?
  6. Erebthoron

    What is the best supercruiser?

  7. Erebthoron

    Curiosity getting the better of me

    Some people don't seems to grasp the seriousness of this situation. They evacuate a train earlier today, because there was a guy traveling with a facemask and rubber gloves. When he was asked, he said he was tested positiv on Corona.
  8. Erebthoron

    Curiosity getting the better of me

    All the best wishes for your mom. In Germany from tomorrow on, you are only allowed to go alone outside. Supermarkets start restricting the amount of goods you can buy because of those, who went out of the stores with multiple trolley's full of water, toiletpaper, noodels etc. Since they consider my job important to infrastucture and supply, our office is restricted to the small 24 hours staff only. I even got a paper that says, that in the case of a curfew, I'm allowed to leave the house. Stuff like this makes it real scary... The only good thing for me: I may do homeoffice till this thing is over. Part of it is, I catched a cold from a coworker, so I'm in a kind of quarantine considering my workspace. But I don't try to cough when I walk with the dog, people look at me like I'm Stalin and Hitler in one person reborn.
  9. BESAFE2020 gives you 14 days of WoT premium time.
  10. Just for the forum dwellers and those who ignore the mainpage https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/safe-passage-through-stormy-seas/
  11. Kamikaze, 45 sec reload with a high point captain, 1,6 km stealth torp rang. Was removed because of being broken OP.
  12. Just check reddit or the forum, codes are usually up within minutes they are in the stream.
  13. The EU stream was early today, basicly in the morning. Usually it's together with the NA stram in the afternoon here. All those codes will be repeated in the NA/ASIA streams. You will not miss out anything.
  14. Erebthoron

    My game freezes

    Specs of your PC?