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  1. Erebthoron

    Best feature in a patch - ever!

    The Sam camo isn't turned off if you choose the event camos only. Just keep the imitation and painting camos and you are good.
  2. Erebthoron

    The BatFish emblem, where is it?

    Was already $32000 in less then a week. I wonder if we can get some actual number how much WoWs players donated. @Femennenly, are there any updates about this? https://www.kjrh.com/news/donations-for-uss-batfish-submarine-flood-repair-collected-via-video-game
  3. Erebthoron

    Best feature in a patch - ever!

    Wow, this is awesome. Plus turning the ARP ships into full premiums, best patch since CBT.
  4. Erebthoron

    Where is Hayate?

    One of those soon will match NOW! Never gonna happen! At some point in the future (also; At some point) We’re in pure Nostradamus territory here. We have a magic 8 ball and even it said, “Ask again later”. In the future This isn’t going to happen during any variety of soon you care to use. In fact, it’s pretty far out there. Not as far as ‘at some point’, but we’re certainly not suggesting you book vacation time just yet. We’re probably talking about something that is possible within the current time line. Assuming, of course, the Mayans, Vikings, and 47 other random stone carvings were wrong and we’re still here after all that crazy ‘end of the world’ stuff. In the near future This is absolutely, positively, without question, a possibility. In fact, it might even be a real possibility. But as to when, we’ll have to get back to you on that one. Soon™ No lie. It’s going to happen. It’s going to happen really freakin’, like, eventually. But it will happen! “Soon” It’s official! We have given consideration to a possible date and we now have several possibilities! Soon We’ve narrowed the date down to something within the calendar year! soon No really, we have a date now! It’s even penciled in on a calendar somewhere! MoreSoonerish We have a date, and we’re probably going to tell you what that date is…soon! Incredisoon OK! We’re done messin’ around. We have a date, we’ve found the calendar we wrote it on, and we are going to tell you. Like right freakin’ shortly! Seriously! Tomorrowish-esque™ This is going to happen within the next 24 hours. Give or take some random number of hours which may or may not exceed an amount equal to the number of miles between the reader and the International Date Line divided by 163.97241. Unless the person is actually standing on the International Date Line at the time of reading, in which case the world will end in a cataclysmic divide by zero error and none of this will matter anyway. This is all barring any conflicts with ‘The Schedule’, of course. As soon as possible Time being the slippery thing it is, this has quite probably already happened. If not, it is very likely to happen while someone is typing up the message telling you when it will happen. Assuming, that it is in fact possible. Modifiers, adjustments, and other fun stuff. Capitalization As a general rule, capitalization will tip you off as to a measurement’s place in time. Capital letters denote a longer period of time than lower case letters. This applies to all uses of capitalization when dealing with time. Thus Soon is longer than soon. Likewise, MoreSoonerish, Moresoonerish, and moresoonerish are all incremetally shorter periods from longest to shortest. TM and its uses; The notorious ™ has very specific meanings. It denotes a longer period of time than the word or phrase would otherwise represent without the addition of the ™. “Quotes" The use of quotes, like the use of TM and Capitalization has specific meaning. It is another measure of extending the noted period of time. Though it denotes a shorter extension than either ™ or Capitalization. Combined notation When you see a combination of modifiers (™, quotes, and capitalization) you must consider the impact of all modifiers on the base measurement. The more modifiers, the larger the expansion of time from the base measurement.
  5. Erebthoron

    Anyone reach 350 or more ships yet?

    Would have 327, if you would buy all the 42 techtree ships I didn't have. Mostly T2-T5 stuff. 53 portslots left to fill.
  6. Do you also want Russian income? The same places Black Desert Online ask $36 for just a outfit for your toon.
  7. When I read that the ARP ships get some economy bonus, I thought "well, extra credit earning since they are not real premiums will be ok" But when I checked, I see that they get the ususal premium camos bonus -10% repairs and +50%XP. Well played, happy to have 10 new premiums. A reason to take them out more often.
  8. Erebthoron

    Please Bring Back Vampire!

    How about the DD11 HMAS Vampire
  9. Was intentional by WG. Most players said, that the Fujin isn't worth buying, since she is a slightly worse version of the old Minekaze.
  10. The famous spreadsheets. The ImpNiko was pulled because the ASIA server showed a significant high number of players, that could add up absurd amounts of damage. Still, she do more average damage then nearly ALL T6 BB.
  11. TBH, the complete presentation of the event as a mess.
  12. With the first Christmas containers WG found out how many money players would gamble for some rare boats. Wasn't too bad for me at that time. Every class of container had a guarantee drop of some specific premiums. For the $3 container, it was the Prinz Eugen and the… T4 IJN BB. From the non rare boats, this were two out of four ships I didn't have. And man, those premium ships dropped like candy. Still the RNG didn't checked what ships you already had. I got the four boats with the first 12 boxes. The next gave me either the value of doubloons or a rare boat. I spend about $150, but had all ships (sans the Iwaki), more then a year of premium and something around 20k gold. And yes, a bit of fluff. The next year showed a drop of premium ships and it went down from then. Still enough player buy them in great numbers. Why? For that lucky roll that gives you one of the removed ships. What was the price tag for a Missouri at the charity? $200? And you had a good number of people complaining that about the small number of them they offer.
  13. I think the Imperator Nikolai was also pulled without a warning. The problem is, who cares about a Russian BB that was never finished? The Enterprise on the other hand is the symbol of the Pacific War. Oh and the Gremlin… only available as a buy in into the CBT. Was the worst ship in the opinion of most players. Then the game mechanics changed and she turned into complete broken, so she was never sold again.
  14. This only works, if you have already a huge amount of premiums. The chances for new players are bad.
  15. Missouri 1944? Get a perma camo for the Iowa Belfast 1945? it's called the Edinburgh with perma camo. Musashi is special because you can shoot T7 ships.