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  1. New map "Sleeping Giant"

    From the Dev Blog A new map for tier IX-X battles is added to the game - "Sleeping Giant". It comprises big isles, straits and open flanks. The action takes place in China. Soft color palette makes the surroundings quite memorable
  2. Cesare changes?

    Pfff... Belfast cannot perform well without torpedos and heals... waiting that she get that since I bought her
  3. Cesare changes?

    She is just a poor little T5 BB. OK she outperforms any other T5 BB but that didn't mean she should not be buffed... (right, I own one too)
  4. Why open another post for something that was asked 3 times per day the last few days? But extra for you: 7.0 woill hit the server tomorrow, the 2 days will be added then
  5. Ok, now for the 30th time: 17th is patch day for 7.0, the 2 extra days will be added then.
  6. 17th is patch day for 7.0. The 2 extra days will be added then.
  7. In every game there will be people who cannot finish event for what ever reason. Opposide to the Tirpitz camo the Scharnhorst camo didn't give you any extra bonus. You compalining that many players got a free T7 premium and all the other rewards from the campaign because you cannot do it.
  8. Client is a mess. I get every 5th game or so kicked back to the loading screen when the battle starts. If people don't have a SSD it may take them 3-4 minutes to load again.
  9. From the dev blog ST, new unique commander A unique French commander, Jacques-Jean Honoré, is added to the game. He has improved Expert Marksman and Adrenaline Rush skills. Expert Marksman: +3 deg/s (instead of 2.5 deg/s) to traverse speed of guns with a caliber of up to 139 mm; +1 deg/s (instead of 0.7 deg/s) to traverse speed of guns with a caliber above 139 mm. Adrenaline Rush: -0.25% (instead of -0.2%) to reload time of all types of armament for each 1% of HP lost. https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/posts/1996575970668740
  10. I suspect I suspect the 17th will be patch day for 7.0. They will add the two extra days to the client at that point.
  11. The right the express yourself gives also others the right to do the same. Also don’t forget that this comes with the burden of the consequences. Seeing a Saipan makes me cringe. If she is in my team. Most of them are played by people who read that she is OP and have no clue how to play a carrier. So you meet someone who doesn’t just roll over and play dead when you brought your CV. Learn to strafe, bring him near ships that have AA, keep him busy. The Saipan suffers from a small number of spare planes and a rather mediocre damage from her torpedo planes. Bombers are ok but still far behind the potential damage you can do with a Kaga or Hiryu. USN CV are not in the best spot at the mid tiers so you either stop playing, use free XP to tier 9 or learn to play. WG will not nerf a premium, rather stop selling it. And never remove them. There are by far worse offenders than the Saipan.
  12. HSF camo can be earned with the upcoming Haifuri collection. You also get the one with blue triangles for the Yamato. Should be part of the 7.0 patch.