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  1. So I just turn pink. And it was the other players fault. A Shima of my team with just 71 points left was on a course were he clearly pass my Yamato side by side by one ship lenght. And then he steers his ship direct into the side of my ship, lost 71 hitpoints and I turn pink. Wonder who did some unsporting behavior here.
  2. Dönitz would be a bad idea since he was the last Reichspräsident of Germany and a devoted Nazi. Räder despised democracy. Even he wasn't a fan of Hitler in the beginning he turned into a Nazi after 1933. The only one that would be easy to agree with because he had nothing to do with the Nazi would be Langsdorff. Since he worked on a mineseeper in WW1 he can get some extra vigilance bonus. Btw he earned the Iron Cross second and first class there His devotion to his crew can give him a adrenalin rush bonus. And because of that RN cruiser look alike fake turret he may get some extra CE Bonus.
  3. Even if it would be 50 planes: roll a T5 CV and play co op. Better: Enterprise or Hak in co op.
  4. I think it’s right that it will be like the other marathons. The good: I have already the Indianapolis so I‘m just in for the extra rewards. I don’t agree about the get a minimum wage job and buy it idea. I just can play the game and get some extras beside the daily containers. It‘s not that I spend extra time I wouldn’t spend in the game to get the Indi.
  5. A better place to play

    Nope, I play on NA.... for EU games it's usually around 20-30 depending where the servers are placed.
  6. A better place to play

    I play from Germany and a 100 ping is ok for this game.
  7. Ranked Tier 10

    K since you are so polite to other people my help: dumb 230k free XP plus the XP you need to unlock a T9 from the T8 you have the most XP on. Voila, your T10. This is the fastest way, takes a few clicks. If you don’t have that much free XP? Check if you have unused 230k ship XP and buy gold to turn them into free XP. Second fastest way, just a few more clicks more.
  8. While there was some information about what happen with the ships and commanders there is still one question not answered: What happen to the gun upgrades you researched for the ships? A look into the extended techtree shows that you don't need to research the main battery upgrades anymore. When they removed the A hulls of the IJN BB the XP you needed for the B hull was added to the ship XP. That left many players angry since they used free XP to skip them. When they removed the different setups from the USN CV this XP was turned into free XP and the players were happy. Also what happen to the credits we paid for the modules? Ok, I'm not care about that since I'm sit on 220mio but there are many people on a small credits budget.
  9. Epic Buff to Low Tier CVs?

    Tell this all those CV that either fly direct over a cruiser or even attack him because they think he has a lower hp pool then a BB.
  10. U.S. Cruiser Split

    Two weeks,there will be two PTS rounds.
  11. REVIEW #100

    Nope, that's not what I'm talking about. The date is April 1st...
  12. No the Baltimore will replace your NO and get the XP from the NO
  13. I think the thing that worked was putting a new captain into the ship, hit retrain but leave him there with 0% training for the ship. They were fully retrained for the new ship after the patch.
  14. Aegis tactics

    It's a good move for a cruiser that has fast firing guns, DF and torpedos. He can sink both CV fast. For the rest of the team: it works of some ships cover the retreat of the cargo ships. Just offer a target so they focus on you, BB's are good for this. You need all cargo ships alive for 5 stars but only one player ships. Was fun because one of those who yolo with their DD into the second wave complained about the incoming loss and what a mess that team was. The last 4 players killed the CV's and covered the ships, one was left over but hell, it was 5 stars.
  15. From the VMF split For the replaced ship, its Commander's specialization will be changed to the ship of the corresponding tier in the main branch. For the second ship, a new Commander will be added to the player's account and bonus Commander XP They talk only about the captain specialization -> that means he didn't have to be in the ship at that moment.