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  1. Erebthoron

    Top tier camos

    You mean to exchange any of the camos you have for a premium one (including the premium stats).. so your boat can forever look like this
  2. Log into your account via the Web page go to https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/our-bad/ and see if you are eligible Click on the claim button. You will recive 75 tokens from the LAST event and you can still use them in the arsenal till the next update.
  3. Erebthoron

    French DD's

    Fast DD with reload booster. Besides hitting ships with torps, you can do a hugh amount of burst damage with your guns. Not the best boat to cap alone, nearly every other DD outspots you. But very good for hunting DD down and harass other ships. Hit speed boost, WASD hack your way along the battlefield and go dark if needed. My last match with the T8 only gave my 60k damage, but I spend my time keeping the enemy team spotted. 130k spotting damage. I was sceptical at first, but you can have a lot of fun with them. I played them from T5-T8. They are like the VMF Khab line.
  4. Erebthoron

    So, about the new event tokens...

    Did the math for me after finishing the first directives (without CV). I bought one container to start the collection and have the Terrible. I will have 2170 tokens if I do every other directive without CV and end up in the top 50%. So I payed just $5 for the captain.
  5. Erebthoron

    Destroyers with radar

    The Black is okish. You trade slow (but hard hitting) torps plus the engine speed/AA option for the radar. It's short range and only 26.4 seconds with the radar module. Since it takes 5 sec before all other ships in your team can see the same DD, it's more a kind of self defense then an offensiv weapon. You spend most of the time deploying some sea mines and spot then fighting another DD. The Black got power creeped by the a) Jutland/Daring because of heals, RoF and hydro b) Kitkat/Haru because of healthpool and RoF c) Z-46/Z-52 because of excellent hydro and RoF d) Udaloi/Groz because of heal, def AA and RoF Still, you can have good matches with her. Her torps are hard to spot from other ships, so the reaction time isn't very high for BB, even they are slow. You can chase a DD out of a cap or trap other them the way that guy did to you. Used it with success in ranked.
  6. Yes, randoms. Thsi is from the Smolenks
  7. Different playstyles. I have the premium mod in my DM and use faster reload for my Salem. Yes, I'm limited to 16km range, but have no problem hitting stuff. With the Smokelens you hit a slow BB for sure at 19km, but a player that uses WASD hacks can easy avoid them. Ah, and no, I'm not that hiding behind a island player. If possible I move with the DD and help them killing the other teams destroyer and chase planes away. We have different idea's of support ships.
  8. Basic service costs are 36k for both. Every shell on the Salem cost you about 37 credits, its 42 on the Smolensk. It's just the sheer amount of of them, you can fire in a match, that adds up. I used 675 shells with the Salem last game. And both have the same amount of consumables, so it's 90k extra for using premium in all slots. May not needed in PvE, but in PvP it makes a difference.
  9. Played the Smolensk in a few battles and she is really more like the Flint then the MK. The shell arcs aren't that good beyond the 15km range, if you go for a full range build, you have the same rainbows you got from the Atlanta/Flint. I didn't played enough for make a full proof difference between IFHE, but I think you do better with it then with 19.1km range. And she feels clumpsy compared to the Atlanta. I run Salem to get a roughly estimate about the earning and figured out, they are close, with a small advantage to the Smolensk from the earning, but you pay about 10% more for the shells. Maintaince costs are the same. Still, I felt more comfortable with the Salem. I did a easy 165k damage (but a loss) and would have earned 286k credits without any bonus (i choose this number because not all players have premium time and flags) I had a 98k game with the Smolenks, earning me 215k credits. Ther number of shot down planes and the kind of ships I hit are about the same, both were T10 battles. I spend more time taking care about my positioning then with the Salem. If you get caught in the open, good luck, the Salem still have the advantage of mobility and super heal. The Salem is the better support ship IMO, you have radar when you want to hunt a DD, super heal and a kind of independent. With the Smolenks you depend on your team spotting for you. Still, with a DM/Sauce in a div, you can be a real pain. And the shell arcs are good for hitting those cruisers, that hide behind a island. The VMF CL is more a flavor of the month, still a lot of potential for the experienced players. Those who hate the MK and sold her back for gold will have the same problems with this ship. I don't regret buying her, she is still and interesting asset to my collection. But I don't think she will be as popular for me like the Salem and DM.
  10. Erebthoron

    So, about the new event tokens...

    You either need at least one of the two DD and reaching the top 25% to earn enough tokens. Or take the shortcut via the store. Same [edited] we had with the RN CV release. You could only unlock the T8 when you bought containers from the store.
  11. Three steps: earn 5k XP in a T2-t4 ship earn 25k commander XP with a T5-T6 win 10 random/ranked battles T7-T9 each gives you 3 camos and the final reward is 3 port slots You need to log into your twitch account and have it linked to twitch
  12. I was on the fence for playing on in ranked after I was stuck at rank 9. But since I would miss the Flint by 200 steel I gave it a try. The last battle not only got me to rank 8, I also got the missing 150 coal, from the daily mission, for the Smolensk. One battle, winning the two egg twins. And now some songs for the rest of the day And ofc for reaching finally the Flint
  13. Erebthoron

    Smolensk = WOW, WOW, and did I say WOW?

    1700 coal needed. If I'm lucky, tomorrow, if not Friday.
  14. Erebthoron

    New legendary captains for Germany and Italy

    That's true. With that in mind I hit the N.