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  1. Erebthoron

    Anyone receive their AIR SUPPLY CONTAINER?

    Mine just drop.
  2. Erebthoron

    Wows Nightly News 21: The Torpedo Tango!

    tubeless internet... remindes me of this
  3. Erebthoron

    HMS Implacable for free?

    Mhh... so I need to play another hour after nightshift to get the last two missions done. With the exchange option they net me another 36 Florins. Too much fine print this time, I can understand while players get confused.
  4. Erebthoron

    HMS Implacable for free?

    I wonder if there isn't a four set of directives. That would give us another 400 Florins (if they didn't change the rewards ofc) https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-081-british-squadrons/
  5. Erebthoron

    Akatsuki should swap tiers with Kagero

    They tried to organize the techtree along the time the ships entered service. The old T8 Fubuki was a poor mans Shima. With the old skills and OWSF rules, she was also a okish gunboat. Nothing was funnier then stalk a enemy DD, place the torps along the retreat path and start firing at him. Also, without radar, the Fubuki was the perfect boat against camping BB.
  6. Erebthoron

    British ATA in WW2

    Yes, I agree with this. When they were asked to leave England, they decided to stay. Two of her sons served in the RN, Prince Andrew flow combat missions in the Falkland War. Prince William served in the RN and added another 36 months flying SAR, ending as a full Sea King pilot. And Harry served as Forward Air Controller in Afghanistan, learned to fly a Apache gunship and served another tour there.
  7. Erebthoron

    Incompetence, Greed, and Obliviousness

    When I read the headline, I thought this is a bout the Boing 737 MAX. Nope, the skill gap still exists. The first hint is usually a CV that stil sits at the spawn after a few minutes of battle. And those, who used manual drop before, have still and edge of those who used autodrop. I play most of the time T8+ and CV are as rare as before. It didn't help the game that the number of DD's is dimishing. True, there are still a few battles with more then two per side, but more often you are down to one DD. The more complex a system get, the more errors will be added to the software. WG WoWs may not have the manpower to fix all the bugs at once. Still, they do better then the guys from Black Desert Online. The finally got a testserver at the end of last year. But obvisious bugs didn't get fixed before they hit the life server. Or those who are responsible for the software I work with. For every bug fixed, there are two new ones. Software get updated without a proper test run from the users. Fixing bugs takes weeks.
  8. Erebthoron

    Mouse's Previews of Yukikaze and Montpelier

    The only reason for buying the Yukikaze is the historic value. As historic as a AL camo ship can be
  9. Erebthoron

    British ATA in WW2

    Since it's equal payday, let's remember the nearly 75000 British women that served in WW2. One of the most astonishing story is those of the Air Transport Auxiliaries There is also a very good book about Mary Ellis, called "A Spitfire Girl" And some weren't stopped by age to fly again Many of those women served in the RN, called WRNS (Women's Royal Navy Service). You want to know more? "Britannia's Daughters"by Ursula Stuart Mason
  10. Erebthoron

    german H series battleships

    Only until the RN and USN start a working convoy system. Also: I recommend reading Adam Tooze: Wages of War.The making and breaking of the Nazi economy. A very good book about the real limits of the Nazi war machinery. There are a few others about the Allied industry and the influx of the USA. Like James Holland "War in the West: Part 2". And this goes to my gif collection.
  11. Erebthoron

    suspect server numbers

    “I only believe in statistics that I doctored myself” ― Winston S. Churchill
  12. Erebthoron

    My First Tier X

  13. Think you didn't know the fine print of the mission, you need to do it in with RN DD or cruiser.
  14. Erebthoron

    Part 1 Event 3 Exeter's Last Stand

    With the Nelson you can do the Fly! Strike! Win! missions in co op for the Nelson and the secondaries hits at the same time while you burn other ships down. Also: some already bought the Exeter, so they can use her for this mission too.
  15. Erebthoron

    Newport, poor decisions

    Many player queue with carriers and want to use the scenario to level their ships. Most of the time they are at the bottom of the XP, so you are already a ship short. DD that yolo into the enemy or cruisers that don't sail for repairs, they die usually early in the match, you are another one or two ships down. Player who camp with the repair ships /behind islands or have zero map awarness = no support to stop the first three waves in time. From all the scenario battles, this is the most frustrating.