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  1. Erebthoron

    Cartoonish game

    Oh yes, "WIzards" one of the funniest movies ever that the world forget about. I also like that "Wizard Duel"in the end.
  2. Erebthoron

    Cartoonish game

    Most under 14 cannot afford all the anime stuff. And skip also that mostly WWII ship part. We have fleets made up by napkin drawings and wishfull thinking. The original purpose for WG is printing money and not making a historic game. Paper ships and colabs like HSF and ARP showed them, that they can make $$$ with re-skining ships, that are already in game. They give a f... what you think about this, they only care what their money spreadsheet says at the end of the month.
  3. Erebthoron

    How does someone with 35% WR end up in rank 7?

    Just spam enough battles. There are people ranking out after 800+ battles, crap win rate, but they join battles all day.
  4. Erebthoron

    Post your pets pic, make him/her WOWs famous !!

    Our Siberian girl. She is a kind of famous around here, since there are tons of people who only recognize me when I walk with my dog.
  5. Since this months humblebundle included Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, that's where my wish for a colab goes. Especially since they plan to come up with a new BSG series next year.
  6. Erebthoron

    Research Bureau: Worth It?

    I wanted to test it and got the Ohio after two resets. Would I ever do it again? No. It's a sink for flags, camos and free XP. The later can be monetized, so WG decited to moved the legendary upgrades to the RB. I just grind through some of the old upgrade missions, it's half as bad as regrinding a complete line over and over again. If WG really wanted to change that, they could have reduced the XP numbers in the first part and the base XP needed for the last one. Commander XP/free XP weren't too bad with camos and flags, same goes for credits. But hey, you make less money from that then player exchange their ship XP to free XP.
  7. Erebthoron

    why do we need more cartoon little girls?

    There are enough anime fans with a high disposable income. While this colabs are probably made for the Asian market, it takes no extra work to make them available for the rest of the servers. Another example: Why do you think, most Asian MMO have only skimpy outfits for the female toons?
  8. Erebthoron

    World of Warships Transformers Collab

    Reading to all the pages of the forum, it's ok to have ANY other interests BESIDE anime. Just not Japanese comic girls.
  9. Erebthoron

    World of Warships Transformers Collab

    Waiting for the Angry Birds collab... Just laught so hard when I have seen it. Guess anime girls aren't that bad after all.
  10. Erebthoron

    So is Azur Lane

    Got Jean Bart, I'm not complaining
  11. Erebthoron

    Another Azur lane post

    Cannot complain. Got that good looking Jean Bart girly from my free container. Now she only need to learn French.
  12. Sorry, I cannot take all this toxic crap from those players, that die within the first 4 minutes and pester the chat till the end of the battle. First, a match without CV or radar in the other team I was fighting with 3 ships on our side against 4, we sunk them. Lost one DD, have a Lenin damaged. Earned high caliber The other cap lost 4 ships while sinking 1(!!!!!!) I turned out of the cap into the enemy... being called a coward hidding behind rocks (because I angeled my Mass and used my heals, I was only 20% down) by our Benson that died yolo. I was number 3, one other BB from my side had 10 points more, a LeTerrible, that (needless) yolo rush their BB with torpedos saved his star. The Benson was 5th with by a large amount of XP less. Yeah, It wasn't the fault of the players, that couldn't control the cap, I lost the game for the team. Needless to say that he pestering me after the game with messages. Next match: Atago player said he has no confidnce our Akizuki and that we will lose because of him and the GZ. That guy already joined pink. First thing, he start shooting the Akizuki, but since he has seen, that he loses hitpoints (because of being pink) faster then he can kill the DD, he stopped. But sailed beside him and giving away the position of him this way. Shoots that missed him, hit the DD. The red CV was good and he start attacking my Kidd. I had a Mass near me and a Odin, four ships in front of us, including a DD. Planes come, I turn into the Mass to getting some extra AA. The Odin player just yolo into the cap, got hit by torpedos, a Cleveland, a Bismarck and a flanking Vlad. He spend the rest of the match spaming the chat that I'm a coward and he died because he got no support from me. Needless to say, second lowest score, not even 60% of what I had. Oh, I damaged one of their BB heavy, killed their Benson and got their other DD down to 100 points. Just lost my star by a few points. From the final score, if that Odin hadn''t died and the Atago wouldn't had sabotage our other DD, a win would have been possible. Rant over, I stay away from rank for the rest of the season.
  13. Exactly. If there is a credit mission, I use the Missouri, at the Gamescom camo that gives +50% credits and some dragons flags and hit EZ 1miotogehrt with premium time with a good game. I'm sitting on 700mio credits, a not to small number of those came from the matches with the Missouri.
  14. As for the removing of a few other ships: There are three different reasons what WG considered as unhealthy. One is, the ship is so popular that player will not play something else. Like the JB, there is rarely a T9 match without one. If you check the charts, she, the Musashi and Missouri are extrem popular. The second reason: the ship has a huge influence to a battle, especially in the hands of Joe Average players. Examples are the König Albrecht (T3 that is the base hull version of the T4 techtree ship), the Musashi and the Imperator Nikolai. The last ship was pulled after about 1-2 weeks. It was released at the ASIA server a week earlier and the numbers were very unhealthy. If you look at the charts, her WR is 6% above the next (broken) ship, the Arkansas Beta. The reason why the ArkBeta never make it to the store: it's a reward ship and players would be pissed. But she also has the same number of upgrade slots like a T9 BB. The third one are ships, that can decite a battle in the hands of good players (and lead to a lot of complains in the forum). Kamikaze, Belfast, Kutuzov are examples for those kind of ships. Good players know how to abuse their strengths and there wasn't a week without multiple complains why WG sell those ships. The Gremlins strentgh was hit by the removal of the open water stealth firing. Still, she is a good T5 DD. The Enterprise was overbuffed with the changes of the CV rework. The Kronsthadt was an intersting thing. There were many complains about how bad the ship is. And she was the last ship anyone recommended to buy with their resources. Still, she has a high WR, which means that good players know how to play her for her strenghts.