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  1. Eagles loyalty points over 75 now

    20th, mid next week.
  2. Eagles loyalty points over 75 now

    Was with the eagles till I hit the 50 points. Bought three container. With the 125 tokens I got the camo for the Sauce and changed to the sharks. I hit 50 tomorrow, so I get the DM camo and will finish to the max with the eagles.
  3. If there is any buff I want I agree with the AA buff. She was sold as a swiss army knife but never had a good AA. For the rest? She has a heal. If you buff her DPM you may consider giving all other T8 crusiers heal. As a package she is okish, neither to strong, neither to weak.
  4. The Nelson!

    Best deal you can get now for free XP. 350k is easy to get and the ship has potential. Just plain ugly.
  5. So all your planes are not enough to find a DD close to you? I mean, you see no one and your spotted sign comes up and you are not use some planes to spot the area around you?
  6. Balance suggestions

    So the weapon with the lowest hitrate and the class with the lowest damage should get punished more? I know, they can easy kill another ship when they hit but that didn't happen that often. All the radar in higher tiers make it hard enough for DD.
  7. Dumbing down of super containers

    Last one gave me 100 (no) detonation flags. The one before a Dunkek which was worth 5400 gold since I had her already.
  8. karma and winning

    This. I did matches were I was number one by a large margin but either didn't get any karma or even lose it because some enemy was pissed. Like I lost two points when I catched a victory from the jaws of defeat with my Sauce. I use radar and hydro to kill the last three enemy DD's within 2 minutes. Two were in a div so i guess that's where the downvote came from. Oh and yes, 2700 base XP will give you nothing. Plus you lose karma when people think you are a cheater because they either didn't understand the game mechanics or are just idiots. Since a report didn't do anything (besides getting people chat baned) and you get no benefit from high karma (besides more points for using karma) they should remove it.
  9. Prince of Wales

    Serious, we have the KGV and the DoY.... why did we need a T8 version? Of a ship that was sunk 1941 before any major upgrade. And as for the Warspite... we have her already two times. Why make a T8 out of a ship that is already slow at T6.
  10. This is only valid if a) BB try to stack behind some rock b) the CL still sit behind his rock even the battle moved on to another part of the map and c) the CL sit there even there is something better to do like finding a DD in the back or supporting the own DD's
  11. Earn 2018 freeXP for another 5 Gamescom 2018 camos
  12. Would join but due my timezone I cannot play at all the times (but most). Still OK?
  13. Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    Thanks LWM, this will be the first premium I gonna buy since a while. I watched the review by Yuzral and he also said as a complete package she is just better then any T6 DD. On the other hand, she will suffer in T8 with all that radar and "only" 8km torps for those with zero situational awarness.
  14. Teammates! I need your help!

    Ohne der Grammatik Nazi sein zu wollen: das heißt über (oder ueber in englisch).
  15. The good thing: the fans didn't even start to run when you play WoWs. Extrem efficient card compared to earlier generations.