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  1. Erebthoron

    Randoms Drinking Game

    Everytime the parcel service that you are waiting for the whole day, ring at the door while you can decide the match for your team... to find out he want to drop a parcel for a neighbour... take a bottle Glenmorangie
  2. Erebthoron

    Randoms Drinking Game

    Seeing a ship that is named as a brawler, like the Mass, sniping from the border of the map .. is worth a six pack at least
  3. Erebthoron

    Daily Mission for Dreadnought

    Half done and I can spend at least enough time the next 21 days to finish the first three missions. The total "softcore" way is 4-5 co op battles per day.
  4. Two years ago: 360 days premium 50% off.
  5. Erebthoron

    Shoot for the Stars - feedback?

    I agree. This is one of the most terrible operations. I played 10 and got in only two five stars. Players fail terrible at stopping the first waves plus most cruisers/dd commit suicide because they ignore that they can be healed.
  6. Erebthoron

    Help me decide

    First of all: if WG do things like in the last two years, you will see a sale for techtree premium ships around Christmas. T7 is usually 30% off. Oh, anf they add most of teh premiums to the techtreea round this time. Second: I agree with the others, the Aigle isn't worth it. There are better ships that need more coal. Just wait with the spending.
  7. Erebthoron

    Is Iowa a straight upgrade from North Carolina?

    Iowa is one of the better T9 ships. Only pain is her stock hull, she turns terrible.
  8. Erebthoron

    Santa Premium Discount

    Don't hope for a big discount. Premium time was at -15% @WoT.
  9. Erebthoron

    Premium Tier Play

    AFAIK WG never went back to the preferable MM after the Jagdtiger 8,8. This little beast is so much fun to farm damage without being afraid of seeing T10. The main problem is also that most tanks are useless if you are uptiered by 2 levels. With ships you can still be usefull even with 2 tiers difference.
  10. They name the daily missions after every major naval battle. Since the missions joined we had no extra event. Think that's the easiest way for WG to do this. You can try to add some CM like @Femennenly or @Gneisenau013 to get some attention to this and if enough player want a change WG may do something.
  11. Erebthoron

    Positive Karma is a point of pride

    The karma system is useless. I got enough games were I had more then 2500 base XP and lost karma. Yesterday I lost karma by playing my Asashio. Made 2k base XP (number one in the team), denied the enemy the victory by saving as sole survivor our point advantage over the last 3 minutes. Enemy got pissed and I lost points. While I take care to give players for either a high XP count karma or if they fullfill their role good, most palyers don't know/use this option.
  12. Erebthoron

    PSA Christmas Crates

    I think the removal of premium time from the container is bad. Yes, we can get coal, but premium time is more valuabel in my opinion. They are a bit early this year. I will wait till they make the Christmas offers to buy premiums ships from the techtree. I usually use my gold (42k) to buy those who are cheap (up to T7) and hope to get some T8 and gold for doubles from the container.
  13. $1 crates 300 doubloons 10,000 Free XP 2,500 Coal 2x Type 59 camo 4x New Year Streamer camo 50x Zulu signals 50x Zulu Hotel signals 50x Equal Speed Charlie London signals 50x Papa Papa signals $3 crates 1,000 doubloons 7,500 Coal 6x Type 59 camo 10x New Year Streamer camo 15x special Dragon signals 15x special Red Dragon signals 15x special Wyvern signals 15x special Hydra signals 15x special Ouroboros signals 15x special Basilisk signals 15x special Scylla signals 15x special Leviathan signals $5 crates 2,000 doubloons 12,500 Coal 20x New Year Streamer camo 5x Mosaic camo 5x Asian Lantern camo 5x Spring Sky camo 30x special Dragon signals 30x special Red Dragon signals 30x special Wyvern signals 30x special Hydra signals 30x special Ouroboros signals 30x special Basilisk signals 30x special Scylla signals 30x special Leviathan signals All crates have a chance for a ship. The possible ships are Tier IX Missouri Tier VIII Mikhail Kutuzov Tier VII Belfast Tier V Giulio Cesare Tier V Gremyashchy Tier V Kamikaze Tier IV Imperator Nikolai I Tier VIII Alabama Tier IX Kronshtadt Tier IX Musashi Tier VIII Gascogne Tier VIII Kii Tier VIII Massachusetts Tier VIII Roma Tier VIII Tirpitz Tier VIII Atago Tier VIII Prinz Eugen Tier VIII Asashio Tier VIII Kidd Tier VIII Le Terrible Tier VIII Loyang Tier VII Ashitaka Tier VII Duke of York Tier VII Hood Tier VII Scharnhorst Tier VII Atlanta Tier VII Boise Tier VII Duca degli Abruzzi Tier VII Indianapolis Tier VII Nueve de Julio Tier VII Błyskawica Tier VII Haida Tier VII Leningrad Tier VII Sims Tier VII Z-39 Tier VI Arizona Tier VI Dunkerque Tier VI Mutsu Tier VI Warspite Tier VI Admiral Graf Spee Tier VI De Grasse Tier VI Duca d'Aosta Tier VI Huanghe Tier VI Molotov Tier VI Perth Tier VI Aigle Tier VI Anshan Tier VI Gallant Tier VI Monaghan Tier VI T-61 Tier V Texas Tier V Marblehead Tier V Murmansk Tier V Krasny Krym Tier V Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya Tier V Okhotnik Ships will come with a port slot and a captain
  14. Erebthoron

    tomorrow update is

    Btw: servers are up early.