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  1. K here are my crappy SC 3 times 1k gold 1 T6 premium cruiser 2 modules and they are ok 100 XP flags 100 commander XP flags 50 repair flags 50 fire reducing flags 50 commander XP camos 50 normal XP camos the stacks of flags I got for the 12k matches just help me to get my T10 13 and maybe even 14 before the reward time runs out.
  2. Got my Zao and the Hindenburg by now and prop the Henry IV before the SC rewards run out. Zao gave me 50 healing flags and the Hindenburg a De Grasse with a 10 point captain.
  3. Got my 12th T10 Played one match, got my SC and got Which is a kind of ok for me. Like the LoYang, the Prinz Eugen and the Indianapolis she was a ship that I would like to have in my collection but never bought them since they are more or less tech tree ships. And I all got them from containers. Take care you my feel a bit dazzeled by the camo Ship 134 and 135, wish they would have the RU server collectores service.
  4. Nope, even tried it a second time after a relog. Give it another try after the server reset.
  5. Got also mission 1 done and no reward.
  6. Players on reddit confirm this, I just filled a ticket. THX for the confirmation!
  7. I just finish a game with my GK and had enough XP for a normal container. While a message popped up that I recived a SC for the T10 battle I didn't get one. Possible bug that you get no SC if you would recive a normal container at the same time?
  8. Half of the map? What a waste. Real lemmings only need 1/3!
  9. Depends on your income. I consider most ships up to T6 cheap since they usually cost between 12-25$. If they wouldn't have messed up the MM the Texas would be a good premium.
  10. Sooo.. I got for free or over missions in the last 2 years Mikasa (T2 BB) Tachibana (T2 DD) Katori (T3 CL) Kamikaze R (T5 seal clubber... ah balanzend DD) 4 Kongous with funky camo and 10 point captains Shinonome (T6 DD) 5 Myokou (also funky and with 10 point captains) Atago (again funky and with a 10 point captain) Albany (T2 CL... very light CL) Arkansas (CBT reward) Marblehead (T5 CL) Missouri (T9 credit printer) Emden (T2 CL) Graf Spee (T6 CA) Nelson (T7 BB) Plus the head start mission for the RN BB I have 132 ships in port but I think it boils down to 20-25 I play regular
  11. Thx for those who collected the list what to do for getting the collectibels. Did 11 by my self, got one from a container I bought and exchanged doubles for the last two.
  12. Roland Emmerich... so I guess they will not use the book "Shattered Sword" as a source for the movie. But there will be lot's of special effects.
  13. Don't think I get the 120 missing battles for the 13k done. Unless they even count CBT. For the OP: 150 means that you get a max of 150 PER flag type, so it will be 1500 in total.
  14. While it didn’t help you much when you grind the ship it’s an incentive to keep and play them.