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  1. wade_gaskins

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    Picture is in my post. That is what my SC looks like.
  2. wade_gaskins

    please give us operation choices

    Too bad I dont have anyone to div with. That is why I get Defense of the Newport Naval Base 3-4 times in a row.
  3. wade_gaskins

    Unsporting Conduct?

    In other words you can do 1 million spotting damage and be a good spotter for your team and you get unsporting conduct. Why not have xp for spotting like tanks? Wouldn't that solve the issue? If I remember correctly that would get you 50% of the xp of others shooting for your spotting.
  4. wade_gaskins

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    But isnt that where they gave out the perma camo for ships like the SC that turned into a monster? I hope to get more of those.
  5. wade_gaskins

    What's up with the API?

  6. It would break the space time continuum.
  7. wade_gaskins

    Game is crashing for me

    I dont think anyone can read your ticket but you and WG. Your link is a 404.
  8. wade_gaskins

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    During Update 0.11.9, the standard Operations are available only for players in Divisions? I haven't been in a division since the sucking the fun out of the game started and ran all my friends away from the game. That has been about 2-3 years now.
  9. wade_gaskins

    What's up with the API?

    Maybe @Ahskance would know or have some info on the subject. Its been broken for too long now.
  10. wade_gaskins

    What's up with the API?

    Yes it has been this way for a long while. Not sure if they will ever update/fix it.
  11. wade_gaskins

    I am PUNISHED for supporting the game with real $$$$

    I remember that. WoT did it so will WoWS. Just give it time.
  12. wade_gaskins

    Thanks for the Birthday gift WG!

    I got the coupon but no SC either. Had my birthday entered since Alpha. Meh its okay. Kind of like my real birthday.
  13. wade_gaskins

    Extreme In Game Verbal Abuse

    That is why I dont do test server anymore.
  14. wade_gaskins


    Nah pass. If it was camo (camo has a reduced chance of detection) I would but its just paint. That is not the same thing.
  15. wade_gaskins

    Extreme In Game Verbal Abuse

    You get use to it. After all these years I just ignore it. Very common in Wargaming titles.