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  1. Your "Cursed" ship....

    Ibuki hands down. Just used free xp to get the Zoa. I couldn't stand how bad the Ibuki was even if i had a good game still couldn't get wins.
  2. Ibuki for me, it's my bane.
  3. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    I think you said it perfectly why the Haida needs to be added to the game. One Polish ship due to it being decorated was added. So why not the Haida.
  4. Is my Neptune cursed?

    I don't know but at least you have a better win Rate than my Ibuki which i think is cursed as i have less than 10% win in it :(
  5. I didn't say iChase was an employee or that he lost his job, you misunderstood what i said.
  6. Even though i agree with iChase outside of the person loosing their job, he will most likely not come back as there is to much restraint on the Community Contributors on what can and cannot be said.

    iChase and Notser save people alot of money and anger by not buying this ship. If the CC program doesn't like somethings the members say than they should not release a piece of Garbage.

    I give iChase two thumbs up for being honest with his reviews. I watch some others guys and they said the same thing so i wonder if they also got punted. It just goes to show your ruled by an iron fist and iron fist doesn't like it they smash you. I played with one guy who did buy the Graf Zeplin earlier and he said he wished he saw the video's from the CC's members on it and would have saved the money as it is really bad.
  9. Thanks Ya i found the posting after i posted. Thanks Guys. Ya simply select the mission and hit Enter and it adds it.
  10. Anyone else having some strange this with the Yamamoto Mission 2? I have completed mission 1 and all my 10 stars and more. I am still working on Task 5 on Mission 1 to get the additional Free 5K exp but that should not be an issue. When i clicked on Mission 2 today i can see all the tasks fine but when i select any of them and making sure i have either tier 8 or 9 ship selected that is is used for the mission buts there is no Accept Task Button. Another person i know it says Mission 2 for the Yamamoto will be available in 12 months??? I am gonna submit a ticket but was just wondering if anyone else has this happening. Thanks
  11. The new Yubari

    This is another primary reason why I don't support WG any more or will ever give them another dollar or cent. You pay for something and they nerf the crapout of it so it becomes unplayable for a premium item. They did this with the Sims and others, they did this in WoT for the premium tanks. I loved my Yub Yub and had some good battles in it and sunk a lot of destroyers with it but reading this? Enough is enough WG stop [edited]with items people bought unless to fix issues and not to make them worse. It's like buying a Lexus and you degrade it to a Toyota Echo. There is no happy medium other than to boycott WG products and move on to other companies games that will hopefully provide better experiences and much better customer support. If you like what you are playing with WG good on you and keep having fun.
  12. Techies Unite!

    For sure a power tested is worth while to get and a APC UPS for the lovely brown out/ black out times. I have one for the unknown times which are few but has saved me a couple times this year and lets me shut down in time properly. It will save you a bunch of head aches. Hopefully it is only the PSU instead of the mobo as it is less a hassle to replace. If the PSU is good, strip the system down to basic essentials, no cards in slots other then minimal amount of memory, if you have a video card and mobo has onboard video remove the video card and use onboard vid for testing purposes. Disconnect hdd, dvd or any other non essentials as well. Power it on and see what happens if it powers off again most likely motherboard. Good Luck
  13. Go Crawl back in your Nuke hole.
  14. I loved playing the Konigsberg in the trails, easily racking up 20K+ damage per match. Fragile for sure but if played right can be a ship wrecker at tier 5. I thought I would work my way up to it from tier 1 but after playing 3 matches in the Koleberg at tier 3 I don't have the desire to grind back to the Konigsberg so and I have decided to just do a convert xp and get back to the Konigsberg. IMO the Konigsberg is played right can win you a match with the rof and distance it can shoot. That being said any ship if played right can win you a match.
  15. Weather conditions, ie Fog, Rain, Snow. Different times of Day, Dusk, Dawn and Night. Much improved wave Mechanics.