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  1. Kartaugh

    Economy at T8 is [edited]

  2. That might be it, I disabled all of those camos on the little gears. I'll check tomorrow when I start playing.
  3. I finished the American Cruisers collection and did NOT receive the advertised (and supposedly issued) Cleveland perma camo.
  4. Kartaugh

    Nelson zoom issue.

    Can anyone confirm this? Is it just me?
  5. Kartaugh

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Hey Tanz. I see you've made a grey version of your amazing green Yamato skin. I was wondering if you could consider eventually doing those green camo skins for the rest of the IJN battle line. The Musashi of course looks weird with the green Yamato turrets on the grey skin I use. I use a green Ibuki skin and that makes the guns on the Furutaka green, but all I have is a grey skin for it. The Mogami could also use a similar green skin. Any other ships would be a major bonus, of course (green skins for the Nagato and Amagi already exist - I use both). Anyway, your work is much appreciated, more than half the skins I use are either directly yours or some interpretation of your skins. Amazing work!
  6. Here's the problem: When the game starts, the maximum zoom available shrinks, getting the camera closer to the ship. This seems to happen exclusively with the Nelson, all other ships keep maximum camera zoom out when the battle starts. You can replicate the problem by scrolling out the zoom during the countdown, and then watching as the camera gets closer to the ship once the countdown reaches zero and the battle starts. Just an annoyance, but there it is.
  7. Kartaugh

    Why do you still play this game?

    I think it's safe to say that for most players it's likely the real answer is the Sunk Cost fallacy.
  8. Yeah, but in the previous system at least most people just gave up and stopped playing CVs, with the result being most matches being CV-free and therefore more enjoyable. Now, the gap may be larger, but the skill floor was also lowered, making average players reasonably effective, even if only in the way I described in disrupting the battle. So I think more people will keep playing CVs, making matches less enjoyable in the long run. P.S.: If my message wasn't clear enough, I meant the best course of action would be complete removal of CVs from the game. Now, we know WG aren't going to do this, but the reality is that they should.
  9. Pretty much what the OP said. Skill gap is now perhaps even larger, and great players will absolutely WRECK the other team, while average players will still cause trouble simply by disrupting the flow of the battle, forcing ships to turn to avoid planes and reducing overall effectiveness, even if the CV player himself doesn't rock the scoreboard. This is a major clusterfuck.
  10. Kartaugh

    The "I'm leaving" Thread

    I'm done with the game. If they ever fix this clusterfuck I might be back one day.
  11. Kartaugh

    Post CV first impressions here.

    This is one important point that many are missing. In the previous system, CVs experienced degraded performance as the battle went on, just like every other ship class. In the case of other classes, it was loss of modules,. loss of turrets, loss of hitpoints. In the case of CVs it was loss of planes and squadrons. In this new system, the other classes still experience degraded battle performance as time goes on, but CVs maintain peak performance all the way through, making them more effective the longer the battle lasts, since they now have infinite planes. With battle degradation, it becomes harder and harder to defend against CV attacks, and you can easily be overwhelmed in the late game, specially when there are two or three CVs in the match. Combine this with the terrible experience of being perma spotted, which basically means every DD and CA is constantly running for their lives, and it makes for an absolute disaster of a patch.
  12. I have always used tic-tac-toe, so that's the one I tested....it was the same with a CA, a DD and a BB.
  13. Kartaugh

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Well, if this is what was intended, goodbye then.