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  1. Kartaugh

    Aiming Bug

    Go to Flamu's twitch, he's doing it right now. It's laugh out loud ridiculous. P.S.: Check this out https://clips.twitch.tv/WildPlumpEggplantEleGiggle-5EMGjagB4nytFydc
  2. Kartaugh

    You were reported! Karma decreased by 2

    I'm not saying I condone people reporting CV/Sub players just for playing those idiotic classes... But I understand.
  3. Kartaugh

    Bots fire after dead.

    This is as close as I have seen to proof. Could be lag, could be a bunch of other things, but it sure does look like the torps come out only after the first bot dies.
  4. Kartaugh

    Prinz eugen

    It looks pretty much the same in WoWS.
  5. Kartaugh

    Ships that need options or buffs.

    I completely agree. When I played the Caracciolo with Deadeye, it was a pleasant and relatively effective ship. Without it, it's underwhelming at best.
  6. Kartaugh

    Ships that need options or buffs.

    Roma was a legit beast in that period after the skills rework with Deadeye. When Deadeye was removed the ship went back to being a crapshoot.
  7. Kartaugh

    My morning on 11.6

    Considering camos now do literally nothing besides looking cool (or horrifying, as the case may be), you'd be a fool (or a VERY credit rich player) to waste your silver on any camo.
  8. You will soon find out that the answer to this question, regarding literally any area of this game, is simply "WeeGee makes more money that way.". The sooner you come to terms with this realization, the better.
  9. I spend about 99% of my time on these forums taking large-sized craps on WeeGee and their development of this game. I believe I have become quite proficient at it, as a matter of fact. However, this makes it even more important that I recognize when the company does something right with respect to the gameplay. That being said, the new Dirigible Derby game mode is simply amazing. I can honestly say I've had as much fun with it as I had during my closed beta days. A brawling mode is precisely what this game needed, giving relevance to ships that were awfully neglected by the random and ranked metas over the last 5 years or so. The different patterns the zeps take to reach their destination create battles that are very different in style, and the choices you have at the start of the match with regards to positioning are what makes this mode awesome. In my opinion, this mode should be added to the random battles rotation ASAP, creating an even more interesting scenario because you won't be sure of getting it when you queue in a brawling ship, conversely creating problems for people that queue in meta ships and end up in blimp mode. All in all, superb job with the mode.
  10. Kartaugh

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    The mod creating a problem for me was an Icon mod for ships. Apparently anything that messes with the battle loading screen or the team panels is screwed.
  11. Kartaugh

    Stuck on Pre-battle Team Screen

    Getting the same issue. P.S.: The mod that was creating the problem was an icon mod. Apparently, anything that messes with the ship icons and/or the battle panels will cause the issue. Everything else works fine.
  12. Kartaugh

    Preussens Gloria - Tier 10 German Powerhaus

    I wasn't about to proactively put myself through grinding one of the worst ships in the game....again.
  13. Kartaugh

    Preussens Gloria - Tier 10 German Powerhaus

    Wait, we have to grind the [edited]thing from the FdG even if we had the GK in port? Well, [edited] that noise.
  14. In today's episode of Never Gonna Happen!...
  15. Hizen has what is probably the best quality any ship can have, namely excellent firing angles. Because of those firing angles, it becomes excellent at tanking AP, and also generally means its applied DPM will be higher than most other ships of the same general category, because it will often be in a position to use all its guns from a situation of comparative safety. Ships like Lion, FdG, GK and Marlborough are terrible mostly because those firing angles are so bad they require you to make your ship extremely vulnerable in order to be able to employ their full firepower. Essentially, any ship with 30 degree or better firing angles is a baseline good ship. Other characteristics will impinge on one side or the other to tilt the balance, but the firing angles provide the starting point.