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  1. Kartaugh

    One Simple CV Question

    ALL of your examples of a carrier being "wrecked" essentially require the other team to be already winning, either materially or positionally. A DD does not get to hunt CVs unless there's a break in the lines. That break only happens if the CV fails to spot (which means he is a scrub) or all defending ships on that side have died or fled (which means they are losing). Also, the amount of times you now see DDs chasing the enemy CV and getting BTFO'd by the CV's planes or secondaries is HIGH-larious. BBs can only hit CVs if the line has been pushed in hard enough that the opposing CV is in range (which means the team is already winning), or if the CV makes a mistake and gets too close to the battle lines (which means he is a scrub). Cruisers? Are you effing kidding me? CVs played by a minimally competent player are IMMUNE to the enemy team until such a time as his team either loses or makes a horrifyingly bad mistake. P.S.: Not to mention the fact that, again, a minimally competent CV player will be 100% as effective in the end game phase as he was in the initial minute. Without effective plane depletion, CVs use NO resources to deal damage to the enemy team. Every other ship in the game is risking, and often sacrificing, some sort of resource in order to kill the enemy. Hit points get depleted, consumables get depleted, positioning may need to be sacrificed in order to contain an enemy push. It's infuriating to see CV players saying "I run out of planes all the time", but in game I never fail to get blasted by attacks with 3 minutes to go that are just as unstoppable and damaging as they were 16 minutes earlier.
  2. Kartaugh

    The multiple cv games need to stop

    I recently came back to the game after a long absence. I quit because CVs had ruined the last drop of fun I had been having. On my second day back, I played a tier 4 match on the Danae (was trying to unlock Hawkins - until I realized UK heavy cruisers apparently have the range of a lame, one-winged carrier pigeon)...and was faced with 3 CVs per side. With a reduced size battle of 7 ships per team. 6 CVs out of 14 ships. This game is just as idiotic as it used to be before I left.
  3. Kartaugh

    Bad Idea WG

    jUsT dODgE.
  4. Oh, I see. Thanks for the heads-up.
  5. I recently bought the Yamato, and have played it both in ranked and randoms. The legendary mission has not popped up at any point. I already completed the Conqueror legendary mission and have the Montana and Des Moines missions going, so I feel this might be a bug. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Kartaugh

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    Wow, if this stands and CVs disappear I might even reinstall the game...
  7. Kartaugh

    The iChase Case

    I have to thank the devs for their current implementation of CVs. They essentially drove me to stop playing this sorry excuse of a game and allowed me to find Rule the Waves 2, which is everything I wanted. Found iChase's video recently and he's just voicing what most people I know voiced daily when playing.
  8. Kartaugh

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    Pretty much this. If I'm constantly pissed, I'm far less likely to give a coherent analysis of the situation. CVs now make me constantly pissed, and that's just not something I like while playing games. I've had far too many games absolutely ruined by CVs since closed beta, that I can't stand it anymore. At least with the old system, most people didn't try playing them, so CV games became increasingly rare, making the gameplay experience far more enjoyable by their absence. Now, everyone and their little retarded brother is playing them, making CV games the norm, and double CV games very common, making the gameplay experience unbearable. So, I'm not gonna play much, if at all, anymore. Though I'm not expecting WG to unfuck this situation, if they do, I'll come back.
  9. Kartaugh

    Your lost ships

    This post is unintentionally hilarious. You know....seeing as how the real ship is named Acasta...
  10. That might be it, I disabled all of those camos on the little gears. I'll check tomorrow when I start playing.
  11. I finished the American Cruisers collection and did NOT receive the advertised (and supposedly issued) Cleveland perma camo.
  12. Kartaugh

    Nelson zoom issue.

    Can anyone confirm this? Is it just me?
  13. Kartaugh

    [ALL] Tanz's Workbench

    Hey Tanz. I see you've made a grey version of your amazing green Yamato skin. I was wondering if you could consider eventually doing those green camo skins for the rest of the IJN battle line. The Musashi of course looks weird with the green Yamato turrets on the grey skin I use. I use a green Ibuki skin and that makes the guns on the Furutaka green, but all I have is a grey skin for it. The Mogami could also use a similar green skin. Any other ships would be a major bonus, of course (green skins for the Nagato and Amagi already exist - I use both). Anyway, your work is much appreciated, more than half the skins I use are either directly yours or some interpretation of your skins. Amazing work!