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  1. This is the actual freaking point. WG has managed to move the Overton Window to such an extent that now people are just asking for a softer reaming ("maybe WG could use some KY guys!"), instead of what was actually required, namely buffs. * USN secondary ships used to be good because they could hit their targets. Now they can't. The only ship that remains capable is the Georgia, because it has enough speed to make significant moves in a fluid battle. * German secondary ships were [edited]terrible, because they couldn't hit crap. Now they can't hit things even more than before. So they got even worse. * Everyone else always had gimped secondaries one way or the other, with guns that can't pen DDs, deal anemic damage if they ever hit, etc. Now they have all that and they hit less than ever before. This playerbase man....
  2. To paraphrase E;R "You still holding out hope WG fans?"
  3. Kartaugh

    Love seeing WG finally getting some credit

    Let me be positive. Here, I'll show you a free picture of Naval Legend Sovetsky Soyuz in all her splendor:
  4. Kartaugh

    Subs are coming

    Yes, if you ignore all the crappy stuff about all those things, then they're wonderful! Like, if you ignore all the deaths, WW2 was a marvelous period of technological advancement.
  5. Kartaugh

    Subs are coming

    This is the same pablum that comes out after every freaking test. When we tested the CV rebork and said it was going to be a distaster, "the test was not representative!". When we tested the Skills rebork and said it was going to be awful, "the test was not representative!". When we tested Italian BB SAP and said it was going to lead to weak ships, "the test was not representative!". Maybe quit while you're behind, just a thought.
  6. Kartaugh

    Love seeing WG finally getting some credit

    Nooo, really? WoW. You must be a historian or something
  7. Kartaugh

    Love seeing WG finally getting some credit

    Also Naval Legend Sovetsky Soyuz.
  8. Kartaugh

    Sigma For Italian BB's

    I'm just gonna quote myself here, since I covered this...back in December: "WeeGee is slowly coming to the realization that giving SAP to BBs was a horrible idea, so they're nerfing the ships themselves into the ground to compensate. Unfortunately, it appears even that won't be enough, so they're also nerfing the SAP shells, so they won't be as good as predicted. Right now (taking into account the client stats) the Italian BBs have laughable range, ok armor, ok speed, terrible accuracy (worse than Roma). That's a lot to give for the ability to smash anything in their path with SAP." Wow, it's almost like I can predict the future! I should start charging for that.
  9. This is the important part. If you're shooting AFK ships while there are active enemies around you that you can engage, you're playing to lose. Shoot at the biggest threat first. If there's a DD spotted, shoot at him, if not, shoot at cruisers, if not shoot at BBs. Piggies always die first though...
  10. Kartaugh

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    Peripherals file shows: I:\Files\Patches\WoWS\Skins\USSR\RU_Peripherals.zipx: Método desconhecido em content\gameplay\russia\gun\main\textures\RGM126_305mm_54_MK_15_a.dds I:\Files\Patches\WoWS\Skins\USSR\RU_Peripherals.zipx: Método desconhecido em content\gameplay\russia\misc\textures\RM167_Motor_cutter_7_62m_a_blu.dds BB file is clean.
  11. Kartaugh

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    I meant the BBs. Anything is better than looking at the bare blue metal they're in. Lenin, Kremlin, Soyuz, Vladivostok, Sinop all lack any skins at all, by anybody.
  12. Kartaugh

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    Are you planning on doing the ruskies? They're sorely lacking in the skin department.
  13. Even with this better version, are you really prepared to pay 4 captain points to get a 2 or 3 knot speed increase?
  14. The "stated goal" never had any semblance of relation to reality.
  15. Kartaugh

    [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    Not gonna lie, your Vermont and Indy skins are so good they make me want to play the ships...