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  1. Join the Arpeggio of Blue Steel [ARP]

    ...y'know, I should probably look at a clan at some point... Oh! An Arpeggio-based clan? ... Shoot, there's requirements. Time to look for a solo-player clan that will let me bum clan discounts be a background scrub.
  2. Are you a Weeaboo?

    ...according to this test I completely fail to be a weeabo and hate Japan... Guess I need to start introducing myself as Uteki-san while disseminating BL doujinshi at the next cosplay convention. ...or not.
  3. Future of WG titles.

    As in the Crimson Skies Clix? I got into WizKids MechWarrior figures right about the time they went bankrupt, but I really haven't tried the other IPs they had pursued - how's it play? Tried a bit of Fractured Space, but it really didn't tickle my fancy in the slightest. Rather play EVE in a heartbeat for space combat - even if it's closer to World of Spreadsheets than anything. I remember some (forum) discussion on a "World of Infantry" type of game - it was more of a top-down RTS style, creating and controlling mixed squadrons of infantry. You'd have scouts, snipers, automatic weapons, anti-tank crews, armored support, mortars, support powers, etc., etc.
  4. Future of WG titles.

    ...but dieselpunk>steampunk...
  5. Yes, they do - and yes, it's the best way to clear those missions. (Ship AA will get much better later on as well.)
  6. Submerged Torpedo Tubes

    ...okay, I really don't see how fixed tubes would be hard to aim. You point the bow at the enemy, and fire. Super easy to do when you want to clear a suspicious channel, someone crosses your T, etc. Useful when trading broadsides? No. But seriously, you typically don't get to use IJN CA torps unless a ship tries to get around your tail anyways. They wouldn't be useless of hard to use - just situational.
  7. I'm fairly certain - though have no absolute proof - that the few jet bombers that did show by the end of the war, with the capacity to carry torpedoes, were not suited to naval use. I know there were a lot of plans for large tactical and strategic land-based bombers, but not so much small jets for short takeoffs. It would probably be worth looking into the takeoff-distances of the early German jets to see if they could even manage a launch at sea - IIRC, most first-generation jets had a bad habit of eating up a lot of runway.
  8. Is WoWs, wargaming's fat wife?

    The lackluster beta-to-release may be boring, but not having some drastic change when the date hit implies things are going smoothly as well - a much more fortunate position than WoWP was in, as they made massive, beta-appropriate overhauls for the next year after release. *sobs* I just wanted to fly some plaaaanes! Why'd tanks and boats get all the success? *sobs*
  9. Hello from World of Tanks Blitz

    Once you get torpedoes - tier two destroyers on - know that it pays to be aware of your surroundings. Know where destroyers are, where they were, when they turn broadside to fire torps, which cruisers have torps, where planes are, whether they are coming or going, and when your allies are firing torps as well. You have to predict when and where torpedoes are coming to properly counter them, (it's easier in a DD,) so you have to constantly know where they could be before the alarms ever sound. Also: HE=fires, AP=damage. Fire AP at targets you can hit and penetrate consistently. (Same-tier ships, most cruisers, etc.) Fire HE at those you can't. (Higher-tiers, battleships if you aren't one.) HE is also always to be used on carriers and destroyers to lock them down, while destroyers always fire HE as a general rule. Those are my core beginner tips, on top of general logic, such as "stay in a group, don't tunnel-vision, watch the supremacy meter," etc.
  10. Maya twist was my favorite twist part of the show, (no spoilers) as well as the empty tea room they conversed in all the time. (Manga's much, much better though.) I see where you're coming from though, Pilgrim. I don't (think) it effected me as much, due to having watched Arpeggio some time prior to WoWS, but perception is often changed after seeing something presented in a different medium/fashion/manner.
  11. I have to side with the others on #2 - the in-game economies vary from game to game, so it may be easiest to earn credits in one, XP in another, and then spend it on the third without actually playing any games. Gold on the other hand is backed with actual cash, and can be said to have a consistent worth. (Plus, the ability to use it in more than one place increases its desirability.)
  12. How to get the Marblehead?

    Considering that it's being given as a PAX exclusive, and with PAX skin, I'd say no. Complete the mission - if you can - and get it while it's here. (AHHHHH COME BACK HERE ED AND EDD! EDDIE'S SUNK, AND I STILL NEED MY 'E'S!)
  13. Arpeggio of Blue Steel RP Gameplay Thread

    Maya, East China Sea Far off, in the East China Sea, a fleet of ships made their way north. Twenty-eight ships in all, it consists of human cruisers and destroyers grouped protectively around their Fog charges - Nagara, her escorts Manazuru, Tomozuru, and Maya, who was not happy. Maya's mental model was retrained at her own bow, casting petulant glares at her armed guard while she silently fumed. The guards, for one, were quite glad for the relative silence of the crashing sea and groaning tow-cables, as Maya had shouted at them for hours since her capture. One of the guards, looking aft, straightens for a crisp salute, then offers the newcomer one of the metal folding chairs set about the bow. Even before the newcomer took his seat before Maya, she turns her head away in anger - this heavy-set man in captain's uniform is none other than the man who addressed her on the megaphone before. He is as much responsible for Maya's defeat as that annoying soldier-woman, and Maya resolved not to speak to him. Ruffling a small stack of papers, the man asks: "Ah... Maya, yes? Takao-class cruiser, if I am correct?" After an expectant pause, Maya mutters, "Maybe," refusing to look at her interrogator. After another beat, "Why should I tell you anything?" The man looks a bit abashed, and glances up at the cruiser's ruined superstructure. "I do apologize for your rough treatment. I would much prefer to see you in your full glory, but..." He looks back at the mental model before him, "...I do imagine you understand that my hands are tied." Maya harumphs, "No you're not." "I'm sorry?" "If you were sorry, you'd let me go." "Hm? Oh, well, you see, I must be both - sorry and cautious. It may pain a man to see a graceful tiger caged, but they can not let it loose in their own house." Maya continued to refuse the captain her gaze. "Oh! I do forget myself. Would you prefer a chair? A cushion? I have some questions I must ask - formalities, you understand - and I would rather we both be comfortable before we begin." "...Fine." Maya glances at the deck. "A chair. With a cushion." Another folding chair is offered, as one guard left their small forum. The captain abashedly admits, "I'm afraid I had no cushion prepared, but we should have one shortly." Maya takes the offered seat, scowling at the unnecessarily accommodating man - "You're awfully nice... What are you hiding?" The captain seems taken aback - "Now, just because we are rivals does not mean we can't be polite. I would certainly hope for the same if our positions were reversed. "Now then, should we start in earnest? I am Captain Lu Buwei, and, once again forgive me if I am wrong, you are Maya of the... Takao-class cruisers?" Maya nods, studying this strangely cheerful interrogator. "Hmm, yes. Do you see your sisters at times?" "...No." Maya looks away, a bit upset. "Oh! I'm sorry. I do hope you have friends here in the Pacific, though." Buwei pauses for a moment, almost expectantly, but continues. "We'll have time to discuss your friends later. I have some basic bookkeeping to take care of first. "So, Maya, light cruiser formerly of the Imperial Japanese Navy..." "Heavy." "Hmm?" Buwei looks up from his notes inquisitively, "Was something I said wrong?" "Heavy cruiser." "Ah," he remarks, tapping a pen on the page. "You did catch me there. Well, heavy cruiser Maya, currently under the jurisdiction ot the Fog Oriental Fleet." He tics down the page with his pen, "We found no others aboard - is it safe to say you are the complete command and crew for your vessel on this mission?" Maya nods slightly. "Impressive. Your hull is around ten-thousand tons, correct?" Indignant, Maya fires back, "Don't you know it's rude to ask a girl about her weight?" Buwei laughs at this, "Indeed, that is good advice. I meant no insult! I simply wish to express appreciation that such an impressive vessel is captained by one who looks so young as yourself." "Are you saying I don't look like I can command a ship?" Maya pouted, "Mouuuu... You men are all alike. First you call me fat, then you call me stupid!" "No, no..." Buwei chuckles, "I mean it as a complement - in my personal experience, most captains are elderly relics of the old era's navies. It's quite a loss that there aren't more youthful and capable commanders such as yourself!" "Stop being so nice! You're making it hard to hate you..." "Hah, I will take that as a compliment." The captain flashes Maya a smile before returning to his notes. "...What are you writing?" "Oh? Mostly corrections so far. We don't know as much about the Fog as we would like. In fact, I suspect you may know as much about us as we do you, maybe more." "Well of course we know more," Maya snorts. "You humans write everything about yourselves everywhere." "We do do that, don't we? I think it's a matter of ego." Maya interjects after a beat, "Mutsu-san always like reading biology articles. She like to learn new ways of making things hurt." Buwei hesitates at this sudden mention of the battleship. "Oh? ...well, I have been working on a book of my own. I doubt it would appeal to her though - it's just a bit of history, a personal hobby." There is a pause as the captain appears to be considering something. "You know, what do you know of your... How to say... 'Past selves?'" "Everything you humans know." "Yes, I do suppose you would know that much, but I always wondered if there was anything... More. Something not simply gathered by reading what had been written years ago by men long past. "Do... You feel any... Connection to the Maya that once sailed and fought here in the Pacific? "...Not really, no." Captain ponders this for a second, but is interrupted by a growing whine before he could continue. Turning, he looks past the cruisers towing Maya's ruined hull to see two bizzre craft cutting across the waves. Gliding just above the sea's surface, the ekranoplans swiftly approach the task force, jet engine howling. A small cushion is unceremoniously dropped onto Maya's lap as the female Marine commander arrives. Sparing the mental model a quick glare, she salutes. "Captain Buwei! Your presence is requested on the flagship, sir!" Buwei did not much like this interruption. Not only was it Bolesveta, the irksome Marine commander with a chip on her shoulder, but she was here to report that Admiral Chang'an had sent lapdogs, still trying to meddle in his affairs. He may have been able to make some progress in this session, if it weren't for the interruption, but stalling the Admiral was more imminently important for his long-term plans. The Fog machine would have to wait, there were other roads Buwei had to clear. Buwei stands, smiling down at the nanomachine husk. "I apologize, we must continue our discussion of the past some other time. Duty calls, after all." -elsewhere- :Fog Cruiser Chikuma, general broadcast: :All contact lost with Cruiser Maya - Presumed MIA - Failure to rendezvous with Cruiser Maya due to human ambush: :Ambush resisted, minimal damage sustained: :Human submersible captured, reasonable damage, partial crew: :Awaiting further orders:
  14. Hey, just FYI, you've probably noticed I've not been around. Well, there is a reason for it as I'm between jobs and states right now. I've decided just to give up and pull out for the forseeable future. This does cause some problems I know, (Sorry Unit,) but I'll try to post something soon-ish to allow someone else to pick up on the hostage crisis I created. Additional info on where I had things:
  15. Arpeggio of Blue Steel RP Gameplay Thread

    Maya - South China Sea The marine commander swiftly descended the cruiser's superstructure, retreating from the bridge. Reaching the flush-deck level, she proceeded port-side, listening to her fellow marines disperse through the hull. In Maya's current state, the halls were dark, with only the occasional rend in the hull or rarer emergency light illuminating the marines as they ran down the narrow corridors. Then the laughing began. A mirthful giggling was turned into a maniacal chuckle as it echoed about the damaged hull. The commander's pace slowed as confusion broke out among the marines. Several reported the laughter originating in various points. A few reported ominous glowing red lights. Soon enough, a hapless marine came under attack by Maya's MM, aglow with angry red tattoos, firing revolvers with wild abandon. Taking advantage of the limited cover in the hall, the marine fired back, and Maya crumbled to dust. The commander stopped, placing a hand to her earpiece. "Disintegrated? Can you confirm?" "Repeat, crumbled to dust. No core identified." "Target sighted! There's multiple targets!" "Target has deployed decoys!" "This is a fun party!" This last comment did not, in fact, pass over the radio. Instead, it came from somewhere uncomfortably close to the commander herself. Startled, she automatically leapt away, catching a glimpse of Maya's mental model - the true model - before taking cover. Maya laughed, cheerily calling out: "You humans should really visit more often~!" The commander cursed, glancing at the open bulkhead door just a few feet away. She shouldn't have allowed herself to be surprised like this - and Maya was beginning to get on her nerves, as well. Quickly taking itinerary of her equipment, she shouted back towards the cheery AI. "I'm not given near enough to deal with your crazy. They should have made you eat torpedoes when we had the chance!" "Oh, but that wouldn't have been so fun~!" Maya stepped forward to face the commander, arms held wide for an embrace. Rather than reciprocating, the commander brandished a loaded gun. "Eat this instead." Maya threw her arms in front of her face with a cry, and bullets sparked off her shields. Keeping fire on the mental model, the commander dashed through the open door, taking cover on the other side. Maya visibly deflated as she lowered her arms. "So does this mean you don't want to be a friend?" "Friend?" The commander scoffed, "I couldn't befriend a scrapheap of bad memories. Why can't you Fog just rust and die already?" "But... If we did that, you humans would take over the oceans. That'd be horrible!" "You did a fine job of taking them over for us already!" Maya summoned undamaged nanomaterials, conjuring herself a new weapon."I really did want another friend," she grumbled, a grinding sound following as she approached the door. Momentarily swinging into the door, the commander fired at Maya, catchin a glimpse of the model's new toy when she flinched - a glowing red sword, several feet long and no doubt deadly. The commander fell back behind the wall as Maya began to approach again. "You know, you really are being quite rude. I only wanted to have some fun with you!" Heaving the sword in an ungainly arc, Maya clove clear through the bulkhead. The swing was too slow though, as the commander swung back into the doorway, throwing a package at her face. Rubbing her forehead, Maya looked down in time to see the distraction grenade go off in an explosion of smoke and sound. Maya coughed, waving her hand to clear the smoke as she looked for the commander again. As the smoke spread out, she could see her quarry had sprinted across to the next room, again distancing herself from Maya's blade. Annoyed, Maya angrily called out, "You're ruining my fun! Just stand still!" "I'll stop fighting once you're dead!" the commander spat back. Angered, Maya growled out, "I'll kill you!" The commander stepped out, framing herself in the doorway. Opening up a steady stream of bullets at the mental model, she muttered, "Try it you little..." Her sword gripped in both hands, Maya charged, shouting "Die!" at maximum volume. The constant flow of lead worried away at her already weakened shields, and as she approached, bullets found their way through to send patches of nanites and cloth into the air. But it was not enough to slow her charge. As she closed with her target, the commander fell back, desperately rolling away as her gun ran dry. Smiling in victory, Maya raised her sword high, and... "I wouldn't do that if I were you, Maya." Startled by the loud interjection of a bullhorn, Maya looked to her right, out the open wall of the torpedo room, and directly at the human command cruiser training its coilguns on her position. Maya froze, hovering over the commander, poised to strike. "We can, at any time, destroy you and your core. I would rather not kill you though." Maya swallowed hard. "Eh... Sh*t." As the commander got up off the decking, the beginnings of a smug smile tugging at her lips, Captain Buwei called out through the megaphone. "Thank you. It seems you have an understanding of your situation now." He paused as the marines, having dealt with Maya's other double, filtered into the torpedo room. "Please, follow your escort to the bow, if you would?" Maya, dejected, hangs her head in defeat, sobbing. "I... I lost..." "Yes. And we beat you." The marine commander gave Maya a shove on the shoulder. "And don't you forget that. Come on, brat!" --- The task force formed up around the subdued Maya, cruisers preparing to tow her damaged hull as ECM countermeasures began to spool up. Once the cruiser was secure, the human ships turned north to rejoin the southern coalition fleet, with captive vessels in tow.