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  1. deresistance

    Slowly learning

    It can take a good 200-300 games per line to get the basic of the line. It can take 100+ battles in a specific ship you like to get used to her abilities. It can take a good 500+ battles to learn the enemies abilities in tiers you prefer to play. That being said... Hydro is great pop it team will greatly benefit. But if you use radar CALL it out. Say "Using radar in 10 on A cap" I would say at least 1-2 BBs hold their shots for it. Its well worth it team play wise. Hope this helps a bit man see you out there
  2. deresistance

    Most Unloved Ships

    Honestly i really dislike Abruzzi. A rank sprint season she was awesome because of her heal. However in uptiers she is still terrible. However I do play her from time to time for one reason. The italian cruiser line is so poor, its hands down the most hated ships. They are easy to delete and are no threat to DDs. Hell I got into a 1:1 fight with an italian CA and my grab zep in ranked.. and I gunned the italian cruiser down with my secondaries. They are just miserable class to play in my opinion. So I give more respect to Abruzzi which I used to dislike. I think Duca D'Aosta was a great ship as well.
  3. deresistance

    Viribus Unitis: the forgotten controversy

    The VU seems terrible got her in a crate. She will be a port queen forever probably.
  4. deresistance

    How do you plan to tackle the Puerto Rico grind?

    DIe hard player here many games under my belt. No way am I going to bother with the event and care less. PR isn't worth it. No way spending that kind of money. Sadly I like Alaska, but I don't play her much. Super cruisers don't fit my play style as much so PR would probably just sit in port.
  5. deresistance

    CEO of Lesta comments on PR complaints

    really agree with you Old_Baldy... the actual graphics and concept is awesome. Id love to grind on a ship like this. But the implementation non the stats to grind is just insane. Such a waste.
  6. deresistance

    Snowflake question

    Thank you sir
  7. deresistance

    Snowflake question

    I feel like I should know this but it never came up. I am regrinding a few lines for research points. If we get a tier X again after the new release of the update does it still give you a snow flake? Least if its during 0.8.11 release?
  8. deresistance

    Zoup the feeling police

    LOVE this quote OP Honestly this is a big reason I enjoy "shooty boats" is the older players. They may get more aggressive but they tend to be more respectful. Its very easy to see a generation gap. I am 40/gen X so I sit back and just watch the clash of generations unfold LOL. As for Zoup he can do what he wants its his choice. Don;t support him if you don't like him totally respectful of that.
  9. deresistance

    Ranked is a joke for BBs

    BBs dont take caps until much later in the game Smolensk are a serious problem for BBs. They HAVE to be focued Much duca duca in tier 10
  10. Percentages of torp hits at specific ranges. IE 8km hit 21% of the time etc , 12-13hit 3% etc. Percentage of variance for each torp between each other in the tubes. Why it spreads so unevenly sometimes How often T8 ships are uptiered How super containers are calculated per each reward Top down ellipse (like littlewhitemouse) of each ship shooting say 100 shots to get an actual visual feel for shell hits.
  11. deresistance

    Inappropriate language, did I do the right thing?

    I have more then 20k games into shooty boats... and I opened my 1st ticket recently for chat abuse. Guy was throwing racial slurs everywhere even with no one talking. It was pointless abuse everyone was playing the game having a good time.. I took screenshots and made a ticket waiting to see when they close it. This person was part of a well known clan also.. so I reported it to their leader. No reply which kind of surprised.. they tend to be respectful but oh well.
  12. deresistance

    Sorry WG I cant keep going.. for a while

    Well 30 games was about 29 to many. Seriously they are just not fun to play. Its pointless to snipe unless shooting DDs. AP wont cit unless your 10-12km or less with a broadside targets. You can't set fires so shooting BBs is pointless. Any BB facing you directly if you are being spotted your screwed. Its my opinion if you enjoy it by all means play man. I dont want to take anyone elses fun away. But giving my feedback given the amount of ships I have played and figure I would offer an opinion.
  13. The Italians are by far the worst grind ever for me. I have almost every ship. And hands down the worst line so far in the game for me. I rather regrind old Izumo. Smoke is useless if you use your guns at all. To me there is no trading in these ships its just not fun. The SAP against anything but DDs is terrible. I honestly feel better with the AP. The torps are like Blacks torps. But black's torps are far more, they are so hard to spot and make great area denial. The Italian torps get spotted, to slow to do anything. The are only good if you yolo. Which at these mid to higher tiers is to hard to do . Basically I am tapping out on this line. Not wasting any more flags trying to grind through it. With the release of the Research Bureau I have done German BBs, IGN DDs, Russian DDs, and doing USN Cruisers now. So far been a blast. I hope Italians are not forgotten. Kind of like the French CAs were for a long time there. But least those were far more useful.
  14. deresistance

    Ring Commanders–Claim them Inside!

    @TheURLGuy and @RadarX - So you know Jingles audio track for spotting a cruiser says "Enemy submarine spotted" I am pretty sure its spotting cruisers but its one of the spotting for sure. If WG did this on purpose.. The Dev who suggested it buy that man a beer. Anyone who wants Jingles as a Captain is probably a long term player. if you know Jingles he would probably go along with it too as a joke. So please let us know if it was intentional =) As for the others on here complaining they are stock captains. They are free captains with unique audio. Thats seriously awesome as it cost players nothing but some base XP. I think its great and a reason to grind up a new captain who will be on some of my favored ships as I love Jingles.
  15. deresistance

    I Don't Understand This

    If choices lets say by class easy top down for me Black Smolensk Massachusetts