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  1. deresistance

    Italians worst grind since Izumo v1

    Agreed majority of my average damage is from torps.
  2. So I unlocked up to tier 7 on the Italian lines. I am only showing my tier 7 here not a ton of games yet BUT.. the trend continues. I have stated Abruzzi is already a port queen for me. As you can see her stats are low. But Zara is by far even worse. Pros SAP is god like vs DDs. Don't think this is a good thing either Smoke is interesting (pray nothing is to close if you shot before you smoked up) Maneuverability is great. They look nice? Cons Anyone who can angle will reduce your SAP to near zero. Almost not worth shooting them. Best you can do is maybe get hits on upper structure on BBs but thats it Damage on broadsides is great but your reload is so slow at 15-20 seconds on some ships you may only get 1 salvo No matter the angle you will always eat some citadels. I have been in a training room and confirmed this. Its easy for bismarks, any russian BB, to hit you anywhere and citadel you. It happens so often for me in battle I had to try it in training room. Stay in the back and do boring sniping is the only recommendation. Which takes away your anti - DD role .. fun and engaging No hydro, defensive AA, radar or any other useful things SAP and AP - No fires. I didn't think it would be a big deal until I played. Losing fires is a MAJOR thing. Its basically worthless trying to engage BBs. No joke Smoke hasn't been nearly as useful as I thought it would be. Typically disengaging means I need to stop firing. Soon as I exit smoke you will get nuked anyways. I used it once with good success. All the other dozens of times it was not a factor or even worse a DD was close enough to spot me shooting BUT I cant see him so it was actually a huge hindrance. In conclusion Izumo version 1 (for those who were around) was a terribly hard grind. At least Izumo can start fires. You are so weak with SAP at any target who understands even basic angling. If you shoot other targets don't you dare change your angle as anything shooting you will find a citadel. Losing half your HP in a battle with a single salvo is VERY common and I am angling. Italians will turn into the french CAs very quickly before amno reload where they were not ever used. The tier X-9 may be strong but we shall see. Ill had freeXP saved but not sure its even worth it at this point. I love mid tiers. These ships will be port queens for me. ****note a TON of my damage is from YOLO torpedoes. I have had great luck with torps.
  3. deresistance

    Smolensk Breaks Game for Me

    They need to remove the heal. Let her have the smoke that way its like a mino. But take away the heals.
  4. deresistance

    Smolensk Breaks Game for Me

    Same here OP. Ill deal with 1 Smolensk no big deal. Came across a clan they had 3 smolensk on the other team. Nope I played about 4 minutes of the game and just left. Don't care if I go pink I play for fun. Playing against smolensk isn't fun especially in clan stacking teams like that. I was in a Moskva. In the end random game enemy team lost 2 ships and won. It was a stomp. So 100% agree with how you feel.
  5. deresistance

    Too many selfish Community members

    Not sure what it is like in other regions but this is the US. This falls in line with the newer generations and political climate that is upon us all. So none of this shocks me.
  6. deresistance

    Stuntman checked out?

    A lot of the CCs has had that happen. The game feels very different then it used to. I am not sure if its good or bad. I do think subs will bring in some new blood if its done right. I want to see the game keep going. Stuntman was hands down my favorite as well but Jingles is number one. Only becuase Jingles kicks [edited]. Stuntman produces better content for sure.
  7. deresistance

    Ranked sprint

    I played main ranked for a long time. I dont play it much. if I see the tier is fun I will drop in maybe get to 5 or 10. However Ranked SPRINT I will play everyone. They are a ton of fun. I don't find it stressful. the lower tiers is way more fun then higher tiers. Since you can make a mistake and not get 1 shot. there is also not such a huge power dynamic. Not to many OP ships, and those that are, are not really OP. I ranked out in an Abruzzi and she is a port queen for me. Didn't do high damage, BUT always had HP to take down DDs, had a heal which was a major perk, and she can angle. So yeah lots of fun. Good times will play again.
  8. deresistance

    How's The Ohio? Well, Here's my 2 Cents

    Lot of comments about people spending money on these. Seriously crazy. Its meant for you to regrind lines. I did 2 lines and with all the flags, camo, premium account it is very easy to pound out. These are not ships you spend money on technically. Ohio looks awesome. I am just sad that lot of people don't get to use her secondaries much. I feel that made Mass so strong and fun at tier 8.
  9. deresistance

    We Need a "Demount All" Option For Signals

    Yes please... Not having a MASS change button on inventory is nuts and I have at on of ships. Just like all of you are also saying here too.
  10. deresistance


    It takes skill to use torps and hit something. Its not like you can spam torps fast even a fully decked out Benham has its limits. Hydro easily defeats your torps and they stay spotted the entire time after that. Fire spam is the most annoying. It doesn't feel rewarding. Its not fun on the receiving end. It just sucks I honestly hate fires and think 3 should be a hard limit with 2 with the capt perk. Submarines are going to be fun. Its going to force people to keep moving and not camp. I think they will be the anti camp spammer. I am more worried about DDs though as its just 1 more thing they have to do.
  11. deresistance

    CV Dive Bombers Are Weak and Lame

    At this point the only CV I find fun is Graf Zeppelin. Her dive bombers drive me nuts too. That damn perfect circle sucks. Trick is NEVER aim for the center the bombs never drop there. You pick one side and drop and pray it hits. If it does its such a guess if it will do anything. Honestly I only use my bombers when its a german target OR if I have no other plane reserve. It is also good to use up fighters from them LOL.
  12. deresistance

    Enough with the torpedo planes already

    It takes skill to hit ships with torp planes. Especially at high tiers. If you are sitting still then yes.. we will force you out of position. I use torp planes to of course score a few hits.. but it does something else more important. It makes ships turn. So in several situations I will get my team to focus on you... drop from a weird angle forcing you to turn towards me.. and am team has your broadside. CV torps are so damn weak..
  13. deresistance

    Top 3 Best "looking" camo in the game

    The roma camo is great except that can. Totally agree.
  14. What is your top 3 Camos? Unique or real don't care. These camos actually make me play these ships more they are just great to look at. 1 - Lo Yang Lunar New Year 2 - Moskva Space Camo 3 - Mogami Octopus
  15. I am married and I been playing since day 1.. Yeah its a lot I know lol