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  1. deresistance

    Fed up with Anti-CV hate

    Agreed. I also think if your a DD main CVs destroyed the game for you. Least they can't spot your torps but there is little to no suprises anymore for DDs in a 4 CV game. I wont play tier X CVs because I feel the balance at tier X is not there. i stick with 8 and I play aggressively. For the most part I rarely get salt, typically i get compliments. I do NOT use slingshot drop I think its cheating. And I feel bad for the players who have to deal with it from others who abuse it.
  2. deresistance

    I am tired of waiting 20 minutes for my ship back.

    You are welcome to. Sitting the back is boring and not fun. There is nothing on the line in random games. If this was competitive it would be another story.
  3. deresistance

    I am tired of waiting 20 minutes for my ship back.

    Ill get hate for this but I love playing Graf Zepplin. I play up close any use AA cover for my team. Ill use those secondaries since I spec a built to it. Many will say I am crazy. I do it because its fun. I don't play for competitive, and I do mid/max to be unicum. Every 3 games or so those secondaries shred the DDs chasing me. Why am I saying this? My CV dies quickly with my team. I dont kite away in a corner of the map wasting everyones time. I do find it annoying. Its rare I dont sit around till the end of the game. But with CVs I dont anymore. So I do understand the frustration.
  4. deresistance

    Highest # of planes shot down in a match

    Pre CV rework - Atlanta 77 planes shot down. Basically 2 CVs sitting behind and island and I saw in front of it. I shredded every squadron they sent up. Remember the game well. Its a personal record for me Post CV rework 70 Massachusetts - 2 CVs trying to hard to pick on me. Full secondary build so my AA is a monster anyways. They were Tier 8s though not Xs.
  5. deresistance

    Space Assault mode - HUGE success

    I feel this way on BOTH sides. If you have a mino defending in smoke its very difficult to push around a corner with all those torps and high DPM. Also a good assaulting team is taking a Kurfurst and letting those secondaries cause chaos. You got the hydro going, you can BLAT anything. Let the high DPM monsters like Hindy or DMs push behind a Kurfurst.. and you can easily blitzkrieg. It really is the meta of randoms. It depends what ships and what ships can counter. Why i think the mode is so damn fun.
  6. deresistance

    Space Assault mode - HUGE success

    The mode feels very existing. Since players on the defending team need to retreat and stay alive, while the opposite team can be aggressive and throw ships to to get big rewards is awesome. If you are assaulting,throwing your ship to get a kill or a ram is fully rewarding. Defending is a lot of fun with the repair/heal power you gave that team. The generators on every map are placed extremely well. Community wise all the players felt engaged. New players who don't understand the mode make mistakes but most people helped them out to understand. If anything making it clear onscreen that defenders DO NOT respawn would be helpfull. Every game I typed this in chat to help new players. If you were to allow CVs into this mix CVs would need to be banned from doing any damage to shield generators. If you get to this point it would need to be "forts" or something. Si it can become part of the standard map rotation. Maybe it could be fort with an air field as the main base. The airfield could send out small assault fighters to challenge the CV players. Or even random torp/bombers to challenge players assaulting. But do NOT make it all computer based. Having player verse player is critical to the enjoyment and why I think it could work in random mode. Some players said CVs not being in the mode made it good. I think CVs have a place but it would need to be handled with care. DDs needing to be stealthy was key to this mode. They needed to sneak in and take out shield generators. Having CVs may kill this factor for DDs. So I do urge caution. DDs massive torp on both offensive/defensive team was a game changer ONLY because they surprised the opposition. But, it could be a test. Id be willing to take part in a test of that. Hope this helps
  7. deresistance

    Space Assault mode - HUGE success

    Agreed they had to arrange the obstacles though to make the generators harder to get to. So change that up a bit and bam.
  8. deresistance

    Space Assault mode - HUGE success

    Totally agree it would take a designated map + mode. But they got the mode already. Hell reskin the map, plot the combo in random. Win win =)
  9. deresistance

    Space Assault mode - HUGE success

    Some classes are a little stronger then others. But overall it felt good. Some of close games were down to seconds of generator/base defense. Its been a blast. I haven't seen any negative comments other then newer players who yolo who probably dont understand how the map works. been telling people the enemy can respawn.. we can not.
  10. Players seem to love it. I LOVE it. Space Assault by far is one of the best modes. Convert it into something and put it in randoms!
  11. deresistance

    Save your money the Saipan Sucks

    I think it has to do wtih a lot more of play style. I like Saipan and Graf. Most ppl prefer Kaga and Enterprise. I think its just play style
  12. deresistance

    Save your money the Saipan Sucks

    Saipan in Tier X games can at least still do something. All the other T8s seem to struggle a lot
  13. deresistance

    5 crates gave me 2 CV - awesome!

    My numbers in here are terrible. They took aware the dive bombers which honestly is pretty crappy. Torps are weak. Tier 8 BBs at best maybe 3k a torp. AT BEST. I am happy to break 50k in a game.
  14. deresistance

    5 crates gave me 2 CV - awesome!

    Wish we could trade ships. Give her a try man. She has tier x planes. Torp bombers are solid 2 torps a plane. She isnt as bad as most make her to be
  15. deresistance

    5 crates gave me 2 CV - awesome!

    I find Saipan a lot better then Enterprise. Especially in Tier X games