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  1. Mkatx5

    Make me a: Map - 11th to 18th

    Titled "Volcanic Peaks" Envisioning a fiery, smoky wasteland with volcanoes with rolling lava flows and jagged mountain peaks. Inspired by Two Brothers/Sleeping Giant. A-cap offers open water, B-cap offers close-range brawls, and C offers a mix of both allowing various ships to utilize their strengths.
  2. (NA) In game the prime time shows as "Su 9 18:30 - 22:30 Ended". Is this the same problem as last Sunday that caused an hour delay?
  3. Mkatx5

    Clan wars countdown

    We are having this issue as well.
  4. Mkatx5

    Clan battles tonight

    We are having this issue as well.