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  1. Mkatx5

    A refutation to Crysantos on clan battles feedback.

    His comment later in that thread. It's all but officially announced that CVs are here to stay in CBs. Sigh.
  2. Excellent post. Some additional thoughts for consideration: Small stuff It would be helpful for submarines to be able to see their torpedo firing arc while underwater (without the predictive white line) Since Submarines have "Dive" mapped to the C key, by default they can't use the C key to toggle between their torps after using the Z key to focus on them Battery management has room for improvement, such as showing the total capacity and the current regeneration rate Being proximity spotted by a submarine that has dived underneath while it remains invisible to you is extremely frustrating How will radar affect subs? Big stuff The 5.9/6.1m problem is heavily exacerbated by the quick surface/submerge process. I would consider making it more akin to a battleship's rudder shift time, especially when combined with different caliber shells causing damage at different depths Domination battles in particular struggle with subs since if the sub's team is winning on caps even if horribly down on ships, it's possible for the sub to simply win by diving and hiding long enough to win on cap ticks Subs are proving to be superior spotters to DDs, but utilizing the current ASW methods are extremely risky/suicidal if the sub has any support nearby. This heavily, negatively influences the impact of concealment, especially when combined in matches with carriers. Matches feel much emptier with 3 subs and 1 CV since there are only 8 surface ships compared to the usual 12.
  3. Can you help me visualize how big that 47m/49m diameter circle would be when placed on top of a ship? Is that the difference between a superstructure hit, a citadel hit, and a splash on either side both short and long? Or smaller than that? Could the map borders be useful in eliminating the drift factor? For example have both ships drive into the left map border at 15km then cut speed to 1/4 and play with the rudder until neither ship moves closer/further from the other?
  4. Mkatx5

    How to fix Smolensk

    That's assuming they survive long enough to get into their smoke. I've seen several Smolensk drivers get spotted, try to stop and turn out in order to smoke and get deleted before the cloud even covers them. We need to lower the skill floor to make the ship more accessible to the average player. Perhaps if we buffed their armor they would at least be able to survive that initial situation of being spotted.
  5. Was completely believable until that part but that completely gave away that this is fake... wife obviously would have wanted to join in on the fun.
  6. Mkatx5

    Friesland has serious weaknesses, but great potential

    I've been thinking about the Friesland, but I was curious to know how big of a deal it was to not have torps. Glad to hear it can work without them. By the way, what are those colored numbers in the scorecard screnshot? The ones next to the player names?
  7. Mkatx5

    Allow us to rank out multiple times.

    Actually, this would be a great way to release the Thunderer - for 10 Ranked Tokens. Each time you reset your rank, you get the opportunity to earn another Ranked Token. Some players might even show off their true skill by earning the Thunderer in one season.
  8. Mkatx5

    Statistical name analysis (in-depth study)

  9. Mkatx5

    Clan battles and all the P2W ships

    @Sweaty_Anime_Girls The audacity of some people
  10. It's not fair to BBs to have to wait for their long 32+ second reloads in order to shoot the torps when OP DDs like the Harugumo could shoot them immediately with their 1 second reload. I propose that BB secondaries should be able to automatically shoot at and destroy these torpedoes so that it's fair for everyone.
  11. Mkatx5

    Why is there no Clan Battles for coop clans???

    @Kizarvexis It was settled long ago that Steel is no longer a competitive resource due to the fact that WG sold it for $$$ during the Christmas event. What better way to get some new blood into the competitive scene than by opening up a Co-Op Clan Battle Mode? Get together with your buddies, work your way through progressively harder teams of bots, and earn steel to get the mighty Stalingrad! Once you've got experience under your belt, you're ready for the full fledged PVP Clan Battles.
  12. (NA) In game the prime time shows as "Su 9 18:30 - 22:30 Ended". Is this the same problem as last Sunday that caused an hour delay?
  13. Mkatx5

    Clan battles tonight

    We are having this issue as well.