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  1. How about you can make Soviet ships like this in game when the US actually built and used one like it? I'm talking about the USS Alaska!
  2. inventory wont open

    I took bit-defender off my machine and wows works fine now.
  3. inventory wont open

    Well did another install....nope not working! Tried the windows 7 thing..no go.
  4. inventory wont open

    Well another patch and no go for me...windows 10. I had a support ticket and did everything they said and still no go. They closed the ticket because I was out of town for two weeks working and didn't reply to it in time. I've flushed dns, removed program and installed again.
  5. inventory wont open

    Another patch and no fix yet!
  6. I can not access my inventory or clan tabs in game. I click them and it just shows the loading icon forever. I am running windows 10. Any ideas?? Thanks!
  7. 66 twice...both in my Atlanta.