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  1. Xenite

    CVs make this game un-fun.

    Pretty much says it all.... I can go on about most top level unicum players agreeing how they are broken and bad for the game. But end of the day I've seen so many people I played with walk away this past year because the game has stopped being fun. If I was a new player and came into this flying circus sh*t show that the game is now, I never would of stayed.
  2. Hell these days I'd just be happy if they would limit MM difference to one level instead of two. Tiers 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9, 9/10. Would make the games massively more enjoyable. Getting real sick of being dumped into tier 8 games in a 6 that is out gunned, ranged and armored. Starting to think it's intentional to try to force people to high tiers. Make it as miserable as possible and people will want to stop playing mid tiers I guess lol And then you have the special double CV games with a tier 6 and 8 CV in the same game.
  3. They should just nerf rocket damage to destroyers, it's entirely to high. But no, let's announce a convoluted new mechanic that won't even make it to live servers anyways. It's the good 'ole WeeGee way. It's like the multiple spotting changes and nerfs to planes they have tested on PTS that never made it to live. It's almost like they know CV's are broken yet have no clue how to fix them.... hmmm.
  4. Xenite

    big CV balans

    Yet... it makes zero difference.
  5. Xenite

    The New DD line are NOT DESTROYERS

    Honestly I wouldn't worry about it. They are new right now, but soon nobody will play them. It's a terrible line. It's like the British heavy cruisers, you hardly see them anymore these days.
  6. Xenite

    Update 0.10.3 - Bug Reports

    I am also having the same issue with left handed mouse setup no longer working. It seems to completely ignore windows settings and defaults it to a right handed setup regardless. Forced to use a right click to select ships and menus, etc. On top of that I am also getting random disconnects sometimes when a game loads, or at the battle results screen. Logging in after one of these disconnects also takes forever.
  7. No, that is not the issue. The game no longer recognizes it as a left handed mouse when clicking on ships/menus. This isn't a hotkey issue.
  8. I use a left handed mouse setup (basically just reversed mouse buttons) always worked fine until patch went live this morning. Game no longer recognizes it as a left handed mouse and treats it like a normal right handed one. So on top of the new random disconnects before and after games my mouse no longer works properly anymore. Terrific....
  9. Xenite

    Game stops logging in

    Yeah my issues started after I downloaded the update the other night. Logging in was problematic and I've been getting random disconnects (almost always when I load into a game) and sometimes it takes forever to log back in afterwards. I've never had these issues before in 2 years.
  10. Xenite

    Server Login and Disconnets

    Having connection issues today as well. Taking forever to log in and have gotten random drops. Been going on since this morning.
  11. All the people who bought Roma after it became usable..... lol
  12. Xenite

    WOWS End of life?

    Well what I can say is over the last year I have noticed a lot of long time players from our clan just simply don't log in anymore. We even bring in a lot of new players into our clan who catch Keviseebs stream (SOUS Clan) and the vast majority of them have only stuck around for a few months before they simply stop logging in as well. Hell I don't even play anymore outside of divisions because of the horrible matchmaking. Played 5 games solo a few days ago, finished 1st or 2nd in every game, didn't matter. All losses (4 of 5 was up-tiered) and all were one sided stomps. It's just not fun anymore a lot of the time. Sad part is 90% of the complaints I hear are all about MM and CV's.... two completely fixable issues. *shrug*
  13. Xenite

    NERF CVs

    The problem with this kind of advice is it assumes your going up against a CV's planes in a bubble. The reality is while you are trying to do all this maneuvering the CV is spotting you for the entire enemy team and you have 3 cruisers and 2 battleships shooting at you as well. Certain forms of CV damage is far to high against dd's (last time I played Midway I nuked a Shima for half his health in one rocket run 90 seconds into the game, bet he was having fun.) but my biggest complaint is the spotting. CV planes should spot for themselves and that's it. WeeGee seems to know CV spotting is broken as well. How many times have they proposed spotting changes on the test server only to never go through with any of them.
  14. Has nothing to do with being right or wrong. Plenty of CC's (even the one Flamu attacked today for no reason) criticize the game and the changes they make all the time. It also has nothing to do with one individual tweet or comment. Flamu is a toxic person with a largely toxic community and WG just got tired of dealing with him. The only reason they kept him in the program so long was because he does have a large following. I'm just amazed his mini-me Flambass wasn't tossed out as well. I don't know of many companies that would allow community contributors to call it's company and product a "sh*t show" 4-5 times in a video and be kept on the program.